Loving at the Speed of Lust

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I have never been this nervous. I want a drink, but I don’t know if you will like the taste of it, and I so badly want to kiss you, and for you to enjoy my kisses. But still, I need a drink. I order water, and I sit down at a table in the corner, and I wait for you.

Will you show? This is the question that is gnawing at me, knotting my stomach. We have one night together. I hope you will show. I want this so much.

I want a cigarette. I want a drink. But I want you more, so I happily forego these vices.

I have never been this much in love. I never knew that love like this could be possible. This love I have for you shapes me; it defines my very soul.

It should be shocking, emotion this powerful. But I do not feel frightened by my love for you. I feel comforted by it. I feel empowered by it. I am vulnerable, but only to you. The world recognises the power of my love for you, and bows, respectfully. I cannot be harmed, for you are protecting me. My heart is full. I feel complete.

Anxious for something to do whilst I wait, I take out my mobile phone, and I read the last message you sent me. It is the most thrilling message I have ever read, or will ever read. Two words. Two words I have longed to hear from you from the moment, oh so long ago, that you captured my heart.

Your message reads: “One hour.”

I look at a clock. You sent it fifty two minutes ago.

You will be late, I am sure. If you show. I know that you must be nervous too. I know that you are in love with me. I know that you want me. Our love for each other is honest, and true. Lies would die in our hearts. If I had never told you of my love for you, and we met in some happy accident, you would see in my eyes how much I love you. And I would see, in your eyes, your love for me.

I look at a clock. Three minutes. I look up.

And there you are.

And there you are, my love. Smiling.

And I fall deeper, and deeper, and deeper.



I stand, awkwardly, as you walk towards me. You are achingly beautiful. I cannot speak. I cannot move. I am totally lost in your smile, your loveliness. Time stands still for me (time is no match for love) as I drink you in.

Your eyes are dancing with colour; grey and green, seemingly both at once… I am enchanted.

Your smile is a journey to places of impossible joy. Take me. Anywhere. With a kiss.

Your body is a dream. Beautiful, understated clothing; you are dressed for winter.

In a daze, I say, “Hello.”

In a daze, I hear you say, “Hello.”

Inevitably, I reply, “I love you.”

And you blush.

And I smile.



We have loved each other, miles apart. Now we are alone together. Now we are inches away from each other. Now we are moving upwards at the speed of lust to the room I have booked for us.

I am shaking. I am so close to you. Your perfume is making my heart dizzy. I can feel the heat of you, and it is burning me. I cannot look at you. I cannot control myself. I am hard. I hope you have not noticed. I so badly want to touch you. I will die if I cannot pull you close and kiss you and touch you. I am in the most powerful stage of love. Lust is making me lose control. I grow harder. My breathing is shallow. I look at you…

…And you are shaking.

I lose all control.

I want you.


I slam the lift controls, and it lurches to a stop.

Your eyes widen with passion as you look at me. “Yes,” you breathe.

I pull you close, not gently, not lovingly, but with force. I kiss you, hard and long, my mouth opening over yours, your mouth opening to meet mine. This kiss is sexual. Needy.

My hands move over you, impatient to feel every part of you. I want to rip your clothes off.

I pull you to the wall, as I finally break the kiss, and bury my head in your shoulder, kissing your neck, your throat. My hands slide under your clothing and I touch you, thrillingly. You pull my head towards your mouth and you kiss me as hard and as hungrily as I kissed you. Your hand finds the bulge in my trousers and you gasp as you gently squeeze me.

I want you so badly.

I pull away, breathless.

I regain some composure. It’s the most effort I have ever put into anything.

As I catch my breath, I smile, and I see that you are smiling, too. Your cheeks are flushed with red, the colour of sex.

We both start to giggle.

I gesture towards the lift controls, and you nod.

I press the button, and we continue izmir escort bayan upwards towards the room in which we will spend the night together, making love.



I lock the door, and drop the key onto a table by the window. I am tempted to open the window and throw out the key, so that we will never be able to leave this room.

You are stood by the bed, looking at me as you unbutton your coat. We are both very calm now, very at ease with ourselves, comfortable in each other’s company.

This is how love is. It is the most comforting and tender feeling a human being will ever experience. It is wild and powerful and overwhelming. It cannot be controlled.

We are in love. Our hearts are synchronised. I am calm because you are calm. We are not in control; our hearts are telling us how to be with each other.

I move to you, place my hands on yours. As I begin to take your clothes off, you begin to take off mine.

Coats drop to the floor.

You kiss me.

I remove your top.

I kiss you.

You remove my shirt.

You kiss me.

I kneel before you, and hold you as you step out of your shoes.

I rise again, and kiss you.

You kneel before me, and you take off my shoes and my socks.

You rise again, and you kiss me.

I unbutton your jeans and pull them down, slowly, with care. You step out of them and into my kiss.

You unbuckle my belt, unzip my trousers, and pull them down, slowly, with care. I step out of them and into your kiss.

I reach behind you, and unhook your bra. As it falls to the floor, I kiss you.

You kneel before me, and pull down my pants. My hard cock reveals itself to you as I step out of my pants. You kiss my cock, tenderly, and rise up to look at me.

I kiss you and then I kneel before you and gently pull down your panties. You step out of them and I kiss your pussy, tenderly.

We are naked. We are aroused. We are deeply in love with each other.

I take you by the hand, and lead you to the bed.



You lie on the bed and you reach out your arms to me as I move on top of you. You wrap your arms around me as I kiss you, lovingly. Our bodies are touching now; there is nothing between us. No space, no time, nothing. We are embracing and kissing, lovers at last.

Your hands run down my back; your touch is thrilling, sensual.

Your lips are on my lips, our mouths are open, our tongues touching.

I break the kiss and move down you body. I kiss your breasts, I lick your nipples, I kiss and tease you, delighting in the taste of your body.

I move down, kissing your belly, your thighs, your hips. My hands dance around your body, touching you, feeling you.

I part your legs, and kiss your pussy. My tongue enters you, and I lick your wetness, drink in your juices, taste your sex. You are delicious.

I know you cannot wait much longer, and I know that I cannot wait any longer.

I move up your body.

I place your hands in my hands; our fingers entwine. I pin your arms behind your head.

I look into your eyes.

I enter you.

I gasp with pleasure and you moan softly.

I raise my hips and pull up, my cock almost leaving you.

Then I push down, slowly, and my cock enters deep inside you, deeper and deeper, to your very core.

Tenderly, I make love to you.

Our bodies move together; as I raise my hips, you pull back and kiss me. As I lower myself, you open yourself, and wrap your legs around me, pulling me in, deeper and deeper.

I raise my hips. You kiss me.

I lower myself into you. I kiss your breasts.

I raise my hips. You squeeze my hands.

I lower myself into you, deeper, deeper, deeper. I moan your name.

I raise my hips, urgently now. You bite my shoulder.

I lower myself into you, harder, deeper. I lick your lips.

I raise my hips. Faster.

I lower myself. My cock pushes into you. Deeper.

I am harder.

You are wet.

We kiss.

I raise my hips.

I thrust my cock into you.


I raise my hips.

I lower myself.











Oh God.

We are kissing as we come together, explosively, joyously. Your body is pushing into mine as you orgasm. I am pushing into you as I come inside you. Our juices mix as our tongues meet. escort izmir Our kisses are urgent and passionate. Your hands are gripping mine so tightly as you come again. Our bodies are shaking with pleasure.

I let go of your hands as I collapse on top of you. You cannot stop kissing me. Don’t stop. Ever.

Tenderly, you run my hands down my back, and I feel you relax. I am still inside you. I want to stay inside you forever.

I speak the first words to be spoken since we entered the room.

“I love you, my darling.”

You gently raise my head so that I am facing you. You kiss me so lightly, so softly.

“I love you.”

You smile.

“Now make love to me again.”

I kiss you as I harden again.



We make love, and we talk and we touch and we kiss. For hours.

This is how we were meant to be together. Naked, relaxed (yet excitable), in each other’s arms. Completely open to each other. Hungry for each other’s touch.

The bedclothes are in complete disarray, the musky scent of sex fills the room, mixing with your beautiful perfume, the sweat from our bodies. It is intoxicating.

We talk of love. The things we want to do to each other. I tell you I like your hands and your mouth; that they excite and delight me. You hold my cock as you kiss me. You tell me you like to be taken, completely. I pin you down and ravish you.

You lie your head on my chest and we get the giggles as we remember the ride up to this room in the lift. “You should have taken me there and then,” you say. “I wanted the first time to be about love, ” I reply, and you sigh with happiness. “How much do you love me?” you ask me. “More than you will ever know,” I say.

“I have something for you,” I say. You gently squeeze my cock. “Something as well as that!” I smile. I leave the bed (after a struggle with you; you keep pulling me back in), and I find my coat. I bring something back to bed with me. A small box.

“Fancy a game?” I ask, as I pull out a board, and set it up for a game of Checkers.

We don’t get too far into the game before desire takes over, and we make love.

This is how we were meant to be together, my darling.

Kissing. Touching. Talking. Loving.



My hand idly traces the contours of your body, and rests on your pussy. I gently open your pussy with my fingers, and begin to finger you. You groan with pleasure. “Horny again, my love?” You ask me with a smile.

“Very,” I say, as I kiss your breasts.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. And what,” you breathe, “do you want to do now?”

I push my fingers in deeper, finding your G-spot.

“I want to fuck you,” I say huskily, drunk with lust for you. “I want to fuck you hard and fast. Is that okay?”

“Oh God, yes. Fuck me with your hard cock and make me come,” you demand, as you open your legs wide.

“Bend over the bed,” I tell you, as I remove my fingers from your pussy and lick them. You smile, and swing your legs over the side of the bed. You turn around, showing me your lovely ass. You lean over, and grab at the bed sheets. And you part you legs for me.

“Fuck me!” You insist.

I stand behind you and I rest one hand on your back as I use my other hand to guide my cock into your gorgeous wet pussy. I slide in deep. Oh God, that feels good.

You steady yourself with one arm, and with the other you reach your clitoris and you rub it as I begin to fuck you.

I hold your breasts and squeeze them, playing with them, as I pump into you, as I fuck you. Hard and fast.

My cock fucking your wet cunt.

Your fingers rubbing your clit.

My balls slamming into you as I fuck you harder and harder.

Faster and harder. Fucking you.


We are both close. I can feel my hard cock throbbing inside your cunt.

“I’m going to come, oh God, yes!” I call out.

“Come over me,” you say.

I pull out my cock as you quickly turn over and lie on your back.

I come over your belly, and your hand, and your clit, as you bring yourself to a climax. After you stop shaking, and you regain control, you lick the back of your hand, and each of your fingers.

I kiss you, and share the taste of our fucking.



You step in first, and pull me in after you. You turn on the water, and test the temperature by pointing the shower head, spraying me with water. You giggle as I leap away from the cold spray. You turn up izmir escort the temperature, and try again. My ass is almost scolded, and I yelp. In fits of laughter now, you adjust the temperature again, and this time it is just right.

I soap you down as I plan my revenge.

I wash your face, gently.

I was your breasts, lovingly.

I wash your body and your legs.

And then…

I pull your body into mine, and you feel my hardness press into you. My hands explore your back, tracing the line of your spine. I move down your body, my lips tracing their way down to your breasts, my hands down your legs. I draw your nipple into my mouth, and bite down gently. My hand now is moving between your legs, exploring your sex, caressing your body. I touch your clit, and you moan softly with delight.

I kneel before you.

I take your clit in my lips, sucking gently. Waves of pleasure shoot up your body. I enter your pussy with my tongue, and push in deeply, licking you. My tongue explores your pussy, flicking in and out, searching for your special spot. I rub your clitoris with my thumb, as my tongue pleasures your G-spot.

You grab my wet hair in your hands as I lick you out.

I fuck you with my tongue, and you come very quickly. My mouth fills with your juices as your body rocks and shivers.

You pull me up and kiss me. I wrap my arms around you and we kiss lovingly as the water washes over us.

I step out of the shower, and quickly dry myself. Then I head for the bed, and I wait for you, my darling.



I fall into bed happily, knowing you will soon join me. I listen to the steady rhythm of water falling over your body, and I envy each and every drop of water. I wish I was liquid, so I could envelop you with my love. I wish I was air, so that you could breathe me in. I wish I was blood, coursing through you, racing around your heart.

Sleep catches me, my darling, and almost immediately I am asleep.

I dream of falling blossom and hearts opening. I dream of love.

The absence of noise awakens me. I have been asleep for only a few minutes. I register that the shower is off, and I climb out of bed, eager to see you, to kiss you, to make love to you.

I walk to the shower, as you are towelling your wet hair. You have another towel wrapped around you, and somehow this modesty makes me smile, and arouses a tenderness within me. You look into a mirror, and wipe away the steam with your slender hand. Like a ghost, I am in the reflection, and you are momentarily startled. You recover with a sexy smile, and you turn around to face me.

I reach out and pull the towel loose from you, leaving you naked before me. I wrap my arms around you, and pull you close and softly kiss you. Starting with your lips, and then I move across your cheek to you ear. Lightly I kiss, lick and nibble all around your earlobe before moving down along your neck.

Stepping back, I bend down and take your right nipple in my mouth, teasing it with my lips and tongue. You run your fingers through my hair as I move over to your left breast. While sucking on your hard nipple, my left hand cups and caresses your ass, and my right hand moves to the front of your body, to the hot centre of your parted legs. You moan softly when my fingertips caress your damp lips, and move up against your clit. I stand up straight and look you in the eyes.

Those eyes… a spectrum of beauty.

“Hello again, Blossom,” I smile. “Hello, sleepy,” you reply. “Follow me,” I say, as I take your hand, and I lead you to the bed.

I lie you down, gently, and when you are comfortable, I kiss back up your body, giving each nipple a soft kiss. Kissing you softly on your lips, my cock now rests against your wet pussy. I slowly slide my cock into you; forward, I push, until my full length is buried inside of you and my balls are resting against you. Up on my knees I begin to move in and out of you, pulling back until just the head is in, then pushing all the way back inside, using a slow rhythm. I squeeze and massage your breasts, teasing your nipples, as I rock against you. My pace is quicker, my excitement too great as I feel your warm wetness spreading around my cock. Our bodies come together as you wrap your legs tight around my hips, pulling me tighter and deeper into you.

Faster and harder I make love to you.

I feel your pussy clamp down on to my cock as your own orgasm throbs around me. My thrust slow as my come flows inside you.

Your hands run up and down my back, as we kiss. My kisses say: I love you. Your kisses say, I love you.

Kissing each other, we find the most direct way possible for our hearts to communicate. This is how lovers speak. With kisses, after making love.

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