Maiden’s Gift Pt. 01

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All characters appearing in the following narrative are fictional. Any resemblance to any real persons – either living or deceased – is entirely coincidental on the part of the Author. Unless otherwise noted all persons appearing in the narrative are written as being of the majority age of eighteen years owing to depictions of graphic sexual activity contained throughout the body of this work.


Cassie arched her back, raising her hips off of the mattress, making it more difficult to keep the miniature vibrator in any kind of contact with her clitoris. She muffled the moan of pleasure into her pillow in her best attempt not to wake her little sister in the top bunk whilst cursing the continuing need to live at home in order to afford college. Sweat beaded on her forehead – as well as over the rest of her body – and her orgasm, weak and diffuse as it was, gave her the release that she was going to need to finally fall asleep. Such had been her ‘ritual’ since she was fourteen and had first begun pleasuring herself. Now it was either this or going out and getting a little something on the side while trying to convince herself that she was not a total slut. Sliding the toy from between her still quivering thighs and discreetly hiding it under her pillow, Cassie pulled her panties and pajama bottoms back into place before rolling over and falling into an uneasy sleep plagued with dreams of hot sex with anonymous men. . .

The atrium of the small shop was unimposing – it was retail after all – and aside from the reflective glass and the security guard standing watch Cassie might have thought that she was just walking into another part-time job interview.

“Name?” Asked the security guard.

“Cassie Flynn,” stuttered Cassie as she drank in the sight of the guard’s wide chest and tree-trunk sized arms. “I am here to see. . .”

“I know why you are here Miss Flynn.” The guard read her identification and then buzzed her through into the store.

The interior of the store was a sex-addicts wet dream come true. All done tastefully of course, but there seemed to be something on display for every taste and desire and all of it was marked to sell. There appeared to be two other employees of the store already on hand. One counting money from the safe and into the registers. The other checking off inventory from the colorful displays against a print out on a clipboard that they were carrying. Both were of an age close to her own – college students – and both were dressed conservatively for business in nice slacks and blouses. The only item of uniform on them being a small rectangular name tag with the store’s logo on it.

She might have liked a little more time to take in just what it was that the employment agency had sent her into but before that could happen her thoughts were intruded upon by a woman that stood no taller than four and a half feet in height and had clearly been elderly during the first Roosevelt Administration. Despite her obvious age she was possessed of an energy that was immediately overwhelming and a personality that was warm, welcome, and inviting. She grabbed Cassie’s hand in her own – with an iron grip – and pumped it vigorously.

“Cassie Flynn?” she asked but did not pause long enough to wait for an answer. “Oh course you are. I am Maude. That is what all of my girls call me and have done so since before I sold Patton his first piece of ass! Pardon the brusque manner but when you are as old as I am you never know when you are going to drop dead. The open position is evenings and nights. Pay is twenty dollars an hour, plus commission on sales of more than a hundred dollars. Are you in or not?”

“Yes . . . um . . . I guess . . . sure.” Cassie stammered. Overawed and impressed with her new boss at the same time.

“Good to hear it. Drag your pert little ass back to my office so I can make you a name badge and put you on payroll. . .”

Cassie passed the remainder of the day getting to know the ‘morning girls’ and having Maude give her a crash course in ‘selling sex’. Something she claimed to have been doing for more years than was considered appropriate and had no intention of quitting any time soon. It was obvious almost from the start why her people adored the old woman and her spunky nature. Cassie could tell that she was going to enjoy working at the Maiden’s Gift. . .

Her new apartment wasn’t large but it had gotten her away from her parents. It was also a ten minute drive in either direction from the college campus as well as ‘the store’. Cassie yawned and stretched after her nap and allowed herself a quick shower before dragging on a nice pair of denim jeans and a clean polo shirt for her shift tonight. She averaged thirty hours per week and made twelve hundred dollars a paycheck – before taxes. As a going away present to her little sister she had gifted her the mini-vibrator that had given her so many hours of pleasure. Figuring that she had just turned eighteen and probably was going to need something along those lines until she got a place of her own and the scummy illegal bahis boyfriend of hers could slip a fuck into her whenever the two of them wanted. Cassie would be amazed if Becca made it through her freshman year of college before she was pregnant.

The car ride to the store was stop and go – afternoon rush hour being a pain in the ass – but she pulled into the parking lot with ten minutes to spare. She breezed through the atrium with a casual wave and shake of her well-proportioned butt toward Hiram, the security guard on the afternoon and evening shifts. Cassie enjoyed flirting with him and he liked looking at her ass so it was a win-win for both of them. Tonight she was working with Alex. Alexandra was the typical Amazon. Statuesque blond with tits that defied gravity, a tiny waist, and legs that made even professional basketball stars look up to her. She had started the week after Cassie and was still a little shy about the entire concept of selling sexual aids and lingerie. She might have looked like a knock out but if she had graduated beyond missionary sex it would have been a minor miracle. At least being partnered with a super model meant that she went largely unnoticed and the flirts, perverts, and creepy guys tended to gravitate toward Alex.

“Maude wants a sweep and stock tonight,” she said as the two of them were clocking in. “I can cover register if you can do that?”

“No problem,” said Cassie. She would much rather be stocking merchandise and making sure the displays and isles were clean than sitting behind the counter and keeping the register. Being busy made the evening go by faster and while she loved her job Cassie did not envision it becoming her career of choice.

The shift was progressing well enough. Alex had only called her away from stocking in order to show a middle-aged woman and her teenage daughter where the ‘toys’ were located. That was, easily, fully a third of her work week. You would not think that ‘Mom’ would want any hand in their daughter’s sex life but they still came into the store with them to buy rubbers and vibrators! Cassie would have asked her mother the same thing but the shock of even suggesting such to her puritanical mother might have caused the old bat to shit a purple Twinkie before hitting the deck. The rest of the sales were ‘dirty’ movies, naughty undies, and handcuffs. It was troubling how limited the creativity of most men was when they stopped looking at anything involving bondage once they had the padded, or fuzzy, handcuffs. The rest of the store sales came from the ‘Peep Booths’ and the VOD (video on demand) cubicles. Both of which were never fun to clean so Cassie always saved that odious duty for the very last hour of her shift.

“Cassie,” squawked the intercom. “We are having a problem with the booths. Can you check them out, please?”

“Just when you think that the night is going well. . .” grumbled Cassie under her breath as she holstered the pricing gun and began making the walk back to the booths. Probably some pervert had gummed up the sliding door release when jacking off, she thought. The local strippers used the booths to make some extra money on the side and so long as Maude got a piece of that action she was perfectly content to not tell the club owners about where their girls were spending their free nights.

The problem was not mechanical. Just some asshole customer that could not seem to accept that his ‘girl’ was not stripping tonight and had lost twenty dollars on the booth before the tits he was drooling over proved to not be the ones he favored most. Once he was rousted out of the store Cassie decided to not put off cleaning the booth any longer. There were no other girls scheduled to come in so they were effectively shut down for the remainder of her shift. She was only gone a few minutes to get the cleaning supplies and then asked Alex to key the booth from the counter so she would not need to get the keys from her. The booth door clicked open and Cassie wrestled the cleaners and rags inside so that she could get started. . .

Forty minutes gone and Cassie was finally finished with cleaning the booth. With the rags and cleaners put away all she had to do was let the room air out and then lock it back up once that was done. It was the perfect time during which to score her lunch break. Grabbing her paper sacked sandwich and a diet cola she reclined on the small sofa inside the booth and opened the novel she had brought to pass the break time. She was a chapter in when she thought that she heard noise in one of the booths for paying customers and almost dropped her sandwich! Surely Alex had not gone ahead and taken money when the booth was vacant? Her question answered itself once the money tray opened and a fifty dollar bill slipped inside.

“Fifty bucks just to watch someone take off their clothes”, she wondered aloud to the empty room. With another fifty minutes of lunch left she could make two hours pay and a nice tip and all she had to do was strip down and show whomever was in the booth her bra and panties. “What the illegal bahis siteleri hell”, figured Cassie as she reached for the top of her jeans.

Cassie was down to her hip-hugging jeans and her bra and the music was swelling inside the booth. Just giving the pervert on the other side of the mirrored glass a show was starting to turn her on too! She turned in tight little circles and shook her butt at the occupied booth while miming fingering her crotch and teasing her hardening nipples. Her jeans slithered down her legs and she kicked them off toward the back of the room and spread her legs wide to give her audience a good look at her cotton panties. Nothing fancy here folks. String cut panties bought out of the nearest ‘big box mart’. At least her bra matched and they were both clean. The crotch of her panties was warm though and it was not just from the lights inside the booth. Cassie had been denying herself, sexually, since taking the job with Maude. Being around all of this sex on a regular basis was working on her already over-active libido and she did not think that dragging one of her casual boyfriend’s home for a ‘quickie’ was the answer.

Another fifty dropped through the pay slot and Cassie groaned in appreciation of her unseen benefactor. That and actually sliding two fingers between her already parted legs helped immensely. A second window opened now. A circular one with a polished metal ring around it. She almost fell on her still-gyrating ass when a stiffening cock appeared through the opening!

“What the fuck”, wondered Cassie as she stepped over to examine the new intruder. Could this be the reason that the booth always stank of sex when she came in to clean? It sure would explain a lot.

The penis continued to harden and despite the restriction of the opening through which it had been shoved it was a decently sized specimen. How long had it been, wondered Cassie, her fingers still absently working at the thin stretch of material covering her sweltering-sex? Three weeks? A month? Maybe more? Her womb quivered as the hardening appeared to finally slow and then stop. Easily seven inches long to the root and a thick around as her wrist! Cassie’s free hand reached forward tentatively and touched the head with two fingers. It jerked and twitched at so light a touch and she ran the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip. Was there really any harm in a little anonymous ‘tease and please’? Before she could reason herself out of it – and with her pussy already feeling as though it were on fire – she unclasped her bra and slid out of her panties. As she walked back into the room she even risked bending at the waist in order to give the patron in the booth a shot of her steaming slit. . .

Restricted by the wall between them, Cassie had complete control as she took the customer into her mouth and hummed around the head of his swollen member. At least like this she did not have to worry about some over eager asshole trying his damndest to use her willing mouth like a second vagina and fuck her face. She hated it when guys did shit like that. At the moment that sweet shaft touched her tongue she chanced sinking two fingers between her folds and gyrated on them, moving her pelvis in tight little circles just like when she used the vibrator. Cassie very badly wanted to slip her entire hand between her thighs but she needed to balance against the wall in order to continue giving oral. Through the thin partition she could hear her customer breathing heavily and his cock twitched against her tongue as she tightened her lips and truly began bobbing her head.


Alexandra watched on the camera feed as Cassie sucked the cock of the customer she had sent back into the booths while her co-worker had been cleaning them. A voyeur at heart, she loved watching other people fuck more than she had ever enjoyed the act herself. She was also a closet bi-sexual. Bringing men home to meet her parents but rarely inviting them into her bed when she would much rather prefer the softer touch of a woman. Once the action had progressed from mere dancing she had slipped in the jump drive she had kept in her purse and began recording the action. Her own fingers drifting toward her tightening crotch once Cassie’s fingers had dived into her own little box! Goddamn, this was one smoking hot little slut, she figured as the zipper on her slacks came down and her eyes returned to the monitor.


The cock in her mouth tasted salty and wonderful. Cassie redoubled her efforts and the soft moaning from the other side of the wall became deeper and raspier. Perhaps an indicator of impending orgasm? She certainly hoped so because it had been too long since she had dared to enjoy a mouthful of cum. The fact that the dick she was enjoying sucking on so much belonged to a total stranger – one willing to pay her for the privilege – was only making this all the more of a naughty turn-on. Cassie’s own fingers had worked her snatch into a horny froth and right now she would love to have a hard cock buried inside of her. She was fairly certain canlı bahis siteleri that her orgasm was not going to be long off so while wishing for a penis in her twat she focused on the one in her mouth.

“Mmm. . .Mph . . . . Mmm . . . . Mph . . . . Mmm,” she made muffled exclamations around the surging penis in her mouth while her tightening vagina dragged her eager fingers all the deeper into her own box. “Oh Christ!” Gasped Cassie as her mounting lust swung into overdrive.

The blow job was intense. She focused on pleasuring her patron with just a hand while she rode an unexpected orgasm and soaked her hand that was between her legs. Her eyes rolled and she panted as the waves of pleasure took hold and she rocked against her fingers trying to put as much pressure against her burning clitoris as she could. Coming down from the high Cassie took measure – so to speak – of the shaft in her hand and figured there were worse ways to end a lunch break and from the look of it, her friend on the other side of the partition was not going to last long if what she was pondering actually worked. . .


Sweet shit on a shingle! Alex watched as Cassie, obviously, experienced orgasm from riding her fingers and sucking some dick. The girl was seriously hot and taking ‘customer satisfaction’ to a whole new level. Just as things looked as though they might be winding down – after all she had never carried on once she had climaxed – when her co-worker bent over, pressing her ass and pussy against the partition and popped that all-to-willing pecker between her legs and rocked back onto it. Without a customer in the store Alex took advantage by fishing a ‘return’ gel toy out of the designated bin, lubed it up with some of her spit, and pressed into her cunt so she could fuck herself along with the action now beginning to play out in the booth at the back of the store.


Oh Yesss, Cassie wanted to crow as she eased that lovely swollen head and shaft past her labia and pressed it into the opening of her sex. Just easing her weight backward allowed ‘him’ to slip into her and she only stopped as her ass and pussy came to a rest against the partition dividing them. Her mystery partner did not disappoint her as he took over for her and began pushing into her while she rested against the wall with her hands on her knees to help take her weight.

“Oh,” she breathed as the last of what was available sank into her and then began to withdraw again. “Um . . . Oh, oh, oh . . . ugnh!” The overwhelming sensations of being filled after having abstained for so long was a relief and her hungering slit was soon on its way back toward another orgasm.

The partition rattled a little as the strength and speed of the customer’s stroke increased. Cassie savored every turgid thrust and was anticipating his release almost as much as she was a second orgasm. The swollen purple head of his cock parted her lips to the point of pain but then the marginally slimmer shaft rushed into her and her vagina clamped down around it of its own accord. Cassie did her utmost by rising into each of those thrusts in an effort to make some sort of rhythm between the two of them and she could feel her juices running out of her to form a sticky film on her innermost thighs and the swollen lips of her hungering hole.

“Ohhh. . .Yesss”, she groaned and bit down on her lower lip in her best effort to not make any other noises just in case there was another customer to overhear what was going on. “Fuck . . . Fuck . . . Fuck . . .,” the repeated profanity escaped despite her attempts as her quim seized up around his surging member and her second orgasm finished its slow and painful build-up in order to flood through her and almost caused her to black out. Any actual words coming out of her were replaced with inarticulate growling, mumbling, and other exclamations and Cassie very nearly collapsed onto her knees as the pleasure swelled and ripped through her,

The customer groaned on the other side of the wall and was only seconds behind Cassie as he lost any and all sense of rhythm to his thrusts and she became marginally aware that somewhere on the outer edges of her own climax that her cunt was now being filled with the warm seed of a complete stranger’s cum! The spurts were powerful and she could feel them as they shot deep inside and pooled within her, it was very nearly enough to fuel her own orgasm and keep it going but after a few moments she felt the softening and shrinking cock withdrawing shyly from between her legs. Only then did Cassie allow her legs to give out and she collapsed on the carpeted floor of the dancer’s booth. She lay, insensate, for several moments while trying to compel the muscles in her legs to move so that she could get dressed and get back to work.

Her lunch break was just ending as she pulled her polo shirt back on and closed and locked the booth behind her. Even though she would have never done anything like this in the past, Cassie was discovering a new sort of adventurous spirit in working at the Maiden’s Gift. Maybe she would bring her sister in here one night and let her try her luck in the booth? It was the least she could do before the dimwit made the colossal mistake of letting that shit head that had been boning her knock her up and ditch her. . .

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