Love at First Piss Ch. 04


“Here, get this down you. Time to get the party started.”

A slender hand with bright red polish adorning each perfectly manicured nail thrust a shot glass in my direction. I took it, knocked it back and handed the empty glass back to the owner of the elegant hand.

“Better?” she smiled sweetly.

I nodded my head and caught myself staring at her. Her eyes were captivating; shining hazel irises with large dark pupils framed by the most phenomenally long black lashes. Lola – my fellow barmaid and notorious slut! Petite, blond and beautiful she was adorable, I had to admit. She looked like a Barbie princess only Lola would be a naughty X-rated version. She’d be ‘sex kitten’ Barbie dressed in pink lacy underwear with eight inch stilettos and a bullwhip clenched in her hand!

Lola was sexy, everybody thought so. She appealed to men and women alike and she made a habit of unleashing her ferocious sexual appetite on both. Many a couple had entered Jake’s bar with the intention of having a night out together only to leave with Lola linked between their arms and the wildest night of their lives ahead of them. Something about her was irresistible. Maybe it was her confidence or perhaps her unashamedly flirtatious manner? Whatever it was she was fascinating and the possibility of sharing physical intimacy with her aroused everyone she met…including me.

Lola stirred up mixed emotions in my head. The idea that I was to spend the rest of the night indulging in sexual acts with her, Jake and Gary made my cunt burn mercilessly whilst simultaneously scaring the crap out of me. I’d never had a sexual encounter with a woman, it would be my first time, and the idea of experimenting with someone as experienced as Lola was daunting. As time passed, however, I grew increasingly aroused by her attentions. Her eyes hadn’t left me all evening, she smiled whenever I looked her way and her elegant hands brushed my skin whenever we passed. God that turned me on!

As if sex with Lola wasn’t wicked enough I planned to have an audience watching us, maybe taking part. How depraved! Pee play was on the cards too. Lola loved it, so did I and Jake and Gary were both up for something more adventurous than a conventional fuck. I shuddered, my cunt juices stirring even though the bar wouldn’t be closed for hours yet and nothing could happen until it did.

“Do you know what you’re letting yourself in for?” Oz whispered in my ear as he noticed the direction of my gaze. “She’ll eat you alive!”

“That’s the general idea isn’t it?” I smiled lustily.

My eyes followed Lola’s movements; the sway of her hips, jiggle of her ass and the tantalising way her breasts bounced as she walked. I stared at her chest hypnotised by her dark nipples which showed through the thin material of her tightly fitting white shirt and the buttons that all looked ready to pop. I watched her blond ponytail swish as she worked and noted the reaction of the punters as she flashed her seductive white smile and batted those long eyelashes. They all loved her. They all lusted after her. Everyone in the bar wanted a piece of Lola and to my amazement I’d found that I was no exception. I never believed I could ever feel that way, not about her. I hadn’t even liked Lola. We worked together every day but hardly every spoke. How had all that changed?

My eyes wandered across the room to find Gary, my tall, freckle-faced boyfriend who’d barged his way into my life mere days ago and changed it for ever. Gary’s brash manner and open eagerness for sexual experimentation was what had led me to have feelings for Lola and to willingly agree to a night of wicked debauchery with her and Jake. I watched him serving customers behind the bar, smiling at them, flirting. He oozed charm and irresistible sexuality the same way Lola did.

“Tam? Tam?”

“Hmm?” I turned to find Oz frowning at me. “What?”

“Are you seriously going to have sex with Jake and Lola?”

“And Gary.”

“Four of you? Are you mad?”

“It’ll be fun. I’m looking forward to it,” I said trying to look confident.

I glanced back at Lola. She’d returned to the bar and was chatting to Gary. The two of them were whispering together and laughing.

Oz pulled a face. “I hope you know what you’re doing.”

“Of course.”

“I don’t think you do,” he said shaking his head. “You won’t like it when he fucks her in front of you.”

“When who does, Jake?”

“No. Gary. He will you know. He won’t be able to keep his hands off her.”

I drew in my breath and bit my lip; that would be the downside of the evening. Gary would want Lola as much as I did. He’d harboured a soft spot for her ever since they’d met and I knew he was looking forward to seeing some action with her. I’d have to let him. I couldn’t very easily have her myself and not let him have a go, could I? Somehow I’d have overcome the intense jealousy that welled inside me whenever I thought of sharing Gary. Or was it Lola I didn’t want to share? Or Jake? I didn’t know anymore.

“If he fucks her ankara otele gelen escort I’ll fuck Jake,” I said dismissively to which Oz laughed scornfully. I ignored him. “Will you be there?” I asked knowing full well he would be. Oz wouldn’t pass up the chance to see Jake’s cock in action.

“You’re getting together at Jake’s apartment, right?”

“That’s the plan,” I confirmed.

“I live there. Where else would I be? Just don’t ask me to join in, ok? The answer’s no!”

“I bet you watch!” I teased, nudging him, “especially when Jake gets naked.”

“Fuck off Tam!” Oz grinned.

Oz wasn’t upset with me. He found it quite a comfort to finally have someone to confide in over his obsession with Jake. He’d kept it hidden for a long time. Poor Oz was utterly besotted with his flatmate and boss, a fixation which was never going to be reciprocated. Jake was strictly heterosexual and would never deviate from that leaving Oz no other choice than to grab hold of as much sexual satisfaction as he could from standing back and watching Jake fuck someone else. Jake didn’t mind him watching. He was something of an exhibitionist and liked an audience of any kind. Technically speaking the evening we had planned wouldn’t be a foursome – there’d be five of us.

I spotted Jake on the far side of the bar heading towards his office. There was something I needed to ask him. “Oz, can you cover for me a moment?” I asked.

“Course,” he nodded.

I glanced towards the bar again smiling at Gary who was busy serving the crowds of customers three rows deep. He charmed them all as he poured their drinks and raked in the never ending flow of euros that allowed myself and my fellow workers to stay in Cyprus. Gary was a good worker; confident, charismatic and efficient. It was little wonder Jake wanted to keep him on. I wondered if Gary had accepted the job offer yet. I hoped so. Failure to take-up Jake’s generous offer may indicate that Gary had no plans to stay on in Cyprus and the thought that he may leave was unbearable.

I knocked on Jake’s office door entering without waiting to be asked.

Jake beckoned me over, a beer bottle in his hand. “Tam, I was hoping to talk to you. Are you still ok to start tomorrow? Lola wants to finish a day early.”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Oz said he’d show me the ropes.” I shifted awkwardly. “Has he spoken to you?” I asked, a tight knot of anticipation forming in my stomach. “Gary, has he accepted the job?”

Jake shook his head, his piercing blue eyes searching my face. “His friends were in earlier, the ones I saw him going to the beach with. They were looking for him but I assume he was with you?”

I nodded. Yes, he had been. Gary and I had spent the afternoon at my apartment getting to know each other better…much better. “Did you talk to them?”

“Yes, they’re a nice lot. They’re staying in a villa on the edge of town, were staying I should say. Today’s their last day. They fly out in the morning.”

My throat constricted. Gary’s friends were about to leave and he hadn’t accepted Jake’s job offer. That wasn’t good. My heart pounded in my chest and tears stung the corners of my eyes before I could halt them.

Jake glared at me with contempt, “don’t be so pathetic Tam, it doesn’t suit you. You barely know him.”

“Fuck you!” I snapped.

“He’s a liar and he doesn’t deserve you. Move on. There’s a thousand Gary’s in Cyprus Tam, forget him.”

My cheeks burned but I stared at Jake defiantly, determined not to give him the satisfaction of seeing just how much I was hurting. “And you’ll be there to help me pick up the pieces I suppose,” I retorted scathingly.

“Yes. I always am.” Jake took a swig of his beer. “So what are you going to do Tam? How are you going to play this? Are you going to cry and sulk or show Gary what he’ll be missing out on by fucking his brains out with me and Lola? I know what the old Tam would do.”

So did I. I knew what the hard-faced, heartless slut I used to be would have done in that situation. I took the beer from Jake’s hand and took a long slug. As I handed back the bottle I brought my mouth close to his ear, my lips brushing the tiny hairs on his earlobes.

“I’m still that person Jake,” I whispered, “and I want some action tonight, real action. I want to do things I’ve never done before, try things I’ve never dreamed of.” A wicked smile kissed my lips, “I pissed on Gary’s face this afternoon, pushed my pussy into his mouth and let my piss go whilst he sucked my cunt and I loved it. I came so hard. I want more of that and do you know what else I want?”

Jake’s eyes glazed over. “No,” he uttered.

“I want to watch Lola piss all over you.” My breath scorched Jake’s neck. “I want to see her drench you. Maybe I’ll do it too.”

“Oh my God would you?” rasped Jake, his voice choked.

I smiled saucily. “I might.”

Jake hands grabbed my neck and pulled me in for a kiss. He kissed me roughly, frantically his desire for me evident. I let öveçler escort him have me for a moment then pushed him away, laughing.

“Later,” I purred, “unless I change my mind.”

I backed out of the office noting Jake’s pained expression and the bulge in his trousers as I sidled away. How satisfying. Nothing gave me more pleasure than teasing Jake.

As I emerged from the office Lola caught my attention. She held up another shot of something and waved it in my direction. I wandered towards her and took the drink.

“Cheers!” I said downing the shot. Whoa – neat vodka! That was strong.

Lola scrutinised me, her stunning hazel eyes boring into mine. “You look worried Tam, don’t be,” she cooed. “Gary likes it here. He’s not leaving.”

How did she know that Gary’s possible departure was bothering me?

I squinted at her. “Have you talked to him? Has he told you he’s staying?”

She shook her head then ran a manicured finger gently down my face and over my lips. Her lips moved towards my cheek planting the gentlest of kisses on my skin making it tingle. “He likes it here and he likes you. You allow him to be himself and do what he wants,” she whispered, her lips brushing my cheek.

“Oh do I? So I should let him loose on you?” I replied finding it impossible to keep the sharpness out of my voice.

Lola smiled. “Yes, if it’s me he wants. I think Gary might surprise you tonight. Then again, I think you might surprise yourself.”

“What do you mean?”

Lola’s eyes locked with mine and her plump red lips moved towards me, closer, ever closer. I could smell the perfume she’d dabbed on her skin and taste the tequila on her breath. Her lips touched mine pressing down for the softest of kisses. A tiny pulse of electricity rippled through me at her touch prompting my pulse to race. Fuck she was gorgeous!

Lola smiled impishly and stepped away. “That got his attention,” she murmured, “look.”

Sure enough we were being watched by quite a number of people but most intently by Gary. He was stood frozen behind the bar, a bottle poised in his hand, a glass in the other and a dopey look on his face. His cock was probably rock hard beneath his trousers and I’d bet any money he untucked his shirt to hide the evidence as soon as he could.

“Ok then, if that’s what he wants to see…” I thought.

I took a deliberate step towards Lola, took her face between my hands and kissed her again, harder. I liked the way it felt; the softness of her lips, the warm wetness of her mouth, the heat of her body as it came into contact with mine. Oh God, I could feel her breasts pressing against me, soft, squidgy…

Lola giggled and wriggled away. “That’s it Tam, let yourself go, be a horny devil. If you lose your inhibitions so will he and I think he’s desperate for that.”

I snorted with laughter, “inhibitions? Gary? He hasn’t got any!”

Lola ran a red tipped finger across my mouth. “I think you’re wrong.”

“What makes you say that?”

“Oh nothing,” she shrugged. “Just have fun Tam. That’s what life is all about, right?”

I bit my lip and looked over at Gary. He didn’t have any inhibitions. My lanky ginger-haired boyfriend had spent most of that afternoon in my shower indulging in some very erotic pee-play. We’d pissed on each other, drunk each other’s urine then hauled ass back to my bedroom where we’d fucked each other using every position known to man. How could someone like that have inhibitions? Huh! Lola was talking crap.

Gary waved at me accidently spilling the beer in his hand all over the customer in front of him! Oops! I giggled as I watched him apologise and charm her into forgiving him. Bless him. He was lovely.

“Ok,” I thought. “I can tolerate watching him fucking Lola, so long as he comes back to me. I might even like it!”

Decision made. The night was going to be wild!

As the last of the inebriated holiday makers exited at the close of what had been one of our busiest nights of the year I took a moment to compose myself. I was about to embark on something new and the knowledge that the time was fast approaching made me quiver with renewed anticipation and apprehension. I’d had a threesome with Jake and Gary, which I’d thought was wild enough, but adding Lola into the equation, a woman, would be a totally beyond anything I’d done before. Her presence would truly test my ability to let myself go.

Could I really do it? Could I be as much of a slut as Lola? I had my doubts.

I grabbed a cloth and spray and began wiping down tables as Jake locked the doors and turned off the thumping techno music. Finally – peace and quiet. Lola and Gary cleaned down the bar whilst Oz helped me with the floor. There was a lot to do, the place was a tip, but Jake kept us all supplied with beers which made the work seem easier. When we were done and the bar had been put straight Jake opened up a bottle of tequila and poured us all a large shot.

“To Lola,” he said raising his glass, “and to the poor pendik escort buggers she’s going to screw in Australia!”

Lola slapped Jake on his ass. “Lucky buggers you mean! You’re going to miss me Jake Read, admit it.”

“Never,” Jake grinned knocking back his shot. He reached for Lola and drew her into a firm embrace planting a long drawn-out kiss on her puckered lips.

A hand took mine; a large, firm masculine hand. Gary. I kissed his shoulder and nuzzled him. I hoped to God it wasn’t my last night with him too.

Oz downed his shot and poured himself another extra-large one which he also knocked back. His eyes took in the sight of Jake kissing Lola and I watched him narrow his eyes just for a second. I patted Oz’s knee sympathetically before grabbing the tequila bottle and topping up everyone’s glasses.

“To Lola,” I repeated, raising my glass. “Goodbye and good riddance – I’ve got your job, and I’ll have your men too once you’re gone!” I joked.

“Ooh will you?” cooed Lola, “And my women?”

Jake leered at me and Gary gave me a most enquiring look. My cheeks began to burn and I found myself unable to speak. Lola blew a kiss at me, sank her shot and slammed the glass back onto the bar. The rest of us followed suit. The alcohol combined with the adrenaline buzzing round my veins from a hard night’s work and the anticipation of events to come made me feel giddy.

“I think I’m a little tipsy,” I murmured softly.

“And I need a piss,” announced Jake putting his glass down and stretching. “Back in a minute…unless?” he looked straight at Lola, a gleam in his eye, and she responded with the most devilish smile.

“Come here,” she beckoned seductively, “let me take care of that for you.”

I watched in stunned amazement as Lola sank to her knees in front of Jake gazing up at him adoringly whilst he undid his trouser fly, fished out his cock and adopted a wide stance perfect for peeing.

“Don’t spill any, I don’t want to have to mop-up piss off my clean floor,” warned Jake as Lola took his cock in her delicate manicured hands.

“I never spill a drop, you know that,” she cooed.

“Ok Ready?”


“Oh my God you’re not going to piss in her…” Gary’s voice tailed away the pair of us witnessed the sight of Lola taking Jake’s limp cock into her mouth and sealing her lips around it.

Jake held her gaze, his expression a picture of satisfaction; the alpha male demonstrating his dominance over his chosen female. He grunted, strained and let go, releasing a steady stream of hot urine straight into Lola’s waiting mouth. Lola began to gulp, swallowing back Jake’s piss, her throat opening and closing, thirstily drinking every drop he shot inside her. Her red lips remained sealed around his cock and not so much as a dribble escaped from her mouth.

“Shit!” I gaped, scarcely believing my eyes. A powerful burning sensation flared-up between my legs as my juices stirred. The sight aroused me like nothing else!

“Oh my fucking life that’s got me so hard,” muttered Gary beside me.

“Me too,” I uttered.

How did Lola do that? Surely she should gag? I’d be spitting piss all over the place if I tried that!

Jake groaned contentedly. “Ah, that’s better. Fuck Lola, you’re good.”

Lola released his cock, licked it clean and ran her tongue over her lips before smacking them together. “How did you like my party piece?” she grinned at me and Gary.

We were speechless, both of us rendered mute by her performance and both of us enormously aroused.

“You alright Oz?” Lola asked the Australian who was looking ill.

“Oh God Lola! I think I’m going to be sick!” Oz charged off towards the toilets much to Jake and Lola’s amusement.

“Aw Lola, you’ve revolted him again you dirty slag!” grinned Jake as he helped Lola to her feet and kissed her mouth, tasting his own piss on her lips. “Poor old Oz, he doesn’t know what he’s missing out on.”

I frowned finding Jake’s comments insensitive. “Leave him alone. He doesn’t like pee-play, ok? He’s here because he fancies you. I bet you didn’t know that, did you?” I blurted out. I knew I shouldn’t have said anything, but Jake had annoyed me.

An irritatingly smug smirk crept across Jake’s face, “course I knew. It’s obvious.”

“Really? And you don’t think it’s cruel to lead him on?” I snapped.

Jake snorted dismissively and poured another shot of tequila for himself. “I’m not leading him on. I’m not a tease like you, Tam. Oz knows I’m not into men.”

“You encourage him watch, if that’s not leading him on then…”

“I’ll give him a blow job later to make up for it then we’ll all be happy,” tittered Lola batting her long lashes at me. “He likes me doing that.”

“Does he now?” I glared at Jake. “I suppose you like watching that too? Stand there and ogle them both whilst she’s slurping on his cock, do you?”

Jake smirked, “it gets me off.”

Gary suddenly doubled over clutching his crotch. “Oh fuck I’m so turned on. All this dirty talk…I’m going to have to jerk-off in a moment, fucking hell!”

Lola giggled. “Tell you what Gary, you can fuck me from behind whilst I blow Oz. In fact…wait there.” She tottered off in the direction Oz had left returning with him in tow a moment later. Oz was red in the face and his trousers were undone.

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