Love Never Begs Pt. 08


At about 5 AM in the morning I was suddenly awakened by Sarla’s calls. She was sitting on the edge of my bed and looking down on the floor, calling me. “Pinky always be alerted to my calls, I have been calling you for almost a minute now. You know due to my deformed leg I can’t get off the bed myself, and even the supporting stick given to me by your dad is kept at a distance. Now come on, help me get off the bed.” Sarla remarked, visibly upset.

I quickly jumped off my lying position on the floor and went near Sarla. I said, “Sorry baby, actually I was too late to sleep yesterday and so I was soundly sleeping right now. I didn’t hear your calls. Come on my love, let me help you.”

The beggar woman simply said, “Ok for this time but in future please try to respond to my calls quicker, you are my personal maid now remember?”

Her words brought back memories of the night, how she spanked me on the ass and and also gave me her second love bite symbol on my boob. As soon as I remembered it, I felt the sensation of pain on my boob. Though the intensity had lessened, the sting of the pain was still there. My ass was in a better position now but still the skin felt tender. And I remembered that I had agreed to be her personal maid in my very home.

“Of course I remember Sarla, now slowly get off the bed with my bed. Where do you want to go baby?” I asked.

As I supported Sarla while she dismounted the bed she said, “Not much far babe, I need to pee. So lie on the floor and take my holy water in your mouth. From now on you are going to address it as holy water as well, remember Pinky.”

It’s time to drink her urine again, I thought in my mind. Sarla was making it a habit of urinating in my mouth now. But without any resistance or complaint I simply helped Sarla straddle my mouth with my hands supporting her weaker side. I opened my mouth and waited in anticipation as the beggar woman rubbed her clit. Holy water was what Sarla had called her urine, and I needed to call it the same from now on.

Soon a fountain of pale yellow liquid was released from Sarla’s cunt directly into my mouth, it had its usual salty taste, stickiness and odour. My mouth was full within no time and I had to gulp the liquid so that I could take in more. I could feel the sensation of the warm liquid passing through my throat as my mouth was filled again.

And it just kept coming, as if Sarla’s bladder was not to be emptied today. The bottle of drinking water kept near my bed was empty, indicating that Sarla had drunk the whole thing at night and hence she was urinating for so long. I had gulped a mouthful of the beggar woman’s urine thrice before the fountain of urine was narrowed to a thin stream, and finally with a few droplets it ceased. I had taken care not to spill a drop of the ‘holy water’ as Sarla called it, but in spite of my efforts a few drops had fallen on my face and a few on the floor.

“Don’t wash your face or mouth yet baby, I know you love the smell and taste of my holy water on you. Of course bring your handkerchief and clean the droplets that have fallen on the floor. You may wash the handkerchief later on, but take care that you don’t wash it with my clothes. You must wash my clothes separately.” Sarla remarked.

I nodded and helped Sarla sit on the bed again. She watched me as I took my handkerchief and cleaned the floor off Sarla’s urine droplets. As soon as my task was over she said, “Well done sweetheart, now sniff that handkerchief of yours. You love the smell of my holy water, don’t you? So why miss a chance, sniff it to your heart’s content.”

I did as directed and sniffed my handkerchief which had a strong smell of Sarla’s piss. I sniffed on and on with noises of my nostrils as if I was getting so much turned on by it, until Sarla was satisfied and let me sleep again. However as I lay down on the floor again she said, “Good job Pinky. Since you love the smell of my holy water so much, I have thought of giving you a reward. Keep that handkerchief of yours on your face as you sleep. I am rewarding you for your good work and giving you the golden opportunity to sniff the smell of my holy water for a longer period of time. Enjoy baby.”

As usual I did as directed and lay down on the floor with the urine stained handkerchief on my face. I could feel Sarla’s taste in my mouth and smell in my nose, I knew she was going to pee in my mouth quite often. Thinking about how the day was going to go further, I fell asleep at some point of time.

My sleep got disrupted again, this time by knocks on the door. Mom was calling Sarla and my names and knocking at the door. My eyes went towards the wall clock, I was shocked to see that it was already 9 AM. I jumped off the floor and took a sleeping Sarla in my arms to place her on the bed sheet on the floor. She was awakened by my actions and just the words ‘what the hell’ escaped her lips. I hushed her and she too understood that mom was outside and she needed kaçak iddaa to be lying on the floor. I hid my urinated handkerchief and went towards the door.

I opened the door to find mom standing outside with a worried face. She said, “Pinky, why are you so late today? Holidays don’t mean that you skip the breakfast rules of the house. We all eat together, don’t we? Your dad had already eaten and went to open his shop. Where is Sarla by the way? Is she asleep too?”

Before I could respond Sarla said from the floor, “Didi I was up at 7 AM but I couldn’t open the door by myself. I called Pinky many times but she was fast asleep and didn’t hear my calls. Sorry didi.”

What a good liar she was, I thought to myself. Mom said, “Why are you saying sorry, you are not at fault Sarla. Pinky, you need to be careful from now onwards. Sarla might call you for some help or assistance, if you keep sleeping like this how would you help her? Now wash your mouth and come fast. Sarla you too come and have your breakfast.”

I nodded and started to brush my teeth, I had taken care not to go too close to my mom so that she didn’t get the smell of Sarla’s urine on my face. As I brushed Sarla was helped by mom to get up and was handed over her brush and paste. She too brushed along with me. Both of us cleaned our mouths and went to the breakfast table. Mom had already served us chapati and vegetables along with tea, we ate together and chatted.

After breakfast mom said, “Listen Pinky, I need to go to Mrs Sharma’s house, she has called me over for some paperwork related to our self help group. I shall be back by 11:30 AM. I hope both of you will manage till then?”

Once again Sarla replied first, “Of course didi Pinky and I will be alright. I shall wash the utensils now, I have already seen the area where you wash your utensils. I will sit on a tool near the tap and wash them. Don’t worry at all.”

Mom was pleased and she said, “Ok Sarla. Pinky, do help her in this regard. I am going now alright? See you two later.”

I knew instead of Sarla it was me who was required to wash the utensils. After locking the front door as I came back, Sarla had taken off her clothes already. She said, “Before you wash the utensils you need to serve my body first. Then you also have to wash these clothes of mine, as well as your handkerchief.”

I helped Sarla lie on her belly on mom’s bed, keeping a plastic beneath her so that no spot or mark came upon mom’s bed. “Pinky you better be fast and also convincing in serving my body. You have to make me cum and then you have loads of cleaning work before your mom returns. Be quick about it.” Sarla remarked.

I nodded and started to plant soft kisses on the dark back of the beggar woman. Slowly but surely my lips ran on Sarla’s spine downwards, till I reached her buttocks. I kissed the muscle of her ass, sometimes sucked at it and also ran my tongue up and down.

Sarla was moaning about my actions and said, “Yes, ummm, Pinky baby, now don’t lose time. Separate my ass cheeks and lick my asshole. You will love it I know.”

I used my hands to separate the ass cheeks to reveal the crevice in between them. Sarla’s asshole always had a hypnotic effect on me and today was no exception. I slid my tongue in and first licked around the outer ring of the puckered hole, drawing a moan from the beggar woman.

I started to lick faster now, keeping in mind that I had to make her cum quickly and then proceed to the household work. My expert tongue moved into the deep interiors of Sarla’s asshole and tasted her ass. My tongue was sometimes going vertically and sometimes in circular motion, I was licking her fast and Sarla was praising my actions with soft moans. Keeping my head steady I now slid my tongue in and out of the beggar woman’s asshole, tongue fucking her ass in the process. I was breathless as I was doing it with quite speed and Sarla was enjoying every bit of my tongue in her asshole.

After ten minutes of ass worship Sarla asked me to turn her around so that I could lick her pussy now. Her hairy pussy was very wet and as soon as my tongue touched her pussy, Sarla’s body rocked under my actions. She was moaning continuously now, her hand pressing my head so that my mouth remained on her pussy. I was sucking her clit and licking her pussy with full vigour, her juices freely entering my mouth. As Sarla’s body shivered and shook I took her to the brink of an orgasm. When the orgasm finally hit her she took my name loudly and squirted a mouthful of cum. I devoured the entire load of sticky fluid, not spilling a drop.

Sarla was satisfied and said, “Well done Pinky, you have satisfied me by all means. Now before your mom comes wash off the utensils. First soak my clothes in the bucket, remember to use a good quality detergent. After washing off the utensils you need to bath me too.”

I quickly took a bucketful of water and mixed detergent in it. I took Sarla’s left over clothes kaçak bahis including her bra and panty, and soaked them in the lathered water. I then took Sarla’s and mine breakfast utensils and washed them clean.

Sarla was sitting on mom’s bed with a towel wrapped around her body, inspecting my work closely. She would sometimes tell me to give an extra rub to the utensil, or ask me to rub her clothes with the brush properly. I was being treated as a maid and was acting like that as well. Surprisingly I was actually feeling horny as the day progressed as a maid and felt like I badly needed to cum. I realised that my submissive nature had made me horny and created a fire in my loins.

After the cleaning work was done I placed a chair in my bathroom for Sarla to sit on to have a bath. I was thinking of asking Sarla’s permission to let me cum when suddenly she said, “Pinky I am very much aware that you like to lick my body. So, I am giving you another privilege. Lick my armpits clean of the accumulated sweat and then you may bath me.”

Oh God, it would make me more horny I said to myself. But nothing was in my control as Sarla had already lifted her arm displaying the dense patch of hair which was soaked in sweat and I could feel its odour from a distance. As I bent down to suck at the sweat soaked hair in my mouth, my pussy became very wet and I was dying to touch myself. I licked the sweaty armpit with closed eyes and made moaning sounds as I did it. The beggar woman’s sweaty fluid was full in my mouth as I sucked and licked her coarse hairy armpit.

Sarla could easily guess my aroused state from my soft moans but she didn’t pay any attention to it. Instead she lifted her other arm and guided my mouth to move on to that. As I sucked and licked the damp sweaty hollow of the beggar woman my body shivered in anticipation of an orgasm which was never to occur. Sarla’s armpit was a cesspool of stink and sweat which I traversed with my mouth and tongue.

After vigorously licking and sucking Sarla’s armpits for a full five minutes I was finally relieved of the task. Looking towards me Sarla said, “Baby, you look very horny. Do you need to cum?”

Hopes rose up in my mind as I readily replied, “Yes my love, I have been very horny for a long time now. I really need to cum please allow me, baby.”

Sarla smiled and said, “You could have simply asked me sweetheart, I would have definitely allowed you. But now it’s too late I guess. You have to bathe me and before your mom comes I was thinking you would lick and suck my foot. I need to keep my good foot clean you know, and what better cleaning device than your tongue?”

I felt like crying out loudly as I heard her words. Sarla continued, “On second thoughts I think you would lick and suck my foot now before you bathe me, otherwise the sweaty odour of my foot which you love the most won’t be there after bathing.”

I knelt on the bathroom tiled floor and took Sarla’s foot in my mouth. As I started to suck her toes Sarla said, “Wait a minute, let me see how much of my foot you can take in your mouth. Open your mouth fully.”

I opened my mouth as much as I could and she pushed her foot in my mouth. I choked and gagged as the beggar woman’s dark and sweaty foot entered my mouth and Sarla kept pushing it further inside.

I was finding it difficult to breathe with the beggar woman’s foot jammed down my throat. The sweaty odour of the uncleaned foot was also adding to my discomfort. My eyes grew big as Sarla tried to push her foot further and almost the ankle was touching my lips now. I really struggled to keep her foot in my mouth now and my efforts only made me hornier.

“Alright, now let me take it out so that you may lick it.” Sarla remarked, taking out her foot to my relief. I coughed a few times after the gagging foot was removed.

I took Sarla’s foot in my hand now, it was coated with my saliva, and licked its entire length from top to bottom. I sucked at the toes one by one, cleaning them as I always do. I pushed my tongue in between those toes, cleaning the gaps of the accumulated dirt and sweat. Then I bent myself further down to lick the sole of the foot and sucked its heel. My mouth just tasted like sweat now and I had long forgotten the taste of the food that I had taken for breakfast.

Sarla was finally satisfied and asked me to stop. She said, “Good work like always Pinky. Now bathe me.”

I pleaded, “Sure I will do it but Sarla my love, after I have bathed you please allow me to cum.”

Sarla looked upset and said, “Hey Pinky, didn’t I tell you that your first preference will always be me? Why are you repeatedly asking me about touching yourself when you have work at hand to bathe me? Is this the kind of behavior that I expect of you?”

My heart sank on hearing her words and I readily replied, “No, no, no, Sarla my baby, my love, my first preference is your pleasure only. I was just asking that after I bathe you will you allow illegal bahis me to cum? I know it was my mistake to ask that. Please accept my apologies, I am really sorry.”

But Sarla wasn’t happy with my answer. She shook her head and said, “No Pinky you disappoint me to a great extent. Instead of focusing on my bathing you were thinking about your own orgasm. You have been so good at everything since this morning that I was thinking of giving you a pleasurable orgasm experience. But now that you have pissed me off I can’t allow to cum for the entire day today. Sorry dear, but I think you deserve it.”

I felt like crying out aloud on hearing Sarla’s words. I badly needed to cum and now I couldn’t touch myself till the day was over. Tears started to form in my eyes as I stood helplessly in my bathroom, in front of the beggar woman. “What are you waiting for, bathe me now.” Sarla’s commanding voice brought me to my senses and I started to bathe her. I soaped her dark body and then poured water to clean her all over. I dried her using my own towel and then carried her to my room.

Sarla after wearing her clothes said, “Ok Pinky now you may have your bath. Keep the door open as I will sit outside and watch you. I don’t trust you, you might be tempted to finger yourself to orgasm. Do it quickly, your mom might return any moment. Also don’t apply any soap on the symbols of my love on your boobs. I need to see them for the entire duration of your bathing.”

I took off my clothes and while keeping the bathroom door ajar, started to take my bath. Sarla sat on a chair just outside the bathroom to keep a careful watch on me. As cold water rushed through my body the starvation of orgasm riddled my horny body. My hands were desperately wanting to go to my pussy and pleasure myself, but I dared not do it in fear of Sarla’s punishment. As I applied soap on my body leaving aside the two beet red bite marks on my boobs, Sarla suddenly said, “Pinky baby, will you come out for a moment?”

I was surprised, “What is it Sarla, I am still a drenched baby.” I said to her.

“That I can see very well Pinky, you just come out here. It won’t take long and you need not dry yourself or wear anything.” Sarla remarked.

I, fully naked and drenched in water, came out of the bathroom and stood near Sarla. I still had soap applied in some parts of my body and also on my cheeks. The lather of the soap was creating small bubbles on my skin. Even in the hot season I was shivering a bit as the cold water was slowly flowing on my wet skin. And worse, the denial of an orgasm was making me really desperate.

Sarla for some time admired my nude beauty and then she spoke up, “Pinky I was really enjoying watching you take bath,but baby I suddenly felt the urge to pee. Since you have to take my holy water in your mouth I suggest you lie down on the floor and do the needful.”

I was shocked to hear that, but also knew I had to do whatever Sarla wished. So without a word I lay down on the floor just near the edge of Sarla’s chair. My wet body touched the floor and I was sure some dirt must have adhered to my body due to the adhesive nature of water. Sarla positioned herself on the chair and then started to urinate on my face. I with an open mouth tried to gulp as much urine as I could but due to the larger distance this time the pale, sticky and smelly liquid was all over my face in addition to the amount in my mouth. I gulped whatever amount that fell in my mouth tasting the salty fluid, the rest washed the soap lather from my face, and a definite amount formed a puddle on the floor.

Sarla said, “Oh no Pinky that wasn’t smart enough of you, spilling the holy water. Anyways since you have been such a good girl today I won’t punish you sweetheart. But you just have to wipe this mess with your towel right now. And one more thing, since the soap on your face is already washed by my holy water, you shouldn’t pour any more water on your face or mouth. Keep it as it is.”

I was shocked to hear her. Mom would be home soon and the beggar woman was not allowing me to clean the urine off my mouth or face. In addition to that I have to wipe the puddle of urine from the floor using my towel. The kinkiness in the entire thing made me even more wet and as I brought my towel and wiped the floor I felt my orgasm was building but couldn’t reach it.

I completed my bath, taking care that I only poured water below my neck, and then wiped myself with the same towel with which I had wiped the urine from the floor. “Wipe your face with it too baby, but don’t wash your mouth. I want you to take lunch with the taste of holy water in your mouth. ” Sarla instructed as she saw me wipe myself with the towel.

I wiped the remains of Sarla’s urine from my face with the towel, the strong smell on the towel was now present on my entire body. My mouth reeked of urine which I couldn’t wash now. I had to eat food with its taste in my mouth today. The more kinky Sarla’s instructions got, the more horny I felt. I was dying to touch myself and release my cum. But plenty of time was still left in the day to pass. I needed to negotiate with Sarla, I really needed to cum badly.

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