Marcie and Leo Ch. 33


Let me describe the scene as best as I can. The first thing one would notice is the soft music playing in the background. Think more like soft romance versus Barry White or top forty. It’s playing at a soft level. One can also see that the lights are off. The only light is coming from some strategically placed candles we have spaced around the room.

One would then notice the headboard of the bed. There is the extrusion I mounted a while ago. But nothing is hanging from it. That’s because if one moves towards the left, they will notice two sets of cuffs that are attached to the pickets of the headboard. When one follows the chain, they will see two manicured hands secured. Follow her gorgeous arms and you will see her head on a pillow with her eyes covered by a blindfold.

One would then notice her beautiful lips open. The sound heard over the music is her moaning for me. This sound is one of the most intoxicating sounds to me. As the view drifts down her body, one would notice the wetness between her breasts. This would be from the ice cubes I used on her earlier as I was getting her ready for the pleasure I would torture her with. A quick glance over would show her nipples fully erect as well with the tell-tale rosy hue indicating my lips were already there.

They are marvelous, aren’t they?

As the view pans down towards her waist, one would notice that I am using her favorite toys to stimulate her. Her knees are flexed as the view pans down to her ankles, which have been cuffed for the sake of payback. Her pedicured toes are curled by this moment.

I guess an explanation is in order. It’s simple really.

It was mid afternoon and we spent it at the pool next door. It was during our swim we started to embrace a bit and we started making out a bit more passionately. As we ascended the ladder out of the pool, I noticed in the sunlight the all-over tan Marcie had been working on. I love her skin. With her beauty regiment, it is always soft to the touch. Now, the pigment of her skin does not betray any sign of tan lines. We started making out more in the lounge chairs without any clothing on by this time.

It was when my hand wrapped around her throat that she whispered how much she missed the kinkier stuff. It almanbahis was then I remembered all the bratty things she was guilty of as of late. She used the ankle cuffs on me during that lost poker game a while back. She also fibbed about the cords I left in my box. It did turn out Aubrey did used them for a clothesline. It felt like payback was in order.

I guided my baby over my knees and began to tease her while spanking her tanned behind. She started wiggling her rear a bit more before I slid two fingers inside her quivering box. Her moans were a bit louder before I spanked her a few more times.

“Are you going to be a good girl?” I asked.

“Yes, sir,” she responded.

“Should we get dressed and go back to our place? Or would you rather I punish you right here?”

She wisely chose our place. Based on the one time she was tanning when Aubrey came home, it was probably a good decision. We slipped on our swimsuits and wrapped in towels before we headed back next door. It was as we walked in when she turned towards me. Her hands were behind her back. Her eyes looked at me with a pleading look.

“Permission to speak freely, Master?”

I nodded my head.

“It’s been a while since we did this. How evil are you imagining right now?”

I smiled.

“How much are you willing to allow me to do?”

“I don’t know to be honest. We’ve been doing so much of the romantic stuff lately that I had forgotten what I like and don’t like.”

“I will take care of you tonight, Sweetheart. Consider it an omakase of sorts.”

“What’s that?”

“Think of when you allow the person cooking for you to just create before you just eat. I think I have a pretty good idea of what you like.”

She took a deep breath. She then slipped within my grasp before leaning up for a deep kiss.

“I am trusting you, Leo.”

She started to undo her bikini top before she looked at me.

“Am I doing this right?”

I smiled.

“I always like watching you undress, my pet.”

She smiled back before she turned away from me. She grabbed both sides of her bottoms and slowly pulled them down her legs to afford me the best view of her rear. She then turned towards me before she knelt to the ground.

“You’re almanbahis giriş a bit overdressed, Master,” she said quietly as she reached for my swim trunks.

I watched as my swim trunks were removed and I stood there as naked as she was. She then held her hand out so I could help her to her feet. She stood there quietly while I was debating what to do first. I went to the drawer where some of her implements were and pulled out the blindfold. She looked at me expectantly.

“I had a feeling you would blindfold me, Master,” she said.

I walked towards her and slipped behind her before taking the blindfold and tying it around her head. I then guided her to the bed and had her lay down before quietly opening her nightstand. I carefully placed her two toys on the top before also grabbing the handcuffs. I quietly connected them to the headboard before I took each wrist and cuffed them. She kept quiet, expecting me to betray what I was up to.

I padded out to the kitchen and carefully pulled out a bowl before grabbing a few ice cubes to put in it. I then made her a glass of ice water. I carried both into the room before I heard her calling.

“Leo? Where are you?”

I walked to the side of the bed she was cuffed to and kissed her lips tenderly before I pulled back to help her take a drink of water. She gulped once before she smiled.

“I’m sorry, Leo. It’s been a while. I got scared.”

I started to touch her down the center of her chest as I spoke.

“I’m right here, Baby. Do you want to pick out a safe word?”

She was quiet for a moment.

“Red. I choose red.”

I smiled before I whispered again.

“I will make sure you are enjoying yourself too much to remember that, my pet.”

I carefully took out an ice cube and rubbed her lips with it. She shuddered for a moment before I started trailing down slowly towards her right nipple. I took my time rubbing it around before trailing it to her left.

“Fuck!” she breathed.

I then slowly took another out and began to trail this one from her right ankle upwards towards her inner thigh. She tried to stay composed, even taking deeper breaths before she moaned for me. I repeated the same movement along her left leg before almanbahis yeni giriş I quietly took another cube and swirled it on her tummy. I was admiring her control before I surprised her by trailing my cold fingers along her pussy lips.


I smiled knowing I was pushing her. I grabbed her toys. The first, a vibrator, I turned on the softest setting before I rubbed it along her pussy lips slowly. I watched her lips as they started to quiver.

“Are you okay, my pet?” I asked as deeply as possible.

“Please, Sir,”

“Please what, my pet?”

It took a moment for her to form words.

“Please fuck your pet. I need you so much.”

“Patience my pet.”

I slowly slid in the toy until it was inserted. I then turned it up a little. Her mouth opened. Her moans began. I was enjoying the sound. I then turned on her wand and started to use it on the tip as I worked her vibrator

“Fuck!” she moaned.

I love making her curse when we do things. It is almost as sexy as her moaning. This is the point you came in Gentle Reader. So, I should continue.

I felt her resolve crumbling. It was when I knew she was close that I pulled the wand away.

“No!” she moaned.

I paused for a few moments before I pressed the wand back where it was. She started cresting again. I kept working her back and forth like that until she started begging.

“Please, Sir. Let your pet cum. Please!”

I spoke again.

“But I thought you loved it when I teased you, my pet.”

“I do. But I am so close.”

I climbed onto the bed and moved her toys to the side before I slid inside her.

*Cum for me, my pet,” I commanded.

She responded with some loud moans and panting. Her pussy squeezed my cock hard before her body stiffened. I started to fuck her more earnestly as she lay there. It was a few moments before I could hear her voice again.

“Fuck me, Leo. Fuck me hard. I need it badly. Cum inside your pet.”

I kept fucking her. There she lay after her climax still cuffed to the bed and still blindfolded. I slowly removed the blindfold.

“Do you forgive me, Marcie?” I asked.

She gave me her biggest smile.

“You better fill me up.”

I completed the task as she wanted. As I uncuffed her, she gave me the look that almost called me a bastard. She then wrapped her arms around me.

“I don’t know what prompted that, but I loved it. Thank you, Leo.”

I smiled. I then spanked her butt once.

“I love you, Marcie.”

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