Marriage Based on Female Domination


I always wanted a marriage based on female domination and was now suffering the consequences of having my fantasy turned into reality. People should always be careful about what they wish for.

My wife Carla has always controlling me sexually. Its always been hard to satisfy all her sexual pleasures, so we both decided that she could have boyfriends that would help us out on her sexual desires. Carla has always made me eat her cunt after I have filled it full of my cum. That was one of the first things she made me do in are relationship.

I love the taste of my spent love juice and I have always liked a big clit sticking out of a wet horny pussy. I just love to pump a big load of cum in her and then getting down they’re and sucking and licking it all up.

The other night Carla had a surprise for me when I opened the door, Tom, my wife’s boyfriend was sitting on the couch naked and Carla was sucking on his balls while he masturbated. My cock got harder then Hell and Carla looked up and told me to remove my cloths and start jacking off for her.

I was laying on the loveseat with my cock in my hand and I was so horny I must have been moaning out loud. Because Carla told Tom to get up and stick something in my mouth so the neighbors won’t hear me moaning like a woman. Tom pressed up against me and ran the tip of his cock lightly over my lips, coating them with a thin stream of his pre-semen fluid.

I could tell that he was excited by what was happening. My humiliation was turning him on in a big way. He was not only enjoying the thrill of fucking another man’s wife, but also the sense of power in having the cuckolded husband kneeling siirt escort in front of him, ready to suck his cock on command.

Tom intended to make sure that I knew my place in our sexual triangle. I was a slave and nothing more. My only purpose was to lick up his cum after my wife had been well fucked and to suck his cock whenever he desired a blowjob. My wife had moved down between my legs and was holding my balls in her firm hand. I knew if I resisted she would rip my testicles off.

I had never sucked a cock before so I didn’t know what it was going to be like. Carla told me to open my mouth and to keep it open. Tom pushed the head of his thick cock into my mouth. I tried not to gag at the scent and taste of it. It was the worse humiliation of my life, and I didn’t know what to do except obey my wife. When she ordered me to suck his cock, I quickly began to move my head back and forth, applying suction as I felt his growing cock expand in width and length, until it completely filled my mouth.

I suddenly felt the bile rising in the back of my throat and desperately fought to stop it in its tracks, not wanting to choke on Tom’s cock. It was touch and go for a few seconds, and I thought for a moment that I was going to have to bite down on the piece of cock meat in my mouth so that I could throw up.

That would’ve gone over beautifully with my wife and her lover. I would have been punished; I brought Tom to the point of cumming. It had taken less than four minutes to get him there, and I knew he was ready to shoot his load.

The real question, however, was whether or not I was ready to swallow a mouthful of sincan escort cum from another man’s cock. I knew it would be different than licking up his cum from my wife’s pussy. All of a sudden Tom pulled his cock out of my mouth. Carla yelled at him to put his cock back in my mouth and fuck it harder.

She was literally getting off on what he was doing to me. Tom took hold of the back of my head with both of his hands and held me in a tight grip as he fucked my opened mouth like a wet cunt. Driving his cock further and further down my throat, silently demanding that I take everything he was about to give to me, I felt him reaching the point of no return.

I was going to pull it out of my mouth but Carla said, “Do it!” “Go all the way. Prove to me that you’re my slave and swallow every drop of cum that Tom gives you.” Tom let out a loud groan of pure pleasure as he finally reached the moment of release and shot off into my mouth, spurting wave after wave of hot cum down my hungry throat.

I felt as if I was swallowing a huge load of hot, salty oysters. The taste was terrible. I swallowed his cum with my eyes closed, willing myself not to throw up, wondering how I’d ever look at myself in the mirror again after what I’d done tonight. Any illusions I’d had about being in control of my marriage were now gone. I knew without a doubt that Carla had complete control over me and that I’d do whatever she wanted, no matter how twisted or bizarre or humiliating.

She was the Mistress of our home, and I was nothing but a slave destined to serve her and her male lovers in whatever way they demanded. Very good, she said sinop escort as Tom released his hold on my head and pulled his still-hard cock out of my mouth. There was still a tablespoon of cum left in my mouth, I wanted to spit it out onto the carpet, but I forced myself to finish swallowing it, praying to myself that I’d never have to experience this form of humiliation again.

Hopefully, my wife would be satisfied with what she’d accomplished tonight making me suck a cock and would leave well enough alone. Tom spoke up and said, “I think your husband enjoyed sucking my cock.” Since he didn’t spit out any of my cum, he must’ve loved the taste of it.

He did such a great job that I might end of letting him give me a blowjob every week. What do you think Carla ” Carla agreed, as she was getting me a pillow and a blanket so I could sleep on the couch while she took Tom to bed.

I laid on the couch wondering if the fantasy of sucking a cock turned out to be more than I could handle. Thirty minutes later Carla came into the living room and sat down on my face, as I sucked her lovers cum out of her asshole, as I played with her hard clit.

After I cleaned her up she grabbed me by my hard cock and led me back into the bedroom. Tom was lying on the bed with his big cock sticking straight up. Carla lubed up my asshole and had me straddle Tom’s cock as she inserted it into my willing ass.

As I bounced up and down on his cock Carla jacked be off till I shot a big load of cum all over Tom’s chest. She then pulled me off of Tom’s cock and made me get down and suck his ass-covered cock. As soon as his cock touched my lips it exploded cum all over my face. Carla made me thank Tom for all the fun we had and then Carla told me to go back to the couch. I love female domination.

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