Subject: Married Lady (lesbian/Adult Friends, oral, anal. g/gF…. F/F) Warning: This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts between lesbian and a married woman. If this type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not read it. Author’s Note: This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for personal reading, pleasure, or sending to a friend, but if you wish to re-post them on your own site, please contact the author for permission. Copyright 2010 Jan, All rights reserved Please mail to janmay696@yahoo if you have any suggestions for future stories. Married Lady By Jan I was a lesbian practically all of my life. I don’t even remember the first time I started playing with other girls’ private parts. I do remember my sixth birthday party. An older girl got me alone in my bedroom and showed me her pussy. She was old enough to have dark pubic hair growing on her pussy. She allowed me to play with her pussy for awhile. I think she asked me to kiss her down there. I remember vividly what her pussy smelled and tasted like. I was only ten years old the first time I sat on the lap of an adult woman and wiggled my butt around on her lap until she got the idea that I wanted her to touch me down there. While she played with my pussy I pulled her tits out of her dress and felt them and sucked on them. I played with her for a couple of years before I sought out women more willing to take a risk. I found out where there was a local lesbian night club. I was far too young to get away with entering a bar. I started hanging out at the bus stop on the corner. I figured that sooner or later a lesbian that was not that resistant to having sex with a young girl would approach me. I hung out there a couple of nights reading a text book by the street light. I saw several of the same women coming and going. I saw women boldly kissing each other as they parted ways. Couples would arrive and go away hand in hand. Some would even wrap their arms around their girlfriends. On the second night a woman I had seen before did approach me. She was a frightening woman. She had on tight fitting jeans and cowboy boots. She had a sleeveless tank top. She was a stocky woman with large flabby arms. There were tattoos on her arms and visible evidence that there were tattoos on her back and chest. It was also obvious that her monstrous breasts were not confined by any bra. The nipples were visible through the jersey material. Her hair was cropped in a crew cut. Her face gave evidence to the fact that she was more than middle aged. She frightened me when she walked up to me and while she pulled a pack of cigarettes from one pocket and a cheap lighter from the pocket of a leather jacket she bursa yabancı escort had slung over her arm, she asked me, “Are you looking for company?” I was afraid of her but I tried to be as bold as I could when I looked up at her and said, “Yes!” She smiled at me and offered me a cigarette as she told me, “Why don’t you come home with me?” I stood up and followed her home. She took off all of my clothes before she took off her clothes. Her G-sized breasts sagged almost to her waist and the fat nibbles were surrounded by the largest brown areolas I had ever seen. When she took off her jeans and baggy underpants I saw that she had a little triangle of pussy hair not quite covered by her thick thighs. The rest of her pubic hair was hidden in the folds of her legs and belly. She also had tattoos on her legs and even the mouth and tongue of the First Rolling Stones Tour right above her pussy. As aggressive as she looked, she was a sweetheart in bed. She made love to me until I knew I had to get dressed and go home. I did visit a number of times over the next couple of years. I realized that I was a fem in the lesbian world. I enjoyed dressing up seductively to attract those burly dykes. I did get a couple of tattoos. I had a tramp stamp on the small of my back and a butterfly on the outside of my left ankle. I also like to find those sweet little old grannies looking women, which looked like they belonged to one of those evangelical Christian churches. It was so funny to have them trying to save me from my wicked ways while they were finger fucking and eating my pussy. I did get an education along the way. I had a few romances with classmates and school faculty. When I graduated with a business degree I was recruited by an insurance company. I kept my personal life separate from the office. When men at the office made passes at me I brushed them off with a casual statement that I didn’t mix business with pleasure. One day the section head introduced a woman as our new employee. Her name was Claire. I was attracted to her the minute I shook her hand. She was a very attractive young woman. Over the course of several months I learned that she was married. She had married her high school sweetheart. The only problem was that his reserve army unit had been called up. He was in charge of a motor pool in Iraq. Not having him around made her very lonely. I made a point to befriend her. I didn’t let her see just how horny I was for her. She was overwhelmed with bills. She had to pay the mortgage. After the banking fiasco the house was not worth what the house had been financed for. To walk away would not only damage their credit they would actually owe money on a house they no longer owned. The utilities swallowed up almost everything else she made. Her wardrobe bursa sınırsız escort suffered as well as her ability to get her hair styled. I took pity on her and bought her nylons so that she didn’t have to go to work with runs in her nylons. I also styled her hair for her. I gave her some of my clothes, so that she didn’t look like she could not afford to buy clothes. I took her to dinner and the movies and to the symphony as my guest. I did it as a friend. I don’t want her to feel like she owed me anything. I listened to her vent her frustration about her financial predicament and her sexual frustration. One evening on our way home from the symphony she complained that she was getting tired of putting herself to sleep at night by frigging herself with her own fist. I casually mentioned that I would be happy to help her out with that too. I expected her to laugh it off. I had never made an overt move on her before. She didn’t respond. The statements just hung there like a sour note in an otherwise brilliant symphony. When we arrived at her home I expected that we would say our goodnights and I would head for my own home. I was anticipating that I would go home and finger fuck myself to sleep. I was startled when she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me on the mouth. The kiss lingered far too long to be just a casual kiss. When she stuck her tongue into my mouth I went weak kneed. I clung to her. When she pulled her head back I asked her, “Are you sure you want to do this?” She whispered, “I never wanted anything as much as I want this” “Have you ever had sex with a woman before?” Her head was so close that our noses were almost touching. “I had a girlfriend when I was a preteen that taught me how to masturbate and to kiss. It was fun but ended when her family moved away. I never had the nerve to find out if any of my other classmates liked to do things like that. I didn’t have sex with anyone for a few years. The first guy I had sex with was my future husband.” I had heard several stories like hers before. I knew she was uncomfortable at this point. I suggested that we might need a glass of wine. She agreed and opened a bottle of wine with a good nose. We let the bottle breathe before pouring two glasses. I sat down next to her and placed my arm around her shoulders as we sipped our drinks. She curled up in my arm and rested her head on the side of my breast. GAWD…I wanted to rip her clothes off and pin her to the floor, so that I could ravish her body. I had mental pictures of me sucking her pussy and forcing her to suck my pussy. I had to struggle with my desires. When our glasses were empty I sat mine down and took hers from her hand and sat it down. Then I turned towards her and looked deeply into her eyes. I could see that there görükle escort was something troubling her. I had no idea how I was going to get her to open up and tell me what was troubling her. She had the perfect life on the surface. She was married to a good looking, successful man, two beautiful children, and nice home in the suburbs. I wondered why she was willing to risk all of that to have a relationship with a lesbian like me. When she started crying she was soaking the front of my dress with her tears. I lifted her head from the side of my breast and gave her a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Do you want to tell me what is troubling you?” She was very emotional and her body was shaking violently in convulsions as she sobbed. I held her against my body in an attempt to subdue her until she was ready to tell me what was disturbing her. In time she calmed down and dried her eyes before she said, “I have wanted to have sex with you from the day we met. I just didn’t have the nerve to tell you how I felt.” Hearing that confession I pulled her tightly against my bosom and kissed her on the mouth. I had not kissed a truly feminine woman in a long time. I felt like the aggressor in our relationship. I took charge and undressed her. When I removed our clothes I deliberately left our nylons and black pumps on. I felt it was sexier. It was such a turn on to feel my hands and cheeks brushing against the smooth warm nylons. Her children were safely in their beds, while I was busy sucking their mother’s pussy. Claire was so appreciative that she had to kiss me after I had made her cum with my mouth. It must have been ages since the last time she tasted her own pussy on the face of another girl. She sucked on my nipples for a long time before she went down on me. It was thrilling to spend the night in bed with a woman close to my age that smelled of sexy perfume. We were up early the next morning and fully dressed before her children woke up. We fed them and sent them out to play. I could not resist feeling her up while we cleaned the dishes. There was no regret on our part. We did make arrangements for babysitters when she was coming to my place for an evening. We had a lot of sex before her husband returned home. He felt her aloofness and suspected that she had cheated on him with some guy from work. When she would not admit to her infidelity he even asked me who it was. I wanted to tell him that it was me you stupid ass. He never suspected that a woman like me was a lesbian. He even made a pass at me. When we had to attend company lectures we would share a hotel room. When the lectures were over we made a beeline for our room. One time I even introduced her to one of my leather dykes. She had never experienced the thrill of having sex with a woman like her before. The woman took charge of both of us. She fucked us with a strap-on dildo that never went soft. It was only a matter of time before she shed herself of her husband. She now is the fem of a bull dyke that has turned her into a sex slave. I hope you enjoyed the story, and if you have a story you would like told, please send your mail hoo

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