Lush First Date


AngelI was nervous and they grew with every step taken in my black high heels. He’d specifically asked that I wear them.I hesitated by the grand hotel doors. I stood at the base; letting the cold air run over my body.I wished the cold was the reason for my hardened nipples but they were like that because of the excitement I was feeling. I had great expectations of what was to come over the next 24 hours. I smiled inwardly to myself, tried to get my breathing back to normal and thought over how I had gotten to be there. I checked my watch. It was almost two.It was the same old story really. One we’ve heard loads of times. My sex light marriage had driven me to Lush, where I had started to read. Then, I found the passion to write. I’d asked for some help to edit my stories and he had come along and brought them to life.We chatted every day about normal things and sex stories. Then we moved on to our likes and dislikes, turn-ons and offs our marriages and what was missing. He was starting to turn me on!Then it happened! The talk about giving each other what we needed, what we desired. How we would kiss and touch one another when we finally met. The things that we wanted to do to one another. Then we made it happen!He planned drinks and an afternoon in a hotel. We had wanted a drink first to make sure we liked what we saw and that there was a passionate connection between us. Then we would head to the hotel for the fun we had been talking about for months. In our messages, the passion and lust were there but we needed to know in real life. I questioned myself if I should do this. My body wanted to but my brain was stopping me. Then suddenly the decision was made in my mind. IanI’d asked Angel to meet me in the hotel bar on the 52nd floor at two o’clock. I’d not met her before, but I knew she would be impressed with the cocktail bar at the top of the Shard and I’d booked a suite in the Shangri La for us to enjoy each other’s company and enjoy the sunset over London. The location was perfect as we both intended to arrive by train. I had arrived early, checked in and ordered a bottle of champagne and two glasses for the room. I’d bought a new suit for the occasion and had a white shirt tailored to fit. New black shoes had been purchased and I felt good. I earned a lot of money and today, I wanted to spend that on having an amazing time with Angel. I’d asked her to wear high heels, a dark skirt and a blouse so that I could enjoy the view of her amazing cleavage. I also had desires to unbutton her blouse while passionately kissing her neck down and into her cleavage. I ordered a single malt at the bar, placed down the rose that I had I bought and waited for her. AngelI walked through the door of the hotel and headed to the elevators. Ian had said he would be waiting in the bar on the 52nd floor. I couldn’t quite believe this was real or that I was doing this. He said he would be sitting at the end of the bar, wearing a dark blue suit and white shirt, a turn on for me. He also said he would be holding a pink rose for me, as I love the colour pink. I hoped he liked what he saw as I walked in. My curvy body covered in a short, not slutty black skirt, a pink silk shirt, and my black heels. My long blonde hair was down, but I had a hairband around my wrist ready to tie it up for later in the afternoon. I giggled a little as I remembered the spare panties in my bag, in case I ruined the ones I was wearing. Ian As I sat enjoying my single malt, I saw her enter into the bar area. She looked stunning. Her long blondish brown hair was down, her curls sitting on her shoulder. She looked very business-like, with her black high heels, dark skirt and a pink silk blouse. I wanted to spring straight up and run over to her, take her case and make sure she was okay, but I waited for her to take in the view of London from our glassed room in the sky.AngelI walked into the bar and over to Ian, doing my best sexy walk as he turned around and spotted me. Thankfully he smiled at me and stood up. He took my luggage and handed me my rose. We kissed cheeks and he took me to a quiet table next to a window with a view of the city. I looked him over and thought wow he is gorgeous and that suit fits him perfectly. As we sat in a very comfortable leather armchair, he handed me the cocktail menu and suggested we order something strong. I asked for a dirty martini and a waiter came to make sure we were comfortable and arrange my drink. As I got comfortable in the armchair, a slight wet patch was forming on my panties.We chatted about our journey to the hotel as we waited for my drink to be poured. I whispered to him that I was so nervous and he had smiled to say I wasn’t the only one.IanI hugged Angel and kissed her cheeks as soon as she arrived. She looked and smelt amazing. I told her how fantastic she looked and hoped she was impressed with the rose. I’d booked a special table at the bar with views over The Thames and the Tower of London. I was very nervous as to how it would go, so I suggested a strong cocktail to break the ice, thankfully Angel was in a very chatty mood and I couldn’t wait to show her our suite in the hotel and spend some time kissing and caressing her body.Our conversations started to pick up after a few minutes. We started to flirt with each other and we had a stroll around the bar, looking out of the window and enjoying the view from the 52nd floor. When we finished our drinks, I asked what she wanted to do.’I have a bottle of champagne on ice in our room,’ I suggested.AngelI güvenilir bahis was taken back at how fast this was happening, but I knew I wanted to go and explore. We left the bar and walked to the lift. We weren’t the only ones to get in, so we stood at the back next to each other. I felt Ian’s hand on my bum and I smiled. He caressed it and gave my bum cheek a little squeeze. As he opened the door to our room, I stood in front of it while he used the key card to unlock it. Ian leaned in and kissed me, a nice simple kiss to start with but it quickly turned into a tongue filled kiss. We kissed while we walked blindly into the suite, holding my body against him. We almost left the door open as our lips did not stop touching.I dropped my bag and let my hands feel his body and he groped at my ass and my hands ran through his hair. I heard the door shut behind us and we moved in the direction of the bed. Our hands were busy stripping each other’s clothes off. We didn’t have to speak, we both knew what we wanted. His lips kissed down my neck to my cleavage as he undid shirt buttons and then my bra.IanAngel had me so turned on. I couldn’t stop kissing her. I had wanted to show her the suite and the view and the champagne but with months of flirting, we were driven by lust for each other. She was a great kisser and I loved every second of it. I kissed down her neck while I unbuttoned her blouse and then unclasped her bra. Her tits fell out and were amazing. She has an amazing cleavage, but to kiss her tits and suck on her nipples felt like heaven and it was frenzied; we were acting on animal instincts and raw passion.AngelI caressed Ian’s head as he took each breast in his hands and felt them. I saw the grin on his face just before he took one nipple into his mouth. He sucked, licked and nibbled it like he hadn’t had a tit in his mouth in years. I was moaning with each touch.IanI lay Angel flat on the bed, with her blouse and bra off and decided to enjoy the top half of her body. I pinned her down and kissed every inch of her with passionate kisses and loved that she was giving them back. She has an amazing figure and I was so turned on by her. I spent a long time kissing one breast and then the other, making sure her nipples got plenty of attention and remained rock hard. I continued to kiss her lower and lower until I got to the hemline of her skirt. Then I kissed her bare thighs.AngelEvery kiss Ian laid on my body felt so good. He kissed up my thigh under my skirt laying a kiss on my wet patch panties and kissed back down my other thigh. Ian knew I wanted more but gently laid between my open legs and kissed me everywhere else. He was grinding his hardness against me. Teasing me. Knowing we had time to play again, I just had to have him inside me. I knew I would get time to pleasure him the way I enjoy but right that second I just wanted him inside me. I rolled him on his back, kissed him and swung my boobs in his face. I unbuttoned his shirt and kissed down his chest, licking a little and teasing the hell out of him as I did. I moved down so I could bite and nibble his cock through his trousers. Thankfully, I got the result I had hoped for as his cock bulged out through his suit trousers.Ian I’d never experienced such a raw passionate encounter before, Angel had made me really horny and we were all over one another. Driven by the pent up lust from months of sexy talk. She had unbuttoned my shirt and gave me the most amazing kisses all over my chest and stomach. I lay back in utter bliss as she deep breathed through the fabric of my trousers before undoing my belt, then my flies and bringing my cock out. I whimpered “Oh my fucking god!” as she took my dick inside her mouth and started to gently suck on me. It was the best oral sex I had ever had in my life and her tongue gave me the most incredible feelings of pleasure as she licked around the head of my shaft. Then she removed my shoes, socks, trousers, and pants and straddled me.AngelI couldn’t wait any longer to feel him inside me, I’d suck him later when I could take my time. I aimed his cock towards my soaked pussy and slid down onto him, I gasped as he stretched my unused pussy. I sat there for a few seconds and adjusted to his size before I started to ride him. My hands caressed his chest as I moved back and forth on his impressive shaft. It hit all the spots I needed and I leant forward and swung my big boobs in his face. He took them into his hands, squeezed them and pinched my sensitive nipples. Ian leant up and took them into his mouth and sucked on each nipple in turn which I really enjoyed. My boobs are a massive turn on for me and he knew it. The intensity of it caused me to grind down on his cock harder and faster to get as much pleasure as I could. I felt myself getting closer to cumming all over his cock. As I rode faster, his moans increased. I leant down and he kissed me. We let our tongues explore one another’s mouths while he pinched my nipples harder. The harder he pinched, the harder I ground my pussy into him until I came. I almost screamed as I did and in a moment of bliss. I closed my eyes and relished the feeling of my wetness dripping down his cock. I was still breathing heavily as I rested on him with his cock still pulsating wildly inside me. I looked at his face and smiled back at his naughty grin. I moved off him and wriggled my body upwards along his body, stopping with my cunt over his face. Holding onto the headboard, I lowered myself onto his face, feeling his tongue start to güvenilir bahis siteleri explore and gently lick me.My cunt was full of his cum and he licked all around my pussy lips, catching my clit with his tongue. It felt amazing, but more so when he pulled my ass down onto his face and started to really eat me out. He licked like crazy and he must have been tasting and swallowing his own cum as he did so. I have never felt anything like it. Ian was very talented with his mouth and tongue and I was loving it.I breathed heavily and gripped the headboard with my hands tightly. I rode his mouth just like I had done with his cock. I felt him licking my wetness away as he continued to make more. I caressed his head, sometimes pulling at his hair on purpose as I rode his tongue and rubbed my clit up against his nose and face.“I’m going to cum, don’t stop!” I moanedThen I came hard and fast. I collapsed onto the bed next to Ian, my eyes closed and chest heaving. He rolled over and kissed me passionately letting me taste myself on his lips. I giggled as he smiled at me, happy with his work, happy that he had made me cum twice.Ian pulled me up and we stood by the window to show me the sights. The windows were floor to ceiling and we were naked but too high up for anyone to see.The view was amazing, as was the room. I’d never stayed in a place like this and I wandered around, amazed at how beautiful and large the suite was.“Wow, you do know how to treat a lady, don’t you? I can’t wait to try that bath out!” I commented on seeing the beautiful bathroom.As I turned, I saw Ian standing there naked, sexy and still hard, holding his tie.IanThe adrenalin was pumping through me and I had loved that Angel had taken control. She’d used my cock and then my mouth to get two orgasms. It had been rough passionate sex and we had both been dying to rip one another’s clothes off and shag each other’s brains out. That’s just what we did.We stood at the window admiring London and I kept eyeing up Angel’s amazing figure. I wanted to spend more time kissing those amazing boobs of hers and turn her on more.I reached for my tie. I wanted to blindfold her. I also had some other ties and binds to restrain her to the bed. But then, she suggested we try out the bath. So, I filled it up for her, got her some more champagne and joined her in the large tub which had jacuzzi bubbles to relax. We sat chatting, agreed how amazing the sex had been and then after a while I asked if she was ready for round two.As she stepped out the bath, I towelled her dry and kissed all over the top part of her, avoiding her nipples and other sensitive areas. I took her over to the bed and pushed her back gently upon it. I took out my tie, and wrapped it around her head over eyes and blindfolded her. I restrained her arms and pushed her legs wide apart.Then I set about kissing and teasing every inch of her body. I played with her boobs and kissed them gently. I let her nipples go hard, kissing and blowing on them but did not give them too much attention. I kissed the inside of her thighs and around the outside of her swollen lips and teased gently at her clitoris.I rolled her over, and gently kissed her back and bum. Then, I took out my flogger and gently let its strands touch her feet, calves, thighs, between her legs and over her bum. I let the weight of it touch and caress her body. I teased her with it, she could feel the leather gently passing over her.Then I gently smacked the flogger down onto her bare bum. Far too slow to cause any stinging sensation. I wanted her to be disappointed with the smack and I asked if she wanted it brought down a little harder.AngelThe bath was lovely and romantic but I think it helped us calm down a little. Well that was until Ian played out the next part of his plan for us. Ian is a real tease. I was already getting excited due to being blindfolded and restrained. I put all my trust into him and I was getting so horny for his touch and he was driving me wild with the teasing. Kissing all over my breasts and ignoring my nipples. Teasing my clit, knowing I wanted more.I was a little shocked when I felt the cold leather on my skin. I took a breath at the touch but my pussy grew moist at the same time. I was disappointed with the smack as he knew I would be. I didn’t answer straight away as I didn’t want him to know how desperate I was.After a few seconds with my best calm voice, I replied ‘Yes.’He did it again, far too slow so I could hardly feel it.’Yes please, spank me harder please.’ I was almost begging but trying not to.Ian gave me what I wanted; a harder spank with the flog right on my bare bum. I gasped and moaned slightly. He knew I enjoyed it, so he did it again. I moaned this time. I couldn’t stop it. He ran the flogger over my pussy. It tickled my clit which only turned me on more. I didn’t know how far he was going to go, but so far I was soaked and needing him inside me again but knew he wasn’t going to give me his cock that easy.IanShe asked to be spanked, and I cracked my flogger down on her. I checked she was okay, and lightly brushed the flogger straps all over her body to get her to relax again before I brought it down hard across the other bum cheek. I continued this and gave her five sharp smacks.Angel has an amazing ass, I wanted my flogger to mark her, just a little, so that she would be reminded of it over the next few days.I gently pushed my hand under her pubic bone and inserted my thumb into her pussy. Her juices spilt out and my thumb wiggled iddaa siteleri around. I could tell she was really turned on by the spanking.I gently kissed her marked bum and asked if she was okay. She whimpered yes. I sensed it was from the pleasure rather than the pain and I kissed all over the side of her body.I decided she had been spanked enough, we’d build those sessions up over time. I let the flogger dance across her body gently and turned her over onto her back. Again the flogger did its work, inside her thighs, across her tummy and over her luscious breasts.I flicked my tongue over her nipples and gave them a good suck. Then, I reached across onto the bedside table and brought over the nipple clamps. I let her sip some champagne and then I drank some and kissed it into her mouth. Then I clamped her nipples. She gasped and smiled, I could tell she was enjoying this as much as I was.We continued to kiss for some time and then I took back control. I guided her to a kneeling position on the bed and then pushed her head forwards. She was still blindfolded and her ass was now sticking up in the air. I pushed my tongue into her asshole and rimmed her, my fingers fucking her pussy. One, then two then three fingers.I grabbed the lube and rubbed this all around her ass hole. Then I rubbed the lube all over my cock. I knelt behind her and pushed my cock deep into her ass. I pushed in one smooth motion and she cried out “oh my god!” I didn’t know if I was too big for her. But, I had to stop as soon as I was fully in.It felt amazing and my dick was pulsating and I nearly came. I remained still and breathed deeply until I had regained my composure and then I built up a rhythm fucking her ass. It got warmer and warmer as my dick slid in and out and she was so tight. It felt unbelievably good.I kept it going for some time, keeping my hands on her hips until finally I pulled out and immediately stuck my cock into her dripping wet pussy and came instantly. It felt good to be coming so deep inside her.My whole body convulsed and I reached forwards and massaged her tits as my mind drifted away and I collapsed into her and said: “You are fucking amazing.”AngelMy bum felt so good, not only with the spanks I felt glowing on my bum but when he kissed the red marks too. I couldn’t hide my excitement when he slid his thumb into my pussy, my wetness soaking his thumb. Ian knew how to tease a woman, what with the flogger softly caressing my body and the champagne kiss. Then he added the nipple clamps onto my hard sticking-out nipples. Having the blindfold still on kept my whole body on alert, every touch felt like fire on my skin. His lips on my body felt like I needed each one.I must admit even when he was rimming my asshole I still didn’t think he was going to fuck me there. Again I should have guessed that was what he was doing as he worked his fingers inside there, stretching the hole and getting me used to something in there.I haven’t had much fucking in that hole, so it was still very tight. I cried out ‘Oh my god’ but in my head, after that, there were a lot of swear words. Ian is so big in that hole. Yes it really hurt but it also felt so good. My head was in the pillow and my hands gripped the bed so tight. I was happily shocked when he pulled out and came inside my pussy, it felt fantastic and I could feel his cock throbbing inside of me. My pussy squeezed all his cum out and I groaned as he felt up my boobs.”No, you are amazing!” I replied to Ian as I slid down the bed taking off my blindfold.I took his softening cock into my mouth to suck it clean. I licked his shaft and sucked out any last cum I could. I moved to his balls, licking and sucking my wetness off them. Once I was satisfied he was clean, I moved up and kissed him passionately, our tongues playing while our hands caressed.I felt his cum dripping from my pussy and I wanted to taste us, so I took his hand in mine and used his fingers to massage inside of me and then I took them out to taste. I pushed two of Ian’s fingers deep inside my pussy, almost fucking my pussy with them, getting myself close to cumming as he wiggled his fingers inside me but then he pulled them out and I sucked them clean. I saw a grin appear on Ian’s face as he knew he teased me not making me cum.“We’re very tasty mixed together,” I moaned.I stood off the comfy and very large bed letting my blood go back to my legs but Ian had other plans. He reached out and pulled on my nipple chain. At first, I thought he was aiming me back to his cock. However, he replied a very firm no and said we had a dinner reservation at the hotel soon. Then he pulled on my nipple chain and led me to the shower.IanAs I thought to myself, wow that was the best sex ever, I realised the time. I had made a reservation for us to have dinner in the late evening. I’d also bought a special surprise for Angel. I’d spent a long time picking out a black dress which I knew she would look stunning in. I pulled on her nipple chain and at first, her head went down into my lap. I pulled again and told her we needed to have a shower and get ready for dinner. I led her to the bathroom area and turned on the rainforest style shower. We stepped inside and kissed and let out hands wander over each other’s body while the water jetted into and slightly stung our skin.When we stepped out of the shower, I told Angel that I had bought her a present and said, “Wear this, please!” It was more of a command than a request. We both got dressed and were sadly out of champagne. Angel looked stunning in her new dress. I gave her a kiss on the lips and told her how amazing she looked. Finally, both dressed, we stepped out of the hotel room to enjoy our dinner reservation and I couldn’t wait to spend the whole evening and night with her.

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