Lyndsi comes over

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Lyndsi comes overThere I was just sitting in the livingroom reading my kindle when the doorbell rings and I come back to reality slightly annoyed, putting down the kindle down I walk over and open the door and lo and behold there in front of me looking through the screen is my lovely friend Lyndsi with a cute sheepish grin wearing a very short colorful yellow sundress. The light from outside is shinning brightly and because of that her sundress, being thin material, I can clearly see through it. Obviously she’s wearing nothing under it as I can clearly see her well manicured brown bush, I look upwards and she says, “aren’t you going to invite a lady in”? I quickly apologize opening the screen door feeling embarrassed that she saw staring at her. She steps into the air conditioned cool air of the room. As she walks last i smell the sweet scent of “Liz Taylor perfume” and I tell her how nice she looks and that I have always liked that perfume, she thanks me and gives peck on my lips which I savor. I look down and I can see her large mature breasts are slightly heaving from what I can only hope is our slight kiss. Trying to be a gentleman I offer her a glass of sweet tea, instead she says she would like something stronger, so I hurry to the kitchen with her alongside me to make her a gin and tonic and bursa escort for me some straight vodka on the rocks. Then I ask her to come over and sit in the big leather easy chair and I sit across from her on the sofa. She sits very carefully making sure her dress has her covered and I try not to stare. We make small talk, fami!y, gardening, friends etc. She has now finished her drink and I get up to get her another, which I double up the gin, when I come back to give it to her I can’t help but bend over and kiss her full on her lips. She returned the kiss, this time with passion and when I pry myself from her delicious lips she’s breathless and her eyes have slightly glazed. Still trying my best to just be friends I sit back down on the sofa, at that point she re-crosses her legs but now her dress has ridden quite high on her thighs and she makes no attempt to pull it back down. We continue talking about nothing much, that is when I think that maybe she’s looking for more than small talk. So I change the conversation to more of a sexual note. She tells me that her hubby just doesn’t satisfy her needs and that she usually makes herself come using her fingers and a small vibrator. We both need another drink so I get us each one again, hand hers to her and kiss her deeply making it longer and I linger bursa escort bayan as our tongues now touch swirling, dancing i slowly pull away and now her breasts are pushing against the fabric and the top of her very lady yellow bra is showing. She wets her full red lipsticked lips and they glisten in the light. I move back to the sofa and as I sit down her dress has ridden even higher and her thighs are slightly parted confirming that what I saw from the backlight by the door that she’s not wearing panties! I try not to stare, but can’t help myself, for way too long I have ached to catch a glimpse of heaven. She says “like what you see honey”? I am now emboldened, finish my drink and she hers. I ask her to touch herself, so without a second thought her right hand drops to the hem of her dress and she finishing her drink moves to the entrance of her manicured lips and begins with two fingers touching her clit, rubbing, pulling, rubbing it in slow deliberate delicious movements. Her thighs have now widened, my view is unobstructed, her lips are now open, flicking her tongue to wet them. Her nails are done in brilliant red which looks hot as now her fingers are slipping into her warm set tunnel and she pulls them out showing them to be glistening with her fluids making her nails shine more. I unbutton escort bursa my pants a d reach in and take out my now hard cock, the tip is wet with precum, I slowly start jerking it. More precum. Lyndsi is now removing the tip of her dress, her breasts are magnificent with the yellow bra, she pulls them both over the top of her bra and exposes them to my gaze. I move my hand faster on my hard meaty cock. She moans as she’s getting close to her orgasm, thighs trembling, her hand is going faster, to gets deeper, the sound of her wetness as her fingers work faster is exhilarating to me, my hand is working quicker and quicker as I start to feel the first signs of my own impending climax. Shes now scooted way down in the leather chair shamelessly fingering her pussy faster, moans, guttural sounds in her throat yet she’s watching me jerking intently, suddenly she lets out a small scream, her body goes rigid except for her hand feverishly working her pussy into a frothing squishy sound her release hits her like a truck into a wall just as my cock suddenly spews forth a huge white eruption of my own, her thighs are quivering she can’t catch her breath, the huge wet spot under her giving away that she had fun bard. We both gather ourselves, she leaves for the bathroom as I wipe my cum away with Kleenex.When she returns she says she has to get back home as hubby will be home soon. We decide that we will have to do that again soon. She gets herself together and we kiss at the door.Who knows what or when we will do it again?

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