,making of a cum eater part 2

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,making of a cum eater part 2theres a knock at the door’answer it dave and don’t even think about covering your cock’dave opens the door a crack and peeps round’who is it ?’ i ask’hm its mrs simmons miss’ says dave’well open the door and let her in stupid , open it wide and invite her in nicely ‘dave opens the door wide ‘please come in mrs simmons’ he saysmrs simmons steps in and dave closes the door but not before the people at the bus stop across the road saw him’maybe next time i can get you to put a show on for the people queing for the bus dave i’m sure you would like that”mrs simmons how nice to see you how are you and what can i do for you ?”well dear i’m 72 years old and thought i had seen everything and couldn’t be shocked i saw the little show dave was putting on in the garden and just wondered what it was that made him do that he must have done something very wrong for you to punish him like that”well its not alltogether a punishment you see dave wants to eat his own cum why don’t you tell her about it dave”uh ok miss , well it started when miss caught me masterbating”wanking dave get it right you were wanking”sorry miss , it started when miss caught me wanking while watching some porn on the internet”tell her what sort of porn dave”cei mrs simmons”cei ?’ mrs simmons asks’cum eating instructions mrs simmons”you must be very dumb if you need instructions surely you just play with yourself cum then eat your load don’t you ?”its not just the eating of my cum mrs simmons its being told to eat it being told how fast to wank when to start the countdown to cumming how to wank being told to eat my precum and everything else mrs simmons , i didn’t even eat my cum until miss caught me and made me do it”so it sounds like you like being dominated by women and eating your stuff is just icing on the cake so to speak”yes mrs simmons”i have told him that he must do what i say when i say it canlı bahis and everytime he cums in the future he must eat it he will never get to have sex with me again only with his hand look at his cock again now would you believe it its getting hard again why dave whats wrong with you ?”sorry miss its just that im nude while you 2 are covered its humiliating but also a bit exciting”well mrs simmons any ideas you can play with him for a while if you like but if he cums he must eat it”can i touch his cock its been a long time sinse i held one”of course you may do anything you like to him i don’t care ‘mrs simmons takes hold of daves cock and gently starts wanking him dave groans ‘put your hands on your head’ says mrs simmonsdave puts his hands on his head i go off get the camera and bring it back and start filming’so did you always eat your precum when told?’ mrs simmons asks’not always but after i tried it the 1st time it wasn’t so bad and did turn me on mrs simmons’mrs simmons stops wanking his cock and just holds it’your turn to do the work fuck my hand slowlydave fucks mrs simmons hand ‘slow down dave i don’t want you to cum not yet ‘says mrs simmons’would you take your dressing gown off dear ? ‘ mrs simmons asks mei take it off and stand nude in front of them both’what a lovely body you have dear big firm tits lovely legs turn round please so i can see your arse’i turn slowly around dave starts fucking mrs simmons hand fastermrs simmons takes her hand away ‘ i didn’t say you could go fast did i ?”sorry mrs simmons please put your hand around my cock again”not yet dave you were bad so you can wait , may i touch you dear i used to swing both ways in my younger days its nice to hold a cock again but i would love to feel your tight young body as well if you don’t mind”oh i don’t mind you can poke play kiss lick do anything you like after all my husbands not interested he just wants to eat bahis siteleri his own cum’mrs simmons walks behind me and takes hold of my tits squeezing them it feels weird being groped by an old lady but dave must like it his cock is dripping precum’don’t let that get on the floor dave use your fingers collect it and put it in your mouth then swallow it’ mrs simmons says as she glides a hand down the front of my body towards my cunt’oh my looks like daves not the only one that gets excited by an old woman your cunt is soaking wet ‘ she says slipping a finger inside she fucks my cunt a couple of times then removes the finger and sucks it ‘cunt tastes better than precum dave and much better than cum i’m not sure whats wrong with you you must be a bit gay i think ”no mrs simmons i’m not gay mrs simmons”you would rather eat cum than eat out your wife of course you are gay”uh no mrs simmons i would like to eat out my wife but it has to be when she says i can mrs simmons”you sneak around in the night and probably when you are alone in the house and watch cum eating videos young mna you are gay there is no way around it”i think she may be right ‘ i say mrs simmons has a finger in my cunt again it feels marvelous poor dave is still dripping precum and eating it as fast as he can’start wanking your cock now dave but when you are about to cum stop squeeze just below the head stop any cum cumming out wait until it subdsides then wank again keep doing that until i say you can cum ‘ mrs simmons saysmrs simmons takes the finger from my cunt kneels in front of me and starts licking my cunt dave starst wanking furiously for a few minutes then groans stops grips his cock hard just below the head his cock throbs but nothing cums out he starts wanking again mrs simmons put both her hands on my arse and squeezes the cheeks pulling them apart dave is wanking away again but not for long until he has to stop and bahis şirketleri squeeze again ‘go to the door open it and stand in the open doorway so the people at the bus stop can see you’ mrs simmons says the starts licking my clit againdave does as he’s told there are only 4 people at the bus stop now 3 women 1 man the man sees dave and points him out to the women all 4 start watching himmrs simmons stops licking my cunt stands up and starts slowly finger fucking me again’stop wanking dave and eat your precum ‘ mrs simmons saysdave stops wanking runs his fingers over the head of his cock and then up to his mouth and licks his precum up’good boy now get back to wanking you can keep going until you cum this time catch it all in your hand ‘dave wanks away’why don’t you rub your clit dear see if you can get off before dave ‘ mrs simmons says driving 2 fingers in and out of my cunti rub my clit grinding my hips down onto mrs simmons hand it doesn’t take me long to cum mrs simmons takes hef fingers from my cunt and put them up to my mouth i suck them eagerly dave cums in his hand ‘make sure you get it all out dave squeeze it near your balls and pull upwards get every drop of cum from your shaft into your hand’dave squeezes his cock like a toothpaste tube wringing the cum out of it thers quite a puddle in his hand now’keep it in your hand ‘ mrs simmons saysdaves cock is shrivelling up now he really doesn’t look excited anymore ‘look at your cum dave does it look tasty ?’ mrs simmons asks’no mrs simmons”lick it all up don’t swallow it lick it up keep it in your mouth all of it’dave puts his hand up to his mouth and licks the cum out of his hand ‘swill it round in your mouth’he swills it round ‘now swallow it and bow to the busstop’dave swallows his cum and bows to the queuethey applaud ‘now come inside and shut the door”thank you for the fun i enjoyed that may i come around again ‘ mrs simmons asks me’of course you may come around anytime you like’mrs simmons takes hold of my head and kisses me slipping her tongue into my mouth and slips a finger up my cunt again then turns around and leaves the house.to be cuntinued…

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