Mama’s love’

Mama’s love’Breakfast of cereal that he had mixed fresh strawberries in with the milk, and a large glass of orange juice, started the day for Ted Jeffery, and as he walked to the shower, he passed his mother’s bedroom door. Glancing into his mother’s room, Ted stopped in his steps, as his mother was standing just inside her room, and she was nude. s*******n years old, and until now, Ted had never seen a female in the buff. His previous sexual experiences had consisted of copping feels, and a few makes out sessions where he was able to finger his date’s vagina. But never had he been able to see what he was touching or even when he sucked girls’ breast. The lights had always been turned off with his girlfriend of the moment. Now he was viewing his mother with nothing but a look of surprise on her face as she stood stark naked in front of her teenage son. “Ted, I’m sorry, I thought you were still in bed,” Then Connie, Ted’s divorced mother, grabbed her robe that was lying on a chair just inside the door of her room. Before Connie slipped on her robe, Ted stood in wonder at how beautiful his mother of thirty-four appeared. His eyes took in the firm breast that stood out from her body, with dark brown nipples, that appeared to be twice as long as any of the girls’ nipples he had sucked. Looking down her body, Ted saw her stomach was flat, and her pubic hair was thick and almost black. His eyes observed her legs, and he saw they were smooth and more importantly to Ted, they were tanned all over. In fact, there was no evidence that his mother had worn a bathing suit when she lay in the sun to tan. Connie Jeffery was tanned from her hair line on her head, to her small and pedicure pampered toes. Ted was in awe of the firmness and physical beauty of his mother, and had never considered her to be other than his good-looking mother. But not sexy, and that is how he thought of his mother as he watched her cover her nude body, then walk up to him, hug him and begin to cry. “Mom, why are you crying, did I do something wrong?” Connie laid her head on her son’s shoulder, and as she continued crying, said, “Ted, it wasn’t proper for my being nude and you’re seeing me without clothing.” “I’m so sorry; don’t tell anyone, as I’m embarrassed as it is, from your seeing me nude.” Ted was only wearing his boxer shorts, and he stood two inches more than six feet, as he described his height, and this brought his pelvic area to his mother’s stomach. Ted could feel his mother’s robe had opened as she hugged him. Connie was not thinking when she wrapped her arms around her son that she hadn’t fastened her robe in her haste to cover her body. The smooth skin of her own son’s body pressing against hers, as they stood hugging each other, was upsetting to Connie. The warmth and feel of her only c***d’s skin against her own, she found the situation giving her feelings that were both exhilarating and desirable. The feeling of his mother’s nudity pressing against his naked skin was causing his teenage hormones to work, and they were beginning to work overtime, as he felt his cock becoming hard. How can I get a boner from holding my mom, Ted wondered, and then he realized his erection was moving from the opening in his shorts? Being divorced for more than four years, and having been with only two other men during that time, Connie was also feeling her boding responding, and she became alarmed. After obtaining her divorce, which she didn’t want, but David, her ex, had forced her to agree to give him a divorce. Connie had gone out the first two nights after her divorce was final, and both times went to bed with the first men she had met in a bar near the office where she was employed. That had been four years ago, and to her amazement, now felt her body responding to the feeling of a man holding her, even if the man was her teenage son. Her crying had stopped, but she was now afraid to step away from her son, knowing her robe was open, and more dangerous was the fact she felt her son’s erection was pressing against the hair-covered mons at the top of her femininity. I must stop from responding to my sexual needs, Connie thought to herself, then her legs opened from the unstoppable desires that were stimulating her body for wanton and increasing uncontrollable needs to be penetrated. Before she could pull from her son’s arms, Connie felt Ted’s erection ease between her legs, and rubbing and pushing against the labia protecting the opening where her son had left her body. She was in heat like an a****l in the wild jungles, and her passions were becoming incorrigible in the need for sexual release. Connie knew her actions were irresponsible, as her pleasing smooth as silk, thighs closed around her sons’ hard as steel penis. Never, had Ted felt, such need and desire from being with a female, and that the one he was holding and exciting his senses, was his mother, didn’t stop him from becoming aroused even more. The only thing entering his mind was the need to probe inside his mother’s sex. Nothing was spoken between them, as Ted moved his mother backward to her bed, and when the reached the edge of the mattress, and the back of her legs touched it, she moved down on her back. Pushing his mother further up on the bed, Ted stayed between her open legs, and then he lay on top of his mother’s beautiful body. His penis pushed and probed in its inexperience canlı kaçak iddaa to enter the female opening it was attempting to penetrate. Ted’s erection touched his mother’s parted vulva, and felt a wetness on the end of his manhood. Ted’s cock had pressed between the puffed and blood filled labia outlining the entrance to Connie’s damp sensual opening. Moving just slightly, Ted felt his erection sliding into the hot wetness of his mother. Ted pushed his erection fully in his mother’s body, and heard Connie cry out, “No, stop, Ted, we can’t do this, you must stop, I’m your mother, oh son, stop, because I don’t have the willpower to stop you.” The head of his cock had slipped past the grip of his mother’s grasping minora labia, and for Connie the feeling of his firm member, and the penetration of her sex by a phallus, set her on a path toward a crashing orgasm. “Ted, it has been so long since I’ve had sex, you must stop, even though it feels so wonderful, TED, I CAN’T HELP IT, I’M CUMMING, TED!!!” After four years and no man to provide her with sex, the desires passing though her body felt like electricity. Connie could only feel a man’s erection pushing up into her, and her needs neither ignored, nor consider it to be her son’s manhood driving into her hot and wet sex. Connie cried out her release and realized she had gone off from her son’s penis simply being pushed all the way into her body. Her son in taking her, had not stroked in and out of her welcoming sex, as she climaxed from just his entering her. She was lost, and asked her son, “Ted, take me, it is so wrong, but take me, over and over, please Son?” For several minutes, Connie, the mother, felt her son’s penis moving into, and then withdrawing from her welcoming sexual opening, to the core of her body. Mother and son enjoyed the joining of their sexual parts, and when Ted went off, he cried out, “Mom, I’m going to do it, it’s so good, OH MOM, NOW!” After going off, Ted lay in his mother’s arms, and told her that she was his first. Before getting out of bed, they explored their carnal desires of sex a total of three times, and in various ways to bring down the ejaculations or climaxes of each other. Then they took a long and playful bath together. Ted studied his mother’s body, and he asked her why his father divorced her, as she was beautiful. “Ted, your father wanted me to be with another man, while he watched and video taped me with the other man.” With almost a pleading to her voice, and her eyes seemed to question him, Connie told her son, “I could not break my wedding vows your father asked me to do, you do believe me, don’t you?” Connie told Ted how she had found his father with Staci Bennett, and he demanded a divorce so he could marry Staci. “I didn’t want a divorce, but after three more years of his asking, I finally signed the papers and your father and I were divorced, and that is why.” “Mom, you mean Staci, from across the street, who lives with her parents?” Ted felt like he had suffered from his father’s actions, as an afterthought, stated, “Mom, she’s only twenty-one now?” “Yes, and I know what you’re thinking that she was only sixteen or s*******n at the time.” After their bath together, they dressed and Connie and Ted drove to visit his grandparents, and her parents, for their weekly visit. That evening, they dressed and went out to eat. Over dinner, they discussed what they had done, and Connie admitted that he had made her feel desirable and wanted. Then she told him, “Ted, we must never allow ourselves to be intimate again, as it is so wrong, and i*****l.” Yet that night, they engaged twice more in carnal desires, and in the morning, once more. That was the last time they engaged in sex with each other until five years later, when they were spent the night together in a hotel room. Connie had flown to attend Ted’s graduation from college, and the next day they were leaving on a trip to Europe. The night before leaving on their trip, Connie and Ted spent the night in bed together, and for the first half hour, they simply lay speaking about his finishing college, and the trip to Europe. Whither by accident or intentional, Connie had moved her arm, and when she did, found her hand hitting Ted’s extremely erect penis. Connie’s hand jerked back as soon as it had touched her son’s erection, but haunting memories of how they had shared a bed like a married couple five years previously, caused Connie to whisper a passionate inquiry. Moving until she was laying with her body over her son, Connie could feel the hard and large penis of her son, as she rubbed her sex around the firm penis of her son. “Ted, it’s going to happen again between us, we shouldn’t but, oh Ted, I…” Unknown to Ted, his mother had not been with another man science the two of them had engaged in sex. Connie moved from lying on Ted, and lay flat on her back with her legs spread obscenely wide open. Ted raised up and looking down at his mother, saw her sex was gaping open, and the moisture of her excitement, was glittering from the light in the room. Ted moved onto his side and lying with his leg up on his mother, was feeling her breast, and between her legs. Moving up over and between her legs, which she had pulled back so her feet were resting on the bed, and almost pulled back to her hips. Connie had her legs parted like a gull, canlı kaçak bahis and practically in a V shape. Ted settled between her legs, and was again amazed at the luxury growth of black pubes that covered her entire pubic area and across her waist from where her hips jointed her torso. Slowly and gently, Ted entered his mother’s young trim looking body. Five years had passed, and the rapture they felt was stronger than when they had first engaged in their i****tuous behavior at that time in their lives. Connie had opened her sleek thighs, and when she felt her own son laying on her body, and his chest crushing her breast, her hands guided his blood filled manhood into the grove of her vulva. “Ted, it has been so long, oh yes, take me… take me, now, give me your seed, oh I’m cumming already, you’re making me come, YES… TED, NOWWWW!” Striving to push deeper and harder into his mother’s welcoming sex, Ted was hard in pounding his erection into his mother, but he wasn’t brutal. Connie thought it was like being hammered in a hard, but loving way as she felt his pubic bone striking firmly and harshly against her clit, as his cock rubbed it as he moved in and out of her sex. Ted was young, and had the endurance to pierce the soft skin that was the vagina that allowed man to feel a woman around his manhood. Her vagina was gripping him so tightly, he pulled her inner lips out on his back stoke, and she was flowing with the juices of her ongoing minor climaxes. Then she felt her own son shooting his male juices deep into her body, and Connie was experiencing her second major climax in less than five minutes. “Mom, I’m cumming with you, you’re so hot and wet inside, its happening, I’M CUMING IN YOU, OH GOD MOM, IT IS SO GOOD, SO GOOOOOD!” During the two weeks in Europe, they shared the same bed, and were more like a couple on their honeymoon, than a mother and her son. The sex they shared each night and every morning, and sometimes during the day, always left them satisfied. Yet, after each session of climatic release, they would soon be bringing the other to another engaging and hard meeting of their respective bodies. Ted during the years after having lost his virginity to his mother, had found it easy to bed girls, those his own age, and even older women he met while attending college. One thing he found enjoyable was oral sex, and the older women, who were students taking courses for continuing education requirements, or bored housewives, taught him the correct way to move his tongue. The first night in Europe, Ted and Connie took a leisurely bath together, and after they dried each other off, and getting dressed for a dinner at a London seafood restaurant. Connie sat down on the edge of the bed, and lay back with her legs dangling down over the edge, with her feel toward the floor. Her action was simply to get a brief moment of rest, after the long flight, and the soothing bath placed her in a relaxed mood. Ted looked at his mother, and remembered that almost all the women he went down on, would lie in this position. Assuming his mother was showing him she wanted oral sex, he kneeled down between her legs and was soon kissing and licking between his mother’s slick and taunt thighs. When he felt his mother’s hands pushing at his head, Ted simply believed she wanted a different contact of his tongue on her clitoris. With no more than a minute of his licking and kissing her labia and clitoris, and moving his tongue like a penis in her vagina, Ted felt Connie’s hips move up sharply from the bed, and her hands pulled his face tightly into the wedge of her legs and torso. “AIGH, TED, I’M DOING IT, OH MY SON, I’M CUMING, SO HARD – SO HARD, TED!” Ted moved up and lay next to his mother. Connie, rolled over onto her side, placed her right leg up on his legs, and her arm across his chest. Her face was next to the side of his face, and as Ted lay on his back, his mother told him, “That was the first time I ever had oral sex, what made you do that to me?” “Mom, are you saying Dad never did that to you?” “Never, absolutely never.” Ted told his mother how he thought she wanted oral sex when she lay back on the bed, he gave her an abbreviated history of his encounters with older women at college. Connie listened to her son, and then she started laughing and telling him she should have lain with her legs over the edge of the bed years ago. Before leaving the room, Connie performed oral sex on her son, and something she had never done previously. When she felt her son, fill her mouth with his viscous male body fluids, Connie, found it easy to swallow his sperm filled ejaculation, and found this to her liking during the remainder of their vacation. Over dinner that evening, Ted asked, “Mom, can I ask you something personal?” “Why not, after what we have shared, you can ask me anything you want,” But Connie wasn’t exactly prepared for the question Ted posed to her, but she responded honestly. “How many men have you been with, and don’t be mad mom?” Connie thought for a moment, before answering her son’s question, and decided to skip the first man she had sex with in her count. All her life, Connie had not told anyone about the man who lured her from the park one summer day when she was ten. The one thing she remembered about that summer day was how the promise of ice cream had resulted in her being ****d bahis siteleri canlı three times before she had been allowed to leave the maintenance building in the park. “Four, only four, Ted, and you/re the fourth.” “How many women have you been with, nosey one, and have you a book with the data of each one you have bedded, written down?” “Yes,” the smiling Ted, told his mother, “You may read my journal if you wish, and you are Wilma in the stories.” Then he told his mother he did not want anyone to read her name and sex story with him, if he should lose the book, or it was stolen. “Mom, one of my English Lit associate professors, wanted me to allow her to read my writings, and she suggested I try to have it published, after I clean up my notes some.” “I assume she is included in one of the chapters, correct?” “Correct, and her name is Edith in my writings, and is fifty-one years old, and she wondered if the one chapter was about you, but I informed her I would never reveal who the women were.” Pausing for a moment, Ted added, “Mom, she told me that she and her father had sex together from the time she was eighteen, and it had commenced two years after her mother had passed away.” Thinking for a moment, Ted told his mother, “Her father was a full professor of physiology, and she introduced me to him, and he is eighty, but sharp.” “Did she say anything about what you had written concerning us, or what did she ask?” “Edith said she was surprised that I was still a virgin when you and I first had sex, and told me she had always wanted a virgin, and had gotten one when she was in Brussels on a sabbatical a few years back.” “Mom, he was only f******n, and she said he cried after they were done.” “How did she end up with a young boy?” “You need to read my journal, but she had rented a scooter and was riding in the country, when she stopped to have her lunch along a small stream, that she could see from the back road she was riding on while doing some visual research.” “Evidently, he was swimming nude, and Edith speaks seven languages, so she could communicate with him, and as they spoke she could tell he was embarrassed to get out of the water, so she asked if he cared if she swam with him.” “Edith said his eyes never left her body as she undressed, and once she was in the water, they started playing at splashing, and she simply asked he is was a virgin, and he replied he was, but Edith said, he wasn’t for long after she heard that.” “Wasn’t she afraid she would get in trouble being with a young boy?” “Actually she said at first she was, but then she simply determined he had no way of knowing where she was from, or even her first mane. She wrote that she did him five times that afternoon, and she said he would likely have done it again, but she couldn’t take it one more time, she was sore.” One evening they were having drinks at a Rome sidewalk café, and the subject of anal sex came up. Later that evening, Connie allowed her son to enter her anus, but after they were done, she told Ted, “That is something I don’t wish to try again, but I’m glad it was you who showed me what it was like.” After returning to the US, Connie and Ted were never together in a sexual way again. For six months after their trip to Europe, Connie did not date, then one Sunday evening, she dressed and went to a restaurant which featured a piano bar, and after eating a late dinner, sat at the bar and sang along with the other customers. The man seated to her right, Brian, begin to speak with her, and they left the restaurant and ended up in his bed until four in the morning. Two years later, Connie and Brian were married, and her new husband had no idea that she and her son had enjoyed sex together. They live happily in a major city, where both enjoy the arts and traveling theater groups that play in their town. Ted married a young girl when she was a freshman in the college where he taught while obtaining his doctorate degree, and they have confided in each other about their sexual past. Bonnie is now a part of Ted’s journal, and her experiences started with her brother, who was a year younger, when she was fifteen. One part of her story is somewhat shocking, as Bonnie wrote about her and her uncle, and a friend of his, and both had sex with her within a few weeks after she became intimate with her brother. That part of her history Ted was not aware of until he read her writings. Ted’s journal has been edited by Edith, and is going to be published under the name Anonymous. Due to his work, and those of others in this story, all the names have all been changed. Edith had contacted Connie and they visited with each other the rest of their lives. A chapter had been added in the final book that Ted had not seen prior to it being published. The story was about a young girl, a p*****n, who was assaulted in a city park, and who had for several years been unable to accept men in her life, until a young man and she had an affair off and on over several years allowed her to forget all her past failures with men. An aside to this story, Ted and Bonnie had visited Edith, and while they were visiting her, Bonnie watched as her husband performed oral sex on his ex-instructor, and then he and Edith engaged in intercourse. Ted and Bonnie visit swingers’ clubs, but limit their sex with other couples to a select few, and people of similar background. Bonnie has a strange quirk, and that is her desire to masturbate in front of other people, and when she first attended swinger clubs, she would only masturbate during the first six months she and Ted attends the clubs. THE END Please wait while picture loads

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