Male sex problems: I want, but can’t

Male sex problems: I want, but can’tFrom your passion shake mountains, oceans overflowing and somewhere in the darkness of space flash of a supernova. And here you are on the bed of love, clothes long torn down, and… And not a very pleasant surprise. The young man uh… how would it be more correct to say… not quite ready to indulge in sensual pleasures. Or just use a banal sex five minutes. He does nothing ready today. It is considered that the erection in young men – thing for granted. It is believed that any Mature individual male ages 15 to 30, as a pioneer, everywhere and always ready for a long and sophisticated sexual marathon. And let the young man did not have a car and own housing, and decent work and a high IQ, but the presence of persistent erections – as a reaction to feminine beauty, sexuality, and the proof of a great and pure love can make you forget about all the other shortcomings. If the athlete immediately after the firing of the starting gun, he should immediately get down to business. And cynical male expression “Not worth it!” characterizes not physiological, and moral aspect of the relationship to the weaker sex. So why exactly is “not worth it” here and now? Yesterday and the day before yesterday everything was fine, and today!.. We try to understand the reasons for these delicate situations, which are often quite banal. drunk as fortepian And although he says that sober as ever, and mutters different illegible tenderness in the ear, the fact remains that the level of alcohol in his blood today through the roof. How he came to such a condition is not important, the important thing about enchanting sex with tantric elements and fantastic orgasm you can forget. As you know, in small doses, alcohol stimulates sexual desire, but in large acts opposite inhibits the Central and peripheral nervous system. By the way, if a young person regularly abuse alcohol, you should pay attention to it – according to statistics, among those who use alcohol are twice as likely than nondrinkers, there was a decrease in libido and erection. It is not necessary, resting his hands on his hips, to say indignantly: “what? Has drunk himself into, impotent!”. And generally cursing different indecent words – in this state it this picturesque rants simply do not remember. Better without unnecessary emotions to lay his miracle bainki – long and long sleep helps in canlı bahis şirketleri situations like this the best. You must drink tea, mineral water or coffee with cognac. Put your favorite movie or music disc. Soak in the tub. In short, to do something nice, except sex. And next time he will catch up! Conclusions for the future Next time, noting that your knight lays on alcohol, immediately distract him from this pleasant occupation. The number of normal fire water is inversely proportional to the quality of sex you expect. If he dares to come to your home “shave” worth to send it back – back where you come to drink champagne with wine. Thrilled to the core Because this is your first joint night. Hands shaking, his legs gave way, the tongue sticks to the palate – still, today, a romantic hero, first touch the ideal of pure beauty. Candles, champagne bubbles, with husky sings Frank Sinatra – all as humans. But no erection, though you burst! One of the most common causes of men’s failure in bed banal fear, and in particular, the so-called “syndrome of first meeting: when men experience problems with erection only when first intimacy with your partner, then everything is great. By the way, come this fear can be of youth – perhaps once your young man has been a failure during the first sexual intercourse: the partner behaved not quite tactfully, prevented any other circumstances. Now every time he visits the fear of “not survive” to the level of the partners – every man wants to look in bed a real macho man. Another cause of erectile dysfunction during your first close – overexcitation partner: by the time you began the most interesting, the body is just tired.It is not necessary to show emotions. In no case do not need to focus on befallen lover failure. Otherwise, this randomness will cause another failure, and then another – thus, men may have evolved “neurosis of expectation of failure” (which, by the way, suffers every 3-4 male). If you, God forbid, will presnece in Cam, you run the risk of apply partner of severe psychological trauma. And, most likely, never won’t see him anymore. It is necessary to immediately withdraw from sex. For example, on the street: to offer to walk in the fresh air, to communicate. Or you can pause, lame excuse – for example, to say that you immediately need in the shower. In General, a small intermission – perfect. Continuation perabet giriş choose to your taste: if you’re still out in the fresh air, we can start to pester you with tenderness and affection to your boyfriend right under the first tree. This prelude will immediately put you back on the bed of love. If you from this bed not the left, put an erotic magazine: this video can be very useful. Don’t like cassettes – you can arrange hot video: best to start with oral sex. So, not only will you position yourself to partner, but also will bring it to the boiling point. In any case, the erotic part of the evening should be continued on your initiative – make it clear to your partner that you want him as much as he did you. Conclusions for the future Everything that happens in bed, should bring moral satisfaction. Sometimes gentle embrace and confidential conversation worth more than hours of sex with lots of sports items. And let the all night you just lay next to us, holding hands and telling each other funny stories from your c***dhood, if you found it easy and comfortable for the first night will be followed by the next. Tired as a dog From morning till night works in the office, on the weekends washes in this office floors, and nights writes coursework careless students-third – in General, works like a bee, and gets to bed, barely dragging his feet from exhaustion. And there you are a voracious predator with a lustful grin and a set of handcuffs from a sex shop. No, he does not mind, he is very against it, he would himself happy to play your favorite games, but not today, okay, honey? Known reserves of any, even the young and hardy body is not infinite. Fatigue, General malaise, possible stress or even depression, is associated with adaptations and problems at work, make themselves felt in bed. Although it is believed that similar problems face men aged 35 years, recent studies have shown that erectile dysfunction due to fatigue often in young people even at the age of twenty. Don’t make yourself a sex goddess and continue when the guy is not in the form. That is, to perform Striptease, jig, belly dance, put on the VCR hard porn, look at dusty attic whip or to torment the helpless body of sophisticated oral caresses. God is with him, with sex, there are things in the world and doing more. Namely, the spiritual side of your relationship. We perabet güvenilir mi can help your partner to relax. Massage and bath with aromatic oils – what you need! Besides, who knows what could end this relaxation session – strength returned in a young body after taking bath, you can successfully put you in the right direction. Conclusions for the future If a young man hard schedule, red from lack of sleep and eyes sunken from malnutrition stomach, you may need to revise the schedule of their sex marathons to make them more rare, but more intense. The same time the weekend is the best out of the situation. Moreover, in the morning, when no one in a hurry and don’t fall asleep on the move after a hard day, sex is particularly long and pleasant. Your friend Do you know each other a thousand years, your mom bought for you stroller in one store, you were making something in the sandbox one plastic bucket, later played in the Cossacks is in the blood fleeced knees, climbing over the fence to the neighbor for green apricots, and together received “the first number” from this neighbor, caught at the crime scene. You grew up together, and this gay guy with freckles on chipping from the sun nose was always there to support and help in any situation. Time passed, and now both of you, so young, beautiful and sexy, well as close as ever, but more and more you wonder – what if something more between you than just friendship? In General, once you have decided to become even closer, but convergence was not at the proper level… Sex with a close friend – it’s practically i****t. Erection newfound lover inhibits the moral side of the question. And even between you is really something more than just friendship, your partner it is difficult to cross perennial habit and hug you not paternally. No need to apologize! Embarrassed giggle, fall out of bed, to offer drink tea or play a game of poker to pretend that nothing is happening, will not succeed. Save face and romantic atmosphere to the end, hide emotions and frustration. I must take the blame. Best in this case the phrase: “I’m Sorry, it was my fault that we got in a hurry!”. The man not only be thankful for what you have “upside down” situation and stripped him of responsibility for the failure, but will get on the psychological hook: you reacted well, it means that you can be trusted. Finally out the embarrassment of your tenderness – you can just lie beside each other. Conclusions for the future It is clear that absolute friendship between a man and a woman is not – and even at a young age, when the body raging mad hormones, and even more so. However, it is worth thinking twice before

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