Subject: Marine Family Part 5 (gay/incest/military) MARINE FAMILY PART 5 (Thanks again all you fucking awesome twitter bros and bros. Got a lot of hot as fuck encouragement from some of ya’ll, and so I have finally sat my goddam lazy ass back down to write some more. Couldn’t get my Marine buddy Z. to look it over–motherfucker’s in and out a lot right now. So, some of the grammer and spelling is going to suck hard. Hope you like it though. This is from that same summer, me and my twin brother Troy was almost to turn 18 and staying with my half uncle Randy in NC. As a matter of fact this part picks up right after part 4 ends.) So uncle Randy’s girlfriend Brandi was screaming at him from the door and then stomped off. We could hear her pounding her way up the stairs and then upstairs. But she wasn’t very big, cept her tits and ass, so she had a hard time trying to make noise. And there we was like three dumb as shit fuckheads, our cocks stuck in each other. Fucking Troy, my brother and non identical twin, was in front, down on his elbows, his ass sticking up in back like a fucking whore bitch, his pussy hole getting stretched by goddam Randy’s long thick cock. Then fucking Randy, big dumb slab of fucking muscle, with his cock in Troy Boy’s fuckhole and my cock all the way up his fucking pussy, cause i was in back of that goddam homo fuck train. I don’t know why, but I was worried Brandi was going to make trouble or some shit, like tell everybody we was doing all this homo shit. So I said to Randy something like, “You gonna go talk to her, man?” Randy looks over his shoulder at me, a little smile on his real goodlookin face. “Fuck no, Bo. What the fuck…who cares about that stupid bitch? She just jealous she ain’t getting any in her cunt. Just keep fucking, motherfucker.” He got back down on Troy’s back, fucking his cock in and out, and Troy Boy was moaning and cussing like a fucking bitch boy. I was sorta fucking Randy but just because his ass was moving back and forth on my cock. I was still listening to Brandi making noise and yelling random shit upstairs. So Randy stops, burying his cock all the way up fucking Troy’s cunt. “Listen, goddamit,” he says looking back at me again. “You just gonna be some fucking little faggot bitch that can’t fuck? Or you gonna be a goddam man and fuck that cock like you had a pair?” Yeah, it pissed me off, which I guess is what he wanted. I got a little mad and said, “Fuck you, Randy! I’ll fuck yer goddam ass!” And I just started fucking him like Jake (that’s me and Troy’s daddy) fucks me when he’s real horny. I slapped the living shit out of his muscle ass cheek at the same time I pulled back and fucked him all the way, til my balls was against his fucking pussy. I did it again. “Fuck!! Jesus Christ motherfucker!! That’s what I’m fucking talking about…” Only he didn’t really finish talking cause I started fucking him fast and all the way deep up his fuckhole, just over and over. I got my hands up under his big swole arms and found his tits, them hot thick fucking nubs with rings in em, and I started rubbing and pinching them at the same time. “Motherfucker!!” Randy was yelling loud, like he wanted Brandi to hear him getting fucked. “Take it easy, Bo!” I almost laughed cause I’ve said that to Jake so many times when he fucked me rough. Like Jake, though, I laughed a little and told him, “Shut the fuck up and take that dick, motherfucker!” I kept fucking him hard like that, ended up pulling him back against my chest, and his dick popped out of Troy. Goddam, it looked so fucking big, all shiny with spit, big fucking veins on it, that thick, blunt cockhead half covered with his foreskin. I fucking had to grab that fucking thing. I started jerking him off. “That feel good, fucker?” I said. Randy was just letting me do whatever the fuck I wanted with his body, just a real fuckbitch. His big swole arms just throwed back, his legs spread so I could fuck his pussy easy. “Fuck, Bo…you gonna make me cum, motherfucker!” Now Troy Boy was looking back over his shoulder, kinda frowning. “Put it back in, goddamit Bo!” He back his ass up, all hiked up in the air, the fucking hot bitch. “Nah,” I said laughing a little. I was enjoying being an asshole and messing with their fucking. I fucking pushed up harder into Randy, he grunted a loud “fuck!” I started rubbing his cockhead and just fucking playing with it with one hand, while with the other I was still feeling up his tits and abs. “You just a big fucking homo, aint you, Randy?” I laughed again, Troy was swearing at me. But when I let go Randy’s cockhead and moved to feel his balls, I started going over the edge. Something about them big fat fuckers, all covered with that black hair and drawed up close on Randy’s shaft, just ready to make cum. I felt that hard jerk in my body and I knew I couldn’t hold back. I guess I was groaning, I grabbed ahold of Randy’s waist, moving my cock a little back and forth up in his pussy deep. Then Randy started jerking like that too. Big motherfucker was shooting his cum. I guess he got his cock back in Troy’s little fuckpussy after a couple of shots because my fucking twin was swearing his head off again, “Goddam motherfucking Jesus Christ fuck!! Shit!!” He got so turned on when a man fucked his cum into him deep. That was one of the best goddam cums I’d ever had, just felt so fucking good I left my cock deep inside Randy for a long ol’ time. But I finally pulled out of him, dragging out some of the nut I fucked up him. That looked hot as fuck running out his gaping pussy hole between them big pretty muscle asscheeks. That kept me hard. I mean, I stay hard for a good minute after I been fucking. But I was hard and horny now. Randy was so fucking handsome and has such a beautiful fucking muscle body, I kinda wanted to just fuck him again. He was holding Troy up against him, making Troy kinda half squat in front of him. And the big muscle stud was running his hands all over Troy’s body, his tits, his slim fucking gut and crotch, and kissing him on his cheek, like they was fucking homo lovers. “Yer brother ain’t made his nut yet, Bo,” Randy said. Sure enough, Troy’s dick is sticking up hard as fuck. “Why don’t you suck him off, boy? I wanna see you suck his dick.” Well, I was feeling like a fucking stud, a fucking man, cause I just fucked a swole ass stud in his pussy and fucked him so good I made him cum. So I kinda swagger in front of Troy, get down on my haunches and look up at em. Randy’s still feeling up Troy Boy’s hard little titties and playing with his balls real gentle like, still kissing him on the side of his face but looking at me with them beautiful dark fuckin eyes of his, daring me to suck him off. I mean they looked like a couple of fucking lovers or best friends. But when I got my face down to Troy’s dick, I could see Randy’s thick fucking cockshaft still stretching out Troy’s cunt. I wanted to show Randy how much of a fucking stud I was and how good Jake had trained me to keep fucking around even after I got my nut. I got my hands on Troy’s thighs, pushed em apart a little and got my mouth on his cockhead. I knew just how to suck and lick on him, knew that sweet spot under his pisshole that got him off. We’d been sucking each other off for years and years. Troy started thrashing around, making Randy hold him tighter, never letting his cock come out of Troy’s pussy, but fucking him a little, cause Troy’s hips was jerking back and forth. I licked his ‘spot’ even harder, still sucking him good, taking him deeper. “Goddamit!!” Troy just swore once. Then his cum was in my mouth, filling it up so fucking fast. Him and me are both big cummers. And I always fucking loved the taste of his cum. It’s one of the reasons we call him Honey Boy, he just tastes so sweet all over. Well, he gets his hands on my head, trying to push me off, but I know I can get a second nut out of him if I keep licking and tongue stroking that place on his dick. Didn’t take long and a thick second load started oozing şişli travesti out onto my tongue. Randy was watching us hard I know cause I heard him swear and go like, “You goddam hot dirty fuckers…suck that fucking thing, motherfucker.” Looking at where Randy’s cockshaft was stretching out Troy’s pussy, seeing them big hairy balls hanging down, I got this fucking dirty thought. I wanted to blow fucking Randy’s goddam mind, show him how down and dirty we really was, let him know he got a couple of hot fuckerboys to play with. So I pulled off Troy’s dick and moved up more on the cot, my head pushing up between his thighs, made sure my ass was sticking up high in back, cause I knew that turned a dirty boyfucker like Randy on. Then with a couple fingers, I pulled Randy’s cock out of Troy. Fucking hell, all this cum came running out, and that long thick fuckshaft was covered in hot slick cum. Just real sudden, I got my mouth on him and started sucking hard, running my tongue all over that fucking cockhead and up under his sexy goddam foreskin. It was so fucking hot, my dick was all the way hard again. But I woulda laughed almost cause Randy’s voice went up way high, “Oh goddam!! Oh fuckk….fuck…ohhh fuckk!!” like that, panting and breathing in jerks. He busted almost right away, a big nasty load right down my goddam cocksucking throat. Like a fucking whore I didn’t let up until there wasn’t no more cumwads pumping out his pisshole. Then he practically shoved Troy off him and fell backwards onto the cot, making it sound like it was gonna break. He put his hands on his face, still swearing and breathing fast. “Goddam” he said soft like over and over. Me and Troy is standing next to the cot just looking at that hot swole up fucker, his big cock still making a little cum pool on his abs. And then the motherfucker started snoring!! He was fucking asleep. I guess it made sense. He’d done a lot of fucking for one day, me once, then Brandi god knows how many times, then this fucking threeway with me and Troy Boy. We smiled at each other. “Whatever,” Troy said with this soft little laugh. Then he climbed back in his cot, laying on his side, not even bothering to pull the sheet over him and his cock still pretty hard. I loved looking at him like that and knew what he wanted me to do. See, me and Troy have this thing, been doing it since we were little kids. When we in some strange place or when something bad was going on (like when we were little) we would sleep real close together. I was always in back, holding him close, my chest right up against his back. So, I climbed over him and got into position. Like always I put an arm around him just to pull him in close. Troy pushed back up against me, smiling but his eyes closed. My chest was right up against his back, my dick and balls up against his perfect ass. And since this is all anonymous I guess I can tell you we was always real lovey-dovey…I know, couple of fucking fags, right? But it wasn’t like that, not really. Just two brothers, twins but not identical, but really fucking close when nobody was watching. Anyways, so I kinda rubbed my body against his and Troy rubbed back. I kissed him on his neck. “Mmmmh, Honey Boy” I said real sleepy like. I knew he was smiling back. “Big Bo” he said. We almost always said that to each other for some reason. Then we was asleep. I woke up when it was still dark as fuck. I think Randy was still over on the other cot. I didn’t really care. I had a hard on, I mean really hard. That happened a lot when we slept like that. And I had this thing that I’d always done with Troy. I pushed my dick between his thighs, right up under his taint and used his body to get off, just by fucking my hard on back and forth. We had done that for years like that but it got a lot more fun when we got cum in our balls and started putting on muscle. Sometimes Troy Boy slept right through it and woke up with my mess on his balls and legs. This time he kinda half woke up, I felt him squeeze his legs on my dick and push his ass back up tight against me. I moved my hand down and felt his dick stiff as fuck. I gave him another kiss on his neck. “Big Bo” he said all sleepy like. And like always he started playing with himself. But he didn’t just jerk his own dick, he reached down to where my cockhead was pushing through under his balls and used his fingers to stroke that fucking head. We both started grunted, cause we both loved doing this kinda fucking, where I held him tight and got my hands all over his titties and abs, running them down to his cock and back up. And he took care of us both, playing with his dickhead and then mine until we got more and more excited. Troy came first this time, and he caught as much as he could in his hand and used his nut like lube to reach down and just fucking jerk me off. I shot a big load that Troy got all over his hand. He used that as more lube, stroking me good and getting all that cum outa my balls, used it to jerk on himself a little more. I gave him another kiss, said some embarrassing shit like “I love you little brother.” We’re twins but for some reason I was always “big brother” and he was “little brother”. Then we was asleep again, not even bothering to clean all that fucking cum off ourselves. NEXT MORNING. JAKE AND RANDY’S VID. When I woke up the next day it was already real sunny. I was still right in back of Troy, both sleeping on our sides, but goddam we were sticky. Troy Boy was breathing heavy, still fucking asleep, his dick was hard as could be. I was pretty goddam stiff myself, needed to piss. So I got up but didn’t wake up Troy. But I can tell y’all that I played with his dick a little while he was sleeping. I mean it was hard to resist. I was going to dig through my shit to find some shorts but thought “Fuck it…ain’t like I gotta be shy around the dude that fucked my ass and took my load last night.” So I kinda staggered into the kitchen (it was right next to the room we was sleeping in), my hard on leading the way. And fuck, there was Randy, leaning up against the sink with nothing on but an old ripped up T shirt and stroking on his cock. He had his phone out and looked like he was taking a dick pic. He looks up with that horny smile of his, looking fucking swole and handsome as ever. “Good morning, sexy!” he said, like he was smiling at how fucking sleepy I was. “Morning…gotta piss. Watcha doin?” Randy smiled at me, like a horny devil. “Fuckin with Brandi. Asking her if she’s missing this cock yet?” “Did she leave?” I was going towards the little bathroom just off the kitchen, a couple steps down. I wondered why she wasn’t there. I started pissing. Randy is talking loud so I can hear. “Kicked her ass out, bro.” Made me feel kinda horny that he was calling me bro. “Yeah?” I asked, talking loud like him. Then he was at the door, i looked back over my shoulder, kinda surprised he sounded so close. He had his big arms crossed, talking to me but looking at my ass. “Fuck yeah, Bo. She was being such a goddam bitch. I told her to get her fucking ass outa my house. She started backtracking. But I was pissed. Threw her the fuck out.” He laughed at that, so I did too. This was one of them long first thing in the morning kind of piss, so I wasn’t really paying attention while he was talking. Then all of a sudden I felt his hands, both of em, on my ass. “Goddam Bo,” he said quiet like, “you got such a hot ass, boy.” He was rubbin and gripping my ass cheeks pretty hard, made me miss the toilet a little. “Uh thanks,” was all I could think of to say. Now he got me in a bear hug from behind. I could feel his cock hard on my ass. “Don’t thank me,” he said with a little laugh. “Gimme some pussy.” “What..fuck? Right now?” “Ain’t you clean down there?” he said. I was like, “Well yeah, but…” Then he just pushed me over to the sink. I think he wanted to watch us in the mirror. He grabbed a pump bottle next to the sink, some fucking lube I hadn’t noticed. “Come on, Bo, I ain’t gonna fuck you deep, just beylikdüzü travesti wanna get my nut out.” I’m feeling his finger spreading lube on my hole, then poking inside me a little ways. Then I guess he got his cock all slicked up, and then I’m feeling that big ol cockhead on my fucking hole. “Gimme that pussy, bitch.” Yeah, he went from calling me Bo to calling me Bitch real fast. He’s a fucking animal when he gets his cock up. He just fucking punched it in like he did the day before. And he fucking lied about not fucking it in deep. The motherfucker pushed in me hard, splitting me wide the fuck open til his goddam balls was on my fucking taint. “Goddamit!! FUCK!!” I didn’t care if Troy heard us. It fucking hurt like hell! Randy didn’t fucking care, he just wanted to fuck some boypussy. “Take that dick, bitch,” he said, giving me a hard slap on the ass. “You know you want it! Open that fuckin pussy!” He gave me like ten seconds to get use to it, wasn’t enough, and then he just started fucking his cock, long fuckin strokes. Goddam it hurt, my legs was shaking. I looked up to the mirror finally and I gotta say, it was fucking hot. Randy like I said before is so good looking he’s almost pretty. His hair hanging down in his eyes, this kinda dazed look on his face, mouth hanging open like a fucking animal. And his big perfect muscles all flexing, veins popping from holding my waist so hard. And I might be bragging but I think I was looking pretty goddam good myself. Not as swole as fuckin Randy but pretty fucking buff. Randy was looking at me in the mirror. He got this kinda smile on his face. “Fuck yourself” he grunted. I’m like, “What?” still frowning with the pain. He slaps my ass. “Fuck your goddam pussy on my cock bitch, work that fucking thing.” I tried doing it, moving my ass to push back and forth on his dick, trying to block out the pain. He slapped my ass a couple of times, using both hands, and was getting off watching me fuck myself on his cock like a whore. I guess he got to excited then cause real sudden like he bends down and gets his arms around me and holds me real tight up against that fuckin muscled up body and really starts slamming his cock in and out. Lets out a fucking stream of swear words to. “Take my cock you goddam cocksucking bitch motherfucker…fucking little fuckpussy faggot bitch …goddam motherfuck!! FUCK you fucking bitch!! FUCK!!” Didn’t even make no sense. He was fucking cumming though and just swore his fuckin head off like that. And I was finally getting hard, getting worked up with him, but he’s already cumming. Dirty fucker pulled out almost to his cockhead, wanted to see his fucking seed dripping out my hole. He was breathing heavy, fucking me a little, getting it all out. Then he just slapped my ass and pulled his dick out. “Thanks, Bo, man. Love that fucking pussy of yours. Now get cleaned up. Make sure you clean up that piss and cum, and I’ll go get breakfast going.” After I took a quick shower and got our mess cleaned up as best I could I went back to the kitchen. Randy was all smiling and shit, like he hadn’t basically just raped me. But he had breakfast ready, smelled so good. I was hungry as fuck. Still no Troy though. Randy tells me to sit my ass down and puts a big plate of eggs and bacon down in front of me. “Eat up, little brother. Gonna need it.” Then he goes over to the door of the room where Troy was still sleeping, shouts at the top of his lungs, “Wake up!! Get your fuckin ass outa that bed!” I hear Troy mumbling something. Randy comes back smiling and a moment or so later here comes Troy. Stark fucking naked of course, a big old piss hard sticking out, just like when we back in Jacksonville. He sleeps so hard he probably wasn’t even really awake and thought we was back home. Anyways, we all ate pretty fast, sure was plenty of food and we weren’t gonna go hungry. After we were done, Randy gets up to get his cigarettes, lights one up, sits down but with one foot up on the chair, looking pretty damn sexy I gotta say. He pushes the pack over to me. (It’s the south ya’ll, everyfuckingbody smokes.) “Alright” he says, “gonna lay down some rules while y’all are here in my house. First off, no fucking clothes when we’re in the house. Y’all are pretty fucking hot and got some of the best bodies I ever seen on high school boys. Show that shit off.” That was cool. Me and Troy was use to that from being at home. “Number two,” he goes on. “Sex. I need a lot of it, I think you two fuckers do too. So no holding back or holding out on each other. I like to fuck and I think y’all know by now that I like getting my hole stretched every now and then. So if one of us wants our dick sucked or wants some pussy, you gotta go for it, unless you got some real good fuckin reason not to. Good to go?” We nodded. Sounded good to me and if anything, Troy was a bigger slut then I was. “Three. Since we gonna be doin a lot of fucking, you motherfuckers gotta keep yourself cleaned out. Douche them fuckin pussies as much as you have to. There’s a fucking hose hooked up to the toilet in there you can us. Want you clean as fuckin Marines. Understand?” We nodded. “And just clean up your fucking mess. I ain’t your goddam maid.” “Alright, last rule. You gonna work out, every fuckin day. Want you both pumped and swoller then when Johnny last saw you.” Johnny was what he called Jake from when they were kids. “Other then that, you can do whatever the fuck you want. You wanna bring chicks back here, that’s fucking good to go…might have to share. And if or when fuckin Brandi comes back, you wanna fuck her, I don’t give a shit. She loves cock and I know you two fucks turned her on.” He smiled. Me and Troy looked at each other with a shit eating grin. Randy laughed at us. “Look at you two horny motherfuckers. Still, yeah, she got a good tight pussy…fuckin Troy knows what I’m talkin about.” He got up. Said we were going to the gym he uses in W. sometimes, about 30 minutes away. So we helped clean up breakfast and all that shit. Then we was just standing there, like “What’s next?” and Randy is looking us over with this kinda funny look on his face, like he was thinking about something. And he says “Alright, I wasn’t gonna do this, but I kinda wanna at the same time.” Troy’s like “Show us what?” Randy jerks his head, “Come on.” We follow him into the living room, and he sits his ass down at the desk in the corner and fires up the computer. He yanks out a drawer and goes rummagin around in all these CDs. Finds what he wants and pops it in. “This is a big motherfuckin party when your daddy got back from a deployment a couple years ago. Fuck ton of Marines, some strippers, lots of booze…” I looked at Troy and we smiled. “Randy I think Jake showed us some of that vid.” Randy looks up at us. “Nah, Bo, he ain’t showed y’all this part, cause I told him it was erased. The copy I sent him had all this cut out, cause I knew he’d lose his shit if he thought it was still around.” On the computer screen was Randy back when he had his high and tight and was trimmin his chest hair pretty close, him and Jake (or Johnny, he called him) looking at each other and smiling and talking about fucking. The part Jake had showed me and Troy already. Then it cut to a bedroom, loud music coming from somewhere, big thumpin bass beat. Jake was squating down, his cock hard and stick up, his mouth sucking on Randy’s cock, who was just standing there, big swole arms down at his side, slowly fucking Jake’s mouth while he sucked on him. “A buddy of mine was filming this” Randy told us, not taking his eyes off the screen, like he was fucking getting turned on. “Jacked motherfucker with a hot fuckin body and a big dick.” Alright, here’s everything going on in the vid while the three of us was watching, every goddam dick getting stiff seeing all that hot shit. First off, Randy and Jake both just looked like goddam fucking hot animals, with them high and tights, so fucking goodlooking, and swole as fuck muscles tanned istanbul travesti dark, cause they both been in the desert for a while and been doing full on naked sunning. Randy pulls his cock out of Jakes sucking mouth and moves his hips to slap his face with it. “Stick that fucking tongue out, you motherfucking whore” Randy tells him. Jake sticks his goddam tongue out like a fuck hungry animal. Randy grabs his ears and fucks it all into his mouth. “Take it al the way down your goddam throat. Jesus christ you fuckin cocksucking whore!” Spits running out of Jake’s mouth and he starts jacking himself. Then he gets his hands up under Randy’s taint, and you can tell he’s rubbing on his hole. “Stroke that Marine pussy, motherfucker” Randy is like growling. “I know what you wanting, bitch, but I ain’t one of your fucking boot pussyboys. Get up on the bed, you fucking cunt.” Jake fucking jumps up on the bed and goes flat on his stomach, then hikes his ass up, and he’s looking back at Randy. Randy slaps the fuck outa his ass a couple times. “Yeah, show me that fucking ass, bitch! Don’t fucking run away” he says when he jerks forward. “Spread your legs wider…I wanna see that goddam cunt of yours.” The dude with the camera moves around in back of Jake, and we get a real good view of Jake’s tight perfect pussy. (Randy looks up at me and says, “Looks just like yours, Bo.”) Randy’s middle finger goes right in him all the way without any kind of warning. Jake grunts and says “Goddam, motherfucker!” Randy’s just like, “Shut the fuck up, cunt!” He loves calling him ‘cunt’. He keeps fucking that finger in his hole and gets his other hand on Jake’s balls, pulling them up and just playing with them. He says to the dude filming, “Them’s pretty big goddam man balls, ain’t they? They fucking knocked up a lot of chicks…or would have if they hadn’t been on the pill.” Then without warning, Randy gets his big jerking hard on right on Jake’s hole and pushes it in, going in all the way to the balls. Jake yells. “Goddamit, motherfucker!! Take it goddam easy, fuck!!” Randy just slaps the shit outa his ass again and starts fucking him faster. “Fuck you, Johnny…you know you fucking want this cock…you fucking bitch homo motherfucker! Want you to say it on camera…tell em you want it in your fucking pussy.” “Fuck you,” Jake says, looking back at him, but he’s smiling. Randy slaps him again, real hard. “Say it, bitch!” Jake grunts, starts fucking his ass back on Randy. “I want it in my goddam pussy, motherfucker!” Randy climbs up on the bed, fucking him like a dog, his legs straddling Jake’s ass. The camera moves around back and you see the camera dude’s hand reach out and grab a hole of Randy’s big balls, shaved smooth and looking fucking hot. “Goddam, y’all both got the biggest fuckin balls” he says. He moves down to Jake’s ball sack, swinging back and forth from gettin fucked hard. Then that dirty motherfucker goes back to Randy’s ass and slips a finger up his hole. “You like that?” he says. You hear Randy swearing. “Oh fucking goddam…yeah I like that, bro…finger my pussy, man!” But he don’t let him fingerfuck him for long. Randy pulls out, slaps Jake on the ass and tell him to get on his back. Then he climbs up over him, squats his ass right over his big fucking chest and pushes his cock down on his mouth. “Suck it, bitch!” And goddam if Jake don’t suck that cock hard and deep, his handsome fucking face looking so good with that big cock in it and his cheeks sucked in. Right from his fucking pussy into his mouth, just like he liked doing to me and Troy. “You like the taste of your pussy, bitch?” Randy sounds like he’s laughing a little. “You fucking homo slut.” He pulls out and moves a little to get his ass right over Jake’s mouth. “Eat my fucking manpussy, motherfucker.” The view on the screen was so fucking hot, Jake’s big cock in the foreground sticking up proud, his swole tits further back, and then his tongue all the way out, halfway up Randy’s fucking hole. “Oh fuck,” Randy’s moaning, he fucking loves getting eat out. “Get up there, brother…eat that fucking pussy…” he’s talking real soft, like he’s just really getting into it. He mashes his ass down on Jake’s mouth even harder, grindin back and forth like a fucking dog for a while. Then he grunts gets himself flipped around with his head over that big fuckin Jake hard on, hauls his big legs up and bends himself over to get his mouth on Jake’s fuckpussy. And he’s stil pushing his ass on Jake’s mouth so they can sixty nine but licking their cunts instead of sucking dick. It’s so goddam hot, I’m really getting hard watching, like I’m going to cum before to long. One reason it’s so hot is that Honey Boy and me been doing that since we started sucking each other off. Just another fucking nasty thing that runs in the family, in us men anyways. But that don’t last to long, not fucking long enough anyways. Randy’s got a fucking itch he needs scratched and gets himself where he’s squatting over Jake’s cock, but where they can look each other in the face. He spits in his hand and then lubes up his hole. And looking real desperate, he cunts himself on Jake’s cock. They both grunt loud and swear. Randy starts bouncing his ass on Jake’s dick, just blissing out, his cock hard as fuck and bobbin all over the place. “Goddam, feels so fucking good, you fucking motherfucker.” He’s growling it out, kinda soft, just gettin what he needs. But that don’t last long either, and he gets off, gets Jake on his side, gets in back of him and starts fucking him from behind. It’s so goddam hot watching them fuck like that. Them two swole bodies just fucking and fucking back so hard, so much fuckin dirty talking. Randy’s just a total fuckstud, using his muscles to hold on to Jake and dominate him and drive his fucking cock into him. He’s grabbing his swole pecs and squeezing them like they was a woman’s tits. And he run his hands down Jake, down to his crotch like you do with a chick when you wanna play with her clit while your fucking in her pussy. Only Randy was grabbing Jake’s balls, then squeezing his fucking shaft and pulling his foreskin over his cockhead. And Jake, motherfucking stud Marine badass was just a total fuckbitch, pushing his muscle ass back, throwing his head back while Randy played with his tits and his dick. And they was cussing each other the whole time. “You fucking pussy bitch motherfucker!!” “Goddam motherfucker, fuck that ass!” “You like that cock in your pussy, bitch?!” “Fuck, you shitfuck, fuck that goddam pussy…I’m fucking gonna cum, you fucking bastard!” Camera dude was doing a good job trying to show everything, but he missed that first shot of cum out of Jake’s dick. But fucking Randy was all over it, pulled out quick and got his head down their real fast to get that cum shooting dick in his mouth, sucking all that hot slick cum down his throat. Camera moves to Randy’s cock. That’s when you could see that Randy already came, was still shooting a little jizz. Getting his brother’s fuckin seed in his ass was what set Jake off, I guess. Made that big cock start spitting out cum. Then them two was face to face on their sides, kissing and running their hands all over each other. “Goddam, I missed you, motherfucker” Randy was saying. “Missed you, bro…so goddam much. Ain’t nobody fuck me like you do.” Then they laugh and go back to kissing, can’t keep their hands off each other’s dicks and asses. (Randy, with a full fucking hard on now, he goes, “Now watch this.”) This big ol’ cum rope goes flying out and lands on both of them, then there’s a couple more. Fucking camera dude lost it!! Fucking jacked off over em. The camera goes all crazy and the last thing you hear is Randy and Jake laughing. One of em says “Watching Marines fuck make you nut, bro?” or something like that. (Alright, I know this was a long time coming. Sorry about that y’all. I’ll try to be faster next time. Part 6 is when Randy takes us to the gym. We meet Clint, the buff ex-Marine fuckbuddy of Randy, and his hot little juvie cousin Buzz. We see a whole new side of fucking Randy. You can always let me know what you think at ail or by dm’ing me on my Twitter page @APatroclus. Thanks for reading, y’all!! This fucking jarhead loves you bros.)

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