Lusting For Ruth


It had been raining persistently for three days, and I had no hopes that the sun might return. I didn’t mind it so much- it was nice to dance in, naked- by my friend Ruth was pretty much solar-powered and was full of woe, when she arrived with her boyfriend, that the summer sun had departed so soon.

Ruth and I often had evenings in together, with our partners. We took it in turn to go to one another’s houses, the hosting couple supplying a warm meal and some alcohol, the visiting couple arriving with desert and more drinks. That night Ruth and Mark visited Eddy and I.

Looking back, I don’t remember who suggested it. I do remember, however, how we came to think of it, the four of us. The drink had a not insignificant role, that I suddenly decided to share with Mark and Ruth my latest secret: that I was bi-curious.

Ruth, a self-professed bisexual of long standing but little actual experience with our fair gender, giggled and clapped her hands delightedly. “Raise your left hand for tits, and your right hand for arses!” she instructed, proposing another one of our drunken polls.

My left arm seemed to raise itself as I thought of mine and Eddy’s porn collection. Pert, gentle breasts; I smiled. Humongous tits, I though, were somehow ugly and daunting.

Eddy preferred arses, and so did Ruth, apparently, while Mark lifted both arms. “Greedy,” Eddy accused Mark.

“Nothing wrong with a man who knows what he likes,” Mark said, ” and I like round buttocks and rounder tits.”

Ruth giggled some more, looking at Eddy. “So you’re a butt boy yourself?”

He nodded. “How could I not be? Have you seen Claire’s cute, little ass?”

She looked at me for a moment. Calmly, “It is a lovely tush.”

I snorted quietly. “And you have adorable breasts, my dear.”

She smiled faintly. “I was serious.”

I casino oyna looked around the table for a moment. Mark and Eddy, if nothing else, seemed eager. As I turned back to Ruth, I saw the warmth in her eyes and knew she wasn’t kidding me, and that it would all be ok.

Even now I don’t find many women attractive, but I had thought Ruth was damned hot for a long time. She was shorter than me, standing maybe at 5″4, a slim woman with real curves. She had brown hair and brown eyes, but I hadn’t been looked at her eyes much any more. She knew she looked good, and dressed to flaunt it. Hell, if I had a body like that, I’d flaunt it.

The men started laughing, shattering our shared daydream. And then someone said it.

“Raise your hand for yes.”

Mark, Eddy and Ruth all raised a hand, Ruth seeming especially enthusiastic. “About what?” I asked naively.

“Us two,” Ruth said, brushing a hair from my face and smiling.

I smiled back, and lifted my arm.

Candles were set around the front room, the furniture pushed aside. The four of us sat on the layers of blankets and pillows that had been laid on the floor, talking.

I was nervous as hell. I hardly said a thing; no matter what the conversation was about, I couldn’t have spoken. I could hardly think over the sound of my own thunderous heartbeat.

Ruth’s hand crawled over the fluffy landscape of pillows until it met mine. She held it gently for a long while, the conversation still bubbling. In her grasp, I could feel myself calm and begin to stop shaking. My stomach un-knotted itself. Something about her warm touch was familiar and reassuring.

Slowly, she drew my hand toward her and placed it high up on her thigh. I could feel the warmth of her flesh inviting me through the thin fabric of her dress. She left go, and my hand drifted, feeling canlı casino her long legs. As I grew more confident, I slipped my hand beneath her dress and she turned to me, her hand resting on my shoulder as she nibbled my neck and face.

Mark and Eddy goggled at us. This was what we had planned- for us to sit together and let things happen naturally instead of diving in, mostly because of my nerves- but they still couldn’t believe it was happening. With her free hand, Ruth shooed them away. The pair stood, shrugged and grabbed more drinks and a better place to watch from as Ruth lay me down and rested her length along mine.

She was so light, and my hands immediately found new places to occupy themselves as we kissed, softly at first, and then more harshly, deeply.

She tasted sweet, and a sour tongues met over and over, I knew I wanted more. Our hands fumbled at one another’s bodies through the obstruction of clothes until we couldn’t stand it any longer. Kneeling with one leg at each side of me, Ruth looked down at me lustfully. “Undress me,” she whispered sharply.

I sat up and wrapped my arms around her, unzipping her dress down the back. The red garment fell away from her shoulders and hung around her waist, exposing her cleavage. She looked like she was going to burst from her bra, it was almost appetising. I had seen her in her underwear before, when we were roommates some years before, but this was different. This meant something, and this time I could really look and touch her. I unfastened her bra and slid it from around her arms, tossing it aside.

Ruth gasped s I took her breasts in my hands, massaging and rubbing them. Her already erect nipples grew harder under my palms, so I shifted my grip to cup her breasts and twisted the nipples between my fingers. I had wondered, silently, for some time what it kaçak casino would be like to suck another woman’s nipples, namely Ruth’s. I was so horny, knowing that now I had the chance to find out. I took the left one in my mouth, sucking hard and flicking the nipple with my tongue as she ran her fingers through my hair and pushed my head further into her chest, moaning.

Submerged in sensation, I was only vaguely aware of Mark and Eddy moving around the room to watch us from different angles, but I listened hard to Ruth’s moans and felt myself becoming wetter. She shimmied out of her dress and I saw, if only briefly before she moved, her bald pussy glistening with her juices, the tops of her legs dampened by her excitement.

“No panties!” Eddy cried, overjoyed.

Ignoring him, Ruth undressed me, leaving only my lace thong. She kissed my again, then licked my ear and began to nibble it as her hand felt how wet I was. I knew, the crotch of my knickers was soaked. I whimpered and arched my hips, pushing back against her hand. “Oooh!….Please…”

“Do you want me to finger-fuck you?” she asked.

“Yessss,” I moaned.

“How badly do you want me to touch you?”

I groaned. I couldn’t bear any more. My legs were weak; my pussy was craving attention worse than I had ever known. “I want it so badly. Please! Please touch me!”

She pushed my thong aside and flicked her fingers in and out of me teasingly. I bucked and writhed as she did this and bit my nipples, drying for her to take me. I wanted her to take me roughly, and I got just that. She probed two fingers into my cunt, pushing deep. In and out, she fucked me with her slender fingers. I could feel her breasts touching me, her own flowing juices on my leg as she threw one leg over mine and rubbed her clit against me. As I began to scream, scratching her back, my legs shaking, she slid another two fingers into me, one after the another. I ground myself on her hand and held her closely as I came. And then we lay still, her hand still inside me for the time.

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