I had gotten married as the girl I was with at the time got pregnant. The baby arrived and I realised that there was something very strange about the whole thing, I am white while the baby was a darker shade of tan, and my wife detached herself completely from me .

I asked for a DNA test and it resulted that the bitch was pregnant from another man, and being of the Muslim faith she didn’t want to marry him and convert to Islam. I divorced her within days of finding out and left home.

I returned back to Malta as I was really disgusted at what had happened to me, and decided that as from that day, it would be nothing more than, treating women like ladies till I got to treating them like whores. Six months and change the scene was my new motto.

Being well endowed was a plus, and money was not a problem due to a nice win on the football pools in UK.

A penthouse apartment in a upmarket building was my abode.

I met Lucy when I was working as a project manager in a social housing project. They had demolished some houses which had survived the second world war, which were nothing but slums, and they started building new houses .

Lucy was 38, married to a man who had been paralysed in an accident, and she lived across the road from my site office. I used to watch her from my office window, changing her clothes or getting dressed after the shower. The social respite services used to pick up her husband every day at 8:30 and return him at around 4 in the afternoon.

She would then shower and change for the day.

Once while changing she caught me looking, I thought to myself , that she would henceforth start closing the curtains. But I was bonus veren siteler surprised the next day , when she followed the same routine and walked around her room naked much more then usual. She knew I was watching, as she kept looking at the window each time she passed it.

A couple of days after, I met her in the street , as she was going shopping. She asked me if there was anything she could get me from the shops and I asked her to get me some milk and cigarettes. Some half an hour later, she walked into my office and handed me the stuff. I offered her some coffee and she accepted. She was wearing a pair of shorts and a T shirt , both of which did not leave much to imagination.

Later I would find that she was 5’3″ tall, with size 36 bra 34 36 figure. And legs to die for. She sat down and we started talking, she told me she has had no men since her husband’s accident 4 years before. As I handed her the coffee, I noticed the look of want in her eyes, even though I was only 25 years old I knew that I had scored .

I asked her if she would like to go out for some fun any day while her husband was away, at the respite centre and she smile stood up and kissed me. Thanking me for the offer. She also said that she knew I was watching her while she got dressed and it excited her.

Two days later I got some time off , picked her up at 9 and we went to a sister island for a drive and lunch.

After an early lunch I booked into a hotel , as soon as we got to our room she literally flung herself on me and kissed as if there was no tomorrow. Driving her tongue into my mouth, and caressing my head, me on the other hand had my hands on her bedava bahis shapely ass.

She did not take long to have both of us undressed, literally tearing the clothes off me. I laid her on the bed with her legs dangling off the bed and she knew I was going down on her, so she opened her legs for me.

I licked and sucked on her pussy for ages, making her cum and squirt many times, until she got up and kneeled in front of me and really sucked the life out of me.

She said she enjoyed porn and loved watching it, she learned a lot from it as she was a wild tiger.

After her sucking I pushed her onto the bed and entered her roughly, fast and furious is the right explanation. She made me cum twice and it was heaven seeing my cum drip from her pussy. We showered and I drove her back home.

The next day she called me and told me to go to the window. There she was laying on the bed naked and touching herself. This went on every morning for three or four days, when she called me and told me to go over. We fucked for a whole day, and one thing that blew her out was when I rimmed her anus with my tongue.

She literally jumped off the bed , when she felt my tongue on her ass hole, holding my head tight to her she moaned and pushed her ass into my face.

Wetting my finger in her pussy I slipped it into her ass, and I swear that she tore the sheet with her finger nails, moaning and pushing her ass onto my finger as I sucked her clit.

After that it became a regular thing for me to pop over to her house for fucking sessions , she was making up for lost time.

As she was on the pill I was free to cum inside her, and she loved touching deneme bonus her pussy , after I came inside her, and then put her cum filled fingers into her mouth.

One day as she was sucking me I decided to try and cum in her mouth, holding her head I face fucked her till I blew my cum inside her throat, her tear filled eyes told me she loved it. As from now on you have to cum in my mouth she said as she kissed me after we showered.

Some weeks later she told me that it was time for her husband to go to hospital for 4 weeks for a serious operation, and that I could stay the night if I wanted to.

I got an overnight bag with some clothes and that evening we went out to a restaurant . She was happy and the dinks made her really horny. On the way home she asked me if I had ever had anal sex with a woman. I said no, but would love to. As we got home I kissed her and started caressing her body, I took her to the bedroom and massaged her body with scented oils, and licked her pussy till she screamed out the third orgasm.

I lifted her legs with the intention of entering her pussy, but she stopped me , she said she wanted anal.

I nearly lost my erection but she made that good with her mouth and throat again, I slid inside her ass slowly pushing gently till I could see her eyes as large as a saucer, then I started pumping her ass till she screamed for more. It did not take me long to cum, but that night she got more then she bargained for as I came in her ass 3 times,

All this went on till early morning, and when I looked into her bedroom window that day, the curtains remained closed.

I called her and she answered that she did not get out of bed at all as she was exhausted.

We kept this up for 2 years, until the project was finished. While I still sometimes see her, we grew apart as her husband was home a lot of times and she was not really able to get away.

Lucy you are a tiger my sweet baby.

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