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I get a message from you that says “lunch?” And I know what that means! I drive over and pick you up so we can drive out to the dead end road on the other side on new milford that I found when I was thinking about buying a house down there. Dead ends right into a field of handily VERY tall grasses. 🙂

When you slide into the car I lean over for a quick kiss cause I know if I get too much of a taste of you, I won’t be able to drive 🙂 yum. But you have other intentions and your mouth takes over mine until I’m sure I can’t remember whats going on. Mmm long deep slow amazing kiss. You pull back and I just kind of blink at you. “hi” says you. I shake my head…”driving now” says me. But as I pull out on to the roads that will get us into new milford I can’t stop my free hand from reaching for your cock. I want it in my hands and my mouth and my pussy and my ass, and I can’t wait to touch you everywhere. So I have to start. And you shift and undo your jeans for me so I can get a better grip, better to move to base to head. I lick my lips in anticipation of what I want and you laugh and kiss me and tell me to watch the road.

Once I’ve gotten us to my dead end, and the canlı bahis cars in park, I all but push you into the backseat. Want your mouth on me and your hands and your cock and…I just want you. Since your jeans are undone I push them down further and drop my mouth to your cock. Mmmm love the taste of your cock in my mouth. Use my hands to run up and down while my mouth licks at just the tip of you. I can feel your hands on my back and I move my arms to get my shirt and bra off for you. And once they’re gone you raise me up and take my breasts in your mouth, licking at my one nipple and pinching at the other one, while your other hand undoes the clasp on my pants. I get up on my knees next to you on the seat and you work my pants off. You scoot forward and I climb into your lap and onto your cock. And my arms wrap around you and bring your head and mouth back down to my breasts

Your cock feels so good filling my pussy, and as I start to slowly ride you, move up and down again I can feel everything. So yummy

Feel your arms around me holding me in to you, feel your cheeks scratch against my breasts, make me moan. Your hands go to my hips and my hands reach for you, bahis siteleri want your mouth on mine. My hands and mouth are busy with your mouth little licks and sucks and nibbles between lips and tongue and teeth. Feel your hands guide my hips up on down your cock, feel you fill my mouth with your tongue and my pussy with your cock. Sitting like this, so close you take up so much more than you usually do. When my hips move faster drag your cock deep into my pussy and your hands grab my ass and change my angle just a bit so I’m leaning back a little and impossibly more of your cock is deeper inside me. mmmm with your hands on my ass you start to tease my hole and I grab at your shoulders, I can’t breath…. so good. You lean me all the way back and prop me up against the seat in front and start to fuck me hard. So good so full your dick fills my pussy over and over again until I can’t take it and I cum all over your cock

You start to pull your cock almost out and tease back in so slow and I reach up and bring your mouth to mine. Don’t tease I mumble against your lips. And you pull back for just a second and say I’m not. And when you come back to kiss me again your cock bahis şirketleri leaves my pussy and fills my ass all in one motion. And I moan into your mouth how good that feels. Love having you in my ass. Love having your cock in my ass while you’re kissing me. And as you begin to slow fuck my ass, I can feel you drive in until your balls rub against my ass cheeks and I twist my hips against you want more. Beg more please fuck me and you pull back and smile and take my hips in your hands and start to pound into my ass. God that’s so good. Mmmm fill my ass. You fucking my ass is so hot; above me like that. love watching you. My ass feels so tight stretched by your cock and as you move in and out you move one of your hands down to flick at my clit. It only takes twice before my entire body archs and I moan out your name. and when my ass tightens down onto your cock I can hear you start your growl and off I go again. Love hearing you do that so fucking sexy

You pull out of my ass and help me back onto your lap and I have to sit with my head buried in your neck for a sec. Too tired to move. Mmm sleepy now. And you tilt your head around and lick at my ear and mention that horrible work word. Work bah, but you’re going to be late, so we get dressed and back we go and when I send you back into the building, it occurs to me that only I got something to eat. Hmmm we’ll have to fix that next time 😀

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