Loyal Student

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Loyal StudentSchools are fun for most of the students. They study together, play together, eat together and learn all kind of things in school. And for some of them, the school become there unforgettable memory. The memory they would cherish forever. My memories of school are also unforgettable… but in a painful way. I was the an earnest student. ‘Good in everything’ this is what my teachers used to say. Academics, sports, curriculums, I was good in every field. Always the center of attraction. Always the one getting attention. Maybe this was reason I was also the only one… alone… without any friend… bullied by others. My intellect lead me to loneliness… and suffering. The other students, they started hating me. Their pranks were not always serious… Not always. But they did give me some bruises, sometimes. But those bullies could never hurt me bad. ‘Every good thing comes with a price’, this is what mom said. So every hardship was just a price for my qualities. This is what I still believe. But that’s the past now. Though I have some inferiority complex. Right now, I’m a teacher in a law academy. I can’t say that everything’s changed. But it’s better than the past. I’m not the center of attraction anymore… Finally, I have achieved the peace that’d always been my dream. My teacher life is better than my student life. It’s been more then five years since I’m teaching here. I’m already in my thirties and the constant phone calls from mom about finding a life partner, really makes my head hurt sometimes. But what’s really troubling me right now… is a student. And I think he likes me. Well, this is what he said when we had sex. I… I can’t believe I had sex with a student. He’s way younger than me. I shouldn’t have done this. But… It’s not my fault. He was the one who seduced me in the first place. He’s so straightforward. I was anticipating that he’d make a move but he took me off guard. Such a behavior, I won’t tolerate it. But To be honest, I guess I wanted all that. I did keep an eye on him. Like, I know he’s a good swimmer and and a popular student. And he’s good in studies. But he put special efforts on my subject. I don’t even remember when did I start giving him attention. But it’s just attraction. There’s no way he’d be in love with me. I shouldn’t take him serious. But why didn’t I refuse it when we did that. Maybe he reminds me of someone… Someone I’ve forgotten long ago. Good things never come free. There’s always a price. And I’ve already paid a great deal. After such a long time, I’m having these kind of feelings. But again, he might be just playing with me. He’ll abandon me when he’ll get bored of me. I should get him out of my mind. I guess I should keep avoiding him as much as I can. Maybe I should visit mom. And I’m not feeling well either since this morning. It’s almost time to head home now. I should stop this habit of spacing out in my office. Stop thinking about him. It’d take some time, but he’ll forget about everything that happened. And I will forget too. “Yeah… Right! Things gonna be normal and he gonna forget…””Who will forget who, Clare?””S.. Sid?? Wh… What are you doing here?”When did he get in my office and he even locked the door.”You should know the answer. It’s been over a month since we last met. What’re you up to? There’s a new teacher in your place. Whenever I came to see you, you’d be busy or out for some seminar. What were you doing?”Is he angry on me? I can see his bright red face. Did I make him angry. What?… don’t… Please don’t come closer. What he gonna do to me now? Am I gonna get bullied by a student now? Stay away… Please. I don’t wanna see you. “Say something Clare. Do you know how much worried I was?” gümüşhane escort and he puts his arms around me, holding me tighty. I can even hear his heart beating fast. “Please… Don’t leave me Clare,” his voice is trembling, “I thought you were staying away, cuz I was rushing things. I’m sorry Clare. I’m sorry to displease you.”He was worried? About… Me? But.. Isn’t he just playing with me? I raise my face to look at him and he puts his soft lips on mine. His gentle kiss caressing my lips and his tongue drinking me from inside. What is he doing to me? We’ve kissed before, but… this time… his kiss is making me hot and hot. I can’t move. I’m unable move from this place, from his hold. I’m feeling… good. You don’t know Sid, but I was thinking of you as well since the last we met. I couldn’t get you out of my mind. It’s like I’m under you spell. My every single thought contains you. I want you too. I place my arms around his neck and starts drinking him as well. He’s consuming me and I wanna do the same. That soft and gentle kiss we’ve started… is getting more intense and addicting with every passing second. It’s like a d**g… The more I take it… the more it’ll consume me. My body’s reacting… Our bodies are reacting to this sensation. I must stop this now or… “Sid…”We both are panting at this moment. Wow… his face has turned red and his lips… I wanna kiss him again… “I… gotta go Sid. It’s already late.””Oh… Right.”He’s disappointed, it’s clear from his face. After taking my stuff from office, we’re ready to leave now. So I guess we have to part here. My car is parked over there and he gotta go another way. But I really don’t want him to go. “Umm… Clare. Take care of yourself. And… I’ll see you tomorrow.”And there he goes, turning his back towards me. Why am I feeling this heaviness inside of me all of a sudden? Why my chest feels so tight? It’s like I can’t breathe. My head is heavy. He’s like the air that I breathe. And now he’s going away… taking the air from my lungs with him. Please… don’t go…”Siiiiiiid…”And the next moment, I’m again in his arms. “Oh gosh! Clare, you were about to collapse! What happened? And you’re burning hot. Are you okay?”Stop complaining. It’s all your doing. You’re pushing my limits, even when you’re gentle to me. “Could you please… drive me to my place. I’m not feeling better.””Sure. But do you need anything right now.””No, I’m just a little exhausted. Please take me home. My car’s over there.”Curled up on passenger seat of my car and seeing Sid driving the car, reminds me of some long forgotten memories. I’m really tired. I’m already feeling sleepy. I guess I’m drifting… into… sleep…. ——————————What’s this…. sound? What happened? And this… Smell? It’s… Butter!? Wait!! I’m in my… Room!? Yea.. Right… I fell asleep in the car. So did he get me here? But how did he? Rushing to the kitchen, and there he is. What’s on the gas? Is he cooking something? “Ah… You awake? How’s you feeling now?””I’m… better. But how am I here? I don’t remember giving you directions of my home.””Yeah… about that, I just did a little research on my own when you were so busy. And then I got to know where you live.”Research, eh? “That doesn’t explain why you’re here in my kitchen.””Oh… You weren’t feeling well. And then you feel asleep like a cat,” what!? Is he teasing me? “Then I took keys from your purse. And i carried you to the room.””Okay…””And I thought as you were exhausted, you might be hungry when you want up. But there was nothing in your fridge. Just butter and milk. And some carrots. Who you are? Bugs bunny? So I did some grocery shopping. Please, hakkari escort sit here. Just wait a minute until the dinner’s ready.””O.. Okay” I’m perplexed by this situation. He’s so… reliable. He looks good even holding that spatula. What to say… It really feels good when someone cares for you. “Here you go! An egg sandwich with veg soup. Bugs bunny special.”And he winks at me. He did all this for me. Thanks for the food and let’s taste it. I take a bite on the sandwich.”It’s… delicious… It’s really delicious. You’re really good in this, Sid.””Not really. I can only cook one or two dishes. And they’re not always tasty. But I’m glad you like it.”Now, let’s taste the soup. “Careful! It’s hot.”Oh no… My mouth is burning… It’s really hot… But… Why? Sid, why are you kissing… No, he drank soup from my mouth. It really feels… weird. “Now, let it cool down a bit.”He’s touching my head, now. “I guess your fever is gone now. So, no need for these meds I bought.”I do feel better now. It’s because of him of course. He’s here right now and it’s enough for me. “It’s already eight… So I guess, I should go now.”What? Don’t say that. But… Can’t you just… Stay?? “But.. You didn’t even have your dinner. Aren’t you hungry?””Don’t worry about me. I’ll grab a bite on my way back. And it’s not that late either.”If it’s not that late than why you’re so eager to go… But… What am I thinking? Am I expecting something? Do I really want something… to happen? What am I thinking? “Clare, I’ve write my phone number on this note here. If you need me, just call me anytime. Okay. And now take care of yourself.”You’re leaving already? And what’s this? Just a peck on my head. Not even a kiss. No, no, no, please. I don’t wanna see your back again… leaving me behind. “Wait….. Don’t go.” Speak loudly, Clare. You’ve already lost someone. Don’t let him go. But it’d be selfish of me. No, it’s not time for thinking. Just go and grab him, Clare. You can do it. “Don’t go… Please…”Yes… please don’t go. Stay here. But.. Why am I holding his pinky? “Can you stay here for tonight… Sid? I just… don’t wanna stay alone.”What am I thinking? Am I really that desperate? Do I really want something to happen? He’s… He’s too younger than me. Why am I doing such thing? It’s like I’m really gonna cry. “Hey… You okay? You don’t have to say anything. I’ll stay here for as long as you want.”What now? He’s standing too close to me. My heart is pounding.”Oh! I forgot something before, didn’t I Clare?”And he puts his lips on mine. Kissing me… and making my insides tremble. His kiss is intense and tender at the same. Our tongues fondling each other’s. My legs are trembling. I’m gonna lose myself. I want him more. I can’t take it anymore. “Can we… Can we go to the bedroom, Sid?”What am I even saying? And look at him. He’s really surprised. He surely doesn’t want it. Am I stupid or something? This is embarrassing. I just wanna hide in his arms. “Are you sure, Clare? I promised myself that I won’t rush. I want our relationship to last long, so I’m prepared to take it slow.”He really thinks about our relationship. Even… Even I don’t know, what’s happening to me right now. I’m feeling like a vulnerable prey, who’s been caught by a gentle hunter. I’m scared. I’m totally under his control. But still, I want him. I’m already on verge of tears. Just look in his eyes and say it. Say it, Clare. “Can you please take me to my room.”And just in a second, he’s carrying me in his arms… taking me to my room. He puts me gently on the bed. He’s really treating me with care. “Clare… It’s really hard for a man to control himself. And the situation we’re in right now, escort bayan I don’t know what I’m gonna do.”He’s looking at me so intently. Is he asking for permission? What should I say? “Just do… as you please.”Why he’s making that surprised face again? And did he just smile now? “Wel, If it’s really what you want. Then it can’t be helped.”Again, just in a fraction of second, he’s on top of me. Kissing my lips. My jaw line. My neck. My collar bone. He’s removing my shirt. He’s really quick in this stuff. “To tell you the truth Clare, I haven’t eaten a thing since morning. And I’m really hungry. Now I’ll do WHATEVER I want. And help myself with such a delicious dinner… And thanks for the food, Clare.”He just changed. He seems so devilish now. Was he waiting for my consent? But he’s really good with his hands and mouth. He’s sucking my breasts softly. His tongue revolving around my nipples, making every single hair on my body stand. My breathing… I’m already panting. If he continues like this, I’m gonna… “Not so fast! I won’t let you come just now.”He raises his head and removes his shirt. Did he read my mind? Or my body? Now he’s touching my legs. Removing my skirt as his fingers touches my legs… It gives me shivers. What he gonna do now? I’m just in my panty now. He’s kissing on my pantry. Is he thinking of… “I’m really hungry right now. And this area right here, really makes my mouth water.”He’s licking my… clit. He’s licking… sucking… even biting there. He’s tongue is really doing.. wonders. “Ahhh… “Two of his fingers are rubbing the walls of my vagina. He’s fast. My body… this sensation. My drenched panty is gone now. His tongue and fingers, both are synchronized perfectly. He’s getting fast and more fast….”Ah… Ahhh”One more finger! My body is now in his control. He was right. He really gonna devour me completely. I can take it.. Anymore. My insides can’t bare it. His biting on my clit and rubbing… I’m gonna… “Sid, I’m gonna come…””Not so fast, my love.”And again, in lightning speed, he shoved his big cock inside of me. He hasn’t removed his pants. His big thing is inside of me now. Holding my legs, He’s moving slowly. “mmmm… “”Do you like it, Clare? Tell me you like it.”What!? It’s so embarrassing. How can I? “Ahhhh…”He just shoved inside me so hardly. He’s rough and hard. And I guess.. I kinda like it. He’s thrusting his big thing inside me… he’s fast. It hurts a bit, but I’m feeling… I’m feeling amazing. I’m really feeling good. He’s gotten faster. “Ah.. Ah.. Ah.. “”Tell me… Ah… Tell.. me… you… like… it..”He’s really doing… great. I’m feeling… so… good. Hmmm… His hold on my legs is getting tighter. And he’s thrusting so fast. My legs are trembling. I guess I’m gonna.. “Ahhh.. “”Tell me… Clare.””I.. Ah.. like… it… mmm. I really… Ahh.. Uhhh… Like it.”I can feel his cock getting tense inside me. And I can feel myself tense too. I think I’m about to come. “Uhhh… hahhh… Ahhh… Si…d.””Ahh…. Oh.. Fuck…. Clare… It’s.. So… Good.””I’m… Gonna… Come… Ahhh.”With a big thrust, he poured himself inside of me. He rests his head on my chest. We both are out of breath, Panting and holding each other. “You okay, Clare?””Yeah… Can I ask you something?”He raises his head to look at me. “What is it?””Umm… So.. Did you like your dinner?””Haa… Ahaha… Oh! Of course. It was delicious! If I could have such dinner every night, I’d be luckiest man alive.”Every night? Isn’t it too much? I mean… I do wanna please him, but.. “Hey… You don’t really have to think about it. I’m really glad that we could be like this. All I want is to be with you. After all, I love you.”He kisses me softly. I love him too. But is it okay for me to love him. He’s my student. And he’s way younger than me. I’m perplexed. But I’m totally captivated by this man. I don’t wanna lose him. Yeah… Right. I don’t care what kind of price I have to pay. I just want him, and Him alone. After all, I love him

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