Man Is Handy , She’s A Dandy

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I’m at work bored, because I have no machine problems at the time, so I jump on my computer and open my chat program and quickly scout the friends list.

I see her, an older woman that I’ve been trying to entice for about a week, hoping to convince her to have a chance encounter. I send her an instant message ‘hi’, she politely replies in same. I ask her what she’s doing, she says she’s feeling pretty stupid because she drop an expensive earring down her sink drain and now has to call a plumber to get it out. I mention to her that I’m handy with tools and that opening a sink drain is a ‘piece of cake’. She asks what I would charge, I say I work cheap and we could take it out in trade.

I sense her hesitation, maybe I was to forward with her, maybe I move to fast. I quickly type ‘ you know like a cup of coffee ‘. She replies ‘ok ‘ and gives me her address. I grab some tools and leave work, using the excuse that I have to pick up some parts for the computers, and I’ll be gone for about an hour, maybe more.

I quickly arrive at her house, her husband is working, and I ring the bell and am meet by a mature woman in a housecoat. My mind races to figure out what she’s wearing, if anything. After illegal bahis introductions she brings me into the kitchen and pours us some coffee. We sit; I glaze into her eyes, a color between green and brown. I tell her I better get started and it’ll take about five minutes, ‘ that all she says’ “longer if you want me to make it last” I flirt back, watching for her reaction. The chit chat quickly turns to flirtatious one liners, I lay next to the sink on my back, reach in remove the trap, remove the earring, and replace the trap. I call her name she comes in, still on my back I hold her earring in the air, she comes over to me and I get a peek under her house coat, she is wearing a short nightgown, with no panties. She ask if I’m done, I reply ‘ with the sink’, meanwhile my member is bulging at my pants screaming to get out. She see’s it, stares at it, then says ‘ since it was done so quickly I’m gonna give you a tip’.

She kneels down, undoes my fly and begins to suck on my cock, slowly taking more and more till it has bottom out, expertly using her tongue. Caressing my balls with her hands. I get up and sit on the counter; she lets her housecoat fall to the floor, her D cup breast bulging out of the illegal bahis siteleri top of her nightty. She expertly sucks my cock, knowing exactly how much pressure to put on with her tongue. I tell her I’m about to explode, she pulls me out of her mouth and I shoot my wad all over her tits, there’s just so much of it, I cream on her neck, and all down her nightgown, guess its headed for the wash. She puts me back into her mouth, gently sucking and licking.

Now it’s her turn. I get off the counter and grab her waste; I french her pulling her into me, gentle probing her mouth with my tongue. She is gyrating her hips into me. I put her on the counter. She reaches into a draw, pulls out a vibrator and hands it to me. I turn it on and slowly rub it against her upper thighs, starting on the left one, I run it very slowly up to her velvet lip, over her clit, then over to her right thigh, down to the back of her knees, she’s starting to respond. I kiss he long and deep while I continue to caress her lower body with the vibrator, sliding it up her crack slightly pressing her lips open.

I lower my head and gently start to lick her clit and slowly start inserting the vibrator in a little, out, in canlı bahis siteleri a little further, out again. I can smell her juices, I start pumping the vibrator faster, she’s rocking her hips now, I continue to lick and suck on her clit. She grabs the vibrator so she can control the insertion, this frees up my hand, I run my finger down towards her anus, and it is wet from her juices flowing like a river. I gentle probe her backdoor, running my finger around the outside of the hole, she’s starting to come I put the tip of my finger in her hole and she screams with ecstasy, I continue to lick her clit until she stops pumping the vibrator, I want it to last as long as possible. She pulls out the vibrator, her pussy lips are still swollen, and I stand up and kiss her deep in her mouth, running my hands thru her hair. I want to make sure that I will be back to “fix” other things.

She puts on her housecoat again and we sit back down to finish our coffee. We both have a content look on our face. She says she has a lot of small things that need to be fixed around the house, and she wants to know if I’m interested in repairing them. “What do you think? ” I said with a smile, ” make a list and we’ll work out a payment plan” I grin. I gather my tools, and we walk to the front door, we kiss and I sneak a feel between her legs, she is still moist, I run my hands up the outside of her nighty and gently squeeze her “d” size breast. I will be back for sure.

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