Making New Friends pt.1

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Making New Friends pt.1Meeting a stranger for a casual encounter was unchartered territory for me. After a few weeks of chatting, we were finally meeting Matt IRL. I was nervous and closed. I can remember only flashes of him from that first time we took him home. The smell of his cock. His strong hands around my neck. His blue eyes looking down on me as I sucked on him. His gaze told me I wasn’t as much a women as I was a sex object. The look of pleasure on his face was a look of sternness. Ready to punish me for being a bad, bad girl. We met him in a dimly lit bar. I was wearing my most refined whore outfit: tight black pencil skirt with a high slit, tight back top, and sexy black pumps. He was tall. So very tall I wondered if maybe his cock would be too big for me. I liked his face the most. Pretty eyes. Nice smile. I could have done without the athletic shoes though. I prefer a man in a suit. We played pool for bit to break the ice. avcilar escort I made sure do the customary bending over that women must do to entice a man around the pool table. I was still very shy, staying close to Daddy, watching him for cues. We moved over to a dark booth for more privacy. I took the seat in the middle of Matt and Daddy, of course. We continued on with the banter, which filled in the spaces between our collective thoughts of fucking later. Warmed up by my second Manhattan, I put my hand on Matt’s leg and looked over to Daddy. My eyes asked him if was it okay. Things started to get more loose. I leaned over to kiss Matt on his neck. He responded by running his hands higher up my skirt. Daddy reached for me from the other side. Both of them groped me from both sides. The dim lighting lent itself to a naughty public play, which really excited me. Matt reached up my skirt and slid his finger şirinevler escort into my wet pussy. Daddy squeezed the back of my neck as I writhed up and down on Matt’s fingers. Matt looked down to ask me if I was still nervous. I gave him a sultry smile and looked to Daddy who gestured to me that it was time to go home.I rode home with Matt to help show him the way to our place. I’m sure Daddy wanted me to go with him so that I could give him a sample of my skills. His car was unappealing. I didn’t care to see evidence that he was a person. His gym bag. CDs showcasing his taste in bad music. It pulled me out from my fantasy, which didn’t include interludes of humanity. To overcome this feeling, I reached for his cock, giving him that same sultry look I learned from posing for Daddy. He was thick and hard. He reached over to me and I cocked my legs open for him spreading my pussy open with my other hand. As taksim escort he drove we pleased rubbed each other. Exchanging glances and moans as we stopped at red lights. Seemingly reassured of his decision to come out and play he said, “You are a little slut, aren’t you?”“I am.” I told him. Daddy would be proud of me if I showed him just what a slut I was so I unzipped his pants and stroked his thick cock. His cock stood erect, poking through his fully clothed body. It’s starkness called to me to suck on it. I know men loved to have their cocks sucked while driving. I started by licking the tip gently, wetting it just enough that I could stroke it more smoothly. I teased his cock by kissing and softly licking at the sides and the tip. He had his hand on my pussy, wiggling my little clit and rubbing my juicy lips. I gave him a sample of my skills by sliding his cock into mouth and sucking him deep the way Daddy showed me. I pushed him in and out of my wet, slippery mouth, making sounds to let him know how good it tasted. We reached our block and I was quickly snapped back into reality as I sat up and showed him where to park his car. I walked ahead of him toward the house, my pussy throbbing for more.

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