Luckily He Was A Bottom

Luckily He Was A BottomLuckily He Was A BottomBy: Londebaaz ChohanAlthough being very active in many sports activities through my High School days and particularly being a team member in track and field events plus also because of my height I played basketball as an avid player; my physique had always been weak if not frail and instead of looking an adult at 18, I still looked almost like a 15–16 years old boy when I got admission in the college. I am sure I was the thinnest freshman residing in the dormitory where only my cock size and dirty mouth saved me mostly from being a target and getting hazed by other guys who thought they could really take an advantage of other residents. I sure could not announce to all the boys that I was a bisexual and preferably a Gay ass lover but I spoke a lot about ripping any ass if I was bothered and shall face the consequences later. Luckily I was let alone and was not targeted and m*****ed or taken advantage of like quite a few other feeble looking boys. Soon I was an active member of the group; who you could not call bullies but surely the trouble makers. My roommate and one of my close buddy; Oscar once suggested me to go to gym in the basement of the dorm building and I told him that I had been attending the gym very regularly for over a year; before joining college but he advised me to start doing weight exercises to build some muscles on my body to emphasize my structure. Oscar said that he would do all he could to help because not only he was a gym fanatic but body building was one of his classes, he was very good at. So last Monday when we both had almost all day free till only one class at late afternoon; we walked together in the weight section of the gym instead of the cardio section.To me it was a completely different world, filled with heavy equipment and few of the hefty heavy muscled guys; banging weights. I was surely intimidated but gym was not new to me plus my mind is also sharp enough to figure out the things, so it didn’t take me long to find some good exercises for my first time at the weights. It shall not be true if I did not admit that being there with some hot hunky sweaty guys was not dulling my senses and showing its effect on some other places of my body. I could feel my cock getting swollen, hard and erect in my Gym shorts making me very much conscious of it. Hiding my well over 8 inches, fat log was absolutely impossible to say the least.Sitting a bit timid and over whelmed with the quandary or the dilemma of my hard cock; I heard a voice behind me. I could not recognize the tone because there was a lot of shivering and shaking in the low masculine voice which sounded more like a person being short of breath and I turned around to notice Oscar in rugged, buff and handsome half naked body drenched in heavy smelly sweat and asking if he could get a spot. I was absolutely confused and dumbfounded to say the least for what he was asking for but also my jaw had dropped to the floor; seeing such a young and insanely fetching, handsome Oscar that I had never seen before and I could only mutter the “I am sorry” words. My eyes kept rapid scanning Oscar’s veins ridden forearms, hard muscled biceps, solid slabbed chest and massively built naked shoulders as my cock jumped between my thighs. By now, he had breathed deep a few times; mellowing his voice a bit as he said, “a spot; you see I am doing few heavy bench presses with the weights and need someone to help lift the weight from my chest if I fail to do my last repetition”. Honestly, I was still lost in Oscar’s impressively young and muscled body and was not sure if I had figured out exactly what he was asking for but none the less; I had figured out that he was asking me to help him lift some weights if he could do it all by himself. The question I asked myself was that shall I be able to lift the weights that Oscar could not; but had no nerves to refuse, I was so mesmerized by his beauty. Looking around, I did not see even those couple of guys I had seen as we came in at first. No wonder it was a dead dull Monday morning, totally a non peak hour for the gym goers. I readily consented and Oscar took me to the side where he had decided to do his exercise. Soon as he laid on the equipment, looking up at me; I was totally engrossed by his sexy beautiful body; standing over him and trying to spot him. It was no problem at all because Oscar was strong and he ended up getting all his repetitions without my help. He thanked me for my help and then asked if I wanted to give the bench a shot. I admitted that I did not even know what I was doing over in the weights area, for which he chuckled like he knew what was best for me and asked me to take a seat on the bench; letting him show me, how it was done. He took off most of the weights from the bar while I laid down on the bench under it feeling the güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri sweat from Oscar’s back on the bench. He was extremely sweaty and smelly after the last set he did and this smell of his body was making itself known with a hard punch. He was completely towering over me, as I saw towards the ceiling and noticed that I was peeping directly into the loose and wide cut leg of his gym shorts. I could only see a lump of huge meat crumpled in a bulge inside the tights he wore under the gym shorts. Oblivious to my activity down on the bench, he was explaining that he had put some little weights on the bar and if I could not even do a couple repetitions with that; he would adjust. Looking directly into his crotch, that was less than a foot away from my face; I gripped the bar; realizing that the closeness of his crotch was delivering heavy musky smell over to my nostrils. The smell and the funk of his sex from the crotch was extremely strong and I only could guess that these were his regular gym shorts and he might have not run through the laundry machine for at least a month or so. Not being able to concentrate for long enough; I could only complete a few of the repetitions before he switched to his exercise routine adding more weights as he desired making us both very hot and sweaty. For some obvious reasons, I was also getting very horny when we moved to the other section with different weights apparatuses like dumb bells. Oscar again explained me that this exercise was called ‘fly’ and with that he sat on the small reclining bench and stretched his arms to the sides. This is a great exercise for the chest and the shoulders; he told me before the start of lifting some heavy weights before he asked to spot him and I had to come around to back up or support his arms. Being very close to his fully outstretched arms; I could smell the fragrance of his very hairy making me totally dizzy pits and see the summer of sweat in his pit hair. I was almost enthralled once again with the sight and the smell of his young male body so close to mine. I was extremely glad that he did not spend much time here because for no obvious reason I was feeling more tired than him plus it was getting impossible to conceal my erection with every passing second, but feeling pretty good about myself. Soon I was following Oscar like his pet little puppy until he announced the shower time after the last exercise routine; fully drenched in sweat and reeking to heavens. He held my hand and walked with strides to head in the shower stalls area. I hesitated a little; not that I was shy or have not been naked with other guys and men before but I did not want to announce myself to my roommate. With the history of having fucked a good number of boys already; I was still concerned that Oscar might not be my type and the conflict will out me to the dormitory boys and of course the college as well. I told Oscar that I had no towel with me because I did not come ready for a shower here; whereas the fact was that I was hard as a rock and did not want to show it to Oscar plus, I knew I would not be able to stop drooling seeing him naked ass with me. I told him that I shall go shower upstairs in the shower room of the dormitory for the boys. Oscar quickly placed his arm around my shoulders, wrapping me in his sweaty smelly muscles and told me not to worry because they had a stack of clean towers provided here for the needy; squeezing my shoulder and guiding me to the locker room next to the shower area.As I said earlier the place was almost deserted as we entered the locker room, just showing me around. I was getting overly nervous and horny too with the various and very strong funk or the aroma saturated in the locker room air. It was the height of my surprise to hear him when he said that he felt in heaven with all this spicy reek of the young adult men. By now Oscar had removed his shirt and shorts also, standing in only his tights he looked like Adonis; compelling me to keep looking at his beauty and enjoy the eye candy, until I heard him tell me to remove my clothes and get ready for the shower. Without further ado; he pulled my shirt over the top of my head and I do not know why I felt the hard stink of his muscles go beyond overwhelming for me to resist and not lurch on his nice sized nipples but I contained myself. He ran his relatively small hands on my hairy chest making my body whimper under his total control. By now my eyes were focused on his hairy, wet pits and Oscar having noted my interest, raised his arm; leaving me no choice but to glide my face there inhaling, absorbing all the musky, salty aura like a sexy pig until he removed his pit away and asked to go for the shower. Reaching near the showers in our tights; he stopped and removed his tights exposing his fat, positively fatter than pinbahis my horse size girth cock which looked gorgeous, uncut although it was hardly 3—4 inches in length. His balls were surely good sized and looked great swinging between his legs. I had no choice but to drop my tights as well to reveal my rock hard, longer, thicker cock that was leaking precum like there was no tomorrow. Oscar commented about its awesome look, size and quickly reached for it; giving it a couple of tugs. I have no explanation why it did not shoot my juices in his hands because I was so aroused but thank heavens I held myself from shooting load and we stepped in the shower area. The water was nice and warm diluting the smell of fragrant soap. He let me sniff around him a bit more before I soaped him up while his hands were busy kneading my ass buns and it was clear that he wanted to play around the area some more. Honestly I was preparing myself in my mind to be ready for him as I guessed that he was ready to take me and although it was awfully rare for me to bottom for anyone; his charm, physique, sex and all else was more than compelling and I did not want to resist thinking of our bodies gelling together although I would have preferred to be inside him. After a good scrubbing of his body from me, he got down on his knees and opened up my ass to his waiting tongue. It felt amazing to feel his tongue against the skin of my ass, prepping my hole with light flicks and long licks. He would kiss my hole sweetly then bite the side of my cheek. I was in pure heaven with this Oscar doing what no guy had done to me in well over a year. I was mostly an anal top now and versatile orally; wishing for a chance to suck his thick yam looking cock but it looked as if Oscar wanted to mount me any second.I was so wet and open after his tongue lashing in and around my hole which made me fantasize already dreaming his arms wrapped around my waist and his cock thrusting inside me to dilate all passages with force. I was hallucinating his breath in my ear indicating his delight, making me feel his hard, hot, pulsing cock so intimate and proper inside me. His balls were swinging like the pendulum of a grandfather clock and hitting my prostate; almost in real. In the dream of my dreams, I could feel my prostate getting ready to explode along with his balls. I don’t know how and why but I realized that Oscar was a faggot and heard myself telling him to go upstairs to our room and be comfortable in the bed.Oscar stood up under the cascading shower, looking so handsome and masculine at that particular moment. His cock was hard and poking into my shaved pubic bone. I had still my dream alive making me grab his hard cock which was wet with the hot traces of his cum which he expelled while masturbating himself as he was down on his knees servicing my ass. He looked so beautiful and masculine in that moment, with his cock still hard and traces of cum still on it. We readily dried each other and came out of the shower, putting our clothes on and rushed to the stairs. Entering our room; I pinned him to the wall with his face towards the wall and told him, he was a good boy; to which he let out an involuntary whimper and my stiff, perverted cock got even stiffer as I had started rubbing it between the crack of her lower cheeks. There was not an iota of doubt in mind that Oscar wanted my cock buried in him as much as I was longing to destroy that hole. He was now feeling the size, the girth and the hardness of m cock between his boy ass cheeks for the first time. He was pressing his ass backwards into me and also gyrating his globes to feel the hard muscle touching his silky ass still covered in the fabric prison.My cock felt awesome between his cheeks and I could not wait to get naked and bury my swollen rod in his wet, warm dirt hole and he was also pushing back with all renewed intent; opening his ass for me to enjoy. Unable to wait any longer, I used both of my hands and pulled down his shorts and tights to his ankles and mine too leaving his bubble butt for my fat and eager 8 inches long fucking gizmo. He quickly had reached back with both of his hands to hold and feel my ass ripping armament while I turned and pushed him towards the bed. Reaching near the bed, I pressed him to bend forward with his upper body lying on the bed making his fat ass rise into the air. It was an incredible feeling to run my naked thick cock between his ass cheeks and make him groan under me. Just the thought of coming moment made my already stiff cock swell even more to the full mast. Undoubtedly Oscar could feel the growing excitement in my cock which made him reach back and spread his ass cheeks for my mallet. While he pulled his cheeks apart for me, I spit on my dick and lined it up with an impossibly tight little rosebud and I pushed forward using all pinbahis giriş the available force to make his hole spread; which it did but ever so slowly. He attempted to move away from beneath me but I held him firmly in his place. I almost chuckled hearing to his request to put a condom on, which I refused with a resolute No and pulled his ass to me which lodged just the tip of my thick cock into his sweet tight hole. He begged once again to wear the protection but I noticed his hands stayed in place spreading his as cheeks and exhibiting his hairless pink ass for my fucking it. Paying no binding attention to his pleas; I spit some more on my cock and positioned my torpedo cock head, just right at the hole while my hips made a huge thrust forward achieving at least 5 of my thick inches deep inside him. Oscar yelped out in pain, thrashing under me but his hands never moved away and kept pulling his ass cheeks apart making it easier to shove the rest of my meat bone to the hilt inside his depth and gladly he never spoke of the rubber again. I know the need and the importance of covering the cock with a condom but with all the proper intent; I had never been able to satisfy my selfish sex with a condom wrapped cock fucking my partner. I have developed to be a one on one sex player and to me a rubber around the cock is like having a threesome which dulls the excitement of the sexy game. Anyhow with completely nailed fit in Oscar and him not refuting; I took it as the permission and rapidly pulling back about half of my bamboo length, I shoved it back into Oscar, quickly developing the pace and even the rhythm to fuck his ass. Surely Oscar was in both heaven and hell as I began hard fucking of his ass; like the first real fuck he had ever received. He stayed bent over, as I jammed my thick cock into him over and over and over. His moans made it clear that he was enjoying being cored by me but also whimpering every time I bottomed inside him with hard thrust, letting me know that he was taking the fucking unlike any he had before. His ass was as tight as any I had ever fucked and I looked down to see one of my most favorite sights ever, a tight hole being punched in and out with my big ass ripping machine as if it was virgin, but I was pretty sure that was more due to my impressive girth and the lack of his preparation than it was inexperience on his part. I just kept fucking Oscar’s ass, picking up the pace as I pushed down on his head and reminded him to arch his back. It was clear that the raw, dry fuck was hurting him, but he never complained once. He just groaned, grunted creating a tingle in my balls as I worked toward an incredible ball draining orgasm. I switched into high gear, pulling my cock completely out of his destroyed ass and plunging it back into his newly designed ass pussy at fast and rapid speed. Now he begged me with another bizarre request, not to breed him, but he made no effort to actually move or to get me to stop beyond those empty words. Feeling my orgasm approach, I ignored his pleas and continued to enjoy his tight little hole while it was still tight and little. I was soon holding his hips firmly in place as he sobbed below me and I unloaded shot after shot of my pent up ball juices deep into the faggot’s tight ass cunt. As I came down from my orgasm, I reached beneath him for his discarded t shirt. I was planning to leave him a gift straight from my gratified cock, but I was pleased to see that he’d left a present of his own. Sometime during the height of the violent fucking, the little bitch had shot his own load all over his t shirt. As I pulled out of his destroyed ass with a plop and he collapsed below me, I wiped the remnants of my load and his ass sap onto the same T-shirt to remember me by. Early next morning, I saw Oscar was still lying naked on his bed, brain-dead and completely fucked out, like an old crusty sock you would find under a high school boy’s pillow. Cum was dripping from his gaping overflowing asshole. He was all spent, utterly ruined, broken and felt like a worthless fuck toy. I could not resist and got on his bed, spread his legs and sank my morning wood cock deep inside of his cum drenched ass all the way home. He looked up at me focusing his eyes for a second, and gently whispered a question.“Why?”“It’s what nature created; faggot cum-sluts, like you, for us Oscar; I explained it to him. It’s the natural order of things. The purpose of your birth is to provide real men, like me with holes to use when we are all horned up. You are nothing more than a fun alternative to jerking ourselves off. That means we get to fuck that ass between your legs as hard and as often as we want to, whenever we want to fuck it, and you just have to take it, no matter how tired you are, no matter how sore you are, no matter what; you just have to take it because as the men it’s our right to use you to empty our balls and trust me, we are going to be using you a lot. It has been done, it is done and will continue to be done for all times to come. Enjoy it faggot. The End………. Your comments are requested…..Londebaaz Chohan. September 27, 2018.

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