Subject: Lucky hotel boy – Gay – Adult/Youth As always, if you like the amazing stories you read here on Nifty, please donate. A little background to start this off. I’m a 20 year old intern at a finance company and travel to different firms regularly. Although I’m 20, I look a lot younger (which doesn’t help in my line of work). I’m 5’5, 125 lbs with a baby face and a thin hairless body. I’m an avid runner and swimmer while keeping muscle tone doing CrossFit. Anyway, I’m on a trip to Salt Lake City and they put me up in a nice Marriott. As with every trip, I jump online to see if there’s men nearby. I’m not out to anyone so the anonymity while being in random cities allows to me be pretty open with my sexuality. The first night I’m lying in my hotel room I chat with a few guys in the area. None really peak my interest. I’m not crazy picky but I have preferences. I like older masculine men. I found a man in the area but he wasn’t online. His pictures showed a fairly hairy body with a little bit of a beer belly. He had two pictures locked which made me hope they were of his dick. I shot him a message introducing myself and describing what I’m looking for and unlocked my pictures. “Hi there sir, I’m Kelvin and I’m in town for a couple weeks for work. I’m looking to meet a nice gentle daddy type for some discreet fun. Let me know if you’re interested” As luck would have it, he logged in shortly after, replied and unlocked his pictures. “Wow. You’re a sexy little guy with a very cute butt. I would love to meet you” His pictures were of his soft cock and it was clear he was a “shower”. It hung low over his big balls, smooth shaved skin. I was instantly hard and wanted it inside me so I replied. “Thank you! You’re also very sexy. I’m in the Marriott off of 24th st. How close are you?” He replied that he was just two blocks away and asked what all I was into. I told him I’m a pure bottom who loves to suck and get fucked if the connection is right. “I’m jumping in the shower now. I will be over around 9:30. I’ve been edging for a couple hours so get ready for my big load” I loved that he immediately decided he was coming over. No questions, just telling me what to do. I was anxious, nervous but extremely horny. I made sure I was cleaned up and ready. “Hurry, I gotta get up early. I’m in room 727” “Okay. I want you to leave the door open and be naked when I get there” The hotel room I was in was set up more like an apartment. When you walk in, there’s a couch, desk and kitchen area like a living room. You walk through a short hallway past the bathroom to the bedroom with large windows on two sides since I had a corner room. When the time escort hit 10pm, I thought he had flaked but I was still hopeful. I was also getting tired from traveling all day so I messaged him. “I hope you’re still coming. It’s getting a little late, I may fall asleep but wake me up if you show up. Just send me a text to let me know you’re here so I can open the door” “Unlock it now. I shouldn’t be too much longer” I logged out, lodged the door open with the bolt and laid down. I started to drift off to sleep when I heard the door open, shut and lock. My heart started pounding. My nerves were going crazy. I could hear him walk through the living room area but I pretended to stay asleep. He walks in the room. After a short pause, he slowly walks up beside the bed. His fingers touch my leg, slide up and squeeze my ass. It was electric. I was shaking with anticipation. “My god you have a beautiful ass”, he whispered. He puts his hand on my head turning it towards him. I look up to find a very handsome, silver haired man in a T-shirt and gym shorts. When my eyes adjusted, I saw his thick bulge. The shorts were so thin, I could even see the outline of the head of his dick. He pulls my face to his crotch and moans. With my face buried in his crotch, I could smell his freshly showered body, feeling his covered dick bumping my cheeks as I kissed whatever I could. He took his hand off the back of my head and I pulled away to find his cock. I immediately wrapped my mouth around the cusp of his cock. We both moan while I lick and play with his hardening dick. I reach up through the leg of his shorts sliding my fingers across his balls to the base of his cock. I slowly stroke him and his hands go back to my ass squeezing and kneading my cheeks. “I’m going to love fucking you, boy” I slid his shorts down releasing his low hanging cock. It’s beautiful. I just looked at it, admiring it. Just then, he parts my cheeks and teases my hole. I take the head into my mouth looking up into his eyes. He’s got a sexy smirk. I lick all over the head, my mouth watering. He takes his hand and pulls my face back inserting a finger into my mouth. I suck on it getting it nice and wet. His dick is swelling up, bumping into my chin and cheek. He goes back to teasing my hole, spreading my spit all over getting it ready for his big dick. I fully engulf his cock causing him to moan. I feel myself moving my hips telling him I want him inside me. He slides his finger inside me at the same time I slide my lips down his shaft. He adds another finger as I begin bobbing up and down on his cock. His cock is perfect. Smooth, hairless, long, with a slight downward curve. All of izmit escort bayan a sudden he pulls out of my mouth and my ass, leaving me begging for more. “You ready to ride Daddy’s dick?” “Yes sir. There’s lube in the bathroom” I watch him walk out, his huge dong swinging back and forth. My god is it beautiful. My heart is now pounding in anticipation of what was coming next. I’m on my stomach with my face buried in the pillow when he walks back in. He slides up the bed bed between my legs, parts my cheeks and buries his face in my hole. He rims and teases my hole for what seemed like forever. I’m now moaning loudly. I’m begging him to fuck me. “Please, sir. Please fuck me. I want your dick so bad” He stops rimming me, climbs up over me and pops open the lube. I jump as I feel the cold liquid being poured all over my ass crack. He uses one hand to massage it in, while I hear him stroking his lubed up dick. He leans forward to grab a towel to wipe his hands and I feel his big dick rest on my ass. I back up instinctively. “No no. Turn around, I want to look into your eyes while I fuck you” I spin around and lift my legs up to his shoulders. “Is this better, sir?” “Fuck yes. You ready for me to fuck you senseless?” “Uh, I think so” He did exactly that. He slides all the way inside me with one slow thrust not breaking eye contact. I loved seeing his eyes roll back while he fills my ass with his huge dick. It hurt so bad but I wanted it. It didn’t take long for me to start begging for more. Grabbing my hips, lifting my ass off the bed, he slams into me. The pain begins to subside as the pleasure increases with each thrust. I almost lose consciousness as he fucks me unmercifully. He’s grunting and I’m basically screaming in lust. There’s no way the neighboring rooms didn’t hear me, but I didn’t care. After a while of this he stops. He slams all the way into me and stops. I look him in the eyes wondering if the ride of my life is about to end. “How do you feel about people watching you get fucked?” I’m drunk with lust so I don’t even fully process the question before replying. “I don’t give a shit who sees as long as you keep fucking me” “Good boy. I’m going to pull out, you’re going to get up and walk to the window. I want you to face the window and spread your legs” “Yes sir!” He takes his time sliding out of me. But as soon as he does completely, I jumped up and ran to the big window. I slid the curtains open and braced for what was next. My naked body in plain view of anybody that wanted to see was exhilarating. I felt myself get even harder knowing I was on display. Just then, I hear a snap of a izmit sınırsız escort picture being taken. I look back to find that he took my phone off the dresser and is taking pictures of me. “I want to give you something to remember me by. Smile, you’re on video now” I smile and arch my hips pushing my ass out presenting myself to him. “What do you want, boy?” “I want you fuck me. I want you to fuck me with your big dick” He walks up behind me, grabs my ass cheek, and slams into me. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.” I scream with each thrust. I feel his big strong hand pinning my shoulders to the window as he gives me long slow strokes. “Your sexy ass is so tight” “Uggghh. Your dick is so big” I reach down and grip my rock hard shaft. “I’m done with the video. Now I’m going to fuck you senseless” He slams into me for the next few minutes. My dick is thrusting into my hand with each pump. “I’m getting so close to cumming sir” “Cum baby. Cum with daddy’s big dick in your ass” “Oh fuck. Oh my god” After only stroking my dick for a couple minutes I explode. I don’t know if I’ve ever had such a powerful orgasm or released that much cum. My ass clinching down on his cock. “Oh fuck. Did that feel good boy?” “Holy shit yes. Not as good as your cock deep inside me” “I’m getting close boy. You ready to eat daddy’s load?” “Yes sir. Please give it to me” He slams inside me a few more times, slides out and spins me around. I drop to my knees just in time for his dick to erupt. First rope shooting over my head, the following landing on my face and in my mouth. I couldn’t believe how much he came. I could barely swallow fast enough to keep up. As his orgasm begins to slow down I suck his entire dick into my mouth tasting his delicious sperm as our eyes meet. “Holy fuck boy. You’re incredible” “Thank you so much sir. Your big dick is amazing” As his cock deflates, I continue sucking on it. I want more. “It’s getting late. We should probably call it a night. As much as I don’t want to.” I stand up releasing his dangling spent cock. He kisses me and squeezes my ass. “Can I have this ass again tomorrow?” “You can have it whenever you want” We get cleaned up and he leaves. When I walk back into the room and that’s when I notice the window covered in my cum. I giggle as I wipe it up. Shortly after, I lay down and fall asleep quick, completely spent. When I wake in the morning I log back online and see that he messaged me. “Woke up with this. I don’t have to work until 8:30. Are you free?” Attached was a picture of him lying naked in bed, his cock lying on his stomach reaching his belly button. My brain quickly wakes up and I realize that I couldn’t believe I took that whole thing in my ass just hours earlier. “Door is open”. . . I start thinking, this the first 24 hours. I have about two weeks left here. Damn I’m lucky to have this hung daddy whenever he wants me, Knock. Knock.

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