MALA – The Village Lady – 7


MALA – The Village Lady – 7Honey Moon TripRahul got an official trip to abroad, so we also joined him and booked our tickets of the same flight. We did not meet Rahul coz he was in business class with another company guy. All were slept in flight, I saw Alia who talked with the window stranger, and her hand touched his bulge. After sometime, he stood and walked to toilet. Then Alia passed a smile to me and walked behind him to toilet. Then the guy returned and sat and slept. Soon Alia came back and kissed me and shared his semen. This was remind me the Goa trip with Rahul. Soon we reached the destination, and followed the Rahul, and took the nearby room. After sometime Rahul joined us and we enjoyed the sex session. Next day I and Alia visited the famous places with help of guide. When we visited one of hilly station where no one tourists and localities, Alia and guide started kissing each other, I understood that Alia and guide came here purposely, they became naked and guide started to fuck her, I also became nude and joined them. The cool atmosphere was shiver us and but enjoyed the hot fucking under nature. Next day we searched and moved to the naked male beach. We happily shocked to see lot of naked men with their hanging dicks. We quickly removed our clothes and moved to beach. Now they all were shocked to see the naked ladies between them. They fucked us in group continuously five or six hours, our vagina, asshole and mouth stretched with dicks. Our bodies covered with their semen still we swallowed lot of them. Mostly all of them fucked us. When we returned, Alia said to me, “Mom, that is awesome, fucked with lot of strangers.”That night, Rahul saw us strangely, but we both did not react due bakırköy escort to tiredness. So he just moved to his room. Next morning Rahul had no work, so we all roamed together, enjoyed historical places, and in late night took drinks in pub. I just relaxed and watched couples who involved their partners, they kissed and did intercourses. They did sex openly while others were watching like me. The watchers were motivating them. Rahul and Alia also molded in that atmosphere. Alia pulled out his dick and started sucking it. Then Rahul fucked her like others. Then watchers also joined with some couple with their permissions. After some more strokes, Rahul ejaculated inside Alia. Both back again and sat on the table naked. Soon two guys came and asked to Alia for another sex session. Rahul passed smile and allowed her to enjoy with them. And then they started sex with her. Then a guy who drank near our table asked me for sex. He dragged my butts behind and held my saree up, and inserted his dick in my asshole. Rahul happily watched me and Alia. After squirting his load in my asshole, he thanked to me. As he left me, another on pulled his dick in my asshole again. Till then Alia was free from sex, six guys used my asshole and filled their semen inside me.Then we moved to our hotel, and slept after shower. Rahul was free now and his official friend returned back. Next day we again moved to beach and enjoyed the water rides. They both were horny at their first honeymoon trip. He fucked her many times in public places where zero crowd. They looked very satisfactory. Sun was on over head, we felt some hot on beach side. We walked to nearby Water Park. This water park beşiktaş escort specially designed for nudist couples. We bought tickets and put our belongings and clothes in allotted locker as per ticket badge. The scene was awesome of that water park, everything provided inside likes beers and drinks. Smoking was not allowed. “No pissing and cumshot in pool” board placed there. We enjoyed rides and enjoyed in various pools. Alia sat over pool side hanging her legs in pool water, Me and Rahul were in pool. I started licking vagina of pussy and Rahul started drilling my asshole inside water. Sudden a guard came and said, “Sir, please don’t cum inside the pool.” Rahul said, “Okay, I remember your words.” Due to lot of beers and cocktails, my bladder was full, I needed to piss. So I moved to rest room. There were separate restrooms for male and female. I felt naughty myself, so I entered in male rest room. I started squirting in urinals. Suddenly two boys came inside and watched me. After emptied my pouch, I moved to them and sat on knee and took one of them dick and said, “Come on boy, piss for me.” I drank both of piss and moved to outside. I saw that Alia sucked dick of Rahul and some boys fucked her asshole. I smiled and joined them. Finally in evening we returned to hotel room. I was tired so I lied on bed after took shower and Rahul and Alia moved to hotel restra for candle light dinner. Before leaving the room, Rahul ordered dinner for me. Waiter came after sometime, he liked to see me naked. He asked me for drinks, I replied, “I like your piss rather than drinks, so do one thing for me, piss in the empty bottle.” He happily pissed in bottle for me. Then he beylikdüzü escort looked for me for his tip, so I said to him, “Come and get your tip.” He put his unwashed dick in my mouth, and enjoyed blowjob, then fucked my vagina. Finally he ejaculated in piss bottle as I instructed him. Then I took my dinner while drinking piss from bottle. I got another sex session when another waiter came to take back the dinner table. When Rahul and Alia came to room, Alia saw the semen in vagina, she said to Rahul, “Your randi mom, too much enjoyed on our honeymoon.” Rahul smiled and said, “What about you chudasi randi and your bhooki chut.” Then Rahul licked my pussy and swallowed the waiter semen.Next I not moved with Rahul and Alia, I stayed in hotel room, took breakfast and went to the hotel gym, gym was managed by four African guys, gym was closed in noon time. But they African allowed me because they heard about me from waiters. One of them asked me, “Mrs Mala? I am right.” I replied, “Yes, but how you know me?” He said, “One of the night waiters tell me about you, the fucking sexy milf guest of our hotel.” I said, “Wow! That’s mean, today is my lucky day with you guys. Come on guys, beat the heat.”Then I enjoyed an hour with them, they had 13” thick black cocks, they rammed my every inches of vagina and asshole. They squirted their semen and piss deep in my throat. Then he offered me the special energy drink of their gym which energized me quickly. Then again, we started the same. But this their tongues played with my holes too, I loved to receive their oral jobs. I got pleasure of orgasm twice and squirted in their mouths.Then I returned my room and took the long nap. In evening, when I awaked, lot of waiters came one by one and fucked me so hard.In late night Rahul and Alia came, Alia brought lot of used condom. Her purse was filled with them. They took them from the swingers club. We emptied them in our mouths, and enjoyed the strangers taste. After enjoying the whole week, we returned back to our country.

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