Love’s Labors Ch. 03

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All characters are of legal age. I want to thank LarryInSeattle for continuing his efforts to save me from the worse of my prose and poor grammar.

Dan completes several of Kendra’s tasks and enjoys doing so.

You can read this chapter independently if you wish. The background being, that Dan has lost a bet with his wife and she has given him twelve labors to perform.

Enjoy and by all means comment, constructively if possible. It’s how I attempt get better at this.


Dan spent several minutes in internal debate regarding whether or not he should try to hide the smell of pussy on his face with cologne. In the end he decided that the cologne, which he rarely wore, would only call attention. He dressed, did what he could to control his hair, and left for the office with his wife’s amused smile lingering in his memory.

He was a hands on boss. He always stopped and chatted with his employees. He made it a point to know not only their names but something about them and their families. People work harder for someone who knows them. It would be unusual for him to not stop and chat. As with the cologne, he pondered what the best course of action would be as he drove to the office. In the end, he opted for the harried I-don’t-have-time-for-idle-chit-chat look.

He tossed a quick wave at Shari, the receptionist. “Shari, I’ll be swamped in my office this afternoon. Do me a favor will you and hold my calls? I’ll get back to whoever it is first thing tomorrow.” He hurried on, not waiting for her response. He breathed a sigh of relief as his door closed behind him. He sat down behind his desk and rolled his head in circles over his shoulders, trying to clear his mind. He was too busy to blow off an entire day. He had issues that needed to be dealt with.

Dan typed his password and pulled up Mack’s latest proposal. As he read it, images of Kendra’s body, of her pussy and her ass, receded. What Mack had run up against was typical. Most projects they worked required dealing with broadly similar problems. Mack had looked at the issue in a fundamentally different way. It was not how Dan would have dealt with the issue. It was better and Dan was happy to admit the fact. Looking at his elegant solution, Dan knew he had made the right decision in bringing Mack on board. He decided, on the spot, to offer to make Mack a partner today rather than wait. He had already had his attorney draw up a memorandum of understanding. He’d give it to Mack to look at. And he’d do it before discussing the project with him, use it as a marker of his confidence in the man.

He leaned back in his chair, locked his fingers behind his head and grinned at the ceiling. He could see a half a dozen ways they could make money off Mack’s idea. It was that good. As Dan stretched, he felt something hard in his shirt pocket. As he reached for his pocket, he recalled what it was. The SD from the GoPro. His smile faded. He wasn’t sure how he felt about editing his digital debauchery at work. He could disconnect from the server easily enough and scrub his tracks, but work was work.

That’s what Dan’s brain said. But not what his dick said. As images of what the GoPro might hold raced through his brain, Dan’s dick began to swell. A handful of heartbeats later and he was rock hard and aching. He took a moment to remind himself he’d promised his wife he would not jerk off. He had every intention of keeping his promise but doing so while editing the video was going to be tough. He wondered if Kendra would believe him if he spontaneously spooey’d in his pants.

He pulled up the control panel and disconnected from the office server before plugging in the SD card. He opened the editing program, wondering how much time to put into this. He still wanted to talk to Mack. He knew he had a tendency to become obsessed. If he wasn’t careful he’d spend the night at his desk, working on fades and adding music. First, he decide to let it play, see what Kendra had managed to capture.

He checked to make sure the volume was down and hit the play button. The ache in his balls and cock ratcheted up as the video played. The first minutes are when Kendra wore the helmet. Narcissistic or not, Dan liked the way his cock looked but it was the conversation the camera had recorded that was making his cock strain against his pants now. The way his wife had verbally teased him was hotter than any image of his tumescent cock. There was a large segment of shots of the wall, the door to the bathroom, the closet, all from when his wife had turned his back to him. He fast forwarded to the point when she gave him the camera and edited out the inadvertent shots of the bedroom.

The next section, with the camera now atop his head, as his wife bent over to show off the jeweled butt plug and fucking herself with the dong, now that was fucking hot. He found himself panting in frustration. The urge to yank his zipper down and beat off atop the desk was nearly unbearable. He should have brought the camera. Maybe she would forgive him if he videoed himself beating off to her bursa escort video. The question was moot; the camera was home atop the dresser. He could use the camera on the computer but it wouldn’t record the fact he was beating off to his wife masturbating on camera. We wondered if he could playback the home video while the camera on the computer recorded him jerking off. That would at least capture the sounds his wife had been making as she fucked herself in front of him.

There was a knock on his door. To Dan’s horror the door began to open. He had forgotten to lock the damn door!

“Yo, boss. Shari says you decided…” Mack’s voice died in his throat as Dan lurched forward to kill the screen. That worked but the sound of his wife moaning and teasing him did not. Dan stabbed at the mute button but forgot to hit the “Fn” key at the same time. His cursing drowned out the sounds coming from the computer. He managed to hit both keys simultaneously and the office fell silent except for the sound of his heart pounding in his ears and the barely suppressed laughter of his soon-to-be new business partner.

“Boss, you really got to re-think your open door policy if you’re going to watch porn at work,” Mack managed to choke out.

Dan glared at him, opened his mouth to bawl him out and instead rolled his chair back and dropped his forehead to his desk and stared at his feet. He heard Mack pulling a chair over and more strangled laughter. A hand patted his shoulder.

“Come on Dan, we’ll laugh about this in an hour,” Mack told him. Whatever calming effect his reassuring tone might have offered was offset when he snort, “Fuck in an hour. I’m laughing now.”

Dan shrugged the hand off his shoulder, squared them like he was at attention and sat back to restore his authority. He was baffled when Mack exploded in laughter, baffled until he looked down that is. His pants were tented and there was a wet spot the size of a saucer on the front of his pants.

The befuddled look on his boss’s face, turned Mack’s laughter into silent wheezes, as he clutched at his sides and groped behind him for the chair. The look of befuddlement transformed, rather quickly, into a broad grin. Dan had been a communications specialist on a ballistic missile sub, he had been in Navy parlance, a “boomer fag”. By the standards of a fast attack sub, quarters on a boomer were palatial, but by any other standard, even the captain, was wedged into a space most American’s would reject as too small for a closet. There was no privacy. You can’t send a boatload of 18-twentysomethings for ninety days at a time and expect them not to jerk off. Everyone had a cruise sock stuff under the mattress. You learned to look the other way and you learned not to over react to getting caught, at least as long as it wasn’t by an officer or the Chief.

So, Dan composed himself and sat quietly as his colleague struggled to stifle his laughter. As the red began to fade from Mack’s face and his breathing returned to a semblance of normal, Dan swiveled his chair and retrieve a file from the drawer.

“If you are finished with your hysterics, take a look at this,” he remarked as he handed Mack the file. “You’ll want to read it more carefully but scan it. Tell me what your first thoughts are.”

Mack was still snuffling back laughter as he took the file. His face grew serious, as he began to read. After the first paragraph, he looked up from the page. His voice was quiet.

“You serious, boss?”

“Absolutely. I need help. This is what I had in mind when I hired you, your worthless Canoe U degree notwithstanding. You interested? Think a two-and-a-half striper can bring himself to partner with a lowly E-6?”

Mack didn’t say anything for a moment. His eyes darted back to the page. He flipped it over.

“Fifty- fifty? Boss you’re nuts. You got to be fucking with me.”

Dan shook his head. “No to both. I’m not nuts. I’d be nuts for letting you walk away and compete against me. I was reviewing your suggests for the Forsh project. It’s a beautiful idea. It’s not the solution I would have come up with. It’s better. A lot better. I think we’d do better working together, than you coming to your senses and striking out on your own.”

Dan gave the man a moment to collect himself before speaking again. “Take a look at it later. There may be items you want to change or clarify. If I were you I’d have your attorney look it over as well.” He turned back to his computer. “Now, about your solution,” he started as he keyed in his password. The rest of the sentence died in his mouth.

Later, Dan would wonder if this was some sort of Freudian slip, not that he had given much thought to Freud.

Neither he nor Mack laughed but they both stared. On the computer the video had paused at the spot playing when Dan had moved the cursor to one of the hot corners to kill the screen. The frame was of Kendra’s ass, jeweled butt plug plainly visible. Her pussy was stretched wide and pink and shiny around the James Deen dong. Worse, she was looking over her shoulder. There was no bursa escort bayan question as to the identity of the woman on the screen.

Quietly, Dan minimize the screen and lowered his head into his hands.

“I’ll give you fifty-one percent to keep that to yourself,” he whispered, eyes fixed on the keyboard.

“Don’t be a fucking asshole boss. You really think you need to ask me that?” Mack asked, clearly angered by the question.

Dan took his head out of his hands. “No, I don’t. I’m sorry. That’s why I want to turn this into a partnership.”

Mack held out his hand. “I’ll look it over. I don’t need a lawyer. There may be a point or two to clarify but the answer is ‘yes’ boss.”

Dan shook his friend’s hand. “Then you’d better stop calling me boss.”

“Uh, boss,” Mack’s voice was tentative. “Now that we shook, and don’t bust me in the mouth, but I’ll make it a 45-55 split if you let me see more of the video.”

Dan stared at his new partner. He wasn’t entirely sure how to handle the request. Was it a joke? It didn’t sound like it. Should he rescind the offer, even though they had shook on the deal? No, he didn’t think so. Did he want his new partner watching him shoving his face in his wife’s ass and pussy? He had to admit, he just might, given the way his cock was responding to the idea.

He shook his head finally. “I’d have to clear it with Kendra. You really want me to ask her Mack?”

“I’ll trust your instincts boss. If you think she’ll claw my eyes out and never speak to me again, then ‘no way’. I got to admit from what I’ve seen, you managed to snag just about the perfect woman. I like Kendra a lot. As a friend,” Mack added hastily. “But godamighty is she hot. I’d rather keep her as friend is the bottom line. If you think asking her would kill that, then don’t. If you think she’d be okay with it, I got to admit I totally understand why you were sitting here nearly ripping your pants out with a boner.”

Dan nodded, “I’ll think about it. Now, let’s get a little work done.”

The two men set themselves to reviewing Mack’s work on the project. Dan was soon to discover that Mack still wasn’t convinced that Dan wasn’t blowing smoke up his ass about how elegant he thought Mack’s solution to the problem they’d struggled with was. Dan was grateful for the work. It gave his cock a chance to rest.

But, work done, Mack and the rest of the office packing up and leaving, he returned to his editing task. By the time he was finished, a second wet spot joined the dried stain on the front of his pants. His cock and balls ached like they might break off and fall out his pant leg when he stood up. He tried to distract himself on the drive home. No luck. He hid his tented pants behind his brief case when he walked in, not wanting to deal with explaining to the kids what was wrong with daddy.

The house was quiet. Kendra sat at the breakfast bar, nude.

“Where are the kids?”

“They were happy to extend the sleepover for the rest of the weekend. It’s just you and me babe. What are you hiding anyway?” She smirked over a glass of wine that glowed ruby red under the kitchen lights.

Dan dropped the briefcase to the floor.

“Oh-la-la,” Kendra intoned. “You’d better eat. It could be a long night, lover.”

Dan sat on one of the stools and Kendra sat a plate of pasta and a glass of wine in front of him.

“I’ll meet you upstairs,” she whispered and kissed him softly on the cheek.

Eating was the last thing on Dan’s mind but he ate. Upstairs, he heard the water running, followed by the gargling sounds that made it clear his wife had brushed her teeth. He drained the wine glass and took the stairs two at a time.

He headed for the bathroom to brush his own teeth. Kendra stopped him with one hand. She kissed him, pushed a tongue between his lips. “You taste like wine. Get undressed and join me on the bed.”

A creature of habit, he lined his shoes up, dropped his socks and underwear in the laundry basket and his shirt and pants in the dry-cleaning basket. His cock throbbed and swayed as he walked to their bed. Kendra knelt in the middle of the bed. She moved over to make room.

“Lie down,” she instructed. He did. She leaned over the far side of the bed to retrieve something. “While you were at work I did a little shopping,” she informed him. “Put your hands over your head.” He did. In her hands, she held a small bar with two leather cuffs. “There is no place to attach cuffs to the headboard,” she observed, softly. She smiled at her husband. “We might need a new bed.” She picked up his right wrist and laid it in one of the cuffs and buckled it loosely. He could slip his hand out without much trouble. She laid the bar above his head and stretched across his body for his left wrist. Her breasts pressed against his chest and lower part of his face. She cuffed his left wrist and sat up.

She leaned over the side of the bed once again before turning toward his feet. She cuffed his right ankle, a cord was tied to a ring on the cuff. She stretched the cord up escort bursa the inside of his leg and looped it through a similar ring on the right wrist cuff. Kendra pulled on the cord, drawing Dan’s right ankle upward and bending his knee.

“Is that comfortable?” she asked and when Dan nodded, she tied the cord off before repeating the process with his left ankle. Dan lay on his back, arms above his head, ankles pulled up, knees falling apart. His cock stood rampant over his lower belly.

Kendra trailed her fingers over his cock and he nearly came on the spot.

“Hhm,” she muttered in mock confusion. “What are we forgetting?” Her face brightened in an exaggerated smile, “Oh, the movie. You remember the movie didn’t you?”

“Yes,” Dan whispered.

“And you didn’t jerk off?”


She leaned across his body and allowed her nipples to trail across her husband’s belly.

“Where is it, baby?”

“I put it on my dresser.”

Kendra kissed him and then climbed off the bed. She returned quickly with the thumb drive that held the edited video and she also had a final surprise. She plugged the drive into the media receiver and selected the USB input. On the screen, an image of Dan, in a very similar position on the bed, appeared. She paused the video and crossed to the bed carrying the remote and a red satin mask, the final surprise.

She slipped the mask over his eyes and adjusted the strap behind his head. He could see nothing. Sounds of panting and teasing came from the direction of the TV as Kendra hit “play”.

“Oh, Dan, baby, you did real good,” she purred. “Did you get a chance to watch this? God your cock is beautiful.” Her fingernails trailed across his belly and his body bucked against the restraints. Dan’s mind try to fill in the scenes he could only hear. The video reached the point when Dan had the camera, filming his wife fucking herself with the dildo. Dan felt her shift position.

Without warning, her mouth closed around his cock. He strained to see something through the mask, desperate to envision his wife’s mouth falling over his cock, while her eyes remained glued to the TV, watching her digital image shoving a latex cock into her pussy. He knew, from the feel of her leg against his side that her ass was facing him, but he couldn’t see it, couldn’t touch it. His wife’s mouth left his cock. She knew his body too well. She wasn’t ready to let him cum.

“Um, baby, I don’t think your cock has ever tasted so delicious before.”

From across the room, the sounds suggested the video had reached the part of the recording of his mouth ravaging his wife’s taut ass. He began to buck against the restraints.

“Ssh, baby, soon my love,” she whispered. He felt one of her fingers trail across his lips. Her middle finger slipped into his mouth. He felt the bed shift as she leaned over the side of the bed. As she straightened, she pulled her finger from his mouth.

One hand found his cock. Her mouth engulfed the head. The finger he had wetted began to circle his anus and his body stiffened.

“Shh, baby,” she hummed against the head of his cock, before deep throating him. She held there, her nose pressed against his balls. His body tensed, if she’d only move her tongue, even a little, or suck, even a little, he’d empty his tortured balls down her gullet. She didn’t move. She waited for his body to relax and then pulled her mouth from him. He groaned in frustration.

Her hands left him. He heard a metallic or plastic snap. He felt her fingers grope beneath his balls. A slick finger pressed against his ass. He resisted a moment but her finger entered him without any pain. She pressed and her curled fingers pressed against him. She pulled her finger out, put it in, and then moved it in and out several times. Her fingers left him. Two fingers stroked his anus before slipping past his sphincter. She kept her fingers pressed deep inside his ass, stroking his prostate. Each stroke sent a fresh wave of fluid into his cock, swelling it even further.

“Cum for me baby,” his wife whispered before she began to move her mouth rapidly over the head of his cock. Her fingers pressed firmly against his prostate. And at last, long last, he came. There was no question, he had never cum this hard before. It seemed as if it had no end. He could feel cum filling his wife’s mouth, and escaping her lips to run down his shaft and puddle atop the fingers that pressed against his ass.

His body strained against the restraints. He clenched his fists, determined not to slide them free of the cuffs. Long moments passed before his back relaxed against the mattress and he was able to take a normal breath.

“Fucking hell, Kendra,” he panted, repeating the phrase as if it was his personal mantra.

When he stilled, she took her mouth from his cock and her fingers from his ass. He gasped as the crown slipped past her pursed lips.

The bed shifted. Her breasts pressed against his chest. Her lips pressed hard against his. Before he knew what was happening her tongue parted his lips. His mouth filled with his cum, flowing from her mouth to his own. He swallowed reflexively and then forced his tongue deep in his wife mouth, swirling it around her teeth, over her tongue, and then sucking on her tongue.

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