Manager’s Mom’s Used Panties


It’s been such a busy period lately. Time is spent shuttling between the office and home, with drinking sessions sometimes after work as a means of socializing with the top management. I have been packed with work at the office, and I do not even have the time to indulge my favorite fetish of panty sniffing.

Thus it was to my delight, that I managed to get a whiff of some new panties recently. Just last week, I was out after work with my manager and some other colleagues at a pub near our office. I was actually rather tired and wanted to go home to rest, however due to the fact that my manager was going, I reluctantly went along.

The five of us settled down at the pub and drank jugs after jugs of beer while looking around at the ladies in the pub. Basically the night was spent with idle chatter and teasing of the waitresses. In total, the five of us managed to finish twenty jugs of beer between us. At the end of it, we were all rather drunk. One of my colleagues was vomiting into the bushes before staggering into a waiting taxi.

The other two also shared a taxi and left leaving me and my manager behind. My manager was very drunk and he was slumped on the ground. Shaking my head, I dragged him into a taxi and directed the driver to his home.

Upon reaching his house, I dragged him up the stairs to his apartment. My manager was a rather young guy in his early thirties who was single and still lived with his parents. I rang the doorbell and his mother came to answer the door. sakarya escort She was a rather good looking woman in her late fifties with a nice body. Slightly plumpish but not overweight with short curly hair. There was not a single grey hair on her head.

As she has just been woken up from bed, she was dressed only in her nightgown. It was very clear to me, even in my drunken state that she was not wearing a bra. Her nipples could be seen protruding through the thin nightgown material. I hurriedly explained that I had sent my manager back as he was totally unconscious.

His dad was also awake by this time and between the both of us; we managed to bring him to his bedroom. We left him fully dressed on his bed and turned off the bedroom light to let him rest. As it was nearing three am by now, his mom kindly asked me to stay the night. Though I was not very drunk, I gratefully agreed.

They gave me a bed in the guestroom and they went off to sleep. I lay down for a while on the bed before evil ideas came into my mind. I had not sniffed any new panties in quite some time recently due to my busy work schedule. How ironic that my latest panty sniffing opportunity should come at my manager’s house.

I quietly opened the guestroom door and peered out. Everyone was asleep by now. I slowly tiptoed out into the living room and picked my way slowly to the kitchen. I expected the laundry hamper to be there as I had seen the washing machine placed in the kitchen. I was disappointed samsun escort to find that there was no laundry hamper anywhere to be seen. My heart sinking, I concluded that the laundry hamper was kept in his parents’ room.

Before I went back to my room, out of curiosity I tipped open the lid of the washing machine. To my delight, it was filled with dirty clothes. Apparently the reason there was no laundry hamper was because all dirty clothes were thrown into the washing machine. Using the light from my mobile phone, I dug through the pile of dirty clothes. I only managed to find one pair of panties, and I slowly extracted it from the pile.

I stuffed my prize into my pocket and tiptoed into the bathroom. I carefully locked the door and placed the toilet seat down so I could sit on it. I extracted the panties from my pocket to have a good look at it. It was a pair of white cotton briefs with purple flowers all over it. Kinky! I did not expect my manager’s mother to be wearing such attractive panties.

The entire crotch area was stained a deep yellow. This was due to the fact that she had a rather huge backside. I expected that her cunt covered a rather huge area of the crotch. The thick yellow cunt juices were smeared all over the crotch. She leaked a LOT of juice into this pair.

Taking a sniff of the panties, the familiar smell of musky mature cunt rose to my nose. This was well aged pussy at its best. A slight tinge of the smell of pee could also be detected. However, ankara sarışın escort most of the smell was of her secretions.

The smell was strong, as is the normal case with mature cunt. I took deep breaths of the crotch, feeling the pleasant shockwaves coursing through my penis. The smell was awesome. I jerked my cock furiously thinking about her nipples which I had seen through her thin nightgown.

I had never seen my manager’s mother before tonight, but her body dominated my thoughts now as I pounded away at my cock. I had not sniffed any dirty panties in a long time, and now I was getting full relief. I came, shooting all over the toilet floor within 5 minutes of sniffing her cunt. I was still hard however, and I resumed masturbating after I had finished shooting.

I had yet to taste her, and I now started taking short licks of her pussy juices. It was so delicious, like sweet honey. As the panties were covered with purple flowers, it was just like licking nectar from the flowers. The best thing was that there was a lot of it. Her juices were all over the panty crotch. My pre cum was leaking for the second time as I licked his mother’s dirty panties.

I did not last long before I came a second time, adding more of my cum to those already on the toilet floor. I was very tired by now, so I hurriedly wiped the floor with toilet paper before tip toeing back to the kitchen to return the panties to the washing machine. I collapsed on the bed and fell fast asleep. It was the most satisfying experience in the midst of my busy work schedule. The best thing was, whenever my manager piled me with work this week, I was thinking in my mind, “I know what your mother’s cunt smells and tastes like.” It was a fitting reward for the busy rat race worker.

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