Luke’s New Babysitter

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His left arm held his crying three-year-old son, Cole, and his six-year-old, Leah, was practically climbing up his leg, but he felt good. “God I need this one,” he thought, looking forward to the guy’s night he had planned.

At eight o’ clock, the doorbell rang. “Coming!” Luke called down the stairs. He finished tying his shoes and ran to open the door, inviting the new babysitter in. “Logan, right?” he asked her as he continued to tuck in his light blue, button-down shirt. “Yeah, and you’re Mr. Evans?” she returned. “Just call me Luke,” he told her with a smile and proceeded to show her around. “I should be home around 11:30 or midnight; hopefully that’s okay with you?” Flashing a beautiful straight, white smile, Logan told him that she had no plans and anytime was fine. Luke couldn’t help but notice that she was gorgeous, but his mind quickly turned back to the bar and his night out. After all, it’d been a while since he was with a woman, and he decided that tonight he would try to meet someone his own age.

Time with the guys proved to be just as freeing as he’d hoped. They drank, watched the game, argued over calls, and he even flirted with a woman at the bar toward the end of the night. After making a witty comment to her, Luke looked down at his watch, still smirking. His smile instantly faded as he realized the hands were positioned at 12:15. Oh, shit! he thought. “I’m sorry. You’re lovely, but I gotta get home. Could I maybe get your number?” He gave her a last wave, slid her digits into his pocket, and said goodbye to the guys.

Luke pulled into the driveway at 12:32, cursing himself, and found his way through the fresh snow to his door. Walking down the hall, he heard music coming from the living room, and as he moved farther into the house realized it was “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. Logan was sitting on the couch with her legs crossed. Her long, honey brown hair draped down along her cheeks as she leaned over a textbook, bouncing an orange highlighter back and forth between her fingers. Wow, she looks pretty fucking cute when she bites her lip like that, he thought, watching her for a minute. Logan looked up at the sound of his footsteps, and stood instantly. Her breasts bounced softly with the motion as she said “Oh, I’m sorry Mr. Evans!” and rushed to turn off the music. “No, no, leave it,” he said, “This is one of my favorite songs.” As Trent Reznor screamed the words “I wanna fuck you like an animal! I wanna feel you from the inside.” they both found themselves screaming along without thinking. After they realized what they’d just said, each began to laugh awkwardly. A brief silence passed, and Luke started apologizing for being late. “The time just got away from me I guess.” He chose not to mention the blonde at the bar, but Logan assured him she didn’t mind. Luke looked up at the clock, getting closer to 1am with every tick, and told Logan that if she didn’t want to drive home this late, she should feel free to stay the night. Her shoulders drew up in a shrug as she admitted, “My brain is actually fried from this O-Chem studying. That’d be great if you don’t mind.” “Not at all. I’ll sleep on the floor, and you take my bed. It’s too cold to stay down here.” Before they headed upstairs, Luke went to illegal bahis grab a beer out of the fridge. Logan leaned over the kitchen counter while he did this, her low-cut sweater’s neck opening slightly and showing the gentle curve of her large, yet still proportional breasts cradled perfectly inside her lacey black bra. Luke turned back to face her with the beer in his hand and actually paused for a moment at the sight of them. Wow, he thought as he cracked open his brew and pressed the cold bottle between his lips, trying not to look at her tits and keep his hardening cock out of view. “Hey, do you think that I could maybe have a drink? I’m not gonna be driving anywhere, and I could seriously use something to help me wind down.” As she said it Logan turned her light, golden-brown eyes up to him innocently. They were an incredible contrast to her forest green sweater, and she looked so sexy. How could he resist? “Uh, sure. You’re almost 21, right? What do you like? Beer, wine, um… whiskey, tequila…” he chuckled realizing how unprepared he was to host anyone, much less a woman. “Wine would be awesome, thanks.” He poured her a full glass, and she took a generous sip as he re-corked the bottle. Setting the glass down, Logan commented on Luke’s home. Caught up in the conversation and still pretty tipsy, Luke turned too quickly and knocked over her glass of riesling. The sweet liquid soaked into her sweater, and the fabric clung even tighter to her round tits and flat stomach. “Shit, I’m sorry” he quickly apologized, but admitted to himself that he didn’t mind having a soaking wet 19 year-old girl in his kitchen. They ended up rushing to clean up the spill together, and caught each other’s eye while sopping up the mess. He thought he saw Logan smile suggestively, but maybe that was just the alcohol again. Her glass was refilled and they chatted briefly (it didn’t take her long to down the drink), before Luke remembered to offer her a new shirt. They headed upstairs, Logan somewhat lightheaded. She could feel Luke’s eyes on her, enjoying the view of her ass, and swung her hips a bit more than normal. She liked the attention.

“Here you go. I’m sure it’s kind of big, but it’s the smallest one I’ve got,” Luke said, handing here a plain white tee-shirt. “Oh, um, is there any way I could borrow some boxers, too? All I have are my jeans.” She motioned down toward her legs. “Yeah, of course.” Luke’s eyes followed her hand, enjoying the tightness of her pants, before he pulled a pair out of his dresser and handed them to her.

Logan got changed in the bathroom, giving Luke enough time to throw on a pair of boxer briefs, and when she came out, he felt his jaw hang slightly. She had rolled the boxers up to just below her ass, and her long, toned legs seemed to go on for miles. Luke imagined having them wrapped around him, rocking back and forth, but was stirred out of this fantasy when Logan stretched her hands above her head, yawning. Fuck, she has no bra on, he realized as her hard nipples strained against the thin, white fabric. He could feel his cock jump at the sight, and hoped that she didn’t notice his growing hard-on. “So, um… do those work okay for you?” He asked her, and she softly answered that yes, they were great.

Luke illegal bahis siteleri walked to his closet and began pulling out a blanket and pillow to make his bed on the floor. He was relieved to have an excuse to turn away from her and hide his growing “problem”. Once the blanket was unfolded and he was spreading it out, he heard a small laugh behind him. Logan was smiling and said, “Listen, I’ve spent enough time crashing on people’s floors to know that you’re not gonna sleep at all. This is your house- I feel bad about taking your bed. I mean, there’s enough room for both of us. Why don’t we just share it?” She smiled coyly, and Luke wondered if she was hitting on him, or if that was just wishful thinking again. Either way, he wasn’t going to waste this opportunity. After all, it had been a long time since he’d shared a bed with anyone. “Really? Ha, well if you’re okay with it, that would certainly be more comfortable.” Logan nodded and then asked a little bit timidly, “So… which side is yours?”

Luke smiled slightly and looked at her a little bit longer than usual before climbing in without a word. Logan got in next to him, and reached to turn off the bedside lamp. “Ready?” she asked before turning the knob, and after his agreement, the room went dark. Luke found himself staring up at the ceiling. Is this really fucking happening? What should I do? Do I pretend I’m asleep so this is less awkward? He turned onto his side to lie facing her back. Fuck she’s sexy. What am I supposed to do?! All of the sudden, interrupting his racing thoughts, he felt Logan press back against him. Her ass rubbed against his cock, and Luke was instantly hard again. “Shit!” He said loudly and pushed back a little too quickly out of intense embarrassment, but soon felt Logan’s hand grab the fabric at his hip. She pulled him back against her and whispered, “No, don’t. I like it.”

Luke’s heart was pounding against his chest, and his dick was rock solid. Fuck, this is really happening. “Yeah, me too actually,” he whispered back against her soft hair. Her shampoo smelled amazing, and he ached to be inside her tight, young pussy. At this, Logan rolled over to face him, and a moment passed before Luke gently pulled her face toward his and started to kiss her. Her lips were incredibly soft, and her mouth was so wet and warm. Luke was unbelievably turned on, and Logan began to kiss him more passionately. She bit his lower lip and pulled back slightly before twirling her tongue inside his mouth again. Her movements were feverish. She started to slide her hands down along his strong pecs, and felt her pussy getting wet as her thumb skimmed over his hard nipple. When she got to his shorts, she ran her finger along the inside of the elastic band, back and forth, teasing him. Luke tried to position himself so her hand would touch his penis, but she soon obliged and started to rub his throbbing cock outside of his boxers.

Luke began to moan as she rubbed him; he thought she might actually make him cum before they even fucked. “Do you like this?” Logan playfully asked him, already knowing the answer. He reached forward and slowly pulled up her shirt before throwing it off the bedside. “God Logan, I want you so bad.” The moonlight pouring canlı bahis siteleri through his window lit up her tits, and Luke felt the words escape his mouth after a sharp exhale, “Holy shit, they’re perfect.” Instantly he pressed his face into her breasts, frantically licking and sucking anything he could. Soft moans slipped out of Logan’s lips, and she ran her fingers through Luke’s thick, dark hair. Her touch gave him goosebumps and made him want her even more. Turning his face up to meet Logan’s for a kiss, Luke was denied as she dominantly shoved him over onto his back and lifted a leg over him to straddle his masculine body. Logan’s moans started to grow louder as she rubbed her clit along the hard ridge of his cock, which was constrained by his tight briefs. Luke loved watching her pleasure herself, using his dick like a toy- as if he’d caught her privately. He couldn’t stop playing with her amazing tits, squeezing her nipples and cupping almost her entire breast in his hand.

Logan leaned forward and began to kiss and suck down Luke’s neck, over his adam’s apple, between his pecs, until she finally got to his boxer line. She licked around his belly button and even bit him gently. Luke’s breathing and moaning was hard and fast at this point, “Oh god, I need to be inside you, Logan.” After teasing him for what felt like an eternity, she finally slid his briefs down and off of him, and Luke’s cock instantly bounced up to 12 o’ clock. “Patience, Mr. Evans,” she whispered seductively and bent down to take all of him into her mouth.

As she leaned closer, he could feel her warm breath on him, and just before giving him what he wanted, she looked up at him with those big, brown eyes. Luke didn’t think it was possible, but he became even harder, and a small bead of precum appeared at the slit of his cock. She isn’t blowing just any dick- she wants to suck mine, he thought, slightly disbelieving. Logan finally indulged him and enveloped the head of his penis in her soft, warm lips. She blew him like she’d done it a thousand times before (something he seriously doubted considering her age). Licking, sucking, pumping, moaning- until he couldn’t take it anymore. “Logan” he managed to breathe out, “I HAVE to fuck you.” She bit her lip again, tilted her head sweetly to the side, and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Logan scooted forwards, until her forehead and lips were just above Luke’s. Holding his rigid dick in her hand, she gently guided him into her small pussy. Logan saw that he was big, but didn’t realize how well-endowed Luke was until he was inside of her. “Mr. Evans, oh, uh, wow.”

They started slow, but both were too turned on to keep going that way for long. “I can’t believe how fucking wet you are,” Luke whispered to her. She couldn’t respond, her moans growing louder and more intense with every second. He’d been on the verge of exploding for what seemed like forever, so when Logan screamed, “Oh, God, Luke! I’m cumming!” he couldn’t take it anymore. They came together, each not caring how loud the sounds of their ecstasy were. Their thrusts eventually slowed, and their moans softly abated until Logan slumped and dropped down by his side. It took several minutes before either of them could even speak, but Logan soon turned to Luke and said, “God, this is the best babysitting job I’ve ever had.” All he could do was smile, and as he got up to go to the bathroom, Luke pulled the blonde’s number out of his pocket, smirking as he tore it up.

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