Mandy’s Sexcapade: Slippery Seduction


This storyline is a nonlinear addendum to the “Sharing My Wife Amanda” series.

This particular work was inspired by Mandy’s fairly recent, real-life session with a male massage therapist. Hopefully, the notion of a complete stranger putting his hands all over my wife’s oiled body is as appealing to you as it is to me!

Special thanks to the ever-wonderful Goddess_of_Sunshine for her professional expertise.


Darren lounged in the break room, alone.

The stocky young massage therapist was barrel-chested, with pectoral muscles and biceps that threatened to burst out of his tight shirt. His skin was clear and pale, with hazel eyes that many females would find hypnotic. He possessed dirty blonde hair that was greased and purposefully disheveled looking. Darren was somewhat short, standing under 5 and a half feet tall, but attractive physical features made up for his height deficiencies.

At 25 years old, he was healthy and in the prime of his life.

However, Darren didn’t feel that way right now as he yawned in boredom.

He had started his current job as a massage therapist almost 2 months ago, and, like any other job, some days were better than others. His clinic relied heavily on walk-in customers for business, but the young man had quickly and personally developed a decent-sized, loyal clientele. Most of them fell in the same category: older or retired women, who frequently engaged him in conversations about their personal lives, often venting about personal issues, as he massaged them. He would listen dutifully… or at least, pretend to.

Darren liked to think the women regularly came back to see him because he was a good massage therapist, but he knew that they also enjoyed flirting with him and appreciated his model-good looks. It was a service he was happy to provide!

While Darren was happy just to have a fairly stable job, he was secretly hoping to attract hot female customers who were closer to his age. It was a horribly immature thing to wish for, of course, but what other job could he land where he’d be able to lay his hands on half-naked women? If presented with the choice between working with an older, overweight woman or a fit 20 year old, it was an easy decision virtually any man in his position would make. Unfortunately, the type of customers he longed for were precisely the ones who usually preferred a female massage therapist.

Darren realized it was a cynical, perhaps even despicable, attitude, but… well, he was a virile young man who often thought with the wrong head!

A young woman with brown hair in 2 long braids poked her head into the breakroom. “You’re 4 o’clock appointment is here, Darren,” she announced.

He smiled his best smile at the receptionist. “Thanks, Clarissa.”

“I’ll bring her to your room in 5 minutes.”

Darren was hoping to flirt with her some, but she quickly pulled back and disappeared, leaving him to swear inwardly. Clarissa… now she was a girl whom he really wanted to lay his hands on. The young man felt a stirring in his loins as he imagined stripping the attractive receptionist out of her clothes and giving her a private massage…

Grinning boyishly, he left the breakroom to get ready for his next client.


Darren’s heart skipped a beat when his client entered the room. He instantly knew from the moment he laid eyes on her that she was easily the hottest girl he had ever seen. A radiant, magnetic smile, one that she seemed to wear very naturally, creased her lush lips. Brown, slightly almond-shaped eyes sparkled with a hint of mischievous, as if there was a joke that only she was aware of. The girl’s long hair that appeared cut from silk and darker than midnight was pulled through her baseball cap in a tight ponytail. A stretchy athletic t-shirt clung to her solid upper body in a very appealing way that screamed attention to her chest. However, her breasts were only equal to her amazingly sculpted ass, which as clearly outlined by the sexiest pair of yoga pants Darren had ever seen. She possessed a perfect body which made even more enticing by her flattering attire. The girl was perhaps an inch or two taller than him, and Darren suddenly felt dwarfed by her stunning beauty and overwhelming presence.

Strangely, despite her heart-stopping physical attributes, he found himself especially attracted to the girl’s adorable freckles…

After a prolonged silence, the beautiful girl coughed awkwardly and tried not to blush. She held a clipboard with a sheet of paper attached to it. “Hi… uh, Darren?”

The young massage therapist snapped back to attention. “Yes…” His eyes suddenly widened in embarrassment as he realized he had been gawking at his new client, and tried, in vain, to recover. “Yes, hi! I’m Darren.” He clumsily extended his hand.

The girl blushed even more profusely as she reached out and shook it with a solid grip. Then she beamed him a devastating smile that ataşehir escort almost floored him, and Darren suddenly got the vague impression that she was enjoying his discomfort… and that she was accustomed to this type of reaction from the male species.

Darren desperately tried to remember her name, and discovered that his mind was a jumbled mess of naughty thoughts. “And you are Ms…” He attempted to peek at the clipboard in his client’s hand.

“You can call me Amanda.”

Amanda… damn, even her name was sexy!

“Welcome, Amanda. It’s a pleasure having you in our clinic. Please, have a seat. I need to review your health questionnaire with you before we can begin. Standard protocol.”

“Of course.”

Darren gestured to the seats at the far end of the room, and sat down with her. After making some initial polite conversation, he began looking over the answers to her questionnaire. The young man quickly discovered that he really enjoyed talking to Amanda. Her tone was polite, musical, and energetic, and she never failed to make him laugh with her witty remarks. Amanda’s bright smile seemed like a permanent fixture her face, and he found himself frequently stealing glances at her. Darren also noticed, with a certain amount of satisfaction, that Amanda wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.


“So you’re here today for an hour-long massage. Any particular areas that are giving you trouble, or that you’d like me to address?”

“My quads, hamstrings, and gastrocs,” Amanda immediately responded and, for some reason, Darren was impressed with her assertiveness and knowledge of human anatomy. “I ran a half marathon last weekend, and my legs are still unbelievably sore.”

“Oh, cool!” Darren was impressed. Then, feeling as though he needed to clarify his statement, he added, “I mean, it’s cool that you ran the race… not that your legs are still sore.”

Amanda laughed. “And my upper traps and shoulders,” the gorgeous brunette continued, politely ignoring his awkwardness. “I pulled something at the gym yesterday.” She threw him a self-deprecating, almost embarrassed, smile. “I sound like a hot mess, don’t I?”

“Hot” is definitely the word I’d use to describe you, Darren thought dryly. “No worries, Amanda. I can definitely help you out. Why don’t we get started?” He gestured to the mat table in the center of the room. A luxurious white cotton bathrobe and a matching towel were neatly folded and resting on it. “Those are for you.” He then pointed to a 4-panel privacy screen that was positioned in a corner. “When you’re ready, you can change over there.”

“Oh, I’m ready!” Amanda replied with a youthful enthusiasm that made the young man feel good. She nimbly sprung to her feet, and Darren found himself staring hopelessly at her incredible ass as she went to retrieve the bathrobe and towel from the mat table.

He had never seen yoga pants cling so beautifully to a girl before…

The young man quickly averted his eyes, not wanting to get caught and potentially lose a client, and an EXTREMELY attractive one, at that. He stood up.

“When you’ve finished changing, I’ll come back and set everything up.”

“Are your things already here in the room?” Amanda called out.

“Yup! I just need to light the candles, turn on the music, and–”

“No worries, Darren. You can set up while I’m back here.”

The massage therapist stood rooted in his place and looked up, not sure if he heard correctly. Staring through the translucent material of the privacy screen, he could actually make out the silhouette of Amanda removing her clothes…

“Um… well… it’s actually company policy for employees not to be present in the room when clients are… uh, undressing.”

There was suddenly silence behind the screen, and Darren could see that his client had gone still. Then, seemingly deliberately as if she were putting on a show, Amanda slowly slipped out of her yoga pants.

Oh fuck…

“It’s up to you, Darren, but I just wanted to save time… you know, since I’m paying you good money to pleasure me for an hour.”

The young man gaped at Amanda’s choice of words, and thought he detected a trace of laughter in her voice as if she was mocking him. But Darren shook his head, attributing his paranoia to an overactive–and oversexed– imagination.

Amanda suddenly stepped out from behind the screen, and the massage therapist’s eyes bulged before he quickly lowered them to the floor.

His sexy customer had decided to forego the bathrobe, and simply wrapped the towel around herself, the curves of her magnificent breasts and amazing, barely covered ass on full display.

Darren swallowed hard, and forced himself to look up. To his horror, Amanda was staring right at him, and the corners of her lips were curved up in a bemused smile that she wasn’t trying all that hard to hide. She had removed her avcılar escort baseball cap, but kept her silky hair in a ponytail.

He glanced admiringly at her body. Amanda was in better physical shape than he realized. Her upper-torso was V-shaped, with muscular shoulders and biceps. Her thighs were stout, and her runner’s legs were absolutely fabulous. Amanda was so powerful-looking that Darren suspected she could beat most men into a pulp, yet her body was still completely and undeniably feminine.

And her flesh… Amanda’s flawless skin possessed a bronze tint, and Darren suspected it was natural since he didn’t notice any tan lines.

Now he really wanted to get his hands on her.

It took Darren a moment to realize that his client was clutching her clothes. “Is there someplace where I can put these?”

The young man gawked as he noticed that her sexy underwear was on top of the pile. “Well, uh… there’s hooks on the wall behind the screen that… um, you know what? Never mind. Here, let me put them somewhere for you.”

“Thank you, Darren.”

The young man blushed whenever the beautiful girl spoke his name. He kept his eyes averted as she handed him her clothes. As he turned to place them on a nearby chair, he surreptitiously glanced down to study her underwear. Her matching bra and panties were as black as her hair, and looked extremely lacy. Darren had to resist the urge to reach out and feel the material.

Is she teasing me on purpose?

He concentrated on breathing steadily as he turned back to Amanda. “Alright, then… why don’t we get you on the table? Face down, please.”

Amanda did as instructed, positioning her face through the cutout in the cushion.

“I’m going to light some candles. Freesia ok?”

“Ooohh, my favorite.”

Darren moved swiftly, eager to start working and place his hands on her. “Great.”

He lit several candles that were on a countertop, trying to keep his movements calm despite his excitement. Next to the candles was a pitcher of water and glass, and his cell phone, which he clicked on and tapped several times. Soothing spa music, a combination of instruments, the gentle sound of running water, and nature sounds, soon began flowing through the room from wireless overhead speakers. To completely set the ambience, Darren dimmed the lights.

He thought he noticed Amanda shiver in anticipation.

Darren rolled a small cart that contained his tools over to his client. “Now if you’re comfortable, Amanda, I’m going to ask you to undo your towel and lower it to your bottom so I can work on your back. But if you prefer to keep it on, that’s totally fine. I can still manage.”

“That’s not a problem, Darren. I came here for the full treatment, after all.”

Amanda’s laugh was infectious, and he chuckled along with her.

Still laying on her belly, Amanda reached underneath to pull the towel open and drew it downward so that everything above the small of her back was exposed.

Darren stared once more at her tan flesh. There was not even one blemish that he could discern, and the grooves of her muscles were poignant. His mouth actually started to water, but he forced himself to remain on task and not fantasize about all the wicked acts he wanted to perform with the hottest girl he had ever seen.

Darren poured a copious amount of scented cherry blossom oil onto his palm and rubbed his hands together to warm it. Stepping around so that he was standing at the head of the mat table, he announced softly, “Here we go.”

Prone, he couldn’t see her face as she nodded.

Darren placed his hands on Amanda.

The feel of her smooth, taut skin was electric, and the massage therapist immediately experienced a gentle stirring between his legs. Amanda didn’t even flinch at his initial touch, as most women often did during their first massage, and although Darren couldn’t see her expression, she seemed to be radiating a cool, confident vibe.

As if the beautiful girl was used to strange men touching her.

But Darren quickly shook the ridiculous thought from his mind. “Stay on target,” he told himself, attempting to suppress his horniness as he lubed her body with oil. Attempting to shift his thoughts, he stated appreciatively, “I have to say, Amanda, you’re very fit.”

“Why, thank you. That’s really sweet of you. I have to work hard to maintain what I have… the joys of being a woman,” she responded sardonically with a melodramatic sigh.

Darren chuckled. “Well, it really shows. You should be proud.”

He couldn’t see Amanda beam.

Refocusing on his job, the young man quickly noticed that Amanda’s left side was significantly tighter. He commenced the massage by rubbing his palms down her back, from the scapular regions down to her hips. Darren’s movement were slow and methodical, and he applied a heavy pressure deep enough that he could avrupa yakası escort distinguish the ridges of her muscles as his palms glided over them.

After several passes, Amanda breathed softly, “That feels so good, Darren.” She sighed contentedly, and the young man felt like doing the same.

He had just barely gotten started.

“Amanda, your left side is pretty tight, and I can definitely feel a knot in your trapezius muscle. I’m going to work it out.”

“Please do.”

Darren changed his technique, using the pads of his thumbs to dig somewhat deeply into the knotted flesh. This time, Amanda did wince, and he realized how badly that particular spot must’ve been bothering her. But she didn’t complain. And as her pain tolerance gradually increased, and Darren could feel her upper back beginning to to relax. As the the knot slowly dissipated, he changed his tactics once more, and moved his thumbs cross-fiber action to enhance blood flow to the area.

Darren stood over her at the head of the mat table and continued in silence. As he often did, he closed his eyes as he worked, tuning out all other distractions in the room. The soothing music and scented candles may have been intended for relaxation, but he was only vaguely aware of them. Instead, he attempted to focus on his sense of touch through his hands, which was, Darren believed, what made him such a great massage therapist.

But the young man discovered that he couldn’t concentrate while he was touching Amanda. Her skin was smooth and warm, yet she so muscular that kneading her flesh was like trying to mold a rock, and Darren found that highly impressive and extremely sexy.

Going against his usual methods, looked down at his hands as he worked on that gorgeous body. Amanda flesh was so tantalizing that it seemed to have a life of its own, an energy that Darren couldn’t resist.

“Mmm… your hands feel so good…” Amanda’s soft purr drifted up to him, and the young massage therapist was so proud that he was glad that she couldn’t see him blush.

“YOU feel so good,” Darren wanted to say, but he bit his lip, realizing how lame and creepy that would’ve sounded. It was a complaint of sexual harassment to waiting to happen.

Darren turned his attention back to the brunette’s shoulder and upper back. Continuing to address the painful spot, he moved over to her left side and began rolling her skin between his fingers to enhance her circulation. But Amanda’s skin was so taut that he discovered the technique didn’t work well on her, much to his amazement. Instead, he used a percussive method, or “little karate chops” as he liked to call it, up and down her upper back, just lateral to her spine. Even in the dim lighting and despite her naturally bronze skin, he could discern the mild welts that were being left behind on her skin. He finished this portion of her body by kneading her flesh for a moderate duration.

My god, she feels SO incredible.

Then Darren applied more oil to his hands, stepped over to her right side, and repeated the process, lubing her body some more.


Amanda turned her head imperceptibly to the right. Darren’s crotch hovered at eye level, and, even in the dimness, his bulge was painfully obvious.

She grinned impishly.


The gorgeous client remained mostly silent as Darren continued to work on her. After he had spent an inordinate amount of time on her neck, back, and shoulders, he finished that half of her body by providing traction to her arms, using enough force so that she experienced a pleasant distension in her shoulder and elbow joints.

The girl cooed softly, and Darren smiled.

“Amanda, I’m going to move onto your legs now.” He spoke quietly to keep in line with the ambient mood.

Darren sidestepped towards the lower half of her body until her right leg was before him. Amanda’s thighs were as powerful-looking as he had ever seen on a girl, and they felt absolutely solid when he began kneading them. He moved his strong fingers up and down her hamstrings, from the back of the knee to the upper thigh, where his hands inadvertently lingered as he stared at her flesh.

Amanda’s legs, like the rest of her body, were perfect, and the towel barely covered her hips, leaving a lot of skin exposed. How he wanted to slide that towel up just a little bit more…

The girl suddenly reached back and pulled it up another inch.

Darren froze in panic. For a moment, he thought that Amanda had somehow read his mind, as ludicrous of a thought that was.

“Would you mind massaging just a little bit higher, Darren? My hamstrings are really tight.”

“Uh… sure. I can do that. Let me get in a better position.”

I’ve died and gone to heaven!

Darren moved to the foot of the mat table so that Amanda’s prone form was stretched out directly before him. From his new vantage point, he was able to look up her long legs and exposed back… as well as over her amazing sculpted ass. The young man didn’t take his eyes off her still body as he squirted more oil in his hands and warmed it with friction. Then he leaned over her and planted the base of his palms into her skin just above the back of the knees. And with a heavy pressure, he slowly ran his hands up the length of her hamstrings.

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