Lovers Ch. 01

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I didn’t know how much more of this I could take. All I could think about was him and the moment I did, my pussy became wet with wanting! His words echoed in my mind, throwing me out of sorts at any given time. Jesus, I could barely go to the grocery store without finding myself pausing in thought about him and the realizing my panties had become damp.

I waited for him, trying to be patient, but pacing back and forth across my room. He was arriving today and our time together would be so limited, I wanted to take the most of every moment. I closed my eyes as I finally sat in front of my large picture window, my forehead against the glass, feeling the cold of the winter day against my skin. My mind filled with his image, imagined the feeling of his warm hands against my skin, his scent on me, his hands caressing every inch of my body.

I found myself reaching down and running my fingers against the warmth of my pussy, feeling its heat at the thought of his hands on me. As I sat rubbing myself with one hand, I slowly slid the other up my shirt and over my bra, tweaking one nipple between my thumb and middle finger, then the other, groaning in pleasure as I continued rubbing my fingers over my warm pussy. I opened my eyes and watched myself slide my hand from the outside of my pants, under my slacks, into my panties, and pinching my clit between my index finger and thumb. Increasing the pressure on my clit until I could barely move my fingers from the divine combination of pleasure and pain. Continuing the same assault from one breast to the other. My body began to quake as I felt myself reaching orgasm, harder and harder I rubbed my encouraged clit, willing myself to cum, visualizing him, imagining it was him taking my body and doing with it as he pleased. Finally, my body released and I orgasmed with a force that caused my breathing to cease and my fingers to pinch myself even harder, crying out in pain as I felt the juices flowing on my panties, paddling beneath me.

Just as I stood to quickly clean myself up before he arrived, I watched his car pull into my driveway. I sat for moment watching him extricate himself from his car, his tall figure looming over the height of it, his skin glistening in the skin, eyes covered by sunglasses. He stretched as he turned his back to me, affording me the opportunity to survey the rippling muscles of his back, the shape of his form, the strength in his torso. Pure, divine, sexuality oozing from him.

I stood and walked towards the door just as he began up the walk. I opened the front door as he reached it, but before I could say a word, his lips were on mine, his arms encircled my body, grabbing my ass, lifting me to wrap my legs around his waist as his tongue probed for mine, parting my lips aggressively, finding my tongue and sending fire throughout my body. I groaned as our tongues met, my legs tightening around his torso, my arms around his neck. His kiss was commanding, the lightning shooting through my body as his pace slowed.

“Hello lover,” he whispered. Before I could speak his lips were on mine again, his hands still firmly on my ass as he started walking forward. As if instinctually, his movement took us to my room in a house he’d never been to before. As he strode down the canlı bahis steps into my room, his kisses became feverish as he planted me firmly on my feet and pulled his face away to study me. I tried again to speak, to welcome him, whisper a single word, but each time I did, his lips found mine again.

His hands slid from my ass up my back to my shoulders, then back down to my waist, grabbing the bottom of my shirt and yanking it over my head, only allowing our lips to part long enough to pull the shirt off of me and toss it to the side of the room. With nimble fingers, he made quick work of removing my bra, his teeth, tongue, and lips quickly finding my already erect nipples. His mouth went from one to the other, switching off with one hand, tweaking, tormenting, taunting my nipples, hard, then gentle. My body began quivering in anticipitation of what was to come, showing him, telling him with words unspoken that I want him desperately.

His mouth slid up to my neck, sucking and biting me, his hands exploring my body, my every curve, his nails ever so slightly digging into my exposed flesh. This time, I didn’t even try to speak while our mouths were parted, my animalistic instincts taking over and nothing but groans and whimpers of pleasure escaping my lips. His hands moved to my waist and slowly unbuttoned my pants, sliding them down over the curves of my hips, he bent and took them down to my ankles, slipping on shoe off, then the pant leg, then the other shoe and pant leg.

He stood and surveyed me, standing nearly naked before him, in nothing but my blue satin g-string panties. I felt embarrassed, exposed. He seemed to sense my discomfort and pulled my body to his, gently kissing my forehead as his hands moved back to my ass, lifting me again. My legs wrapped around him as he strode over to the bed, dropping me onto it. He stood before me, looking down at me, eyes locking on mine as he removed his shirt, then his trousers, shoes, socks, leaving nothing but his boxers. I could see his erection beneath the fabric, a whimper escaping my lips. His member was large, even without it completely being exposed I could rate the size.

I looked back up at him, seeing a mischievous grin spread across his face, his eyes twinkling as he grasped my panties in his hands and tore them from me. The fabric rubbing hard against my fragile flesh hurting me, causing me to cry out in pain. I looked down and noticed what looked like bruises already appearing on my skin. Before I could argue, complain, ask him to slow down, his fingers were on my clit, circling around it, teasing it, taunting, pushing hard against the hard nub of my clit, sending lightning through my body. My hips began to rock against his fingers, as if begging him to have me, I looked up into his eyes, with words unspoken giving myself over to his command.

Slowly at first he slid one finger into my warm, wet, waiting pussy. Then another, and another, beginning to stretch me, fill me, I whimpered and rose my hips to meet his fingers. Over and over, he pushed his fingers into my pussy, gentle, then rough.

“More,” I whispered and with that, his 4th finger was pushing into me. I cried out causing him to pause, but only for a moment, barely allowing me to adjust to the stretching bahis siteleri my pussy was undergoing. His mischievous smile faded as he pulled his fingers from me, nearly a cry escaping my lips at him taking away the divine pain of his fingers stretching me. He grabbed me, flipping my body over, exposing my bare back and ass to him. Him grabbing my hips and forcing me up on my knees, exposing myself to him, giving him full access to me.

Before I could catch my balance, his 4 fingers were back inside me, hammering me, pushing deeply inside me, his thumb taunting my clit, barely tapping against it. Before I realized it, his thumb also was pushing inside my pussy. The stinging becoming too much for me, I tried to pull away. Before I could, his free hand was on my shoulder, holding my body in position. With another few thrusts, his entire hand was stretching my pussy wide open, hurting, stoning. I reached down and began rubbing my clit as I felt his fingers fold inside me, making a fist, then a rhythmic dance of lust began. His fist pumping in and out of me, over and over, my hips rocking back against his hand. My body shuddered as I began to cum on his fingers, I screamed out in pleasure as he pounded me harder than I had ever been taken before, his words of encouragement ringing in my ears.

“Oh my god, fuck my pussy,” I screamed out as I finally reached the height of my orgasm and his movements slowed, just a little, giving me a chance to catch up. I felt his hand relax and slowly slide out of me, I whimpered in sadness of its removal, but only for a moment as before I could completely catch my breath from the orgasm, his cock was buried deep inside me, feeling the head hit the inner most reaches of my soaking wet hole.

I felt his lips on my back, kissing me, from shoulder to shoulder as he pumped his hard cock in and out of my pussy, his hands on my hips, pulling my hips back to him, meeting his thrusts. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit with every thrust.

“Where is it?” He asked me.


“Where is your favorite dildoe lover?”

I whispered that it was in the drawer next to the bed. I felt one hand leave my hips and heard the drawer open. A groan escaped his lip as he saw the different toys I liked to use to fulfill my sexual needs when I was alone. I heard the drawer close, saw the dildoe placed on the bed next to us and then, felt his fingers circling my ass. A sudden visual of him trying to force that cock into my ass raced through my head. I’d never been taken that way by someone as well endowed as him and a chill ran up my back.

He withdrew his cock from my pussy and slowly slid the dildoe into me as his fingers rimmed around my ass. I shivered, groaning in pleasure at the feeling of his fingers taunting and teasing my ass. In one swift move, the dildoe was out of my pussy and pushing against my tight puckering asshole. He pressed it into me, quickly, not allowing me to adjust to it, sliding it in, and drawing it out, pushing it into my wet pussy, and then back into my ass. The dildoe now soaked with my juices, my ass stinging from the pain he’d inflicted, but my body responding with pleasure, he slid it back into my ass, burring it deep inside me as he quickly pressed his cock bahis şirketleri back into my pussy. I gasped falling to my stomach, my knees having given out, being totally unprepared for this.

He leaned down, bit my neck, then whispered into my ear, “I’m going to make you mine lover, mine and only mine.” The tone of his voice made me shiver, it was almost demonic, but with his true nature undertone in the words. His cock continued pumping in and out of my pussy as he twisted, turned, and pounded the dildoe in and out of my ass. I was crying out in a mixture of pleasure and pain as my pussy warmed, and tightened around his cock, I came so hard a scream escaped my lips as my hands twisted in the quilt.

He pulled the dildoe and his cock out of me again, setting the dildoe aside, and then grabbing me by the hips, flipping my body over on my back. I looked up at him, watching him, searching in him, trying to read his thoughts, his next move. He reached down and quickly raised my ankles up over his shoulders, exposing my pussy and ass to him, his eyes dancing as he flashed a mischievous grin. I felt the tip of his cock at the entrance to my ass and I shook my head.

“Don’t tell me no lover.” He commanded.

I bit my lower lip as I felt his cock push hard into my ass, stretching me wide, my body shook in pain, and quivered in pleasure at the same time. He began pounding me, pushing himself deeper and harder into my ass with each thrust. I reached for his ass, to pull him harder into me, my instincts taking over, wanting him, feeling the pain and needing it, nearly begging for it. He grabbed my hands before I could touch him and pinned them above my head. I gasped in pleasure.

He pumped in and out of me, bringing me close to orgasm, then slowing his assault, over and over he did this to me. Owning me, controlling me, controlling the release I needed so badly. I tried to wriggle a hand lose so I could reach down and rub my clit, helping myself to orgasm, taking away control from him, but to no avail. I couldn’t get free, but I didn’t really want to. I wanted this, wanted him to own me, control me, take me any way he wanted me.

“Please, please, own me, control me, make me yours.” I whimpered

As if some divine force had swept into him, he groaned, leaning down and finding my lips with his, kissing me, gently, passionately as he continued sliding his cock in and out of my ass, his hand letting loose of mine, allowing me to touch him, pull him to me. I slid my hands down his sides, to his hips, digging my claws into his flesh, pulling him hard against me. My hips rising up to meet his jabs, causing a divine mix of pleasure and pain. I could feel my muscles tightening again, my temperature rising

“Please, cum in me, cum for me, make me yours,” I nearly screamed the words as I began to cum and felt his body shake in unison with mine, his groans of pleasure escaping his lips as well. His cock swelling inside me, stretching me more. I felt his explosion deep inside my ass as my juices poured out of me, flowing down over his deeply embedded cock. My head spinning, I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t move, I could only feel the pain of his orgasm, the divine pain.

His movement slowed as he gently withdrew himself from me, turning me to my side as he slid into the bed next to me, his chest against my back, his breath on my neck, hands caressing my body. He kissed my neck and brushed my hair from the side of my face as I drifted off to sleep.

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