Magic Dust

Magic DustOkay, here is the usual disclaimer. This is a total work of fiction where the characters are totally made up as are any locations. It’s fiction folks hope you enjoy it,Prologue: Porn has changed over the past few decades from having everything set up by the major companies to being turned on its head by the Internet that opened the door to amateur action.Many times it’s wives being fucked by men other than their husbands and doing this interracially has become a big thing.With birth control being over 90% effective the women can have sex any time they want even if the guy leaves a nice creampie, or pies in their pussies. Only rarely is there an oops, which are always nice to hear about.So my idle mind was conjuring up the situation where the odds might be reversed giving the guys a better chance of getting lucky and leaving the woman with an unexpected present.I credit this inspiration to a DVD where Karen Kay had three scenes of her apparently getting knocked up. I believe some time after she had the baby Kay sadly closed her site. I can only wish her well.Magic DustChapter 1:I’m Mr. J, an older guy that got interested in porn a couple of decades ago. I really get off watching wives fuck men other than the one they are married to.Some times you can hear their husband encouraging them, especially if the guy or guys are black.Anyway a couple of years ago I met two young black guys Marcus and Jackson so having money I helped finance their dream. They wanted to create an interracial site where married women had bareback, creampie sex with them along with a few of their friends.The other thing different is the guys go as long as they can so the gang bangs are marathonsThings almost came to an end in one of their first videos. The woman wasn’t on birth control and Marcus came early into her.Well after a scream she took off for the bathroom but was a bit late as his cum was so deep in her pussy. Apparently those accidents do happen from time to time in porn.And yes she had a black baby but we were very glad part of the contract states the woman knowingly took the risk as an adult and won’t come after the guy.Kind of scary actually but we got through it thanks to our lawyers. Now as part of the contract all they women must certify they are on birth control as the sex is going to be bareback.It also caused me to pursue another quest.I started seeking a certain person and I found him, a nerdy rogue researcher. Told him what I wanted and by God he developed it.Now days the odds are in the woman’s favor as modern birth control means she can have sex at any time and really doesn’t need to worry about getting knocked up. However it’s not perfect.A few months later the k** and I had a meeting. He was full of excitement as explained the product.“Boss I have the magic powder you asked about. Put this into a woman’s drink and 24 hours later her birth control is essentially turned off for at least three days and it might get her to ovulate during kaçak casino that time,” he said.All I could think of is that would put the odds back in the men’s favor so the videos might end with some unexpected results, well unexpected for the woman and her husband.I paid him the money we agreed on plus a 100% bonus for his good work and I got a small bottle of the powder. He said it has no taste, dissolves instantly in a drink and can’t be seen.At that same time I was looking for Cougar for our next subject, you know older women that love being videoed having sex with younger men. Well I found Crazy Ann’s site and checked it out.Seems she loved having bareback sex with younger guys and had gotten into fucking young black men. It was a great site and doing well.Sent her a message about a proposal and soon got an answer so the next week I flew to the southeast and had a meeting with her husband and Crazy Ann. Even better was the fact that they were in their late 30’s.We agreed on price and the way we planned to do it. Four guys would fuck her and go as many times as they could without any clean up so she was going to be well filled with cum at the end. Since I do the video work ending a session where cum is leaking out of the woman’s pussy and maybe running down at least one of her legs is always a treat to see.In the contract I added a small bonus if she took an EPT about three or so weeks later. While it would probably be negative I stressed that no matter what the result was I wanted that videoed so we show the emotion of the moment.Something I wish many sites did as that scene would be a great way to end a video.We also agreed to some cross-pollination so we’d have link to her site when we showed the video and we she showed it there would be a link to our site.As luck would have it she was in her period so we sat a date two weeks from then. Soon the magic dust would get its first test.Chapter 2:Two weeks later Crazy Ann and her husband flew into the city where I lived. Picked them up and showed them to the suite I had reserved.Later both guys showed up with medical tests on all four that would participate. We had a good meeting and at the end I went over to pour some champagne for all of us.With my back turned and the guys distracting them I put the powder into the glass I would hand Ann and it quickly disappeared. Then I went over, said ‘ladies first,’ as I handed her glass after that we all toasted for a good shoot and successful video.I also secretly hoped for a very different successful ending. Both Marcus and Jackson were smiling as they had been sworn to secrecy and were in on the game. They were looking for having some white married pussy to enjoy.Now it’s the following evening, I picked up Ann and her husband as we drove to a house used for the videos. All the guys introduced themselves and Ann went off to get undressed for the shoot.Earlier I met all four guys and said the mental attitude they needed to have was two fold. canlı poker oyna First they needed to give her as many orgasms as possible and next, even though it might not happen, go like they were trying to knock her up.For me I was hoping the dust had swung the odds in our favor.Soon Ann emerged ready for action. At 5’5” she was the picture of loveliness with her B cup breasts, flat stomach hopefully not for long, nice ass and perfectly shaped legs. That and fire in her eyes knowing she was about to enjoy four cocks, three a bit larger than normal and one huge.She wore a transparent robe that went down to her ankles and moved into the circle of guys. After kissing each of them she took their shirts off then slacks.After dropping three of their shorts she gasped when the largest of the quartet was revealed. As for me I’m busy videoing the scene with an assistant I hired for those times and he caught her expression.Soon she was on her knees sucking each cock in turn then reversing her direction and returning.After a while the guys stood her up and Jackson carefully slid the robe off her so Ann was totally naked. Then they escorted her to a queen sized bed and put her on it.One guy got down on one side while another on the other side and began to kiss her all over her body as well as stroking and kissing her breasts as well as her neck and lips.Soon Marcus moved between her legs rubbing the insides of her thighs as he spread them. Then he moved in for some tongue action and as he contacted her pussy lips Ann kind of jumped and headed for another orgasm.At this time the two on her sides turned their attention to her breasts while the fourth buy put his huge dick into her mouth. Now Ann was fully involved with her pleasure and more orgasms were on their way.Chapter 3:Eventually Marcus slid on top of her as he lined up the head of his cock with the opening of her vagina. She gasped as he began to slide into her, deeper and deeper he went as while her hips rotated to give him a better angle.Then he began to pump her pussy as his dick was going in and out of her. Later he pushed himself as hard and deep into her, let out a roar as he was pumping the first load of baby batter into her pussy.Baby batter I hoped might find its target.Next it was Jackson’s so he turned on his side and slid between her legs so he was fucking Ann with one of her legs up. He too finally pumped his load into her.The next guy did it doggy style slamming his dick into her as Ann grunted, gasped and groaned. After he dumped his cum into her it the loads were beginning to really leak out of her pussy.Finally it was time for the big guy so Ann was rolled over on her back. She had a look of fear in her eyes so looked to her husband, who gave her a thumb’s up.The guy’s entrance into her pussy was greeted with some “Ouchs , Oh My God and Please Easy,” coming from her. To help silence the protests he began to french kiss her as he pushed the huge cock into her.It’s canlı bahis hard to protest when your mouth if full of another person’s tongue.Finally he was balls deep and began to fuck Ann. What a great sight to see his black ass, and he was really dark, moving in and out between her legs.As the intensity increased you could Ann was having a mix of some pain, discomfort and pleasure. I made sure our assistant was focused on her expressions.Finally this guy pushed deep, accompanied with a bit of her screaming, and shot his load. After lying on her for some time he got up leaving her looking dazed and breathing heavily.By then the other three had recharged so they too had a second helping of her pussy. With cum leaking out of her Ann’s was lying in a huge wet spot and just gasping with a deer in the headlights expression. After that it was all over since her husband asked if we could stop since he didn’t think she could handle a second round with the huge guy. We all agreed then he helped her get up, gave some hugs and Kleenex for her to hold under her leaking pussy.Got a shot of that as well as some cum running down the inside of one leg. Boy was this going to be a great video for the site,Then the guys lined up and each gave her a hug, some kisses as well as a gente ass squeeze before she finally got into the bathroom. I know she appreciated the affection and I appreciated their delaying tactic.Finally Ann emerged dressed and the guys then gave her some roses, chocolates and a beautiful necklace so she was really stoked. Their attention made her feel very special and to me she was but for more reasons then that.Next day I took them to the airport and noticed that Ann was being careful sitting down as her pussy was a bit sore. Wished them well and told her husband I would be waiting for the EPT video and handed him one of the tests.Epilogue:Three weeks later I got a phone call from her husband. Success, as the EPT was positive.While I was sympathetic I let him know under the contract I needed that for them to get the extra bonus.And have to say that video segement was a scene full of emotion on her part as it should have been.I added that if she kept the baby to send me a short video of her with a nice four to five month baby bulge, nude if she didn’t mind, explaining how she got more than was expected from this. I made sure that bonus was enough to encourage them to have the baby.Turned out that became one of the site’s most popular videos and got us a huge jump in memberships. Same thing happened on Crazy Ann’s site.After delivering her baby Ann soon closed her site since her role as a new mother was going to take all her time and yes it was black. As for our site that video was a huge moneymaker and brought it more attention as well as more wives that wanted to be featured.I even gave all four guys a bonus for their good work.Now I know the magic dust works so I told and Marcus we couldn’t use it every time. That way it would always appear to be an accident rather than a planned outcome.And I also gave the guy that developed it an even larger bonus as I knew we’d need more dust in the near future. Stay tuned to see if we find another lucky, unsuspecting candidate.

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