Married males curiousity fullfilled


As a basically straight married man who has had a curiousity for man to man action for years, I would look at pictures on the net and read stories of other guys experimenting with other men. I would jerk off to the thoughts of being with another guy in the same room or sitting next to me. Sometimes fingering myself as I would J/O and I loved the sensation that it gave me when I finally came. I began to have all kinds of fantasies about this and what it would be like to have a another guy fuck me. One day I was on the computer looking at scenes of two guys getting dirty and I thought, maybe I would have to get a dildo to see what it felt like to have a life size cock up my ass. I had tried to purchase one online but always chickened out when it came to placing the order and giving out my personal information and what if my wife found out when it was delivered? I had to go and purchase one directly from a store in the city that was the only way I was going to get to experience this. Then one late night after contemplating going out to get one, I finally got the nerve to hit one of the Adult bookstores. I drove the 25 miles to the store with an aching hard on, a little nervous and really excited. When I got to the adult store, it was late and there were a few cars outside. I had butterflies in my stomach as I got out of the car güvenilir bahis and walked up to the door. I was thinking, This is it, I am here, Just go in. As I entered, I saw all kinds of x-movies and magazines and one whole wall of dildos and sex toys. I could feel my dick begin to swell and then I thought, what if someone sees my bulge in my pants? I stumbled around a little as I looked around and headed for the wall. I picked a realistic looking one that was about 6 inches and nervously walked up to the counter to pay for it. I must have looked nervous because the guy behind the counter smiled and said it that all you need? Yeah, I said. I couldn’t wait to get out of there. I paid for it and walked out thinking, Finally. I couldn’t wait to get in the car and look it. As I drove away, my cock was swelling in my pants. After driving a few miles, I found a place to pull over and I stopped the car and unbuttoned my pant and pulled them down so that I could take one leg out and drive the rest of the way naked from the waist down. My cock was rock hard and sticking straight up. As I drove I stroked myself a couple of times and the pre-cum started to ooze. I could see my wet head as I drove under the street lights along the freeway. As I drove I reached over and pulled the dildo out of the bag and proceeded to tear it from its package. güvenilir bahis siteleri I couldn’t wait to hold it and feel it up against my hard cock. Just then I looked in my rear view mirror and noticed that there was a police car behind me with its lights flashing. I must have turned white as a sheet as I realized I was getting pulled over. I didn’t know what to do, so I pulled over to the side of the freeway and waited nervously as the police officer walked up to the passenger side of the car. I tried to cover my softening cock with my shirt as I sat there. I had the dildo down between my legs on the seat. I tried to think of what I was going to say and what was going to happen when my wife found out that I was stopped by a cop, half naked and with a dildo between my legs. The officer came up and shined the flashlight in the car. He must have seen other unusual things before, because as I looked over at him, he had a smirk on his face and said what do we have here? I did not say a word, I did not know what to say. He then asked if I knew how fast I was going? With a shaky voice I answered, 70? He just smiled and said, can I see your license and registration? I reached over and got my license and registration card out and handed it too him. He said he would be right back. I asked if I could get dressed and iddaa siteleri he told me that it was okay to put my pants on again. When he came back up to the side of the car he said that he was going to have to take me in and that my car would be towed later. I freaked out but what could I do? I thought, this is it, I am busted all the way around. He told me to get out of the car and to lean up against the side of the car so that he could pat me down. As I stood there, he began to run his hands around my chest and down my back and then up the inseam of my legs, grabbing at my crouch as he passed over my front. I jumped a little as he touched my cock through my pants but that did not seem to phase him. After he was done he said okay turn around and face him and he put the handcuffs on me and walked me to the police car. He drove a few miles down the freeway when he slowed to exit on a dark secluded country type road that ran parallel to the freeway. At the bottom of the off ramp there was a patch of dirt for emergency parking. He pulled over and parked the car. I said, what the matter, where are we going? He said he was going to have to have to search me again, stand up against the car. I asked,  “what for, You already did that?”…He told me not to worry about it and just do it. As I stood there with my legs spread, he began patting me down again. He ran his hands up under my shirt from the back around to the front and began repeatedly rubbing over my nipples and began pinching them. He then slid his hands down my back and cupped my ass cheeks with his strong hands.

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