Subject: Lyon’s Empire 4 Lucious Lyon was working in his study in the family home on a Friday evening. Just then, his middle son, Jamal walked into the study. “You wanted to talk to me, dad?” He asked. “Yea, son. Come in.” Lucious said. Jamal walked into the study. “Close the door behind you.” Jamal closed the door and walked over to his dad’s desk. “Have a seat, son.” Jamal sat down across from his dad. “What’s up, dad?” Jamal asked. “Why did you call me in here?” “Well, I just wanted to apologize to you.” Lucious said. “Apologize?” Jamal asked. “For what?” “For making you feel like shit for being gay.” “That’s okay, dad.” Jamal said. “No, son. It’s not okay” Lucious said. “I’m your dad. I’m supposed to love you, no matter what.” “Then, I accept your apology.” Jamal said. “Can I go now.” “I have a proposition for you.” Lucious said. “What proposition?” Jamal asked. “The entire family will be away for the entire weekend.” Lucious began. “I propose that I be your sex slave for the entire weekend.” As Lucious thought it would, Jamal’s jaw dropped to the floor. “Dad, are you drunk?” Jamal asked. Lucious chuckled loudly and said, “No, son, I’m not drunk. And, no, I’m not high, either.” Jamal was stunned at what his dad was proposing. “Let me get this straight.” Jamal said. “You’re gonna be my sex slave? For the weekend? And, you won’t kill me or, have me killed on Monday?” “No, son, I won’t kill you, or have you killed.” Lucious said, laughing his head off. “Okay, I’ll do it.” Jamal said. “How do we start?” “I was thinking you’d get into my bed and you call me to my room…I mean, your room.” Lucious said. When he said that, he winked at his son. “We’ll start from there.” Jamal grinned from ear to ear and said, “I can’t wait to get started.” He went out of the room and headed to his parent’s master bedroom. Lucious smiled to himself and said softly, “I can’t wait, either, son. I can’t wait, either.” Lucious walked up to his bedroom door and took off his shoes and socks. Then he loudly knocked on the door. “Enter.” Lucious entered the room and smiled. Jamal lay on his bed, looking rather regal. Lucious noticed that his son was wearing one of silk pajamas. “I do have to admit,” He thought to himself. “My son does look kinda hot.” He rubbed the bulge that was forming in his pants. “You called for me master?” He asked. “Yes, slave, I did.” Jamal said. “I hear you were miss behaving. I think you need a spanking. Take off your clothes.” “Why don’t you take my clothes off for me.” Lucious suggested. “I think I will.” Jamal said as he got out of Lucious’ bed. He walked over to Lucious and looked him dead in the eye. “I hope you’re ready for this.” Jamal walked behind Lucious and playfully smacked his ass. “Oh Lord! If he keeps doing that, I’m gonna cum all over myself!” Lucious thought to himself. He felt his son grab his dress jacket and yank it off him. Jamal, then grabbed Lucious’ dress shirt, from the back, and tears it off his body. “Damn! I didn’t realize Jamal was that damn strong!” “Put your hands behind your head.” Jamal ordered. Lucious quickly did as instructed. Then Jamal grabbed Lucious’ man boobs with both hands and groped them. Lucious felt his dick straining against the fabric of his pants and underwear as Jamal cupped his man boobs as if they were double D’s. “Please God,” Lucious prayed silently. “Don’t make me cum on myself!” At that moment, Jamal looked down and saw that a bulge was growing in his dad’s pants. He reached down and caressed the bulge gently. Lucious was getting so horny, he thought he was gonna pass out! Jamal could see that his dad was losing his mind. So, he slowly unbuckled his dad’s pants and put the belt onto the bed. Then he unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, letting it fall to the floor. Underneath, Lucious had on a sexy pair of grey bikini brief underwear. “Well, those are some sexy briefs, dad!” Jamal exclaimed. Lucious’ face turned bright red with embarrassment. Jamal went back around his dad to his ass. “Damn, dad! You got a nice phat ass!” Jamal slapped his dad on his ass cheeks. Lucious slightly jumped and looked back at his son. Then he turned back around smiling slightly. “He seems to be enjoying this way too much.” He thought to himself. “What the hell have I gotten myself into?” Jamal messed with Lucious’ underwear, turning it into a thong. “Um, dad, would you consider getting some thongs?” Jamal asked. Lucious chuckled and said, “Okay, son. I’ll get some thongs, just for you.” He wiggled his ass at his son. Then Jamal grabbed Lucious’ ass cheeks and squeezed them hard. Lucious didn’t get mad; he just gritted his teeth and just let Jamal do what he do. Then, suddenly, Lucious heard a loud RRIIPP! He shook his head and grinned, knowing exactly what happened. Then he saw the remainder of his underwear dropped at his feet. “Did you really have to destroy my drawers? Why you got to be so mannish?” “I’m just like my daddy.” Jamal said, grinning to himself. “Now, spread them legs wide apart. I gotta inspect those balls and that dick!” Lucious spread his legs wide apart. Then Jamal reached between his legs and groped his dad’s big balls. “Damn, son! Should I assume the position.” Lucious said. “I feel like I’m being frisked by the Po Po.” “Yea, dad, as a matter of fact, I think you should assume the position.” Jamal said. So, Lucious walked over to the nearest wall and put his hands up on kocaeli escort the wall. Then Jamal pretended to frisk his dad. He was being extremely rough and Lucious like it…he liked it a lot! “Keep groping me like that, I’m gonna cum all over this rug.” Lucious said. So, what did Jamal do? He groped him even more, leaving marks on his dad’s body. He reached around and roughly fondled Lucious’ soft man boobs. “Oh, you mother fucker you! You’re makin’ me hard and you fuckin’ know it!” Jamal continued to roughly grope and fondle Lucious’ man boobs. “I’M gonna get you for this!” Lucious said. “What’s wrong, dad?” Jamal asked innocently. “Don’t you like me touching these B cups?” He licked his fingers and pinched Lucious nipples. “God dammit! Not my nipples, man!” Lucious cried out in ecstasy. “Mmmm, ffuucckk!” Then Jamal reached down and wrapped his hands around Lucious’ eight-inch dick and slowly began to stroke it. “Oh, shit! Not my damn dick!” Jamal’s soft hands felt like heaven wrapped around Lucious’ dick. “Stop it, Jamal!” Lucious demanded. “You’re gonna make me cum!” “That’s the idea, dad.” Jamal said. As he continued to stroke his dad’s dick, he began to nibble on his dad’s earlobe. “Stop it, now!” Lucious said. “I ain’t playin’ wit you! Jamal stroked his dad’s dick a little faster. Lucious bit his lip, trying to distract himself from how good this all felt. “Dad, you know you don’t want me to stop.” Jamal said. “If you did, why haven’t you stopped me already?” His son was telling the truth. Here he was stronger than Jamal, yet, he was doing absolutely nothing to stop him. Lucious decided to just give into the feelings. He turned his head to one side and said, “You’d better kiss me, boy!” When Jamal and his dad locked lips, Lucious felt like it was the forth of July. Sparks burst in front of his face. “God Damn!” Lucious exclaimed. “That kiss was every mother fuckin’ thing!” He didn’t know who taught his son to kiss like that, but he wasn’t made at `em! “Who taught you to kiss like that?” Jamal just chuckled in response. “That was the best kiss I’ve ever had.” “Let’s take this to the bed.” Jamal said. “I wanna see what else those lips can do.” “Dad, can you help me get out these clothes?” Jamal asked Lucious. “Sure, son.” Lucious said with a grin. “I wouldn’t mind helping you at all.” Lucious began by unbuttoning Jamal’s top and helping him take it off. Absent-mindedly, he reached over and caressed Jamal’s toned chest. “This body, right here, is just perfect.” A tear fell from Jamal’s eyes. Lucious looked up and saw the tear as it cascaded down Jamal’s cheek. “You okay, son?” “Yea, dad. I’m okay.” Jamal wiped away the tear. “I just never thought you’d say that about me or my body.” Lucious smiled his son as he caressed his face and said, “Well, It’s the truth and I’m sorry I never said it to you.” Lucious gave Jamal the most passionate kiss he’d ever given anyone. That was something Jamal wasn’t expecting…and, it felt real good. While Jamal was concentrating on the kiss, he didn’t notice that his dad’s hand had snaked its way to his ass. Then suddenly… SMACK! “OOOOH!” Jamal exclaimed. He pushed his dad onto the bed. He got on top of his dad. “I oughta spank you for being bad.” “Don’t, daddy.” Lucious said, smiling. “I’ll be good.” “You’d better be.” Jamal said. Then Lucious grabbed Jamal and dropped him at the head of the bed, onto his back. He looked down at his son and said, “Now, it’s time for me to serve you, my prince.” “Let’s get some of these clothes off you.” Lucious said. First, he slowly pulled off Jamal’s socks. “Damn, son. You’ve got some real pretty feet.” He gently rubbed and massaged Jamal’s feet. “Would you mind if I sucked on your toes?” Jamal was shocked at the question. “Um, okay. Go right ahead.” Jamal said. Lucious stuck Jamal’s left foot in his mouth. He started sucking his toes slowly. “Mmmm, that feels real good, dad.” Lucious licked in between Jamal’s toes, too. “Ahhh, shit! Mmmm!” Jamal reached into his pajama pants and pulled out his dick. He stroked it slowly as Lucious began sucking on his right foot. Then Lucious’ tongue made it down one leg and up the other. As Lucious got close to Jamal’s upper thigh, Jamal’s dick stirred. “Mmmmm! Why don’t you get to work on my dick?” Lucious looked up at Jamal and said, “As you wish, my prince.” Lucious got between Jamal’s legs and gently grabbed Jamal’s ten-inch dick. “Now, this is a nice dick.” Lucious said. “Very nice, indeed.” Then he dove in, swallowing three-fourths of Jamal’s dick. “Ooowwweee!” Jamal moaned. His eyes flipped into the back of his head the moment his dick met Lucious’ silky smooth lips. “Fuck, dad! I bet you’ve done this before.” Lucious smiled, winked, and said, “Maybe a couple of times.” “Mmmm, I can tell.” Jamal said. “Your lips are like magic!” “Do they feel good to you, my prince?” Lucious asked. “Yes, they do.” Jamal said, smiling down at his dad. “I’m glad.” Lucious said as he continued to suck his son’s dick. Jamal’s toes curled the more Lucious sucked his dick. “Fuck!” Jamal exclaimed. He could feel his dick getting hard as steel. He pulled his dick out of his dad’s mouth. “Now, lick and suck on my balls.” Lucious opened his mouth and slid Jamal’s big balls inside. As he sucked on them, he started humming a little tune. That caused him to create a vibrating sensation on Jamal’s nuts. “OH, FFUUCCKK!” Jamal had never darıca escort felt anything like that before. “This…shit…feels…WILD!” Jamal was so horny and hard, he felt like he was about ready to burst! “I think I’m about ready to check out that ass.” Jamal said. “First, we gotta get you out them pants.” Lucious said. Before Jamal could say anything, Lucious gave Jamal’s pants legs a hard tug and pulled them off. Underneath, Jamal was wearing some white briefs. “Can I take these off you?” “Take them off…with your teeth.” Jamal said. Lucious grabbed the waist band with his teeth and pulled. He pulled them all the way down Jamal’s body until they were completely off. “Now, it’s my turn. Get on your back.” “Before you ravage my ass, can I ask one thing?” Lucious asked. “What’s that?” Jamal asked. “Could you cuff my hands to the bed?” Lucious asked. “There’s some handcuffs and shackles in the nightstand.” Jamal opened the nightstand drawer and found both shackles and handcuffs in the drawer. That gave him a wicked idea. “Give me your wrists.” Jamal said. Lucious obediently gave Jamal his wrists. Jamal quickly cuffed his dad to the head board. Then he pulled the shackles out next. “Oh, shit!” Lucious exclaimed. He knew exactly what Jamal planned to do with those. “Alright, where do you want my feet?” “Above your head.” Jamal said. Lucious maneuvered himself so his feet were next to his wrists. Jamal shackled Lucious’ feet to the head board. Once Lucious was secured, Jamal caressed Lucious’ ass cheek. “Now, this ass is all mine!” “I’m gonna whoop that ass!” Jamal exclaimed. “I knew I was gonna regret this.” Lucious said with a slight smile. You see, Lucious liked rough sex, especially spankings. To him, it was the hottest thing on the planet earth for someone to roast his behind. The fact that he was chained to the bed, with no escape and no way to stop the spanking, made it even hotter. As a matter of fact, his dick was hard and dripping cum as he waited for Jamal to tear his ass apart! Jamal went over to Lucious’ closet where kept all his belts. “Should I use the black leather belt or the chain link belt?” Jamal asked. It was a rhetorical question. Lucious had no say in what belt he used. “Please, son. Don’t use the chain link one. That one hurts like hell!” Lucious said. He knew this because Cookie used it on him on his birthday to give him his birthday licks. He couldn’t sit down properly for about a week! “I’m begging you son. Please don’t use that one!” Jamal made it look like he was seriously eyeing the chain link belt. “I’ll…I’ll let you do whatever you want to me for a week.” “Anything I want?” Jamal asked. “Even if it’s humiliating?” “Yes, even if it’s humiliating.” Lucious agreed. “So, if I wanted you to walk into Empire butter ball naked, you’d do it?” Jamal asked. “I mean, I can’t walk into Empire with no clothes on. I’d get arrested for indecent exposure, son. You know that.” Lucious said. “But, like, if I was already in my office, I’d strip out of my clothes and walk around the office naked.” “I want you butt naked, walking through the halls of Empire.” Jamal said, caressing the chain link belt menacingly. “How about if I wear just a thong through the building?” Lucious asked. “Alright, dad.” Jamal said, putting down the chain link belt. “I can work with that.” Jamal picked up the leather belt and walked back over to Lucious. He caressed Lucious’ big ole butt one last time. Then… WHACK! WHACK! “Ooooh! Mmmm!” Lucious moaned. “Spank my ass, daddy!” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “Fffuuuccckkk!” WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Lucious’ body writhed in a mix of pleasure and pain. “You like this, don’t you?” Jamal asked. “Yes, daddy!” Lucious said excitedly. “You like it when daddy beats you?” Jamal asked. “Yes, daddy.” Lucious said in what could only described as delirium. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! “FFUUCCKK!” Jamal looked up just in time to see a geyser of cum shooting high from Lucious’ dick. Lucious tried to grab his dick, forgetting that he was chained to the head board. “Well, damn, dad.” Jamal said. Then he scooped some of the cum that landed on his dad’s chest and smeared it on his dad’s face. “I’m gonna get you for that.” Lucious said. “You are, are you?” Jamal said. The he grabbed Lucious’ dick and stroked it furiously. Because he’d just cum, Lucious’ dick was sensitive as hell. “OOOH, FFFUUUCCCKKK!” He hollered. “AWWWWW, SSHHIITT!” More cum shot from his dick. “I’M GONNA GET YOU! OOOOOH! MMMMM!” Lucious’ dick shot cum like an AK-47! He spilt his load everywhere! “I think it’s time I loosen up this ass, dad.” Jamal said. He investigated the nightstand again and pulled out one of the gnarliest looking dildos he’d ever seen! It was black with several metal bumps all around it. “OH SHIT!” Lucious said when he saw it. “This looks like it could really do some damage.” Jamal said as he looked at his dad. Lucious grinned at his son and thought, “Son, you have no idea!” Jamal slammed the dildo up his dad’s booty real hard. He forced the dildo in and out of Lucious’ hole, causing him to moan loudly. “You like that, don’t you, dad?” Jamal asked. “Mmmm.” Lucious moaned. “MMMMM!” Lucious felt like his asshole was being ripped apart. “GOD DAMN!” Then Jamal noticed a button and a dial of some sort on the side of the dildo. “I wonder what this button does.” He said. Please, Jamal. Don’t press that button!” gölcük escort Lucious said. Jamal smiled down at his dad and…pressed the button! The button began to vibrate softly. When he inserted it into his dad’s asshole, Lucious’ body shivered. “Awww, shit!” Lucious exclaimed. “Dad, what does this dial do?” Jamal asked. “Don’t touch that dial!” Lucious barked. “Now, you know I have to, at least, see what it does.” Jamal said. “No, son, don’t!” Lucious warned. Jamal turned the dial a bit as he slid the dildo in and out of his dad’s ass. “OH, FUCK!” Lucious moaned. His body trembled and shivered. Then Jamal grabbed Lucious’ dick as he turned the dildo up another notch. “AHHHH! MMMMM! SSHHHIIITTT!” Then, suddenly, Jamal pulled the dildo out of Lucious’ ass. “What are you doing?” Lucious asked, startled. “Put it back in!” Jamal just smiled wickedly. “C’mon, son. Don’t do this to me.” “You like that, don’t you, dad?” Jamal asked. “Boy, you know I do.” Lucious said, smiling. “Now, stop playin’ and put it back in!” Jamal put the tip of the dildo against Lucious’ ass lips. “C’mon, man. Stop teasin’ me!” “You sound like you need this dildo up that fat ass of yours.” Jamal said. “yes, son, I need that dildo! Please!” Lucious begged. Jamal made it look like he was about to put the dildo back in. Then he stopped just short. “Dad, who’s ass is this?” Jamal asked coyly. “Aww, shit!” Lucious thought to himself. “You gone make me do this, ain’t you?” He said. Jamal just grinned broadly. “Alright, Jamal. Have it your way. This is your ass. You own all this ass.” Jamal smiled evilly at his dad. “Now, come on and give me that dildo.” “You gone do what I say?” Jamal asked. “Come on, Jamal. You got me ass out. You know I will.” Lucious said. Jamal turned the dildo up as high as it would go and shoved it up his dad’s asshole. “OH, MY FUCKIN’ GOD!” Lucious’ eyes bugged out of his head. “GOD DAMN!” He growled. “MMMMM! OOOOH! FFUUCCKK! SSHHIITT!” OHHHH!” With his free hand, Jamal caressed Lucious’ man boobs. They were slick with sweat that covered his entire body. Lucious body was twitching like crazy, as if he was on drugs. Jamal moved the dildo in and out of Lucious’ hungry hole. “This is incredible!” Jamal expertly used the dildo on Lucious, getting him hotter and hotter. “You like that dildo, don’t you, dad?” Jamal asked. “Y-yes, s-son.” Lucious said, stuttering. “I-I love this dildo.” “I think it’s time you get the real thing.” Jamal said. He pulled out the dildo. Then, after stroking his dick to hardness, he slammed his dick up Lucious’ hole. Lucious’ ass lips gripped Jamal’s dick like a very firm handshake. “DAMN, THIS DICK BIG!” Lucious exclaimed aloud. “FUCK!” Jamal slammed his dick in and out of his dad’s tight hole. “Damn, dad. Even after I worked you over with the dildo, your ass is STILL tight!” He said, shocked. “How is that even possible!” He started his assault, fucking his dad deep and hard. “Aww, shit, son. Fuck me deep!” Lucious moaned. “That’s it. Deep and hard! God damn!” “You like it, dad?” Jamal asked. “Tell me you like it.” “I love it, son.” Lucious said. “I love this deep dick down.” Each time Jamal thrust his dick deep up Lucious’ hole, Lucious squealed like a bitch! While he continued to fuck him, Jamal bent down and nibbled on Lucious’ neck. “No! Not them damn teeth again. Fuck! They’re lethal!” As if on cue, Lucious dick got rock hard. “let me help you with that, dad.” Jamal said, smiling mischievously. He slowly stroked Lucious’ dick “How does that feel, dad?” “MMMMMM!” Lucious moaned. Jamal’s soft hand on his dick felt like heaven! While he stroked Lucious’ dick, Jamal fucked his dad harder and faster. “FUCK ME, SON! FUCK ME HARDER!” In out in out in out. Throughout the bedroom, all you could hear was skin slapping skin. The sound echoed through the room. Then, suddenly…. “I’M CUMMIN!” Lucious shot his load, which landed on his sweaty chest. Watching his dad shoot his load, hands-free really turned Jamal on. He pulled his dick out and stroked it furiously, growling, “I’M GONNA CUM!” “Cum on my face!” Lucious said, excitedly. “Say what?” Jamal asked, shocked. “You heard me,” Lucious said. “Cum on my face!” Jamal got up and stood over his dad and shot his load directly onto his dad’s face. “FFFUUUCCCKKK!” He roared. A volcano full of cum splattered all over Lucious’ face. Jamal collapsed next to his dad. A few minutes later, he grabbed a towel and was about to wipe his dad’s face when Lucious stopped him. “Untie me, first.” Lucious said. Jamal quickly untied his dad. Then he went to wipe the cum off…but, his dad stopped him again. “Maybe, you should take a picture of my cum drenched face.” “Are you sure about that, dad?” Jamal asked. “Yes, Jamal.” Lucious said. So, Jamal took a few pictures. Finally, he wiped the cum from his dad’s face and chest with his dad’s shirt. “I’m keeping this shirt.” Jamal announced as he was about to get up from the bed. Lucious tackled him and pinned him to the bed. “Where do you think you’re going, Mr.?” Lucious said. “I was going to clean up.” Jamal said. “We ain’t done here.” Lucious said. “We ain’t?” Jamal asked. “We ain’t.” Lucious said. He wrapped his arms and legs around Jamal’s body. “You ain’t leaving until I say so.” “Yes Sir.” Jamal said, smiling down at his dad. He and his dad held each other in a warm embrace. “I love you, son.” Lucious said, looking deeply into his son’s eyes. “And, I’m sorry it took forever to say it.” Jamal’s heart exploded with happiness. He had been waiting his whole life to hear his dad say that. He hugged him tightly and said, “I love you, too.” The End

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