Love in the Afternoon

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He had his body wrapped around me before I even closed the door to his bedroom, late that Friday. It was after school, the sun peaking through the late afternoon fog. I craved him; one look from him with those icy blue eyes made me completely wet. I wanted to resist him. . .

We made small talk about school as he laid me on his bed, kissing my forehead as he wrapped his arms around me. Chit chat about how my term paper was received in some overly erudite upper-division history course, how certain activities and classes were taking too much of his time. I had to keep him at bay, though my kisses said otherwise.

“I like this shirt,” he said, gesturing at my plum, sleeveless blouse. Sliding his long hands along the curve of my lower back, he added, “It’s like you’re hardly wearing anything at all.”

Squirming, I tried to resist his advances. Each kiss grew more erotically charged. He sucked on my bottom lip as his hands crept up the front of my shirt, searching for a bra under the fabric. With great fervor, he reached for my breasts and squeezed. So strong were his hands, I let out a throaty moan. . .

“Oh, be careful. . .” I warned, somewhat fearful of what else I had to say. “Be gentle with me,” I whispered huskily. “I’m tender.”

“Tender — like how?”

“Well,” I looked away from him, “I’m on my period.”

“Hmmmm . . . okay. Does this hurt?” he asked, cupping my left breast in his hand as he coaxed me to arousal with his thumb.

“No, no. . .” I stammered, pausing to regain my cool. “No, not at all. I’m just, my breasts feel really heavy. And I’m sensitive.”

His hands trailed back down, lightly massaging my lower abdomen. Under his hands, my stomach grumbled in hunger. “You want something to eat?”

I walked down to his kitchen, using the spiral staircase that twisted into a “hipster bachelor kitchen.” We were alone in his house; no roommates, no weird records playing in the background. He made us a light dinner, leaning against me from behind as I grabbed two plates from the cupboard and spinning me around to kiss him. After dinner, we laid on the couch, my feet astride his spindly limbs. Tracing the contours of my face, he smiled wryly. “You know, if I made love to you slowly, it might help if you have cramps? We could take our time.”

“Oh, I know what you’re after,” I joked, raising my eyebrows knowingly.

“Well, I can’t make it less obvious,” he whispered, pushing my hair away from my face before grazing my neck with his lips. “And I don’t care what time of the month it is. It doesn’t make me want you bursa escort any less.”

I laid my body out flat before him, my hipbones protruding from under my shirt. Slowly, he unlaced his fingers from my beltloops and slid his hands up my stomach, searching my face periodically for approval. He caressed my body, bending down at the waist to forge a trail of warm kisses up my torso. He laid his body on top of me, his hands peeling at my shirt to reveal a black push-up bra that contained my swollen, aching breasts. Coming up to meet me for a soft kiss, he offered, “Shall we go upstairs?”

I led him by the hand, back to his bedroom. Looking at me, he shut the door behind him and threw on a Prefuse 73 cd as I sat down at the foot of his bed. Rolling into bed with me, he said, “Let me see you strip.”

I met him with a naughty gaze as I stood before him, stretching my body toward the ceiling as I let the shirt crumple under me. My body bent as my jeans slid down my waist and onto the floor, my green eyes still fixed on his, flashing with anticipation. I reached behind my back for the bra clasp, undoing it slowly as I slinked out of it like a snake sheds its coil, my nipples hardened as they became exposed to the cool air. He hadn’t touched me, but I could feel the goosebumps descend down my body. I was about to take off my lacy, black, boy-cut panties when he stopped me. “No, don’t. Let me.”

He ran his hands up my thighs, teasing me by tracing along the hemline with his fingertips. He began to roll my panties off of my hips and parted my legs with the palms of his hands. His head moved closer to my center. As my panties fell in lacy puddle around my feet, he flashed a wicked grin, clasping my tampon string with his teeth and pulling it out of me. And then. . .

He divided me with his tongue, his lips sucking on my swollen clit. Slowly, his mouth languished over the friction that came from his rough tongue against my silkiness. He began teasing me as he flickered his tongue in and out, alternating his speed and pressure rhythmically. I felt my head get dizzy as I called out his name. But then I grew nervous — I had never had someone make love to me during that time before. Fearful, I asked, “What do I taste like?”

Squinting his eyes, he whispered. “Sex — you taste like sex.”

His tongue disappeared inside of me as I grew shocked by how much wetter and warmer I felt. I never felt this juicy — no one ever took me there. His snarly lips kept vibrating off of me as he collected all of my nectar with his tongue. But his tongue was not bursa escort bayan enough. . .

“Writhe with me,” I demanded, positioning him on top of me.

He was still in his boxers, the starchy cotton constricting his protrusion. As he laid on top of me, I continued, “Take them off — I want to be naked with you.”

Dutifully, he obeyed as his boxers travelled the length of his long legs and onto the floor. He held onto my waist as he inched his way inside of me, rotating his hips with each thrust.

“Oooooh,” I moaned, his hardness filling me up, “that’s it, baby. Just like that. How do I feel?”

“So tight,” he moaned dryly into my ear. “And you’ve never felt this wet before.”

“Well,” I smirked. “Who got me that way? Go deeper, baby — don’t be shy. You feel so good.”

He let out a groan as he merged into me, accommodating his body to the music as our hips swiveled into one another. Between kisses, he moaned, “I’ve missing this. I’ve missed being inside of you. I want you so badly.”

“Well, then take me,” I demanded, flashing a wicked smile that suggested that I wanted to feel him pulsate inside of me. “Fuck me. Fuck me with that long, thick cock.”

A smirk spread across his face as he loomed above me, begging to hear more from my filty mouth. His thrusts gained momentum as he grew more excited. He loved it when I talked dirty.

He raised his body so that he was kneeling before me, stretching my legs over his shoulders as he re-entered me. We gyrated in that position before he spooned me and fucked me doggy-style, my g-spot fully activated with our parallel configuration. But, as always, he grew restless.

He got up out of bed and looked at the floor-length mirror parallel to his bed. Using his hands, he beckoned “Come ‘ere. I want you to see something.”

He guided me to his chair and sat down in front of me. Clutching onto my hips again, he led my gaze to the mirror as he demanded, “Ride me.”

I straddled his cock, leaning back to grab my heels with my hands as he steadied me. We began pumping into each other as I grew stunned by what we looked like together in daylight. I was amazed at the shapes we formed and how our faces contorted with pleasure with each thrust. Up, down, up up down. Slow, slow fast fast fast slow. I felt a wetness inside avalanche as he carried me by the hips back into bed.

I straddled him on his bed, my body grinding him into his mattress as he studied my body with his mouth and hands. I felt so thick as a woman. My breasts were heavy in his hands, my body brazen escort bursa as I shook my bedroom hips for him. And the fact that he wasn’t afraid of me, and relished in my juicy sweetness made me desire him even more. With each turn, I grew closer to orgasm.

“I love watching your mouth,” he said. “Your mouth forms this beautiful circle when you’re about to come.”

Words did not come to me so easily as I slammed him further inside of me, his hands lightly slapping my ass with each echoed moan.

“I know what you mean, lover,” I replied. “I love it when you bite your bottom lip right as you’re about to lose it.”

. . .And then, a spark. Followed by several sparks. I contracted around his throbbing cock as the blood vessel burst. Panting heavily, I could wrap my mouth around certain words before I could only moan his name.

“What does it feel like? How do I feel when you’re coming?”

“Like lightning is shooting through me,” I cried as I took him deeper inside. “Harder, harder! Ohhhh, wow! Don’t stop.”

FAN-TAS-TIC! Electricity rushed through us both.

Slowly, the pulsation lessened as I grew looser around his cock. Satisfied. Fatigued.

He reached down to his thick, pink cock, stroking the head as I kneeled above his limber, sprawled body. He smiled, “Look at you — you’re beautiful. I get excited just by watching you.”

I marveled at him for a moment; studying his long, pale body, his tawny arms, his flat stomach, his athletic thighs, that trail of hair beneath his bellybutton that begged temptation. And then I studied his face; those wide, pensive blue eyes that looked at me with a playful sense of erotic danger framed by fluttery eyelashes, his fleshy, red sneer, his long, prominent nose. Then I ventured south. . .

I bent down to take each testicle in my mouth, forming concentric circles with my eager tongue as I wandered up and down his shaft.

“Yes, yes — suck me!”

I traced some protruding, blue veins with slick fingertips as I dove back between his thighs. My grip around his balls grew tighter as his breathing grew heavier. Indicating that he was close to orgasm, I raised my lips to the head, slurping as salty beads dissolved in my mouth, tightening my lips around the head and teasing the frenulum with my tongue. I took him softly, each time with less force as he crumpled underneath me, a spent man.

Soon after, we sighed. He wrapped his arms around me as he spooned me under the covers, kissing and using the tip of his nose to trace the line from my temple to my collarbone. We sunk into each other, lightly misted with each other’s musk. A surge of energy rushed through us as he wrapped his arms around me — one with the anticipation that comes after a magnificent conjoining and before the promise of another one.

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