Male’s Medical Predicament Ch. 01


I was relieved my ordeal of the past few days would soon be over. I was to be discharged from the hospital. As I rolled over on my side as directed by the nurse standing over me, I hoped I was about to endure the last indignity of what seemed like a never ending string of humiliating experiences. I soon felt the familiar rush of cool air as the nurse lowered my pajama bottoms exposing my behind followed by the sensation of the thermometer be pushed deep in my rectum. As I lay there exposed with the glass instrument sticking out of my backside, I thought of the events of the past few days.

It all started when I noticed a drop of blood in my stool. Less than 24-hours later I found myself at the clinic up on a table with a strange woman’s finger up my ass. She poked and probed my rear quarters with her gloved finger followed by a visual inspection using a small instrument to look up inside of me. Peeling off her glove she came around to my front and reported she did not find any tears, lesions or other obvious reasons for the discharge of blood. She had me climb down off the table and stand in front of her as she sat on a stool and pulled on another pair of gloves. She proceeded to examine my genital area. After a quick check and the obligatory turn your head and cough, the exam was over. As I stood nude in front of her she explained that although she didn’t find anything, she thought it would be prudent for me to see a specialist. With that she said she needed to do one last thing before I could dress. She went over to a cabinet and pulled out a thermometer. I was told to turn around and bend over. She was going to take my temperature in my bottom. I soon felt the cold rod entering me. I couldn’t believe she remained seated with a fully unobstructed view of my butt and testicles hanging between my legs. When she finally pulled the thermometer out and said I could get dressed I hastily pulled on my clothes not caring she remained in the room speaking to me the entire time.

They were able to squeeze me in for an appointment with the specialist the next day. The doctor- who was female and looked very, very young, came out to introduce herself and escort me back to her office. She didn’t look like a doctor at all. She was dressed in a short skirt that showed much of her very attractive legs, dress shoes with a slight heel and a form fitting top. Looking at her as we made our way back to her office I wondered what I had gotten myself into thinking about the upcoming exam. Her office was exquisite. The chairs were leather and her desk was a dark cherry color. As I settled into a chair next to her desk things started bad and went downhill from there. As she looked over my file she noted her friendship with the doctor who saw me at the clinic the day before. She commented on how good a doctor she is and with a smile and a chuckle said more as a statement than a question she is really good looking too. As she studied my chart she lifted her head and peered at me through her glasses and in a sly kind of way said something to the effect of looks like she gave you a pretty thorough going over. With that she took off her glasses and came around and sat on the corner of the desk right in front of me. She said she wanted to begin by talking about the exam I was given yesterday because this will help in her assessment. This sounded reasonable to me at the time.

She began by asking if yesterday was the first time I had been examined by a woman doctor. When I said yes, she followed up by asking if the doctor had me take off all my clothes for the exam. When I nodded she followed up by asking how I feel having to take all my clothes off for her and then being examined by her while nude? I really didn’t know where this was going but I was getting mighty uncomfortable given the direction of her questions.

She next confirmed the doctor gave me a rectal exam. She wanted to know what position I was put in for the rectal. She asked whether I had any discomfort when the doctor put her finger up inside of me. She also noted I was given a genital exam. Again, she wanted to know what position I was in for the exam.

I was becoming more and more embarrassed by the questions. She wanted to know if I ever put anything up inside of me, and if I could think of any reasons for the discharge. After more than a half hour of questions, she announced she next wanted to examine me. She directed me to the adjourning exam room. I was told to take off all my clothes and don the gown that was on the table in the room. As I turned toward the room she repeated I need you to take off all your clothes for the exam. She told me to let her know when I was ready.

I made my way to the exam room. It contained an elaborate array of instruments and other medical equipment. Right in the middle was the most unusual looking exam table. I spent a considerable amount of time looking around and then remembered the doctor’s order for me to undress. When I had all my clothes off I reached sakarya escort for the gown. I couldn’t believe it. It was more like a tee shirt than a gown. It only came down to my waist. My entire lower half was exposed. I thought to myself, this is just great. I went to the door and only sticking my head out announced in a weak voice I was ready for her.

I was taken aback when a woman much closer to my age entered instead. I instinctively covered my front. She announced she would be taking care of preliminaries and getting me ready for the doctor. I was lead over to the scale to have my weight and height registered. When I stepped up on the scale and placed my hands at my side as directed she had a full view of my genital area and my rear end. She was so close to me I could smell her perfume. At one point she tapped me on the bottom to get me to move forward on the scale. Next I was told to be seated on a stool next to the desk so she could get a blood sample. When this was competed she directed me to hop up on the exam table where she checked my blood pressure and took other vitals including making me raise the shirt type gown to almost my neck so she could listen to my front and back with a stethoscope.

When she finished she said it was time to get me ready for the doctor. She told me to get up on the table on my stomach and position my legs and feet in the extensions on either side of the table. When I was in position she used something like a remote to adjust the table. The table was folding in the middle causing my rear end to be pushed upward and the extensions moved in toward the table and outward sideways spreading and opening my hind quarters. When the table stopped moving I was in an almost kneeling position with my butt the highest point and my head the lowest. When she asked if I was comfortable I was too utterly humiliated at being so completely exposed that I blurted out something really dumb like quite a view from down here. She responded by saying the view was rather interesting from her vantage point too.

After that little exchange she came around to where my head was and said in an almost apologetic manner, as you know the doctor is going to thoroughly examine your bottom. She will be checking you on the outside and then internally both digitally and with instruments. I’m going to start by thoroughly lubricating you back there for the doctor so that your discomfort is kept to a minimum. I’m also going to take your temperature in your backside. As she was getting things ready she nonchalantly inquired whether I ever had my temperature taken in my behind as an adult. I sheepishly relayed the events of the previous day and added for what reason I don’t know the fact the doctor she works for knows the doctor who examined me yesterday. She broke into a laugh stating you must have seen Dr. _____. She went on to say I use to work for her, and then interrupted herself by saying she was now going to lubricate me and that I would first feel her finger on the outside of my sphincter followed by her inserting her finger inside of me. As she proceeded she went back to talking about the doctor from yesterday. She said more as a statement than a question that I take it she made you take off all your clothes for her. When I nodded she said I shouldn’t feel embarrassed because that doctor has an office rule all male patients regardless of what they are in for must undress completely. And if it makes you feel any better all males have their temperatures taken rectally and all regardless of age are given both genital and rectal exams. About this time her gloved finger penetrated me. She told me to bear down. She continued to talk as her finger explored my back quarters.

When finally she withdrew her finger she asked when I had my last bowel movement. When I responded probably more than a day ago she announced she probably should give me a cleansing enema. With that she picked up the remote and brought the table back to its original position. I was told to dismount the table and accompany her into the adjourning room. This room contained a more typical examination table and an adjacent bathroom. I stood there as she set up for and prepared the enema. When she was ready she told me she needed me up on the exam table on my hands and knees for the enema. When I was in position she further lubricated my back area with KY jelly. This was followed by the enema nozzle and next the rush of warm water entering me. After I was good and full she withdrew the nozzle and allowed me to rush for the bathroom to discharge the fluid. When I came back she indicated that should have cleaned me out real good but let’s make sure. As she pulled a stool out and sat on she motioned me to come stand in front of her. She then directed me to turn around and bend over. When I was in position she asked me to help her by spreading my cheeks for her. She made a quick penetration of my rear passage and after taking her finger out of me announced all looked samsun escort clear. We then headed back to the larger, better equipped exam room. I couldn’t believe it. I was practically nude yet I was walking and talking to this woman as if we were in a mall.

I again was asked to mount the exam table and once in place the nurse used the remote to move the table so I was positioned as before. Once the positioning was set, she announced she was going to take my rectal temperature. Next thing I knew my bottom was being spread followed by the thermometer being pushed into my behind. No sooner was the instrument in to its full depth when the door opened and in walked the young doctor. If having my temperature taken in the butt by the nurse standing over me wasn’t humiliating enough, now the young woman doctor was observing too. The doctor commented to the nurse that I see you are not ready for me yet. She told the nurse to get things ready for the exam and that she would finish up taking my temperature. I found myself getting terribly embarrassed all over again due to my exposed position now that the doctor was in the room. The doctor stood over me as the nurse laid out instruments and other things on a tray next to the exam table. After what seemed like an eternity the doctor extracted the thermometer. The doctor announced to the nurse my temperature was normal.

By this time the nurse had finished setting up for the exam. The nurse assisted the doctor putting on gloves. The doctor then settled in on a raised stool she situated between my legs. As was her practice throughout the exam, the doctor explained to me what she was going to do as she examined me, what she was looking for and the sensations I might feel.

First came a visual inspection of the outside of my rectal area. As she looked around she stated more I think for the nurse what she was seeing. I understood her to say there were no visible signs of lesions or other indications of injury. At one point she was all the way back where my testicles meet my body. She seemed to be pushing my testicles back so she could get a further view. I instinctively lifted up from the hips. She quickly reprimanded me telling me to remain still during the exam. She next said she would be examining my rectal opening. I felt her finger around the edges of it pressing and rubbing slightly. She then used both hands to spread me open wide. As she was doing this she said to the nurse his opening is a healthy pink color and I see no visual issues. She then spoke directly to me explaining she was now going to insert her finger. She went on to say that if I felt discomfort to let her know. In went her finger. She was smoother in her actions than the doctor the day before and her nurse just a few minutes earlier. After a short period she found my prostate. She mentioned to the nurse my prostate was fine. Soon after that she withdrew her finger.

She next asked the nurse for an instrument and when she had it she asked me if I knew what a speculum was. She really didn’t wait for my answer before going on to say she was going to insert one in my rectum to open me up real wide so she could perform a visual inspection of my insides. They had put a large amount of KY jelly on both me and the instrument. It went in relatively easily but as she opened it I felt a lot of pressure. I told her I was feeling pressure and her response was to bear with her just a little more. She proceeded to stick something in my rear. She also used some type of small light to look up inside of me. When she was finished and closed and withdrew the speculum she explained she was next going to insert a flexible sigmoidoscope in me to get a better look further inside. She showed me the instrument and again said I should tell her if I feel discomfort. When she finally pulled the scope out of me she pulled away from the exam table and stood up. She asked the nurse to return the table to the original position. The doctor then asked me to come down off the table. I was made to stand in front of both women to endure yet another exam of my genital area. This doctor was extremely thorough. She examined every inch of me down there. At one point she had me spread my legs and squat slightly to give her better access and a better view. When she was done with me in a standing position I was again escorted to the adjacent exam room with the typical exam table. I was placed in a prone position on the exam table and told to place my legs in stirrup type rests the nurse extended on either side of the exam table. This gave the doctor unfettered access to my privates. She methodically examined every inch of both testicle sacs.

When she was finished checking me down there she told me I could take my legs out of the stirrups. The nurse was in the process of handing me paper towels when the doctor suggested I may want to wipe the excess lubricant from my bottom. She went on to say I was to come to her office once I finished cleaning up. With that ankara sarışın escort she departed. I cleaned myself as best I could. I wasn’t sure if I was suppose to get dressed before going to see her. The nurse must have sensed my indecision. She came over to me and as she rubbed against my behind said almost in a whisper I could retrieve my clothes after seeing the doctor. So off I went still naked from the waist down to speak with the doctor. As I approached her desk she motioned me to sit. No sooner did I sit down in the same chair as before then she rose from behind her desk to come sit on the desk right in front of me again. After all she had seen of and done to me the last hour it must have seemed almost comical to her when I instinctively covered my genital area. The long and short of our discussion was that although she did not find any cause for the discharge and believed it was an anomaly, she wanted to be absolutely sure so I was being sent to the hospital to have some tests. The good news was I would only be in the hospital one night. She said she would have one of her staff take care of the arrangements. With that she reached back on her desk, picked up the phone, pressed a key and asked the person on the other end to come in.

I was terribly embarrassed when after knocking at the door a middle aged black woman entered. The doctor explained the situation and what she wanted the woman to do. The doctor then was interrupted by a telephone call. The woman turned to me and said I should follow her to her cubicle. When I asked if I cold get dressed first, she got indignant and curtly said I don’t have all day. We are all professionals. And then looking at my crotch with my hand strategically placed over it, she smirked and said you don’t have anything I haven’t seen before. Not knowing what to do, I sheepishly followed her out of the office and into an adjourning cubicle. There was no seat for me so I had to stand. This made it impossible to hide my nakedness not only from her but from people passing by her cubicle. When I complained she said you know I don’t have time for your games and if you continue I’m going to send you to the front desk to have these arrangements completed. So I stood next to her desk for the next half hour naked from the waist down in this woman’s cubicle as she finalized my hospital stay.

Luckily no one passed by. When she finally finished she told me to follow her to where my clothes were. The whole time we walked I got the sensation she was looking at my backside. I did what I could do to conceal myself, but it was a futile effort. When we arrived at the outside door to the exam room, a different door than the one from the doctor’s office, I practically ran in to the room not caring that it gave her an unobstructed view of my posterior. I hastily retrieved my clothes and got out of that place as quickly as I could.

I arrived at the hospital pretty late in the afternoon and after going through admittance was taken to my room. The woman who brought me to my room told me to get out of my clothes and put on pajamas. She said someone would be in later to see me. About an hour later a thirty-something blonde woman who looked like a drill sergeant entered. Turns out she was a doctor and there to administer an admittance physical. This woman was all business and no nonsense. With little fanfare the exam began. It wasn’t long into the exam before she had my pajamas off and I was standing totally naked in front of her. I again had to submit to an inspection of my genital area. She was also extremely thorough and somewhat rough. She began by visually inspecting me down there. This was followed by an exam of my shaft where she ran her fingers along its length and raised it to look at the underside. Next she squeezed the tip to check the urethra and finally raised my penis to give her easy access to my testicles. She lifted and cupped each sac almost like she was weighing each one, and had me do the turn your head and cough.

When she finishing checking my front she asked me a series of question about the events leading up to the discharge of blood I experienced. When she was satisfied with her inquiries she announced she was going to give me a rectal exam. She said she needed me to turn around and bend over the bed for her. She began by spreading my ass cheeks to the point where it hurt. When I protested, she made my reach behind and spread myself for her. I was mortified having to stand there opening myself up for this woman. She proceeded to visually check the outside of my backside paying particular attention to the full length of my crack. When she was finally done, she made me lie down on the bed on my back and raise, bend and spread my legs so she could do an internal exam. For the fourth time in three days I had a strange woman enter the most private part of my anatomy with her finger. I flinched as she first entered and continued to be stressed because she was extremely rough. It wasn’t long before she found and lingered at my prostate. I found myself involuntarily gyrating and thrusting my hips to meet her gloved finger deep inside of me. I couldn’t help myself. It was incredibly humiliating not only being in such as exposed position but I was getting an erection.

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