Lucky Man Ch. 01

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Here’s the beginning to a few stories I am going to share with you, and why I call myself a Lucky Man.

We had only been seeing each other for 2 months, but that 2 months had been great. There was lots of playing around, lots of touching, groping and heavy kissing. It came to Leanne’s 18th birthday and I was sure things would to change.

We were at my brothers house, celebrating her birthday, things got a bit heated after a few drinks and she started looking at me with lust in her eyes. A quick meeting in the bathroom and she whispered to me “Tonight.” I smiled, not really knowing what she meant. As she left and the door closed and it dawned on me, now I cant wait.

We are sitting in the lounge with our drinks and my lady, Leeanne, grabs a board game and sets it up. There are six of us there and when we sit ate the table, then realize what game it is. It looks like we are playing the drinking game, Piss-Up.

So it came to the end of the night, I make my apologies and head for the door, grabbing Leanne’s hand on the way. We head out the door and out the back gate. Once back at my house, I fall right into bed, Leeanne comes in and sits on the bed.

She leans over and kisses me on the cheek, then whispers softly in my ear, “Ill just have a shower, then I’m gonna fuck your brains out!” Needless to say by the time the door closed, I was wearing nothing but a smile and a hard-on like I’ve never pitched before. I was ready to rumble, I have been waiting for this moment for a long time.

Leeanne came back from the shower in just a towel. Closing the door behind her, the dimly lit lights in my room made her look like an exotic princess, golden curly hair, water running off her shoulders. She let the towel slip from her chest down to her waist, exposing her pert 18 year-old breasts, and erect nipples that looked like erasers on the end of pencils. The towel sat erotically on her hips now, with a little bit of a “V” in the front to expose a little bit of extra flesh.

I call her over to the bed and she slides in next to me. I pull her to me and slide a sheet over us. She threw her towel to the floor as I started to run my hands over her young body. Now I don’t know about you, but the fact I had a hot, young and most definitely canlı bahis ready female in bed with me, was just about enough to send me over the edge.

Trying to control myself, I slowly run my hands down over her naked body, only lightly touching it with my fingertips. I don’t know how I’m doing, but I gather the little smile and arched back are positive signs. Lying naked on her back I decide that my fingers have done enough walking, and its time my taste buds were put to good use. Rolling over on top of her I lightly kiss Leanne’s neck, breathing warm moist air onto her neck while doing so.

I start kissing my way down between her breasts, first cupping those perky breasts in each hand, and then I kiss them one at a time. She is now squirming at my every touch, just how I want her to be. She puts her hands on my shoulders and pushes me down to her crotch, moving her hands to the back of my head she is now guiding my tongue onto her clitoris. I have seen a couple of Motors before but never from this close, and never a bald one.

She looks down at me and says, “Like that do you? I had it done special for tonight.” So she had been planning this for a while. Nice 1. I go to work with my tongue on her clitoris, slowly at first, round and round. She pulls my face tighter against her crotch and I know to go harder. I go as fast as I can and she begins to purr like a kitten. She has begun to shake a little bit now, like she’s cold and in need of warming up. I insert a finger into her schmoo and work it in and out. She is now in the beginning of her first real orgasm, bucking and squirming like no other, soft moans now a flood of words, “Fuck yes, Oh god yes, mmmmmph!!” Finally she lets out an exhaustive cry and tells me to “Hold it there, don’t move.” I have my finger still inside her and my tongue still resting on her clit, she gives little flinches every few seconds or so as she recovers. I have a huge smile on my face, but I try not to move around too much. It is hard not to smile when you have just done what I had for the first time, and you’ve done a pretty good job of it. She pushes my head back and I slowly remove my soaking finger from her schmoo. We just lay there for a few minutes while her breathing comes back to normal.

She tells me bahis siteleri she has made herself orgasm before, but no one has ever done it for her. She said she much prefers it this way, more powerful she says. We lay there spooning, me behind her, erection pushing into the cleft of her butt.

Leeanne looks over her shoulder, “What do we have here, is someone being left out?” Reaching around behind her with her right hand, she softly grabs my manhood and begins to move her hand up and down. I know now that all the previous activity has me peering ominously close to the edge of an orgasm, but I will try my best to hold off. Leeanne rolls over and lays me back, still with her right hand wrapped firmly around my cock. She leans over, now just inches from the head of my cock, and stops. I look down at her and she is smiling up at me, “I’ve been waiting 2 months to do this,” she says.

She licks then end of my dick like it’s a lollypop, again and again. She takes then bell end into her mouth and it feels amazing, she moves up and down with beautiful grace, all the time massaging my cock up and down with her right hand. She cups my hair-free (I too was ready) sack and gives it a little squeeze, I give a little jump as I thought it might hurt but it feels good. She continues moving up and down on me, massaging my dick and balls, bringing me closer to orgasm. I curl up my feet unintentionally and she sees this, “Are you ready to pop honey?” I give a little nod, speechless that this goddess of mine is pleasing me in these new and most excellent ways. She stops what she is doing and starts licking my knob end again. This feels good, but it won’t me orgasm, so at the moment I like it.

Leeanne is kneeling beside me so I decide to reach back and massage her butt while she licks away at me. I let my hand slide from her back to her arse, I grab her butt and give it a bit of a rub then a gentle squeeze. She responds by sticking her bum a little further into the air, I take this as a good sign and move my fingers to her schmoo. I rub up and down her pussy lips and slowly work the ring finger of my left hand inside her. With my index finger I rub slowly over her clitoris, making her moan slightly. I begin working my finger in and out of her vagina and round and bahis şirketleri round her clit, “Faster, faster” she is calling to me, so as a good boy I do what I’m told. Once again she begins to shudder a little bit so I work my first and second finger inside her pussy. She moves closer to me to give me more room to work, going deeper and deeper into her snatch with my fingers. “Bugger this, its time for you to cum.” She says while sitting back on her heels while still holding onto my dick.

She lay on her back and invites me to sit on top of her. My balls are sitting between her breasts and my dick just near her chin. I put a pillow behind her head and she leans forward to take my cock into her mouth, using her hand to jerk me off and her mouth to suck me of I feel straight away the onset of an orgasm. I lean back and close my eyes and a small moan escapes my lips, “Oh Leeanne, I’m gonna cum.” She stops with the sucking and now just works me with her hands. With her right hand she jerks my dick and with her left she is massaging my balls, her tongue is stuck out with the end of my cock resting on it. I think to myself that when I shoot there is no way it is going to just ooze out into her mouth, it’s going to fly out all over her face. I moan again and this time it’s here, the orgasm I have been so eager for. I am not the only one who has been dying for the orgasm as Leeanne jerks harder and says, “Cum on me baby, cum all over my face!!!” Well that is all the tempting I need as I shoot my first wad of cum right over her head and onto the pillow, the second wad lands on her cheek, with the third landing on forehead above her eyes. She keeps jerking and now the rest is going into her mouth, lots more than my normal standards. Leeanne is making little “Mmmmmph” sounds as she sucks and jerks, trying to get all the juice out of me. I try to open my eyes but all I can see is little stars in them so I just leave them closed and fall onto the bed next to her. I feel so exhausted and buzzing all over, I guess this is what they mean by an all body orgasm.

Leeanne wipes the rest of my load off her face and rubs it onto her breasts; looking over to me she smiles a huge grin and says, “How long to your ready to go again so we can finish tonight off properly?”

I look down at my dick, again it is surrounded by Leanne’s soft hand, and I can feel it coming back to life. “Not long, not long at all.” “Good,” she says. “It is my birthday and what I want, I am going to get!!”

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