Love Is Pain


You’ll have to excuse me because I’m no good at writing things like this… I can be overly descriptive at times and I don’t know how to not analyze things, so it seeps into everything I write.

It all starts with a knock on the door, but the things that come before it are what matter. We’ve been playing this little cat and mouse game for years now and it’s finally come to an end. It started about six months ago when he made the initial moves that lead us to where we are. A close friend- one I’ve been dreaming about for the last three years, but never had the courage to approach. By the time I thought I could, he was with somebody else…

Six months ago, after months of hanging out on the pretense of being really good friends, he breached the barrier we had between us… What started out as a playful game between two drunk people turned into something more. Ever since then I’ve been wondering why we didn’t do more. He seduced me, in his every action, his every word- and I’ve been addicted since. A family party at the bar, and we’re playing and laughing and taking pictures- I decide to lick his face as a funny picture and I turn to sit down- he yanks me back over and bites my neck… Immediately everything in me goes liquid and my mind goes blank. It turns from one bite to two, to three- to me feeding him icing from the cake off my finger and the little intimate look I get as he sucks it off… I can’t take this anymore- I try to leave and he follows me home (I’m only next door) and begs me to come back. All I can think about now is kissing him and what it would feel like if I did… It goes on like this for a few weeks- and finally the moment I’ve been waiting for comes. He feels the same way about me. As much as it seems like it’s so right for us both to feel this way- he is off limits by the friend code. My roommate is his ex, and we are good friends. When I move out, I forget to care, but he backs off and I’m left feeling like I did something wrong.

Here we are six months later, and nothing has happened. Our whole relationship has come to a stand still and I don’t know how to fix it. I’m a writer- it’s what I do. Where he’s concerned, I can’t seem to get the right words out- on paper or otherwise. We walk on eggshells around each other- hoping that the other will make the first move. So I do… I ask him to be with me. I hope that he’ll at least talk to me about it- if not reply to my question with a negative answer and say that we need to forget anything ever happened. I didn’t expect what I got. There’s a knock on my door late one night, and when I open the door I can tell he’s been drinking. My heart starts to race- only when he’s drinking does he have the courage to say or do anything to me. Before I can even say hello or ask him what’s going on he grabs my face and crushes my lips onto his. When my mouth opens in surprise, he slides his tongue Ataşehir Escort in and starts to play with my tongue ring. I can’t help the moan that comes from deep down in my throat- he takes it as a sign to keep going and he pushes me inside the door and shuts it behind him.

“Well?” I ask, and he starts walking towards me through the small space between us. He grabs my hips and pushes me up against the counter… I’m looking at him, wondering what’s going to happen next, when he lifts me up onto the counter. One of his hands slides up my back and into my hair. I lean into his touch, and his hand turns into a fist and he pulls my head back as my eyes close. He bites my neck- right on the pulse that is beating so hard, I feel like my heart is going to come out of my chest and run away. At the same time, the hand that has planted itself on my ass squeezes so hard I’m sure I’ll have a nice bruise.

As much as it hurts, it feels so good I can’t even form the words to tell him to keep going, let alone to stop. I can’t say anything- just moan my response to what he’s doing… When he lifts his head to kiss my lips, I grab the back of his neck and sink into his wonderful mouth. I bite his lip and suck hard, knowing he likes the almost violent action as much as I do… So much so that he presses himself against me. I’m squirming now, wanting him to end my misery in some way- and he backs away. It’s time for me to return the favor, so I bite his neck, sucking hard on that spot where the pulse beats as fast as the one in my own neck.

I grab his face, look him in the eye, and tell him, “It’s my turn to show you torture.”

I slide off the counter and I begin unbuttoning his shirt, kissing each sliver of bare skin I expose. Right down to his belly button- I have to pause here and lick the spot right below his navel- and where he would pull away, I grab a belt loop on his jeans and hold him there. I kiss the spot right above the button on his jeans and as I get on my knees, I look him in the eye- just a little bit of a smile- and he knows what I’m thinking. I can see the desk and the office chair behind him- I push him into it and grab his crotch. He tries to stop me, but I push his hands away.

“Let me do this, for you.”

I unbutton his jeans and take the zipper between my teeth- it’s hard enough to unzip pants when they’re relaxed… even harder when you add the fact that I’m doing it with my teeth, he’s hard as a rock, and he’s sitting tensed up. I kiss him through his boxers and his cock jumps at the touch.

I tell him, “If you touch me, I’ll stop.”

I pull his throbbing cock out of his boxers and squeeze it between my hands. I can hear him gasp as I kiss the head, then again as I take it in my mouth. I suck, just a little bit- and bite playfully with my teeth just below the head before I slide him whole Ataşehir Escort Bayan inside my mouth. He’s gripping the sides of the chair to keep from touching me, I can tell, and he would like nothing more than to grab my hair and help me along. I like that he’s conflicted. I slowly slide him out of my mouth, giving little grazing bites on the way- till nothing but the head is in my mouth.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmm,” he jerks in the chair, forcing himself all the way into my mouth. I can see his hands let go of the chair, partially cupped as if he wants to grab my hair just then. It makes what I’m doing even hotter.

I massage his cock with my teeth and my tongue, using my tongue ring to make it that much better as I slide him in and out… I start to massage his balls through his boxers- he starts moaning and he can’t help himself- he’s fucking my mouth. I’m holding his hands now and letting him fuck my mouth- I start to taste little bits of precum in my mouth and I slide him out of my mouth… I lick the tip of his cock and he almost sticks it back in my mouth- but I’m too quick for that.

“What do you want?”

I let his hands go and he instantly buries them in my hair and slides his cock back into my mouth. It’s all about him this time, so I start to hum against his cock and he yanks my head away. He grabs my arms and yanks me off the floor. He pulls me in-between his legs and kisses my belly before he unbuttons my pants and returns the favor.

He slides my pants down my legs, massaging my thighs, my calves, and pulling each foot out of the legs. He bites my already dripping mound through my panties and growls against me. I stop breathing for a few seconds, and then I can’t catch my breath and my heart is beating a bruise into my chest now, as he slips a finger into my panties and slides it back an forth against my lips. I try to position myself so he slides his finger inside me, but he holds my hip with one hand and slides my panties to one side with the other.

He starts to kiss my clit and I all but fall on the floor. He stands up, grabs my hips, and slams me against the wall as he bites my neck again. I can’t get close enough to him, and I can feel his throbbing cock pressing against my panties in an effort to end the misery. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around him. He lifts my shirt over my head and undoes my bra, slipping one hand into the cup and squeezing so tight, my already hard nipple aches. He takes the other nipple in his mouth and sucks so hard, it feels like all the wetness between my thighs is being drawn up to that spot. He starts to rub his cock against my clit through my panties, and I try to reach between us and help, but he grabs my hands and holds them above my head.

“Please,” I tell him.

“Please what?”

I lean into him and he gasps. He restrains my wrists with Escort Ataşehir one hand and takes one finger and rubs my lips through my panties. He slides them to one side and sticks one finger deep inside. I can feel my inner walls clench around that one finger as my body seeps its response to the action. I sob when he pulls it out and he looks me right in the eye as he repeats the action with his mouth. My hands are clenching with the effort to stay still as he takes his cock and rubs the head on my now exposed clit. He gets closer and closer to it but he won’t give me what I want.

I’m sobbing pleas now.

He leans into me and bites my neck right on the pulse as he pushes the head of his cock inside me. He barely restrains himself from sliding the rest in when my muscles clench around his cock. He finally lets my hands go and they’re everywhere- on his face, grazing his nipples, trying to push him inside me deeper. He puts my hands on his shoulders and tells me not to touch him or he’ll stop. He grabs my hips and slides his cock deep inside me in one hard thrust. I can’t stop myself from screaming as my nails bite into his shoulders. He slides his cock back out, leaving just the tip inside… He pushes little by little and I’m trying to force myself still.

I can feel my legs starting to give out from being so tense, and he slides deep inside me again with one hard thrust. He carries me into my bedroom and sits on the edge of my bed. He lies back so I’m straddling him and he presses himself completely inside me. I turn so I’m facing away from him and I raise up so that nothing but the head of his cock is inside me.

I clench my inner muscles and he slaps my ass hard, making it impossible to stay that way. I slide down hard on his cock and start riding him, with his hands on my hips, taking him as deep as he can go inside me. He sits up and licks a trail up my back and sinks his teeth into my neck. I try to get away but he grabs my hips and holds me there… I can feel myself start to cum deep inside and I need to get away but he won’t let me.

Somehow, he’s still moving even though, neither one of us has moved an inch, and I’m crying, inside as well as out. I can feel the deep contractions to my toes as I start to cum- long and hard, and I’m sobbing for him to stop as the tears roll down my cheeks. He leans back far enough to swing my leg around so I’m facing him, grabs my hips and fucks me even harder, making me cum harder with each thrust.

My nails are digging into his shoulders- I can feel the blood where I break the skin. He lets go of my hips as I continue to ride him and starts playing with my clit with one finger. He leans back and puts his arms around my back, pulling me with him. He slaps my ass- I scream. It excites him even more to hear it, so he keeps doing it. I can feel him start to cum inside me and I clench my muscles, making him cum harder so I can feel every squirt inside me. It makes me cum even harder. He tries to pull out after he’s done, but I clench even tighter and he kisses my tears. I can still feel the lingering contractions from our love making, making me shudder as I drift to sleep on top of him.

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