Love Beyond The Internet


We met on the Internet, but never in real life. Today is our first meeting, and I am nervous. He will be here at 7:00pm sharp.

Busy hurrying around and straightening the house, desperately trying to make a good first impression, I didn’t realize the time was 6:30pm already. I had to hurry!

Running some bath water and slipping down into it, I lay back and start thinking of how his voice sounded on the phone just a few days earlier when we agreed to finally meet. I remember how rugged and deep it was and suddenly I smile to myself as I run my hand down over my breasts. My nipples become very erect at the thought of how he touched me when we made love on-line so many times before, but tonight he is real flesh and blood and all mine!

I close my eyes for a few minutes enjoying my bath as the scent of wild flowers and jasmine fills the air. Taking a bath is so much more pleasurable when he is on my mind and I can’t control my need for him any longer. My fingers make their way to my kitten and barely touch my clit. I bite my lip at the pleasure I’m feeling, imagining that it is him. I slip my finger in, stroking it back and forth, moaning quietly to myself as I proceed to go deeper, into my kitten, and squeezing it. My hips thrust forward in a rhythmic motion. “Yes.” I say to myself, calling out to him.

“Oh, Ümraniye Escort Damian. Oh, how I’ve longed for you and tonight you’ll finally be mine.”

The thought makes me even hotter and I pick up the pace, making the water splash around me. My head tosses from side to side, moaning louder as sexual thoughts of him push me over the edge of ecstasy.

“Yes my sweet. I’m…I’m cumming for you, baby…”

I step out of the tub and try to find something very revealing; something that will make him crazy to see me in and I have the perfect outfit. A black silk blouse that is very low cut, showing just enough cleavage to make his mouth water, and a white short skirt with a slit coming up to the thigh, revealing my pretty tan skin. I hold it up to myself in the mirror and I think to myself, He’s gonna love this, and I spray a little perfume in all the right spots!

After I am dressed, hair thoroughly brushed, make-up on, but not to much, I look to see the time. 6:45. My heart pounds. He’ll be here in 15 minutes. I run downstairs, making sure everything is perfect: candles lit, music playing. I take a moment to look in the mirror one more time.

Suddenly the doorbell rings. I rush to it, but just stand there, not wanting him to know how anxious I am. I peek through the peephole Ümraniye Escort Bayan to make sure it’s really him, and it is; so very handsome and strong. I reach for the door handle and open it, saying

“Damian! Well, hello. We finally meet.”

His smile tells me that he likes what he sees. His eyes do not leave mine and his face is aglow with what seems to be excitement, as I am sure mine shares the same expression!

I invite him in and to my surprise he is as anxious as I am. He spins me around, backing me up against the closet door just inside the house, and says, “Desiree, I can no longer wait. We’ve waited to long as it is, I must have you now.”

He kisses me hard, slipping me his tongue. I think should I

pull away and resist? No. I want him just as bad. I find myself lost in his kiss as his hand makes its way up my thigh and under my skirt, fondling my ass, cupping and squeezing my cheek, and moaning at the softness. I also find myself moaning quietly as his tongue explores my mouth.

Surprised at how fast things are moving, I can’t help but notice his hand moving under my thong, reaching my kitten and touching my clit with his fingertips. I let out a small cry “Ohhh, yes.” I’ve been anticipating this moment for almost a year and now it’s finally Escort ümraniye coming true.

He Lifts me up off my feet, pressing me against the wall and my legs wrap around his waist. He uses one hand to hold me, the other working at miraculous speed to undo his zipper and releases his toy He rubs it back and forth across my kitten and I’m suddenly unaware of our surroundings. I want this man and I want him bad. I am unable to hold back my moaning and I cry out to him, “Damian! Oh my sweet Damian! Yes, Baby! Oh, please!”

My head tilts back and he kisses my neck, biting me, wanting and desiring me as much as I am him. His moans making me crazy with lust. He inserts his toy into my kitten, making me tense up. We fit so well, like 2 puzzle pieces made for each other. He pushes himself deeper, bouncing me up and down on his toy; both of us lost in the heated passion we’re creating. We moan and cry out to each other as he picks up speed. In and out, grinding into me. Deeper and deeper, never wanting him to stop. My kitten milks his shaft, pulling and tugging at the skin, squeezing it hard.

“Oh, yes, Damian! Oh, yes! Give it to me! Its yours, Baby!” I call out to him.

“Oh Dezi, my sweet Dezi. I’m yours, Baby. All yours.” He thrusts himself one more time deep into me and we both explode together, cumming like never before. We hold each other and he bites my shoulder as if it’s his first time with a woman. He falls against me and holds me there until he is fully released, then kisses my lips softly.

“Yes Dezi. You are definitely worth the 2,000 mile trip.” He says and we hold each other, smiling.

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