Mall Adventure

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Mall AdventureIf I remember correctly it was a hot summer day so all I was wearing was some short shorts and a bright blue blouse. No panties but a bra. I was walking from my home to the mall, and by the time I reached the mall I was glistening in sweat and was dying to get inside! Stepping though automatic opening doors a huge surge of cool air rushed through my clothes cooling me down instantly! It felt so nice to have the cool air caressing my pussy and tickling my clit making me a little horny but I could ignore it… for now. Walking through the mall taking in all the sights of men, women, couples making me think of my own personal sexual pursuits. I found myself in a little coffee shop inside the mall and got some coffee and sat facing out towards the mall so I could watch and day dream about people. How they masturbate or have sex if there was a couple I was looking at. My wondering dirty mind had a direct link to my pussies flood gates and I was soon swimming in my own juices! Realizing illegal bahis this I looked down and noticed my shorts had a noticeable wet spot. I little embarrassed but no one knew so I got up and went to the closets clothing store and bought some jeans and quickly went to the nearest restroom. The restroom that I entered doesn’t get a lot of through traffic cause it’s far back in the mall, so I was caught by surprise when I was no more then ten feet from the door that a couple come out holding hands with a huge smile on each others faces! They ran off giggling and laughing while they took off. I had an idea of what they did but I want sure, so I went into the restroom and it smelt like sex and sure enough there was a condom in the garbage. The sights and smells kicked my juices in overdrive and some of it was dribbling down my leg. I went into the nearest stall undoing my shorts and letting them fall to the floor.Taking a finger I wiped the dribble from my inner thigh all the way illegal bahis siteleri up to my clit and l sucked on my pussy flavored finger. Mmm I tasted delicious! I started rubbing my clit in circular motion starting slowly at first and gradually getting faster. Rubbing my clit I slipped one of my tits out from my bar and blouse and started pulling on my rock hard nipple, sending short shots of pleasure from my nipple down to my clit adding to the pleasure! Sense I knew no one was in here I was moaning and groaning with each rub and tug. Until I heard the door open… “Hello…?” I heard a young woman’s voice echo through the bathroom. I terminated all play! I don’t know what made me do this, but I quietly lifted my feet off the floor so she wouldn’t know I was in there. And I’m glad I did. After a few seconds she came in and went into the stall right next to me. I figured I would wait tell she left but I was in for a surprise. A few minutes went by when I started hearing those easily canlı bahis siteleri recognizable noises of wetness and moans… She was masturbating too! As soon as I realized this I went right back into playing with myself trying to keep up with her. I wanted to orgasm with her. When she started to rub faster I would too, and this went on for a few minutes when she started fingering her super wet pussy! I started fingering my pussy. I kept quiet but she was loud and moaning good! She started to have her orgasm I could tell by the way the walls were shaking, so I started to finger and rub my clit hard and fast to an earth shattering orgasm! Biting my lip to keep me from making a sound I quickly recovered and put my new jeans on.Still hiding in the stall she got out after a few and went to the sink when I got a brilliantly funny idea! While she was washing her hands I dipped mine back into my cum drenched pussy and got some on my finger. I opened the stall door. Her eyes meet mine in the mirror, her mouth drop in surprise and she gets wide eyed. I step out of the stall and start sucking on my wet finger and wink at her and continue out the restroom. I went home and masturbated to several orgasms replaying that scenario in my head!

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