Luisa Ch. 08

Big Tits

We Found our Couple


This is an ongoing series and you should read the prior chapters.


John and Carol came in and Luisa and I moved over to give us room in the bed.

I told Carol to come on my side and for John to get next to Luisa. When everyone was settled, I started kissing Carol and I could see Luisa and John going at it.

Carol’s hands were feeling me up and I was sucking on her erect nipples. My fingers found her wet slit and I eased them into her cunt. She spread her legs to give me access to her treasure. Soon, my fingers were pushing in and out of her cunt. She had her hand on my cock and was jerking it, then she told me to fuck her. As I mounted her, I saw that John was already fucking Luisa. I got my cock into Carol’s wet cunt and started fucking her as John looked over.

With the women on their backs, they still managed to kiss each other and play with each other’s tits. John and I looked at each other and smiled as we continued our fucking of the women.

John yelled out that he was going to cum. Luisa told him to cum on her tits. He pulled out his cock and gave it a couple of jerks and shot his load all over her tits and nipples. Carol scooped some cum up and fed her mouth of his cum, then kissed Luisa.

I told Carol I was cumming and she told me to cum inside her. With a big scream, I filled her cunt with my cum. Luisa quickly got down to her cunt and Pendik Escort sucked my cum out and kissed John, sharing my cum . We all were spent and laid in bed exhausted.

Luisa spoke, “Well, what did you guys think?”

I said, “Carol was terrific and I am hers whenever she wants me.”

Carol said, “I think I am in heaven. Tony has a talented cock and mouth.”

John then said, “I for one loved everything. I loved watching my wife being fucked and Luisa was marvelous.”

Luisa finished by saying, “For our first time together, I loved all of it. The next time, assuming you guys are in with all of it, I want to fuck Carol while you men watch. You ok with that Carol?”

Carol said, “I am in all the way. Luisa, I am ready whenever you are. I don’t want this night to end.”

Luisa started kissing Carol and John and I got off the bed to watch them. They really got into it and Luisa was like animal in heat. She was all over Carol. Their pussies were rubbing together as they sucked each other’s nipples.

I quickly got my camera and started recording them. After awhile they both screamed out that they were coming. Just then, Luisa squirted her juices all over Carol and the bed. It was the first time I ever saw Luisa squirt. Carol followed and had multiple orgasms as well.

They laid there exhausted.

After a few minutes, Carol and Luisa said that was the best female sex she ever had and Kurtköy Escort Carol said the same.

I told them that John and I really enjoyed their show.

I looked at the three of them and said, “Well, it looks like we are now a foursome, unless I am wrong. It seems we all found what and who we were looking for. Am I correct?”

One by one I got a “yes” from each of them.

That night, the four of us continued our fuckfest. I found the most erotic part was with the women on all fours and John and I fucking them from behind with us switching between the two women.

I don’t remember when we fell asleep in a naked pile but I know we were all covered in cum and their juices when we woke up the next morning. It was a beautiful sight.

When everyone got up, we showered and went to the restaurant for breakfast. The women chatted and John and I were wondering what we were going to do for the day.

I asked John if Carol was into anal or water sports. He said he wasn’t sure but was positive that Carol would try anything. I told him that Luisa is ok with anal for sure.

We came up with a scene for later that the women will either kill us or love us. When we finalized the plan, John said he couldn’t wait to get them in bed, especially since it was our last night at the resort.

The four of spent a pleasant day at the pool and got to know each other a lot more.

The more we talked, Tuzla Escort the more we had in common. It seemed that destiny caught up with us.

We took a break from the pool and we took a walk along the path around the resort. Both, Luisa and Carol said they loved walking around nude and getting looked at.

John and I were talking and then he yelled out to Carol, who was walking ahead of us, “Hey Carol, why don’t you shave your pussy like Luisa? I am tired of getting hair in my mouth.”

Carol turned around with a glare in her eyes and said, “If you don’t like my pussy, at least Tony does” and laughed.

The walk took about an hour and we hit the pool one more time before we headed to our cabins. I told John to meet us at 6:30 for dinner.

Luisa and I showered and got ready and, as we were getting ready, I asked Luisa if she was happy. She said that she felt fulfilled now. She continued by saying that she loved me and that she had been given a new life with me and my support for her. She told me that taking her to this resort was wonderful and us meeting John and Carol was the icing on the cake.

I pulled her to me and kissed her and told her I loved her more than anything and I would do anything to make her happy and if there was anything, anything at all, that she wanted to do or try, I would go along with it for her.

We hugged and kissed. Then I told her that John and I had a special night planned for her and Carol.

I told her to wear something extra sexy for the evening.

Luisa looked at me and said, “How about I wear that short, sheer, black dress with no bra or panties…that sexy enough for you?”

I told her that would do nicely and I smiled…

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