Luck Josh part 6

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Luck Josh part 6Introduction: Josh does as Sam wishes Their peaceful hug was disturbed by the door opening and Sam coming in.Josh looked over Danni’s shoulder and smiled at Sam, happy to see her.Catching his gaze Sam saw his emotional state and the sparkle that came to his eyes when she entered, he was really happy to see me she thought and took place beneath the desk, taking Josh’s limp cock in her mouth.The realization that Josh liked her that much made her shudder a bit and she held herself tightly as if she was cold.Sam couldn’t recall any time a man had looked at her as Josh just did and it made her feel tingly all over, her role as a slave had brought him pleasure but her presence had made him happy.Steeling herself a bit, she finished her task and crawled out from the desk and stood up.“Did you just suck Josh” Danni asked a bit surprised.“Yes mistress” Sam answered, eyes downcast in her slave role.Danni looked at Josh and smiled “she’s the last one isn’t she?”“Yeah” Josh said looking at Sam with a smile on his face.“You can use my private bedroom, I assume you’ll be sleeping shortly afterwards anyway.”“At what time do you need to get up?” Danni asked.“I need to do some shopping tomorrow so around two in the afternoon?” Josh said after glancing at the clock.“Two it is and Josh” Danni asked “I don’t think you’ll mind a puppy pile do you?”“What’s that?” Josh asked confused but Sam answered “he won’t mind mistress.”Josh looked surprised at Sam, a questioning look on his face.Danni just smiled and said “I’ll inform those that need to know that you’ll be my guest for tonight.”Getting up from her desk, Danni led them to her private bedroom.The room was elegantly decorated with satin d****s and a huge bed, easily four meters wide, drew their eyes immediately.Sparse lights gave it a comforting atmosphere and the seats looked comfortable and expensive.Danni showed them where the toys, the bar and the media center were located as well as her private bathroom.Thanking Danni with a hug, he kissed her once more before getting into bed.At the door, Danni turned and smiled saying “have fun k**s.”Josh looked at the huge bed and motioned Sam over.“My dear Sam” he said “caressing her cheek “what shall we do?”“What do you mean master?” she asked firmly in her slave role.“Hmm, okay, Sam I am going to ask you three questions and I want honest answers, understand, this is a command.”“In case you were wondering why I saved you for last, it is because I wanted to fall asleep in your arms, as a reward for your excellent behavior but also because I like you so much.”Sam looked up surprised only to see his face open and looking with kindness and tenderness at her.“Do you want to keep to your role as a slave while we make love or do you want to step out of it?”“Second question” Josh continued “what is your most preferred sexual setting or position?”“And finally, is there anything sexual that you rather not do?” Josh finished.Sam looked at Josh with big eyes, surprised at his questions and feeling warm all over.“Master” she started “may I ask you a few questions first?”“Go ahead” Josh said curiously.“Have you even pleasured a slave or woman until she could take no more and then had your way with her?”“No” Josh said a bit surprised.“Have you ever pleasured a woman to the point she’d do anything for you, I mean really anything?”“No” Josh replied again.“Have you ever fucked a woman so intensely that she passed out?”“Again no” Josh answered a bit worried now.“In that case Master” Sam said “I would like to remain your slave for tonight and have you do all those things to me, if you wish I shall guide you with the equipment available and assist where I can, my preferred position would be immobilized and no, there is nothing I would not let you do with me, Master or not.”Josh looked a bit doubtful but when she said “Master, Josh, I had masters do these things to me and enjoyed them intensely and they just wanted to fuck a piece of tail.”“You care for me, just for me and I even think you like me a lot, like lovers a lot so for me to ask you to do this is because I really want you to, if I was your master” Sam grinned when she said that “I would order the same, honestly.”“Very well then” Josh said “but I will be needing your guidance okay?”Sam nodded and slid of the bed to undress and get the toys she needed.Danni’s collection was extensive and Sam found everything she needed including a few items she had heard of but never used before.Laying down everything on the bed, Sam started with a small remote controlled winch and secured it in the ceiling spot made for it.Beneath the winch she laid out a bondage sling with a square frame and hooked it up to the cord from the winch.Josh looked at all the toys she had laid out, from several types of dildo’s to mega vibrators and other bondage gear.When Sam was done with the rack she let the winch pull it up so the four restraints lay on the bed, the chains connected to the rack hanging loose.She placed her wrists and ankles near the restraints facing down with her head and said “Now tie me up and make sure they are tight, I don’t want to slip out of them.”“Yes ma’m” Josh joked and did as she asked.With the remote he slowly pulled her up until she was suspended and spread eagled.“So what’s next?” Josh asked politely.“Anything you want Josh, I mean anything” she panted, getting excited already.“Suspense is part of this play right?” he asked looking at the toys.“Yes” she moaned, getting very excited.Josh got an eye mask and ear mufflers, placing them on her head.Now she was unable to see or hear him and Josh hoped it would add to her pleasure.Sam was now blind and deaf, silently she hoped Josh would be rough enough to come close to breaking her as it usually gave her the most intense orgasms.Standing near her head, Josh clamped a metal restrain in her mouth, forcing it open and bound it tight behind her head.Holding her head by her hair, he maneuvered his cock to her mouth and stuck it in.With the restraint in, Sam couldn’t suck or close her mouth so her saliva dripped out of mouth and with her tongue she tried to pleasure Josh, glad he was getting into the game.Although Josh had seen a few bondage porn movies, he was still surprised that he liked the absolute power he had over her.The mouth fucking wasn’t really good but the sensation was amplified by the fact that she was helpless.He forced himself in deep a few times making her gag and kept her full on his cock while pinching her nose closed.When he released her, her gasps for breath hid her pleasure, almost getting off on his rough treatment of her mouth.Josh exchanged the mouth piece for a gag ball and again tied it secure.Looking at all the toys again he decided to let her squirm for a while with a vibrator.Taking the biggest, he walked around her, not touching her, until the tip of the vibrator was close to her dripping cunt.Looking down Josh saw a large wet stain on the bed and smiled.He pushed the huge vibrator into her cunt with force, her body reaction and her cries muffled.Setting the control on random, he tied it in place with rope.Making sure it was secure he stepped down from the bed and watched her squirm for a bit.Getting himself a drink at the bar, he poured a scotch and walked back to the toys, looking them over.A small device with two clips and a wired little cup attached to wires caught his interest and he looked it over.A cable was attached to it with a power plug.Going back to the closet, Josh looked for a manual and found several.Getting the right one but giving the others a glance he read how to apply the device.Suddenly Sam convulsed screaming in her gag and panting heavily.Josh looked pleased as he counted orgasm number one.She was starting to get sensitive in her cunt and was squirming in the onslaught of the vibrator.Josh quickly grabbed a riders whip with a flat wide head and slapped her nipples hard.Bucking up, she fought the restraints to no avail.Slapping her a few times more, Josh lay beneath her and started to slap her clit.Her bucking intensified and he was treated to a shower of her cum, dripping down the vibrator.She had come again and Josh smiling licked her slit a few time, red from his slapping.His attention back on the device, he soon figured out how to use it.Wanting her to come extra hard, he first applied nipple clamps with weights on her nipples, letting them swing in her writhing.Getting a few more heavy weights, he did the same for her cunt lips and removed the vibrator.Her panting was lessened but still there and he saw her cunt still was dripping her cum.The weights hung quietly for a while as Josh did nothing but watch her face.She seemed to be in pain and bliss at the same time and Josh looked at her in awe.Tearing his gaze away from her he returned to the toys, selecting a butt plug and a nice dildo.He moved to her ass again and opened her cheeks, spitting on her asshole.He pushed the butt plug in as far as it would go, not reaching the top side.Holding her tight with one arm, he forced the butt plug in with Sam fighting him all the way.Eventually it held and he pushed the dildo in quite easily.Sitting down again in front of her he saw tears flowing from beneath her eye mask.Worried he’s gone too far he removed all her head gear and looked at her face.She was looking pleased, her eyes red and her makeup in a mess all over her eyes but she was obviously having fun.“Are you alright?” Josh still had to ask.“I am in pain and I love every second of it now punish me more” Sam spoke and spat defiantly, her face almost hiding her smile.He smacked her in the face, too gently because she said “Is that all you’ve got, pussy.”Smacking her again she kept looking defiant, full in her game and enjoying every second of it.Josh had it harder, he liked playing with body and the power it gave him but he still didn’t like hitting her or actually hurting her.He smacked her once more, this time a lot harder and she looked satisfied, a red hand forming on her face.Thank you she mouthed to a surprised Josh.Letting her hang for a bit more, he played bahis siteleri with the weights while looking at her face.She kept silent but her face betrayed her pain and pleasure.Josh decided it was time to try out a new toy and sat on his knees next to her side.He attached an extra clip to each of her nipple and proceeded to place the twin electrode cup on her clit, taping it secure.Sam saw what he was doing and trembled in anticipation, she’d heard of these but never had one used on her.It took Josh a moment to find a wall socket but when he did, the device came to life.Several switches and dials were on its control panel and Josh looked at the manual to see what each would do.Making himself comfortable with a few pillows, he sat in front of her face and lowered her so her mouth was near his cock.She was looking at his cock and at the device wondering what he was up to.Josh got on his knees, his cock straight in front of her mouth and said “I am going to fuck your face and I want no teeth, got that?”She nodded and opened her mouth, eager to suck him.Plowing straight in, Josh fucked her mouth hard, making her gag.He did so for a minute or so when he shot in too far and she couldn’t control her gagging, scr****g him with her teeth.“Bad girl” Josh chided and removed his cock, slapping her face with before sitting down.He hauled her up again, straining her clamped body part again.Without warning Josh pressed a button and an intense electrical current shot through her nipples.Sam gasped, her head coming up as the warm feeling of pain and pleasure shot through her.“Oh god” she cried and Josh looked at her, a mix of worry and pleasure on his face.“I almost came” she whimpered.Josh smiled and flipped a switch, this time assaulting her clit.Sam writhed in her chains, the clamps on her nipples and cunt lips holding on to the swinging weights, teasing her with pleasant pain, as she couldn’t control her movement, the orgasm that strong.“Oh fuck oh fuck” she whimpered, saliva dripping from her mouth, her face sweaty.Waiting a minute until she had settled down again, Josh lazily stroked his cock beneath her.“Again?” Josh asked impressed with the strength of her orgasm.Before she could answer Josh flicked the switch again, causing her to come just as hard again.This time she really cried out, her body hurting from the position it hung in, her muscles contracting with the flow of the orgasm and the weights swinging wildly again.“Hmm” Josh said looking at her sweat covered body after she had settled down again “perhaps a few more weights? Would you like that?”“Bring it on bastard” Sam said with a huge satisfied grin on her face.Getting more weights from the closed his eyes fell on a needle box.The box said in loud letters “the best pleasure for those who love pain”.Josh took it with him, wondering how they’d work.Adding the extra weights caused Sam to gasp and for a moment he thought he’d over done it but she settled her breathing and hung, waiting for him.He teased her a bit with the flat headed whip, smacking her breasts and belly.Sam just moaned, moving her body to swing the weights.Josh was about to sit down and activate the device again when he noticed that the frame she hung under was adjustable.Looking closely he saw that he could collapse parts, altering her position.Stepping up to the bed, he first lowered Sam onto the bed and then the frame.Collapsing and adjusting parts he made it so that if he hoisted her up again, she would hang like an U, her hands and feet together and her face facing outwards.Sam tried to see what he was doing but couldn’t turn her face far enough.The anticipation was killing her and she hoped for a continuation of this already great session.When Josh hauled her up again, she felt her arms and legs being pulled backwards until she hung like a swing seat beneath her chains.The weights now pulled in a different direction and the heat of pain seared from the clamps.Her muscles protested to her new position and she cried out when Josh slapped her cunt with a whip.He did so several times in succession and her already sensitive lips burned with the sting.Removing the dildo, Josh stuck three fingers in her cunt and pushed her slightly forward, starting a rocking motion.Sam moaned at the attention to her cunt, wishing for his cock in there.When the motion was set, Josh wetted his hand on her juices and held her, pushing his hand in her, fisting her.“Oh Fuck” Sam cried out and tried to ride his fist.Assisting her, Josh pushed with his fist deeper in her cunt, moving her in her sling.The pounding of his fist in her cunt and the motion made her come loud.Crying tears and begging for more she tried to keep fucking his fist, the pain and pleasure so intense she was having a continues orgasm.Enjoying her squirm, Josh did as asked and really started to move.He rammed in her cunt and with hand extended, he pulled her back increasing her swing.Only when she sagged in her chains and a whimper was all he could hear did he stop.Slowly removing his hand he saw a little blood, silently he hoped again that he hadn’t gone too far, being inexperienced as he was.Her head hung on her chest, saliva dripping out of her mouth.Grabbing her hair he pulled her face up and looked at her.A loopy smile met him and he let go of her hair, feeling relieved.Sitting down in her view, he placed the device next to him and adjusted two dials.Looking at her hanging face, he flicked the switch for her clit and her head jumped up, spit flying in his direction as she gasped in surprise, coming instantly with a higher setting.This time he let it continue instead of a short burst and she was amazing to look at.Her face twisted in the joy of orgasm, panting to get breath unable to moan or cry, she endured his pleasurable torment, her body wracking in the chains.When her eyes started to roll, he flicked the switch of and her body collapsed in the chains.Sweat was dripping from her body and her breath ragged.Josh pulled her face to him, checking her and she whispered softly “more.”He let her head drop, amazed at her and confused as hell.Sam was in ecstasy, Josh was doing a great job and she could feel he was getting near her breaking point, she wanted to break for him but not for free, no, and he had to earn it.She wanted to be broken and earlier that night she decided it should be Josh, no one ever had for real but she needed a true master, just as Rose had explained, one to keep.Josh was removing all the clips with the weights, examining his handy work.Her cunt lips looked thick and red, painfully so and her nipples were even darker than before.He adjusted the rack so her hands and feet would be crossing each other and activated the winch.A moan escaped Sam’s lips as she felt her body being pulled tighter, her head being raised by the difference in pull.Josh took a hair clasp and started to get her long hair into a crude braid.Clamping the braid, he secured it tightly and went to her ass, removing the plug.It took some effort but he managed to get it out, her asshole staying open for a bit, relieved the plug was gone.Next he got some sort of meat hook, with a ball at the end of it instead of a point.He stuck the ball side in her ass, the cold metal giving her shivers and in her mind she knew what he was up to.Attaching her hair clamp and the hook to a tension wire, he adjusted the setting until her head was pulled back as far as she could go, leaving very little slack.If she could, Sam would have nodded her approval but her head was held tight.Josh came into her vision again, her face almost at his face’s level.“How far are you willing to go” he asked gently.“All the way” she whispered “I want you to truly break me, Master.”The way she said master worried Josh a bit but he nodded and said “okay.”He walked away and left her vision field.She was pleased he had agreed and hoped for a blinding orgasm.When he came back, he put a choking collar on her and tied it to the hook in her ass.It was a little tight and already she could feel her breathing become more labored.For the first time she felt a little fear, gasping wasn’t her strong suit in sex play.Josh noticed the increased tension in her body and almost removed the choker.Deciding not to, he got the needles from the box and read the instructions.When he was done, he looked at her hanging form once more and sighed.“All the way it is then” he said in such a way that Sam was getting worried.He added the mouth gag again and showed her the needles.For a moment he thought she would panic but she just stared at them and at him.Incredible Josh thought to himself and sat down next to the device he’d used to make her come so hard.Unable to look down, Sam was bracing herself for her orgasm and the needles.She had applied them to a female customer once and she swore it gave the most exquisite pain and pleasure, Sam hoped she hadn’t lied because it looked painful.Lost in her thoughts she was surprised by her orgasm, Josh had flicked the switch and set the device on its highest setting, for a maximum of 30 seconds, more being dangerous.He held her head making her look at him, her shaking tearing at her hair and choking her breath while the hook tore in her ass, her clit giving her the most incredible orgasm.Josh saw her almost lose it and released the gag, her moan soft and intense and under her breath he could hear “almost almost.”Just before the timer ended, Josh had kneeled in front of her cupping a breast and holding a needle.Just as described in the manual, Josh pinched her nipple holding it tight and in one swift movement, pressed the needle through.“Oh fuck” Sam cried in pain and in orgasm as she felt the needle pierce her nipple.The second needle went just as fast and the warm feeling of pain in her nipples somehow changed into an incredible pleasurable feeling, the heat rising from her breasts engulfing her pain and pleasure wracked body.Josh removed the cup from her clit and held it between two fingers before piercing it with a needle.Sam cried out in pain, tears rolling down her face as Josh pierced her canlı bahis clit.Licking away the drops of blood, he screwed the heads on so it wouldn’t hurt any other part of her cunt.Her pierced clit in front of him, Josh stood up and pulled softly on both edges of the piercing, pulling her clit up.Sam gasped and felt another orgasm coming in, one born in pain and it never had felt so good.She fought with her restraint again, almost passing out when she felt Josh’s cock in her cunt.Standing between her upward held legs, Josh was ramming his cock deep into her cunt.Her pain orgasm intensified by his plowing into her and she felt her head getting lighter from lack of oxygen, her choker at the max.Josh kept on ramming into her, his cock as hard as ever and eager to come.He finally understood what she had wanted and was determined to give it to her.“I can’t “ Sam whispered as another orgasm was building up.So into his rhythm Josh almost didn’t hear her when she cried “please, no more.”He stopped at once, removing his cock from her cunt and removing the choker and hair clamp.Moving quickly to the other side he saw her beautiful dark skinned face looking exhausted and in pain.Lowering her back onto the bed, he removed her restraint and got rid of all the toys.She lay there on her back, her eyes closed and finally at peace, her body relaxing from its ordeal.Josh removed all the toys he hadn’t used and placed all the others by the side of the bed.That way he knew which ones would need cleaning.He waited next to her until she was ready to talk or continue, his cock still hard and in need of relief.A little while later, Sam opened her eyes again and stretched a bit looking with loving eyes at Josh saying “that was wonderful Master, I truly am grateful for this experience.”“You are?” Josh asked utterly confused but pleased that he had done it right.“Yes Master” she said moving slowly closer “you went further than you wanted, only to have me, you did things that you would never consider doing normally, for me, you could have had your pleasure but you stopped, for me.”“You gave me a choice and I chose to be bound to you, the one who broke me and the one who will keep me safe, a true Master.”Her head was inches away from his cock and she looked at it before turning her gaze at him.“I think I’ll keep the nipple piercings and the clit piercing, if you approve that is, as a memento of my bonding to you.”Josh looked in amazement at his wonderful woman and all he could think of was that he wanted to hug her and keep her safe forever.Sam noticed the sweet look on his face and felt joy at his feelings for her, this young man had broken her because she asked for it and in the process had bound himself even tighter to her.“May your humble slave service you, my Master” she said in such a way that Josh simply couldn’t refuse.Moving up closer she took his cock in her mouth and looking at him started to suck and jack him.Her eyes never left his and her face showed contentment and peace.Josh moaned under her expert mouth and bucket a bit before quickly puling her head up.“I want to come inside you, my love” Josh spoke softly.“Please lie on your back so this humble slave can do as commanded” Sam said with a smile.Josh did so and she sat down on him, moving his cock in her cunt.Looking at her breasts, Josh saw a small stream of blood still coming from her nipples.She saw where he was looking at and offered her nipple to his mouth.Carefully he sucked her nipple clean before moving to the other.She held him deep inside her and placed her hands on his knees, bending backwards.With delicate movements she moved up and Josh saw his cock enter and exit her wet cunt.At times he could see the piercing in her clit and the angry red that it was.“Sam” Josh started “please call me Josh all the time, only use master when we are playing your game okay?”Her head came up and she smiled saying “Okay Josh.”Pleased she increased the tempo, he had implied there would be more sessions like this one and silently she was looking forward to them.Gyrating on his cock, she felt like coming again and switched to lie on Josh, his face close to hers as she used her hips to fuck him.“I am about to come again Josh” she said looking him in the eye.“I am going to drown your cock with my cunt juices” “I am so gonna come, your cock is so good for me, making me cum” she panted to him.“Come with me Josh, shoot your sperm in me, blast me full of your cum.”Her words aroused Josh even more and soon he felt his balls tighten.“I so fucking want you” he cried when he came and shot his cum in her.Sam let go then as well and came almost with him, his words causing her to tear up.Their moans mingled as she fucked him until his cock was spend and his balls dry.When they were done, Sam moved down to his cock and cleaned it again with her mouth.“Allow me” Josh whispered and did the same for her, almost making her come again.After a few minutes of cuddling, Sam stood up and cleaned the toys they had used and returned them to their places.She applied some disinfectant to her nipples after removing the needles and Josh blew on them, placing a band aid with Mickey Mouse on each nipple.Feeling at ease, they climbed in the bed for some sleep and soon Josh was fast asleep with his arms around Samantha.Neither of them noticed Danni, Melody and later Sarah joining them.Still drifting a bit in his sleep, Josh gradually became aware of girl talk around him.He could feel the warmth of the sun on his skin and felt a body spooned to him.Opening his eyes, he saw that although the curtains were closed, it was a beautiful day.“Ah, he is awake” he heard Sarah say and someone jumped on the bed.“Coffee or juice?” Danni asked him from near the bar.“Coffee” he answered with a hoarse voice.Danni poured him a mug and walked over to the side closest to him.She wore a very nice silk robe, hiding all but showing her figure of.She sat down close to him and reached him the mug, his spoon buddy protesting softly.“Thanks” he said and took a sip, smiling at her.Looking behind him he was surprised to find someone else then Sam.Melody lay curled next to him, still covered but the thin sheet made it obvious she was naked.Sarah was moving towards him on the bed, wearing a large cotton shirt and a big grin.“Where is Samantha?” Josh asked, a little stronger of voice.“She went this morning with Rose, for a checkup and “Danni said pausing before continuing with a big grin “some other things.”“She asked me to tell you that she was sorry and she’d call you soon, but this weekend might be a problem” Danni finished.“Megan, my dad?” Josh asked, last night still clear in his mind.“Both still asleep in a guest room” Danni grinned leaning closer to him.“So what are you two smiling about?” Josh asked when Sarah sat down next to him and Danni.“Did you really break her?” Sarah almost shouted in her excitement.“Sam? Why do you ask?” Josh answered cautiously.“Because I know Sam asked permission from Rose and I saw her staring at you sleeping, she was obviously impressed.”“Rose was?” Josh asked, his back ache returning with a vengeance.His face betrayed his pain and he felt a little feverish.“I’ll apply another dose of ointment after you have had your shower” Danni said kindly.“I can’t believe I actually did that, you know, in hindsight” Josh smiled weakly.“What?” Sarah asked “the whipping or the breaking?”“Both” Josh answered hiding behind his mug.“Two extremes in one night” Danni said kindly “you sure know how to have a good time.”“Yeah well, in my wildest dreams I could not have imagined a night as last night” Josh said “It was almost as if I kept on being in the right place at the right time with the right person.”“That you were” Melody sleepily said, stretching her legs across his.Josh turned and smiled at her “a few minutes earlier might have been better.”The bruise on her face, now without makeup, dark purple and mean looking.“Perhaps, but I am still happy you walked into my life when you did” Melody purred.“I think we all agree on that” Sarah said still grinning.“Okay” Josh said grinning at Sarah “what gives? You are acting like the cat from Alice, grinning madly, what don’t I know and are you spoiling to tell me?”“Oh damn” Sarah said laughing “you caught me.”“Well alright then, we, Danni and I, have a proposition for you.”“Shoot” Josh said curiously.“We are going into business together and we both would like you to be a partner in our new production company and studio” Danni said, beating Sarah to the punch.After some mock arguing between the two women Josh simply said “Okay.”“You don’t want to hear what we are planning to do?” Sarah asked surprised.“Nah, count me in, you asked me already last night remember, the wager for the name?”“Oh yeah” Sarah said “I forgot about that, oh wait, I won the bet.”Josh slowly dropped back on the bed again, smiling lazily at the two women.“How about we discuss the new venture on Monday, say lunchtime, you pick the spot.”“It’s a date” Danni said and made a note in her PDA.“Oh crap” Josh said when he saw her PDA “I completely lost track of my phone and other stuff.”“Don’t worry” Melody said “your phone and wallet are in your boots, come to think of it, your boots is all that is left of your costume, at least, all that I could find last night.”“Oh thank you, you are a lifesaver” Josh said to her and placed his head in her lap.“Is there a reward for such a heroic action?” she playfully asked.Josh smiled at her battered face and said “Yes, how about dinner and a movie next weekend?”“You’re on” she smiled and looked quickly at Danni, who was smiling as well and nodded yes.Josh finished his coffee and got out of bed, his back hurting and stiff.Despite the fact that there were three women present, Josh didn’t cover himself, they had seen him naked anyway so why bother now.“Another brownie point scored” Danni said and both Sarah and Melody voices their agreement.“What do you mean?” “You, walking around naked around us as if it’s the most natural thing in the world” Sarah answered “it takes confidence or pride but I think we güvenilir bahis all know it’s not the latter.”Josh smiled as he turned around to grab a shower.A gasp made him stop and he looked back asking “what is it?”“Your back Josh, it looks really bad” Melody said in a very quiet voice.“Well, in all honesty I can say then, it looks worse than it feels, at the moment anyway.”A few minutes later he almost wished he’d eaten his words as the warm water of the shower gave no relief but only aggravated his skin and tensed his muscles.He sat down under the shower, his back against the cool tiled wall.The cold tiles took away some of the sting but it still hurt, worse than last night.“Fuck” he said under his breath and leaned with his head on his knees.When Josh stayed away longer than expected, Danni went in to see if he was alright.She saw him sitting still, under the hot water stream, his face down on his knees.Undoing her robe she stepped in to the shower and sat down next to him.“Are you alright?” she quietly asked, fearing his answer.“Not really no, my back is hurting like hell and all my muscles feel tensed up, just short of cramping up” Josh answered just as quietly.Taking him into her arms, she hugged him softly and kissed his fore head.“You are really something you know, most men would tough it out rather than show weakness, you don’t care about that do you? You are as real as it gets” Danni said with wonder in her voice.Josh could feel her stifling a laugh and asked “what’s so funny?”“You” she answered “you do everything right by instinct, your vulnerability and not hiding it are a turn on for me, as well as a sign of trust, the trust between friends.”“Simply put, you could not have done better to endear yourself to me than by how you act.”Josh smiled and said “I am glad you’re here with me, right now.”Danni kissed him again and called out to Melody.She came quickly and asked what she could do, Danni told her to ask Sarah to call Tony and that she should bring her table and asked Melody to join her in the shower afterwards.After a few moments, Melody was back and standing naked with them in the shower.“Let’s give him a special bath shall we, to take his mind of his back” Danni said to Melody.Melody grinned and said “my pleasure boss.”Danni grinned at her helping Josh up and said back “you dirty little skank.”“Yes boss, very dirty” was the reply she got.Josh didn’t quite understand the byplay but the two naked women made sure his mind wasn’t focused anymore on his back.Both women first took a cloth and soaped it generously before starting to wash each other in a sensual and arousing way.Breasts were given special attention, just like their asses and both acted aroused and horny, playing with each other.Enjoying the show, Josh was getting very much aroused by the play of this beautiful dark lady and her pale skinned girlfriend.“I think he’s ready” Melody said when she peeked at his cock, standing firm and ready.“You do the honors” Danni said to her and looked at Josh saying “I have all Sunday for play.”“First though” Danni said to Melody “we clean him good.”With fresh wash cloths they washed him all over, being extra careful with his back and used their breasts to spread the soap even more, slipping over his body.Using the showerhead, Melody sprayed Josh clean of soap while Danni was cleaning his mouth with her tongue.Melody then hung the head back and kneeled before Josh, pushing Danni a little to the side.She didn’t give up her kiss with Josh but gave enough room to Melody.Taking his cock in her hand, she looked it over, examining it in detail.She noticed the bruising just above his cock and the slight discoloration of his inner thighs.Looking up to Josh, who was still kissing her boss, she admired his stamina and wondered how he would be as a boyfriend.Shaking her head at the notion, she knew she’d be thinking about that a lot more this week.Back to his cock, she took his foreskin in her mouth and sucked and nibbled on it before moving deeper onto his shaft.She played a bit with his balls and pulled his skin back, giving special attention to his cockhead.Keeping his cockhead secure in her mouth all the time, she worked it with her tongue while her hand worked his shaft.Soon she felt a hand on her head, Josh urging her on, his hips pushing his cock in deeper at times.Wanting to keep it tender, she moved with him, slowly building up his orgasm with gentle licks and bites.Josh meanwhile held Danni as close as he could, his arm around her waist and his tongue still in love with hers while she did all she could to tease his body with her fine breasts.His other hand was on Melody’s head, holding it and stroking her wet hair.Her tender care on his cock and Danni’s lustful body riding against him was the best medicine for his back ache and when he came in Melody’s mouth, he felt the tension seep out of his body.He shook while he came, his knees week and his cry muffled by Danni’s mouth.Breaking the kiss he smiled at Danni and then looked at Melody, sucking the last bit of cum out of him.“Thank you” he whispered “both of you wonderful ladies.”Dried of and more relaxed, Josh still felt his back but less so.The ointment Sarah applied to his back soothed the pain and brought a wonderful fresh feeling to it.Josh sat at the bar in the main lounge and was about to order some food when Tony arrived.Setting up his table he introduced himself and asked Josh where it hurt.All over was his answer and before Josh knew it, he was getting an expert massage, painful but oh so good.Tony took his time and after nearly two hours declared himself ready.Feeling like a new but mauled man, Josh stood up and stretched, keeping his towel in place.The pain and fatigue his body had felt gone, replaced by a lingering massage hang over.Thanking Tony, he took his card and ordered food, the women all dressed and eating already.Josh sat down next to them asking “so what’s good this morning?”“Afternoon you mean and the club sandwich is a favorite” Sarah answered.“What is the time anyway?” Josh asked having lost track of it completely.“It’s five to four” Melody answered munching on her fries.“My dad awake?” he asked with a grin after having ordered his food.“Still in la la land, same as Megan dear, although she was up earlier calling her sitter I think” Danni said.“Then I better call Angela” Josh said, trying to hide his smile.Taking his phone out of his boot, he saw that it’s memory was almost full.“Huh?” Josh said looking at his phone as if it was bewitched.“Oh, eh, some of our guests have left their, eh, contact data on your phone Josh” Melody said turning red.Flipping through the menu’s he saw f******n new contact entries and several video’s as well as more than two hundred pictures.The women that had come later had seen the lewd pictures in his address book and had added their own, pictures included.“Who are these women?” Josh asked surprised, looking at a girl’s picture who posed topless and had written call me on her breasts.“Fans” Sarah laughed and the other two joined in.“It’s Melody’s fault, she was telling everybody how you had come to her rescue and when your actions concerning the wager were made known, well, that happened” Danni said pointing at his phone.“Hmm, I am going to let you screen them first for me before I call any of them” Josh said to Danni in a mock serious tone.Burt arrived at that moment, carrying a tray he had just taken over from a bell boy.“Hello all” he said, smiling at all and looking like nothing had happened last night.They all said hello back and he sat next to Danni, across from Josh.“Your breakfast sir” Burt said grinning and removed the cover.Josh smiled and said “thanks” before digging in.“Still not dressed?” Burt joked to Josh.“Only my boots are left” Josh said with a grin.Burt stared at him for a second before his laughter filled the room.“That is rich” he said when his laughter subsided.Josh continued to eat his delicious sandwich smiling at the big man.“I’ll get you some temp clothing then” he offered and Josh gladly accepted.Burt made a call to the hotel store and in less than ten minutes, a new set of clothes had arrived.“They call it Bouncer chic here, I think I have your sizes right” Burt said looking the package over.Josh tried it on and Burt had indeed guessed his size right.The jacket made him look bigger in his shoulders and the pants fell just right.“No shirt?” Josh asked surprised looking in the box for more clothing.“I figured Danni would have one for you, a nice black polo” Burt said in such a way that Josh was made to look at Danni as well.She looked confused but then laughed and said “of course, one moment” dashing to her office.Smiling she came back and threw Josh a wrapped black shirt.It was a black polo, xl size and the right chest area was embroidered with D.Morgan Security.“Your business name I presume?” Josh asked her.“Indeed it is, be careful with it Josh, only senior security wear one and they are known in all the major clubs, granting you easy access when you wear it, so don’t lose it” Danni replied.“I’ll be careful, though my laundry skills may let you down a bit” Josh grinned back.“Have you ever had any training Josh, besides fitness?” Burt asked when Josh tried on the shirt.“You mean combat or martial arts?” Josh said “I only have a brown belt in Savate, no other experience.”“Savate? That’s like kickboxing right?” Burt asked.“Yeah but more mean, more like Thai boxing, a full contact sport.”“Hmm, you must show me some time then when you are at my gym” Burt said looking thoughtful.“Sure” Josh replied and sat back down, dressed this time at the bar.Finishing his sandwich, he made sure to get the times and places of the dates he had made in his phone.Checking his wallet, he grabbed his phone and put them both in his new jacket.“You’ll let me know about the charge for the clothes okay?” he asked Burt.Burt just laughed and shook his hand and said “till Monday then.”Josh kissed the women goodbye, all excited for their next meet.“Ladies, it was a genuine life altering experience meeting you all, I thank you from the bottom of my heart” Josh said and took a bow before following Burt to the elevator.“Take care Josh” Burt said when they reached the lobby.“You too Burt” Josh replied and walked into the sunshine looking for a cab.

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