We had been friends for some time and we had both confided we were bisexual. We constantly flirted with each other and touched each other. We had shopped for clothes together and ogled each other’s almost naked bodies and ran our hands over each other as we tried on clothes.

Then some ago while we were at a five-day trade fair, on the first night we became lovers. In the afterglow we confided we both have a fetish for hung men, eight inches is our benchmark. And watching hung men masturbating. And lesbian sex, we both love being licked and teased. We slept with each for the next three nights and had wonderful lesbian sex.

On the last night we decided we would invite one of the men at the fair who had been chatting us up to join us in our room. “If you want to have sex with us we both have a benchmark, eight-inches,” Marianne told him with a smirk. He didn’t realise we had been asking his workmates about him.

“His nick name is donkey dick. When he goes for a toilet break one of us goes with him to check out his equipment. He loves flaunting it for us. Boys will be boys. He always pees with his cock and balls hanging out.”

“And your bench mark is?,” he asked confidently.

“Eight inches,” I told him.

“Almost that big flaccid,” he smirked.

And so he was, huge and very virile, we both learnt to our great satisfaction that night as he fucked us both in a wild three-way.

On the Sunday when I arrived Marianne gave me the the code number over the intercom and told me to let myself in.

“You are late Sarah, we started without you. Some things cannot wait, our Sunday sex session is one of them.”

When I focused and got my bearings I was surprised and immediately turned on. Her man was sitting on a couch, Completely naked, legs apart, stroking his large, very erect cock. She was wearing a very skimpy and very sexy, white thong and bra which highlighted her all over sun tan.

As soon as the door closed behind me they commenced kissing passionately while she stroked his erection as he held my gaze.

Any doubt that I wanted and needed sexual pleasure today escort immediately evaporated.

She removed her skimpy bra to show her very good tits before he licked and sucked her nipples as she continued stroking his erection as he stroked her gorgeous big ass with a hand.

“Would you like me to lick you while he fucks me? You know that’s why I invited you today Sarah,” Marianne asks with great aplomb as she is kissing me passionately. I reciprocate as I ogle her man’s erection while he continues stroking it. I can’t keep my eyes of it. I was horny before I arrived, all I can think of now is sexual gratification. Perhaps from both of them?

“Or would you like another man to lick you while you watch us fuck,” she asked as another man appeared wearing just a towel.

“Greg was our back up person just in case you were a no show Sarah,” she tells me as he drops the towel to flaunt his huge, thick erection. “He has been watching us even before you arrived. The two men are cousins, they have the same DNA, hence huge thick cocks. And I have had them both, often at the same time.”

“Or would you like to give Greg a blow job while I lick you. You can watch my man masturbate for you at the same time. I have gone to great trouble to organize two hung men for us,” she tells me with the emphasis on ‘us’ as we continue tongue kissing.

I am the center of attention for three naked people, all younger than me, two hung men with huge erections and a woman who wants to pleasure me sexually with her tongue.

“Yes, you know I would,” I tell her as we continue kissing, before I slowly undress for them. Her man is stroking his erection as I tease him by sliding my thong off first as I lift my skirt to show him my ass, then let the skirt fall to hide my ass.

These two have really piqued my sexual appetite. I love the way he is stroking his erection for me as I hold his gaze and remove my blouse. No bra, my nipples are erect. I need them to be licked.

Three of my sexual fetishes are being licked, my ass and my cunt, hung men and extra people watching me having sex. Right now I have the opportunity to have izmit escort bayan all of those fetishes simultaneously. My man is away and I want it, really want it. A sexy woman to lick my cunt while I blow a hung man with another hung man watching.

I love playing the vamp. I want to flaunt my ass for the men. I want them to worship it. And they do after I drop my skirt, I still have my heels on. One of them licking and kissing each ass cheek as I ogle their erections in the mirrors as Marianne tongue kisses me. The only contact I have with three naked people is their lips and tongues. The men on my ass and Marianne tongue kissing me.

Marianne seats me on the couch alongside her man. I part my legs so she can kneel in front of me. Her tongue on my nipples is electric. I can still remember the pleasure she gave my nipples at the trade fair. Both of the men are watching on. Greg is teasing his very erect cock for me. Or is it for all three of us?

Then Marianne’s tongue on my cunt lips. “Don’t make me wait so long next time Sarah,” she whispers as the tip of her tongue finds my clit.

Greg is standing close by as I reach out for his erection. I am stroking his erection while I suck his balls. I run the tip of his erection over my nipples. Then he slowly feeds his raging erection between my pursed lips.

Marianne stops licking me to look at Greg feeding his erection between my lips. “Awesome Sarah, fucking awesome,” she whispers as she takes my hand and places it on her man’s erection. Not for the first time, I am pleasuring two younger, hung men, really hung.

After a few minutes Marianne is excelling herself. Her tongue is magical as she licks and sucks on my almost bald cunt. After a few sessions at our trade fair liaison she really knew how to make me orgasm. As I have my first orgasm on her tongue, I let Greg’s cock slip out from my lips. I am sliding a clenched hand along the full length of his erection and the other along her man’s erection.

The rest of the day passed in a blur of wonderful sex with two men and a woman, though I did feel a little guilty izmit sınırsız escort without my man participating.

The day my man arrived home we fucked every which way. “Tell me, what you did while I was away? Did you fuck anyone?,” he asks in the after glow.

“No baby, I didn’t,” I told him truthfully as I teased his now flaccid cock with my fingers.

“The most exciting thing I did was to have afternoon tea with Marianne. You know we were lovers once.”

“And did you?”

“Yes, she licked my cunt while two men with huge erections watched.”

“Did the men kiss your big ass?”

“Yes, I asked them. They licked it before they kissed it, while I stood with my legs apart and my hands behind my head. Just as you like me standing when you worship my ass. And Marianne and I tongue kissed at the same time. Exquisite.”

“Were they bigger than me?”

“They were huge. I did tell them you were nine-inches.”

“Did the men orgasm?”

“Yes, I gave one of them a hand job and the other a blow job,” I whisper with a hand on his no longer flaccid cock.

“Did you sit on her face while you gave the man a blow job?”

“Yes, that’s what we all wanted.”

“You know I am going to punish you for that don’t you.”

“Yes I do. And I want you to punish me,” I reply as I stroke his now very erect cock and put my heels on.

“Punish me now, right now before you fuck me again,” I tell him as I lean over a low table and spread my legs.

“Your ass is magnificent, just magnificent, and so fuckable,” he whispers as he doubles his belt over and teases my ass with it.

The first blow is pain and pleasure. My libido is in overdrive. Then the second blow. It hurts but I like it. I want more. And I want him to fuck me for revenge.

“Are you going to see them again?,” he asks with a tinge of jealousy as he lands the third blow.

“We have both been invited around in three weeks time. They all want to meet you, one of them men especially. He asked if you were really nine-inches and thick.”

“What time are we due baby?”

“Your ass is magnificent, just magnificent, and so fuckable,” he whispers as he slides his erection into me without me moving.

“One man or two men, and Marianne? All is forgiven, what time are we due baby?”

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