Manager and Employee


Manager and EmployeeThe aftermarket auto parts store manager rolled down the window of his velvet red pearl-coat 2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee. “You good, Mario,” he asked. “Yeah, I’m straight,” answered the six-four, slim, blue-black retail sales worker.“You sure! I can give you a ride.”“You goin’ past BTW?”“I can.”“Aight. Bet!”Mario Bonds got into the SUV. “Where exactly are you headed,” checked the driver.“You can jus’ drop me off that CVS on the corner of BTW and Sage Road.”“No problem. You got any plans for the weekend?”“Not fah real, mane! Chill an’ shit I guess.”“That’s what’s up. You ever hang out at Ideal?”“I been a few times. I don’t really shoot no pool though. You been dere?”“I used to before I got married. I like pool.” “Oh, dats wassup!”“I might have to get back over there one night.”“Shit. Lemme know. We can grab a table yo.”“I will. Here we are.”Shawn McCrary watched his employee walk into the pharmacy before he drove home. He was excited to see his five year-old daughter. He was less enthused to see his wife, Jalissa. Shawn worked out three days a week and had a strapping body with defined pectorals, flat stomach, and powerful legs. He also had a rotund ass coming from the multitude of squats he performed each week.Shawn navigated at a pace just below the speed limit. The 29 year-old never imagined he would be in this situation. Growing up, he had always been very smart. He wasn’t overly athletic, but could hold his own on the baseball diamond. He played varsity in high school. His test scores and grades were good enough to land him a merit scholarship at Rhodes College. He majored in history there and spent a summer as a White House intern. One night when he was back at home, the shit hit the fan. Shawn’s mom had caught his dad, a high school coach, fucking a former student. The 20 year-old girl was pregnant. His mother was inconsolable. He decided to delay his applying to law school to help her pick up the pieces. He moved home after konak escort graduation and ran into a guy with whom he had never been close friends even though he had known him for ages. The guy was known as Duck.Duck was looking to get an apartment. Shawn thought it was a good idea too, They moved decided to be roommates. They rented a 2-bedroom, 1-bath apartment. Within a week, the overly masculine Duck was fucking the DL in-between acting bottom Shawn.Shawn loved living with Duck, but he hated that the sexy, caramel-skinned man still fucked around. Duck mainly banged girls on the side and kept his gay shit confined to Shawn.Shawn would take Duck’s 10-inch dick every single night. Since Shawn was manly in the streets, very few people picked up on the DL relationship the two shared. One night, they were hosting a party at their place. Everyone was drinking and smoking weed. Duck convinced Shawn to connect with Jalissa. Shawn screwed her once and the bitch ended up pregnant.Jalissa’s parents were old school. It was damn near a shotgun wedding. Now, he was married to the wench who acted frigid as hell.Shawn pulled into the driveway of the two-story, three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bath, 1900-square foot house he owned with Jalissa. He pressed the button to open the double garage. He rolled in slowly and parked next to the black 2017 Honda Accord sedan belonging to Jalissa.Shawn walked inside the house. He was greeted lovingly by his daughter. He kissed her head and said hello to his wife.“Do you want dinner,” checked Jalissa.“Yeah,” he grunted.“What do you want?”“Not sure. What were you making?”“I’m about to make some mac ‘n‘ cheese for Nia. I thought about adding some of those grilled chicken strips in it for me,” shared the middle school social studies teacher.“Yep. I’ll take that!”Shawn went into the silver Kenmore bottom-freezer refrigerator. He took out a bottle of a Chardonnay and poured a copious amount into a regular glass. gaziemir escort “Drinking again,” snarled Jalissa.Shawn ignored her and took the whole bottle with him. He walked upstairs to get changed. He gulped down the wine on the way. He sat in the guest room watching ESPN until Jalissa texted his phone stating that dinner was ready.The five-ten, well-built guy went downstairs. He pulled a paper plate out of the cabinet and piled on some of the cheesy pasta onto his plate. Shawn grabbed an apple and an orange soda then headed back upstairs. He ate in peace.As usual, he fell asleep in the guestroom while Jalissa slept in the master.The next day at work, things went smoothly.“Aye, you playin’ pool tonight,” asked Mario.“Yeah, I might,” Shawn thought aloud.“Let’s do that, boss!”“Deal!”Shawn called Jalissa near the end of his shift. She answered, “Hey!”“Hi! How are you?”“I’m well. What’s going on?”“One of my employees is having a birthday party tonight. I wanna go shoot some pool with them.”“Okay, have fun!”Shawn and Jalissa rarely said they loved each other. It was basically a shell of a marriage.At the end of the evening, Shawn drove to the Ideal Billiards & Bar. Mario appeared about 45 minutes later. Shawn bought them two Jack & Cokes. The two men downed the beverages.Mario said, “You be funny as hell at work.”“What do you mean,” inquired Shawn.“I mean yo’ face just be tellin’ when you thank muthafuckas stupid.”“Oh yeah! I do have an expressive face. My bad.”“You good, boss!”“Don’t call me that. We’re equals.”“Nah, mane! You da boss.”“I guess,” laughed Shawn.“I’m fah real. You got shit together. Married. k**. House. I want dat shit!”“You can get it. Just make sure it’s what you really want.”“Bet.”They ordered another round of alcohol.“How often you be goin’ to da gym,” Mario inquired.“Three or four times a week,” shared Shawn.“Damn! You got dat beefed up ass I see.”“What?!?!?!”“Calm down, boss. I’m just saying you izmir escort built an’ shit.”“Thanks I guess!”“Hell yeah! If you was a chick, I’d be like ‘nice ass’.”“Thank you. If I were a chick, I’d say fuck me,” chuckled Shawn.“Dat’s what I wanna do,” admitted the slim thuggish dude with the mohawk haircut.“Huh?”“You heard me. I know you low key femme. Let’s get some weed and go back to my spot.”“What?”“Nigga! Don’t play stupid. Let’s go!”Shawn and Mario headed out to the Jeep. Mario showed him where to go to pick up the bud. Then, they stopped at a gas station. Shawn handed Mario a twenty dollar bill. Mario returned with beer and cigarillos. Shawn followed the slim, very toned dude’s directions. They ended up at small, ranch-style house. “Come wit’ me,” Mario said.They went inside.“Hey, ma,” Mario stated.“Hey, baby,” the woman replied. “Dis my boss, Shawn”“Hi, Shawn!”“Hello, ma’am,” Shawn said.Mario showed Shawn down to the basement. They sat on the couch while Mario rolled up a blunt. They drank the beer.“I know you like dick,” Mario professed.“What?!?!?”“You been lookin’ at me an’ shit. You good. I like bussy.”“Oh yeah,” beamed Shawn.“Yeah! I like a girly ass nigga!”“Sweet!”“Take dem clothes off. Show me dat ass!”Shawn stripped down and began twerking.“Ooh wee,” Mario applauded. “You got a nice ass! Suck dis dick.”Shawn knelt down and put the 10½ inch prick in his mouth. He did his best not to gag. Mario grasped and pulled at Shawn’s protruding derriere. Mario spat on the brown hole.Shawn angled his butt up in the doggy style position.“Fuck me, daddy,” begged the manager.“Yeah! Take mah dick,” ordered the employee.Shawn took a deep pull from the blunt. “Ooh,” he exhaled.“Gimme dat ass, punk ass nigga,” called out Mario.The bottom passed the joint. “Fuck me, nigga!”“Yeah! Yo’ bussy tight as fuck!” Mario took a drag.They passed the marijuana back and forth.“That dick is so good,” opined Shawn.“You like dat shit, faggit,” checked Mario.“Yes, sir!”“Take dis dick den, nigga!”“Oh, fuck me,” cried Shawn.Mario slapped Shawn’s butt. “Good ass fag pussy! Yeah bitch!”Shawn threw his ass back. Mario slammed his dick into the bottom“Ahhhhh! Fuck! I’ma nut,” admitted Mario.Mario came like a volcano.Shawn cleaned up and left.

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