Love Lessons Ch. 02


* * * * * * * * * *
Written by Diane (cuddlydbear) and Ken James
* * * * * * * * * *

Hi Baby. I’m sure glad everyone’s settled down. I doubt if any one is going to sleep soon, but they’ll stay in their rooms. This is a pretty randy crew, especially the chaperones. Remember Mrs. Garcia having her baby three months ago? Her husband wasn’t the father. It was either Jeff Barnes or Rich Howard. They got her pregnant in a three-way at State Championship last year. Maria told me all about it while we were making love.

That was such a long bus ride. It was hard being crowded in with all those people when I just wanted to be alone with you. I’m so glad we’re staying here tomorrow night, rather than going right home. We can see about seducing Mr. Smith then. It shouldn’t be hard. I know Kurt’s had the hots for both of us for a long time. Tonight, I want you all to myself.

Don’t worry about Coach Spooner. He’s going to be busy. I told three of the players he needed some special attention. They’re already in his room. Right before I came here, I tipped off Dean Johnson that something was happening in Coach’s room. That should keep everybody busy all night. I hope the players save some energy for the game.

You feel so good in my arms. I love the sensation of our bodies pressing together. Yeah, I’ll stop talking and kiss you. MMmmm! You’re such a hot baby! I’m glad you’re wearing your uniform. You look so good in that super-short skirt and tight top, especially since you’re not wearing a bra. When you walked out of the restaurant right ahead of me working that tight butt and making your tits bounce, it was all I could do to keep my hands off you.

I didn’t want to let you go yesterday. It’s amazing that you’d never sucked a cock before. You really made me cum. I almost came again while you were licking my asshole.

Would you believe I’m nervous. I’ve wanted to fuck you for so long. I’m going to eat you right now. You’re so hot and wet I can smell your juices. I know you’re wearing the crotchless panties. I couldn’t believe the way you flashed me in the restaurant. Half the boys saw you.

What? You want it right now. Up against the wall, with you wearing your uniform and me in my slacks and sport shirt? Sure. There’ll be plenty of time to use the bed later. I’ll get a condom out of my pocket.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mr. James, I want you so much. You don’t have to use a condom. I got birth control pills a few months ago, because I wanted to be ready if you ever wanted to make love to me. It’s safe now. Kiss me while we open our clothes. I want your cock inside me right now! Oh, that’s it . . . you feel how wet my panties are? I’ll pull them down. It excites me to know you’ve been with so many of my other teachers. I always thought the teachers in our school were hot and exciting, even the women. I think Mrs. Garcia is very pretty. I didn’t know she fucked Jeff and Rich. They have always been part of the team and fucked the other players a couple of times. I know that Coach Spooner fucked both of them at the same time last year after Homecoming. Paul told me. He was upset that he didn’t get fucked by them that night. He wanted to fuck me in my uniform, but I wouldn’t let him touch me. I said I wanted to wait until I fell in love with someone. I didn’t tell him I was waiting for you.

OH, Mr. James! Your cock is so beautiful. I want it inside me. Push me up against the door and put it inside. Let’s do this slow. Oh, yes, I love that. Rub the head against my clit. Baby, that feels so good. I can feel your precum running down the shaft. Put it inside me a little, just the head. Yes, fondle my tits while you enter me. My nipples are so hard. Kiss them through my blouse. I want to keep it on while we fuck. OH GOD! OH, Mr. James! I’m going to cum with the head of your cock inside me! It feels so hot! Put more of it in . . . and more . . . yes, fill me up with your cock. That’s right, push it in. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. I’m so wet from being with you. Oh, that feels good. It’s all the way in! Fuck me now . . . fuck me hard, baby. Oh OH OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH yes Mr. James! Make me your woman. I love you . . . fuck me . . . fuck me . . . OHHHHHH I’m Cummmmmingggggggggggggggggg…..oh. cum with me Mr. James . . . shoot your load inside my pussy…..cum for me……….that’s it………oh your cum feels so good……….ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Mr. James . . . I love you . . . hold me close and kiss me. That was wonderful. I want to fuck you again and again. You made my first time so great. I’m glad I waited to give you my virginity. Let’s go lie on the bed and kiss and cuddle for a while before we make love again. I want to hold you and feel your body next to me. That’s right, lie down here. Hold me close.

Oh, Mr. James. I love the way you feel. I want to stay here in your arms all night. We can make love again soon. Tomorrow, after the game, we can celebrate with Mr. Smith, and all have fun together. We’ll leave the Coach to the Dean and his players. I beypazarı escort just want you and Mr. Smith, but tonight I want to be yours completely. MMMMM yes, kiss me like that. You’re getting me wet again, and I can feel how hard you are. Let’s take off our clothes and shower together. I still have blood on my thighs from your making love to me. After the shower, we can lie down and make love again. I want you to eat me, and I want to suck your beautiful cock and have you cum in my mouth.

That shower felt so good. I love being all clean and fresh for you, like a baby. I’m your baby, aren’t I? Kiss me and cuddle me in your arms. Oh, Mr. James, you’re already hard again! Wow, that didn’t take long. I’m glad I turn you on as much as you turn me on. Feel how wet my pussy is. Oh, you’d rather taste it? Go ahead. I love it when you eat me. Yes, that’s right . . . eat your baby girl…..lick and suck on my clit. OH my god . . . yes that way . . . ohhhhhhhhhh Mr. James . . . Ken . . . Ken . . . oh god . . . you don’t mind my using your first name when we’re alone, do you? I promise I won’t do that at school but we’re so close here. Ken . . . lick me . . . yes put your tongue in me…….ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh baby I’m going to cum again . . . UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! I’M CUMMMMIINGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG SO HARD! OH KEN I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

Oh, god, that was wonderful. Let me take care of you now. I want to suck you off and make you cum. What’s that? You’d rather fuck me again? Okay, but let me taste that beautiful cock and balls just for a minute. MMmmm, you taste so good. I love the way your precum runs out of the tip. Your balls feel good in my mouth. Stroke my hair like that. That’s it, moan for me. I love hearing you get excited. Your cock is so hard. Okay, I know you want to fuck me now. I’m ready for you. My pussy is so wet. Let’s do it doggie style. I want you to fuck me hard this time. Shove that beautiful cock inside me. Oh yes, Ken, yes! Fuck me baby . . . fuck me . . . oh, yeah, play with my clit while you pound me with that hard cock. Oh, god I’m going to cum again. Your cock is so hard inside me! Cum with me baby! Cum all over me . . . ohhhhhhhhhh your cock is shooting inside my pussy! Oh YES! Fuck me harder while you shoot your big load! Push that cum all the way up inside me! OHHHHHHHHHHH . . .

That was incredible. I guess we should get some sleep. The halls are very quiet and we have to be up early for practice before the game. Don’t leave yet. I want to sleep in your arms all night. We’ll set the alarm for 5 am so you can get back to your room before anyone is awake. I would never get you in trouble.

Good night, Ken. I love you.

* * * * * * * * * *

Hi Baby. MMMmmm! It’s so great kissing and holding you. You can always call me Ken when we’re alone, but it’s exciting when you call me Mr. James while we’re making out.

It was so great waking up this morning with my Baby Dee! We must have been dreaming about each other because I was hard and you were already wet. I took you into the bathroom and bent you over the counter so you could see your face while I fucked you from behind. You’re beautiful all the time, but you look like an angel when you cum. I was hard all day from remembering all the ways we made love last night. I’m so lucky you gave me your virginity!

Hot little wench, don’t unzip me yet! I want you just as badly as you want me, but I’ve got some things to tell you.

That was such and exciting game, back and fourth all the way. I never thought we’d win by getting that field goal in the last second.

Half the team is bedded down with Coach Spooner and Dean Johnson. The other boys are having an orgy with the cheerleaders. I had to call their room and tell them to hold the noise down. Two of the cheerleaders – the twins – went off with the girls’ track coach.

I saw Mr. Smith going into the men’s room after supper. I followed him in and stood at the urinal beside his. Kurt stared at my cock and started getting hard. I told him I wanted to play with him tonight after things settled down. Then I left quickly so he could get his erection under control before someone came in and saw him.

Kiss me again. Yeah, your body feels so good. I love the way your tits feel pressing against my chest while I caress your ass, pulling your crotch against mine. Yeah Baby, grind it! No, that’s enough. I don’t want to cum in my shorts.

Ready for Mr. Smith? I’m feeling selfish and don’t want to share you, but I know how much you want this. I’m going to call him. “Hi Kurt . . . Yeah, me too . . . Look, something’s come up . . . No, it’s not like that. Dee, ur Diane hurt her ankle again . . . No, I don’t think it’s too bad . . . I’m in her room. Could you come here . . . Good . . . Yeah, definitely. We’ll do that afterwards. See you in a minute.”

I hope we don’t have any girls get pregnant tonight. We’ve certainly been emphasizing safe sex at school. Last year, Mrs. çankaya escort Garcia wanted to get pregnant. Her husband Joe had a vasectomy after two kids with his first wife. He was so happy to have a baby and didn’t care that he wasn’t the father. Maria is so horny. Joe told me she wanted to fuck on the way to the hospital.

I had sex with them when she was in her seventh month. Joe and I took turns fucking her. We had to be a little careful about positions, but she never wanted to stop. She finally had Joe lie on the bed and spiked herself on his cock.

Your panties are sure wet. Kurt better get here soon or we’re not going to answer the door. Anyway, while Maria was on top of Joe getting her pussy fucked, I greased my stiff prick and moved behind her. “Yeah Ken Doll,” she growled, “you know what I want. Fuck my ass hard while I ride my husband’s big beautiful cock.”

It felt so good driving between her buttocks, feeling Joe’s cock moving in time with mine through that thin layer of Maria’s flesh, listening to her scream as she came over and over, finally shooting a big hot load up her asshole while Joe came in her cunt.

Did that get you hot Baby Dee? I knew it would. It’s great being your teacher. I’m going to teach you a lot of things outside of class. I’m learning from you, too. I love you so much!

You sure liked me playing with your asshole while I was fucking you in the bathroom this morning. Have you ever . . . There’s the door. Button your blouse and straighten your skirt. You need to be presentable for Mr. Smith.

“Hi Kurt,” I say. “Come on in. Diane sure looks sexy tonight in her clinging translucent blouse with no bra and that tight short skirt, doesn’t she? Walk for us, Diane. Swing your hips and work that beautiful muscular butt. Gets you hard, doesn’t it, Kurt?”

“Ken, what’s going on here?” Kurt asks, trying to pretend he hasn’t already developed a spectacular bulge in his pants.

“Come on Kurt,” I answer. “We know you have the hots for Diane. I’ve seen you getting a hard-on every time you watch her on the field. She’s really got wet panties for you, too. Show him, Diane.” You grab his hand and put it up your skirt. His eyes widen as he feels the dampness between your legs.

“This isn’t right,” Kurt protests, although he can’t stop staring at your hard nipples.

“Diane and I know about you and the boys on the football team,” I say, placing my hand on his crotch. “You were sleeping with Jordan Goodall last year, too. I was dating her big sister Karen and she told me all about it.”

“Now Diane and I both want to fuck you,” I continue. You kiss him passionately, open mouthed, while pressing your breasts against his chest and rubbing your crotch against his. He grips your buttocks, moaning with excitement. When you finally pull away, Kurt’s penis is visibly throbbing and he’s breathing hard. I take your place, kissing him with the same intensity as you. “We know you want us, too. What are we going to do?”

* * * * * * * * * *

Mr. Smith, don’t be so surprised! I know you want me, and Mr. James and I planned this night so it would be special for all of us. You don’t have to worry. This will be our secret. Kiss Mr. James again, then come here to me. We’ll take good care of you.

MMMM that’s the way! I love watching you two kiss. Oh, Mr. Smith! You’re such a good kisser. I want you to hold me like Mr. James does. Yes, press yourself against me. Not too hard, I don’t want any of us to cum yet. We have all night.

Come here, Mr. James. I want to feel both of you touching my breasts and fondling my legs. You are both so hot. Mr. James and I have been waiting to be alone, and last night he got me so hot with his stories after taking my virginity. Today, before we called you, he got me so ready telling me more of his adventures.

I want to hear about yours too. I know you sucked the coach off a few times, and I saw you at the baths in town once. It’s okay. All of us like to have a lot of partners. You know that Mr. James is bisexual too, don’t you? He says you always stare at him. I like looking at all my teachers, but you two are the hottest.

Let’s lie down on the bed. There’s room for all of us if we stay close together. No, don’t undress yet. I want to cuddle and kiss and fondle both of you some more. Oh, yeah, you both feel so hot! Mr. James, you made me so wet when you told me that the twins went off with Mrs. Berger. I know she has played with a lot of the girls. When the twins and I made love last year, during a cheerleading competition, we talked about which of our teachers we wanted to go to bed with. Your name was first, then Mr. Smith, and they told me about fucking Mrs. Berger with a strap-on dildo. I got so hot that I went to Mrs. Berger after track practice one day and told her I needed some help learning stretching exercises. She stretched my muscles all right, especially the ones in my mouth and tongue, my breasts and pussy. We ate each other out for about an hour in her çayyolu escort office. She had me screaming with pleasure, almost as much as you do.

After that, I have made love with almost all the cheerleaders. It was so exciting, and I could still save my virginity for you. I’m so glad I waited to give it to you. You made my first time the best. Oh, Mr. Smith! I didn’t mean to leave you out! Let’s all get more comfortable. Mr. James, help me undress Mr. Smith and then we’ll take your clothes off. Wow, Mr. Smith . . . you have such a beautiful body. Look at Mr. James. His cock is so hard . . . I know he wants both of us to kiss and caress him all over. You start at his feet and I’ll take his mouth.

MMMMMMM Mr. James . . . Ken . . . I love kissing you. Let me suck your nipples while Mr. Smith kisses your legs. You love that, don’t you, baby? Yes, fondle him too. Oh, Mr. James! You want to play with my tits? Yes, take off my shirt and suck on my nipples while Mr. Smith plays with your stiff cock. Feels good doesn’t it. We have to give Mr. Smith some loving now. Lie down between us, Mr. Smith. Let me caress your cock while you kiss Mr. James. Yes, put your tongue in his mouth. Oh, You’re both so hard!

You’re both making me so wet. Reach under my skirt. Feel how wet I am? I came while you were both playing with me. Let’s take my skirt off too. I want to be naked with you. That’s the way. Now we can really have some fun. Mr. James, you were asking me if I ever had anyone play with my asshole? No, only you while you were fucking me in the bathroom this morning. I love watching you fuck me like that.

You got me so hot telling me about fucking Mrs. Garcia’s asshole while she was pregnant. Her husband is a real hottie too. Since he had the vasectomy, all the senior girls want to fuck him every time he picks her up from school, because they know he can’t get them pregnant. One day, we were having practice and he was parked right behind the field. We walked off the field right behind his car, and saw him getting a blow job from Jordan Goodall. She was waiting for you, Mr. Smith, but I guess she was too horny to stop. You knew about that? Oh, you went to the car and told him his wife would be late and both of you fucked Jordan in the back of the van? Wish I could have been there to watch.

Let’s get comfortable here on the bed. I want to have one of you on each side of me. That’s right. Take me in your arms, both of you, so we can all be very close. Let’s not rush. We have all night.

* * * * * * * * * *

Kurt and I lie still for a moment, just staring at your beautiful face and magnificent body. Then, moving as one, we begin kissing you, starting at your forehead, planting soft butterfly kisses on you closed eyelids, moving to your nose and cheeks, down to your throat.

We pause briefly and kiss each other open-mouthed. You’re looking up at us, wide-eyed. Kurt gives you a long deep kiss. Afterwards, I kiss you, just as long and hard.

You moan as we put our hands and mouths on your breasts. “This is heaven,” you gasp. “I haven’t had both nipples sucked since I made love with the twins last year. That was wonderful, but having my two dream men doing it is so much better!” What a hot baby you are! You’re cumming already!

You spread your legs wide, giving Kurt and me access to your inner thighs. I stick a pillow under your buttocks. Your juices are soaking the bedding as he presses his face against your burning core. You pinch and twist your swollen nipples roughly. With Kurt tongue-fucking your hot wet snatch and me sucking your clit, you cum explosively, screaming and bucking so hard I have to use all my weight to keep you from flinging yourself off the bed.

“Say ‘hello’ to the nice house detective,” Kurt whispers roughly when you’ve finally spent yourself.

“Was I really that loud?” you ask dreamily.

“Don’t worry,” I answer. “This is a good hotel and the walls are soundproofed. It’s not like we’re the only people making noise tonight, anyway.”

“This is a dream come true,” you say. “Making love with my two favorite teachers. Now I need a good hard fuck. Who’s first?”

“Go ahead, Kurt,” I say. “You’ve never had Dee’s sweet pussy.”

He stands up, grinning widely, and looks around the room. “Where are the condoms?” he asks.

“Don’t worry, Mr. . . . Kurt,” you answer. “I’m on birth control pills.” He stands still for a moment, gazing at you with the lust blazing in his eyes. I’m a big man, but his cock is a full inch longer and much thicker than mine. He positions himself between your legs. You scream softly as he takes you with one long slow slide. “OOOhhhhh! My! Goooooddddd!”

I kneel behind your head, stroking your hair and caressing your face. Kurt fucks you slowly, making it last. “Sit on my face, Baby,” you command. I lean forward to kiss Kurt as you lick and suck my balls, eventually taking them both in your mouth.

Kurt’s fucking you faster. I turn around and press my stiff prick against your lips. You suck it eagerly, alternating between stroking my cock head with your hot wet tongue and taking my whole shaft down your throat. I want to thrust into your mouth, fucking your face as violently as Kurt is fucking your cunt, until wave after wave of hot cum bursts from my straining dick and floods your throat.

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