Macintosh Valley

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The evening started out normally, it was Friday night around 5:30 and as usual we had nothing planned. When I say “we” I mean my friends and me. This day my group of friends consisted of My best friends girlfriend (Meghan), my best friend (Steve), a friend of my best friend’s girlfriend (Michelle), and me. Michelle and I pretty much had to stick together, because when Steve and Meg are together their in their own little world, which on this night was fine with me.

We pretty much sat around at Steve’s house for about an hour, it had been just getting dark when I arrived, so by now it was dark. This for us meant the night had begun. I was getting a little anxious to get out of the house and do something, Steve and Meg were just happy they were together. There were sitting on the couch, kind of whispering to each other both smiling, and laughing softly. Michelle and I sat on the floor, I think I was staring at the ceiling laying sprawled out pretty much taking up most of the floor. Michelle, was kind of forced to sit close to me as there was not enough room. Michelle and I were trying to think of something to do, with no true help from Steve and Meg. It was fairly warm out side that night so I decided that we should all go to The local ski area. There was no snow on the ground and the temp. was about 70 degrees. The local Ski area (Macintosh Valley) seemed to me the best thing. Steve and Meg agreed and thus our journey began.

We had to take separate cars, for Steve and Megs case I guess. So Michelle and I were alone, we followed the other car to the small closed down ski resort. I had known of a much faster way to get there and turned off through a bunch of side roads, these roads were very dark and much out of the way from people which for me at the time was good I was getting very feed up with how the night was turning out. I just needed peace of mind. Basically my best friend was concentrated on getting some and pretty much didn’t care about me, I was like a tag along for the night.

I kind of felt bad for Michelle because she was in the same boat that I was in, anyways our short little driving trip took us close to the top of the small skiing hill. When I say small I mean small, Macintosh Valley is about 600 feet high and when standing at the top of the hill you can throw a stone and hit people in the parking lot. Where we arrived there was a little walking to do, because there are roads illegal bahis near the skiing area but none that actually lead to the top. You see I could have drove to the entrance and walked up the hill but why do that? I choose to drive up I mean it is a small walk but I am lazy! My small group(Michelle and I) walked through a series of small paths which lead right to the top of the hill. As we were walking she came very close to me, it was dark out and I didn’t mind having someone that close to me at that particular time either. We were pretty much making small talk, talking about our lives and for the first time that night I actually got a chance to talk with Michelle with no distractions.

Michelle was beautiful, she was about 5’5 weighed about 120 and had about 30 B breasts. She was on the slim side which made her small breasts look larger than they really were. That night she wore a pink dress, which came down to about mid thigh, Her hair was long and dark.

We had nearly reached the top, as we still talked her arms moved from her sides to around my waist. I of course didn’t mind, this beautiful girl with her arms around me, alone in the dark. This aroused me a bit as I put my arm her. We were at the top now, as I expected to see Steve and Meg already there because of our slow nice walk. I looked around in the dark but saw no one, I look down the slope, and there I saw Steve and Meg’s car with them beside it. This wasn’t a good thing, it meant that my little short cuts separated us couples. I tried to yell but they didn’t hear us, so Michelle and I began to walk down the hill. As we walked down the hill Michelle stayed close again with her arms around me. Just as we neared the bottom they got in their car and drove off. Alone again in the dark, Michelle and I stood.

I thought, maybe they were going to drive up to where we came in, which meant we had to walk back up the hill. On a normal circumstance I would be angry because I hate walking but tonight was different. I turned to Michelle, and stated the situation. “Michelle, they probably just figured that we were at the top and drove up there like we did.” she responded with “so what do we do?.” She moved closer enough so that her breasts were touching my chest, her crotch pushed into mine, of course my this time my cock was rock hard. She then leaned forward to kiss me. At first the kiss was gentle, then became rapid, with large tongue illegal bahis siteleri movements and soft moans from her. She leaned back and said “We could say at the bottom?” Without response I moved in for another kiss this time, I moved my hands from her back to her ass. I pushed her from the back into me so that her body was once again close to mine. By this time she had felt my erection and while kissing my grabbed my cock through my pants and began to stroke it.”

I had a thought, what If Steve and Michelle don’t see my truck and come back down they would come and see us down here right away?” I explained to Michelle. She stopped what she was doing, went behind me jumped on my back and said take me up the hill so we can be alone. With no hesitation and lots of will power I made my way up the hill. As we walked up the hill with her on my back her hand slid down my pants to stroke my cock once again. This trip was very quick, us at the top now, Alone and safe. Around us was the ski lift, where the skiers would get off the lift and begin their decent down the hill. Off the ski lift was a wooden plat form which looked out over the hill, a perfect place to bring Michelle. I set her down and we sat side by side, looking out over the hill which had a decent view of our small city. Our eyes met once again and we kissed passionately, her soft tongue in my mouth and light moans to me were so arousing.

As we kissed my hands slid between her legs, I moved them slowly from the inside of her knee to the edge of her panties, I then exchanged legs and began the same process, I teased like this for about 5 minutes. Each time my hand came closer to her cunt she would try to move her hips forward so that my hand would touch her pussy. “Are you teasing she said?” Before she could reply I slid my hand right across her clit. My reward was a nice Moan, once I started moving my hand across her cunt I could feel just how wet she was. I gathered enough information to come to one conclusion: That she was as horny as I was. I moved her dress exposing her panties, then slid my hand down from the top to meet her now unprotected cunt. I started my process again and small circles with my fingers on her clit. Then moved down to her wet hole, where I inserted a finger just to check and see if I could fit, there was no doubt she was getting what she wanted tonight. Michelle was 19 and a year older than me, at this canlı bahis siteleri age though you don’t want to hurt the girls, you want sex to be as pleasurable as possible for them and you. Her whole was wet, when I inserted my finger she lightly bit my lip. Soon after, she told me to lay on my back.

With no flaws at all my pants were down and my Cock was sprang lose. I am about 7 inches tall, her mouth moved from my mouth down to my awaiting member. She began slowly sliding her mouth up and down it’s length she added a little tongue to strengthen the affect. This almost set me off, me being a young male with not really that much sex tolerance getting a nice blowjob, just before I was about to cum she stopped looked up at me and smiled. She then stood up, as did I, I lifted her dress up and pulled down her panties, she smiled and said “Ready?” and gave a nod with my head and laid back down. Me on my back and this beautiful girl on top, what a sight let me tell you. She grabbed my cock and aimed it, she slowly moved down on it with her cunt, I had a little trouble getting the tip to enter, as she was fairly tight. Once the tip was in though she plunged right down, she Yelled out loud “OHH YES!!!” the environment inside her was uncomfortable at first, then began to become pleasurable. Once things weren’t as constricting she began to move up and down slowly, I leaned back and close my eyes to just enjoy the ride. She moved slowly at first because she wasn’t quite used to the motion, neither was I, but speed eventually picked up.

She was in a nice rhythm, slowly moaning as the rhythm picked up, I was moving my hips now to get deeper inside her, this nearly drove her wild, her eyes were closed and her head was arched back, her ass bouncing up and down. We were fucking so hard my cock would fall out of her and just plunge back in with no lost time, as she was near her limit I felt myself near to, her cunt started pulsating around my dick, I could feel her wetness all around my crotch area, she let out a few more loud moans and Stopped, I counteracted with shoving my cock deep inside her, and came, I came so much I could feel her cunt just milking me for everything I had. As I came, she came again and again. We remained Locked together her on top, me on bottom, my cock still inside her cunt. For a time we laid there, thinking about what happened, I smiled as she began to get up, my cock now downsized fell out of her. She began to put her panties back on as she did my cum would drip out of her, soaking her panties and dress. We both laughed and began the short walk back to my truck.

This is a true story, it really happened Summer of 99′.

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