Love Thy Neighbour


I had just turned 21 when I landed my first job. I was not just excited that I was going to be financially independent. I was also going to live on my own for the first time in my life for my office was located in Hyderabad where I had no family or friends. Having lived all my life with family and being extremely shy by nature, I was looking forward to this new phase of life. It offered immense opportunities to develop my personality. Little did I know at that time how massive this transformation would be!

So when I landed in this city a few weeks later, I lost no time in finding a comfortable apartment in a neighbourhood close to my office. There were only two units per floor, so there would be fewer pesky neighbours and their unsolicited advice to deal with!

As my estate agent and I left the flat, we saw our neighbour waiting for the lift. The agent introduced us.

My neighbour was Shiela. She appeared to be in her early forties and had an unremarkable yet pleasant face. We exchanged hellos and went down the tiny lift in uncomfortable silence. I was cursing my luck that an “aunty” my mother’s age should turn out to be my neighbour. I was sure there would be truckloads of free advice which I’d rather not have. My apprehensions were put to rest when my agent later told me that she was a spinster and lived alone. That was a relief! She was probably busy at work and had little time for a shy young neighbour.

I moved in the next day filled with positivity. I had just a few suitcases, so it wasn’t exactly a nosiy affair. Nevertheless, I saw my neighbour Shiela near my doorstep asking if I needed any help. I thanked her for the courtesy and assured her I was fine.

The next day illegal bahis was my first working day and I stepped out of my flat feeling a mix of excitement and nervousness. As luck would have it, Shiela was leaving at the same time. During the lift ride down, we got to know each other a bit more. It turned out that her office was in the same building as mine and she walked to work everyday. She suggested we go together daily. I reluctantly agreed. And this turned out to be a great decision!

Over the next few months, we ended up becoming close friends. Shiela turned out to be funny, clever and witty. Our age difference never seemed to be an issue. There were no motherly advice, she treated me like an equal adult. This was one of the many firsts that were to happen in my life.

I remember it like it was yesterday. I had worked late on a Friday evening and bought a pack of beers on the way home. As I wearily stepped out of the lift, I was pleasantly surprised to see Shiela at her door picking up a pizza from the delivery guy. She at once invited me home.

I was delighted at her invitation. Despite our growing friendship, I had never actually gone into her house, nor had she. I quickly freshened up and went to her place with the pack of beers.

She had changed into a dainty pink sleevless nightgown. I realised for the first time she looked almost sexy despite her age and looks. She had managed to order another pizza by this time and had placed three movie DVDs on the centre table. I chose the funniest one. The movie was a laugh riot and the pizza was fantastic. We were having an awesome time and I opened two beers and gave one to her.

After a couple of rounds, she looked quite tipsy. illegal bahis siteleri Even I felt a familiar buzz in my head though usually it happens when I’ve downed four or five bottles.

The movie ended and she moved closer to me. We started talking more intimate stuff. She asked me if I had a girlfriend. I replied I never ever had one. She laughed in a sexy sort of way and said she couldn’t believe a handsome young man like me didn’t have a steady relationship. I knew then that she was either hitting on me or was really drunk because nobody has ever called me handsome, and that was the truth. I was average in almost all things – looks, build, athletics, academics, conversation, humour – the list is endless!

That is when I said the bravest thing of my life. It may have been the alcohol but I’d like to believe that my fondness for Shiela had transformed into something bigger.

I told her that the only meaningful relationship I have ever been in is with the person sitting right next to me. There was stunned silence for what seemed to be an eternity for me. She looked me in the eye and said “me too”.

I was overcome by a surge of emotions and hugged her instinctively, tentatively at first and tightly after she reciprocated. We held each other for several precious moments before letting go. We were both embarrassed. She apologised first, saying she shouldn’t have let this happen as she was old enough to be my mother.

This is the moment when my courage went to the next level and perhaps when I really became a man. I said her age or anything else didn’t matter and I loved her. I didn’t stop there and kissed her on her lips. To my surprise, she kissed me back with a passion canlı bahis siteleri I’d never known. The kiss turned into a snog and before we knew it we were in her bed.

She yanked my t shirt off and hurriedly pulled down my shorts. I removed her gown and hungrily kissed her modest cleavage. At that moment, I lost all control and tore her bra and devoured her petite breasts. She gasped in pleasure and pulled my erect manhood out of my briefs.

She kissed it gently a few times and it took all my effort to prevent ejaculation. She then slide my penis into her warm mouth. It was an electrifying feeling. I felt like a dam break and exploded into her mouth. She took it all in her mouth and swallowed it. I felt drained and my john turned flaccid.

It was now my turn to pleasure her. I kissed her pussy and at the same time kneaded her breasts. The kisses became harder and eventually I started flicking my tongue all over her insides. I tasted her juices and that turned me on again. I continued to suck her with renewed vigour till she started squirming and then squirting. The strength of her orgasm surprised me and I stopped licking her.

The time for the final act had come. Seeing her squirting had made me hard again. I plunged my penis into her oozing vagina. She grabbed my hair and implored me to keep going hard into her. I bit her nipples, kissed her armpits and her tummy while pounding her.

It was as if our bodies had now synchronised and had become one. We both came simultaneously and it lasted much longer this time. It never occurred to me to wear a condom nor did she even hint at it. This amorous union felt like the most natural thing to me, and perhaps to Shiela as well.

We lay in her bed naked, our limbs wrapped around each other for the rest of the night, sated and excited at the same time. Sated because we’d found each other and our lives had forever changed; and excited at the promise of similar nights of passion.

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