Love Letter


As we sleep, it becomes cooler, causing me to wake and pull the blankets to warm us. My gentle movements cause you to stir as I lay back down. You snuggle closer to me, our naked bodies pressing against each other. Laying your head back on my chest, I gently stroke your hair as I fall back asleep.

I wake a little while later to find you stroking my limp cock with your hand. You gaze up at me as my eyes open.

“I thought you would never wake, lover,” you say with a gleam in your eyes. Not wanting to discourage you, I smile with a broad grin on my face.

“Love, I thought that you would be fully satisfied after our last lovemaking session.” I say rather weakly.

“Are you kidding, after that? It made me so horny that I have to have you again. Just thinking about it is driving me crazy with desire.”

“As you wish, lover. But you must come up her so we can both have something to do.” I say with a wicked gleam in my eyes.

You flip around with the grace of a dancer and straddle my face. Your smooth cunt just inches from my face, you lean forward and begin to kiss my limp cock and balls. I begin to kiss the outer folds of your cunt as you take my now semi erect cock into your mouth. You begin sucking on my cock as you hold the base, moving your head up and down. While you are doing this, I begin to slowly part your pussy lips with my tongue. You taste wonderful. You juices begin to flow as I continue to work my tongue in an upward stroke. I slowly make my way to your clit. My hands are gently squeezing your butt and helping to keep you in place as I locate your clit.

You moan with my cock in your mouth causing a shiver to go through me. I begin to tease your clit, ever so softly, with the tip of my tongue. Lightly flicking it back and forth across your love button, you begin to squirm and release my cock from your mouth. You continue to stroke it up and down with your hands, your saliva glistening on the thick, heavily veined shaft occasionally kissing the deep purple head.

As I increase in tempo with my tongue, you begin to rock back and forth in a slow dance of ecstasy. You get up, and turning around quickly, sit back down on my face. Pulling my hands up to your glorious breasts, you begin to moan louder. My hands begin to lightly trace around your areola, avoiding the nipples for now. You begin to arch your back, and placing your hands behind you on my thighs for support, begin to grind your pussy into my face. As I continue to tongue fuck you, you begin to shudder Ataşehir Escort as an orgasm enters your body.

“Oh yes. That’s it. Give it to me lover. Tease my clit. Harder, give it to me harder.”

Encouraged by you, begin to focus my attention on your clit. I begin to lip bite it and suck on it gently as you scream in ecstasy. I continue to administer to your clit as you scream and thrash around as multiple orgasms rip through you. When you finally are done with your orgasm, you are sweaty and breathing heavily. Staring down at me, you smile wickedly.

“Hey love, let’s try something new.”

“Now what my love?” I ask as you climb off me. With a bounce in your step, you walk over to your pack and pull out a set of black silk cords. With a devious smile on your face you leap back onto the bed. You begin to hook the cords to your wrists and ankles.

“I want to be tied up,” you say with a nasty smile on your face.

“As you wish sweetie.” I say. With shaking hands I begin to tie the loose ends to the bedposts, making sure that they are just tight enough to provide some resistance, but not so tight as to prevent you from squirming around on the bed. When all four straps are tied, I stand next to the bed and gaze at you, transfixed by your beauty.

I walk over to the window and draw the curtain shut, closing of the outside lights. The room darkens considerably. As I walk back to the bed, I bump into the small bedside table, knocking over the unlit candle. Picking it up, I have a nasty idea enter my head. Upon lighting the candle, I wait for the flame to steady itself, before dripping some of the wax on my forearm. Finding that the candle wax has a very low melting point, I smile evilly.

“What do you think you are going to do?” you ask with a slight quiver in your voice.

“Nothing that you don’t want to sweetie.”

Setting the candle down, I lay down beside you. Reaching over I begin to fondle your left breast. As my hand is paying close attention to the areola and nipple, you begin to close your eyes. Massaging your left breast, I position myself so that I can kiss your right breast. Kissing ever so softly around the nipple, it is soon standing erect and just begging to be taken into my mouth. As your breathing increases, I slowly draw your nipple into my mouth and slowly swirl my tongue around it. Appling a gentle but firm suction to your nipple, you begin to moan quietly, your arms straining against they’re bounds. As I suck gently on your Ataşehir Escort Bayan nipple, my hand begins to slowly move down your taunt stomach. Creeping ever slower to your navel, it slowly inches forward, inch by agonizing inch. Your stomach flutters as your breathing increases.

I slowly begin to encircle by fingertip around your belly button, causing your abdomen to contract. Your stomach expands and contracts as I slowly trail my finger to your pelvic area. Your legs are straining in their restraints as your breathing increases. I slowly release your nipple from between my lips and begin to kiss my way slowly down your stomach as my fingers trail up and down your inner thighs, stopping just short of your smoothly shaved pussy. You begin to whimper in frustration as I kiss the pubic area, but not actually engaging in parting your lips or teasing your clit. I gently kiss you on the outer lips of your pussy, causing you to gyrate your hips towards my lips. I pull back and you whimper louder in pure frustration.

“Please, please, please give me what I want lover.” You whimper to me in a piteous tone.

“Not yet, love. I am enjoying this and want to prolong it for a while yet.” I say rather mischievously.

With a smile on my face I reach over and grab the nipple chain. I gently attach the loops to your erect nipples and lay the chain between your two glorious, perfect breasts. The chain is cool on your skin and you moan softly in pleasure as you wiggle back and forth, causing the chain to tug and pull on your nipples. As the chain moves around on your smooth skin, a slight sheen is forming on your skin as you begin to perspire causing you to become hot and in need of cooling down a little.

I position myself close to your breasts and blow softly across them. Goose bumps form where the sweat has started to cool down on your skin, causing your nipples to become even more erect. I slowly work my way down to your navel, gently blowing across your hot skin as I go, leaving a trail of goose bumps as I do. Positioning myself between your legs, I reach up with both hands and gently part your labia, revealing your hood and clit. I gently blow across your love button and you moan in pleasure. As I continue to gently blow, your clit begins to become aroused and slowly retracts from the hood. I continue to blow, softer this time, as dampness forms around your clit. It begins to quiver up and down as I continue to blow softly across it. Your moaning increases, the Escort Ataşehir softer I blow, the louder you moan. My tongue snakes out and gently rubs against your love button, causing you to scream in delight.

“Oh god. What are you doing to me? PLEASE DON”T STOP.”

Encouraged by your words, I continue to alternate between blowing and lightly flicking your clit. I wet a finger with my saliva and gently part your pussy with it. Slowly inserting my finger into you, I continue to excite your clit. Slowly sawing my finger in and out, you begin to thrust into my hand. As I slowly work my finger in and out, I work my thumb up, and on the in stroke, gently bump your clit. After three or four strokes of this, you begin to shudder.


I speed up and continue to finger fuck you as I work a second finger in. You buck like a wild horse against my hand, screaming for more as you do. I manage to work in a third finger by this time as you are literally thrashing around on the bed against your restraints in pure orgasmic bliss. You scream and moan for what seems like forever as I continue to finger fuck you. As your multiple orgasms subside, you stare at me in wild lust.

“I must have your cock inside me NOW.”

Not wanting to disappoint you, I position myself between your legs and lower my cock to your labia. Slowly moving the head your labia to ensure that I am fully lubed up, I slowly part your labia with the head of my cock. You shriek in delight as I slowly thrust in and out, gently inserting my cock a little at a time. When our pubic areas meet, you scream as another orgasm is starting. Encouraged by this reaction, I begin to thrust into you like a possessed animal. You scream and moan in utter bliss as sweat begins to form on my body. As I continue to thrust into you, you meet my thrusts. Arching your back, I place my hands under you to help support your weight. We continue our love making for several minutes until you begin to feel my cock pulse with pre orgasmic spasms.

“Come on lover. Give it to me. I want you to come inside me.”

“Grrrrrr…I’m trying to.” I say as sweat is pouring off our bodies. Another massive orgasm rips through your tiny frame as I begin to orgasm. You feel my cock jump and pulse as I unload a batch of semen into you as you have the biggest orgasm in your life. I continue to thrust into you as you emit loud grunting noises until your orgasm is over. You collapse into the bed as I pull out of you and begin to remove the restraints.

“I do love you. With all my heart.”

“I know you do, and I love you as well.” We crawl back into bed in each other’s arms for the remainder of the night. Each of us is in utter bliss as we drift off to sleep. Dreaming of our wedding day and the joyous celebration to be had afterwards.

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