Subject: (MMM) MARRIED MAN at the MOVIES He was there to jack off to the movie, until… Please Donate to Nifty, so they can continue to print these fiction stories. Love thread you corrects about this story. You would think that an adult cinema’s business was primarily at night. Well, the crowd may be larger, but the daytime patrons were always a lot more fun. Imagine, an old theater filled with guys who’ve taken the afternoon off to get their rocks off in the dark. Yes, afternoons are my favorite time of the day. I remember one afternoon, I’d dressed in my favorite Wrangler jeans and a tight white tee shirt, paid my admission and walked into the darkened auditorium. It didn’t take me long for my eyes to adjust. Hmmm. About twenty guys, spread out across the vast house. And, I was right – most of them were in suits and ties. The back and side rows was where I liked to sit, so I began to scope out my neighbors. There was one Italian looking stud, whose suit looked as if it were painted on him. He was sitting all alone, about four rows from the back. And, his hands were planted firmly in his lap. As I watched I could see his right hand slowly massaging his crotch. He looked to be about thirty, with black curly hair, mustache, and probably about five foot ten. I took a seat in the row in front of him, one seat closer to the wall. He noticed me sit and sheepishly removed his hands from his crotch. Although his fly was not unzipped, I could see a well packed lump in his crotch. The seats are angled such that you can see over to the seat in front or behind you, and I made sure he saw that my hands were in my lap, about to begin a game of pocket pool myself. I pretended not to notice him, and began a slow massaging of my crotch. After a few minutes, my Italian stallion relaxed enough to move his hands back to his own crotch. On the screen a man in a business suit was being fondled by a blonde woman. Her hands were moving slowly up and down the guys pants, finally unzipping the fly and pulling out his dick. She swooped down to take it in her mouth, and the guy let out a groan. So did I. Just loud enough for my stud to know that I had noticed the act, and was turned on by the thought of oral sex. He stared over at me and I licked my lips, my eyes never leaving the screen. My left hand, however, reached back and wrapped itself around the seat next to me (the one right in front of his). My right hand ground itself into my crotch, and I squirmed slightly. This did not go unnoticed by my neighbor, and he began to watch me as much as he was watching the film. I let my left arm fall a little lower on the back of the seat, and licked my lips again. This time, the guy spread his legs a little bit more, sinking lower in his seat, with his right knee coming closer to my left arm. By now he was trying to control a hard on that was threatening to break his zipper. The guy on the screen was moaning and groaning, obviously enjoying his oral assault, while my Italian friend was enjoying the show, too. He inched down a little further, and made contact with my arm. I didn’t move, but let out a small groan, acknowledging the contact. Still, we hadn’t made an eye to eye connection, but I could tell you everything about him. His dark blue suit was probably imported. His crisp white shirt looked tailor made. The gold in his watch was only overshadowed ankara escort bayan by the gold band on his left hand. Ah, probably a frustrated young executive whose wife wouldn’t go down on him, I thought. Across the aisle I saw two men with their coats in their laps. It was obvious that they were beating each other off. Behind them was a kid You had to be 18 to get in the theater, but the kid looked younger. He was wearing tight shorts and a tank top and his eyes were glued to the men in front of him. His cock was out of his shorts and he, too, was beating off. Two rows ahead of me were two guys. The younger one dipped his head down. Covering the kid with his coat the other guy fucked the kid’s face His moans were drowned out by the screen as the woman sucked his hard pole. Rearranging myself in my seat, I let my arm come to rest on his knee, pretending not to notice. My fingers began a slow massage of his kneecap, inching its way up his inner thigh. He accommodated me by sinking lower in his seat. His leg was firm and toned, and my hand was slowly creeping up to the mound in his crotch. Then, I heard the zipper of his fly open, and saw that he was wearing blue bikini’sand the were soaked by the head of his big cock.My hand began to rub the wet spot as the guy wiggled in his seat. I brought my hand to my nose to smell his sweet, hot cum, the I licked my fingers as he extracted the monster from his sticky briefs.. He also removed his suit coat and draped it over the seat next to his, thereby shielding us from anyone to our left. My hand was rewarded with a handful of thick, hard dick flesh. When I made contact it was his turn to groan. My hand slowly began to jack his throbbing penis, sending pre cum dribbling out the tip. I used the juice to cover his shaft and make it nice and slick. He was almost laying in his seat now and I could feel him flexing his asscheeks each time I applied a downward stroke. With some difficulty I extracted his balls from their confines, and rubbed them between my fingers. I brought my hand to my mouth and covered it with spit, only to replaced it in his overheated crotch. My fingers began massaging the dickroot under his balls and he let out a muffled gasp, squirming in his seat. Again, I covered my hand with spit. This time, however, I returned to his throbbing cock and gripped the head tightly, pretending it was my mouth. As I tightly fisted his shaft I was rewarded with another dose of his juices. I began a slow steady up and down motion, sending him up the wall. His hips were raising up off the seat on my downstroke, as he ground his ass into the seat on the upswing. Just as he was beginning a steady fucking rhythm I removed my hand and stood up. The look on his face was like a kid who just discovered coal in his Christmas stocking. He didn’t know what to do. As I moved toward the aisle our eyes met, and I signaled for him to follow me. I moved slowly, so I could see his reaction. After a moments hesitation, he stuffed his dick back into his pants and prepared to follow me. Once in the lobby I made my way upstairs to the rest rooms and balcony. I moved slowly enough to make sure that my friend saw where I was headed. When he entered the lobby, his coat draped over his crotch, I could tell that he was nervous. But, he still followed me. I got to the top of the stairs and walked past the eryaman escort rest room doors continuing on to the balcony. The sign announcing that the balcony was closed was attached to a small rope. I moved the rope aside, and climbed the stairs, but not before making sure that he knew where I was going. Hesitating for a moment, he followed me into the darkness. The rows of seats in the balcony are stadium style at a steep angle so patrons in the last row had no obstructed seats in front of them. I was standing to the left of the doorway, looking down onto the main floor when he made his way over to me. He looked at me, as if to say “what’s next?” Without a word I fell to my knees and unzipped his fly. He had lost some of his hardness, but when my fingers made contact with his briefs , I sucked the wetnness a and he shivered as his cock sprang to life once again. I grabbed his waist and pulled his pants and underwear to his ankles. He stepped out of them and Igrabbed the blue briefs and put them in my mouth.Thrn I put them over my face and grabbed his juicy knob, I popped it in my mouth. My friend buckled at the knees and groaned. My tongue was swabbing the head of his dick while my fingers played with his huge balls. I lapped at the tip of his dick and then began to lick the shaft from the underside, sending waves of pleasure through my conquest. My hands gripped his asscheeks closer to me andtook his dick the way into my mouth and the tip entered my throat. He steadied himself against the wall and began to fuck my face. My hand snaked between his legs and began to massage the area between his ass and his balls. He moaned and spread his legs for me. My right hand gripped his penis and I began jacking him of while still sucking on the tip. Continuing to slowly jack his cock, my lips traveled down the underside of his shaft and began to suck the fat vein where his cum was waiting to escape. Then lapped at his hairy balls. I managed to get both of them into my mouth and rolled them around, making him spasm with pleasure. I let his balls pop from my mouth and planted my tongue between his nuts and his ass hole. I could tell by the hardness I felt that he was ready to cum soon, so I increased my licking, moving a finger to the entrance of his ass. I lightly massaged the pucker. Obviously the sensation was new to him. Removing my finger, I swabbed it with spit and put it back at his hole. His hips begin to hunch backward into my finger. My tongue snaked its way to his hole, making brief contact. He shivered with pleasure and spread his legs even wider. I could feel the pre cum covering my fingers and I stopped jacking his dick. “Don’t stop, man” he pleaded. “I’m so close.” I looked up at him and smiled. “We can’t have that” I said. I turned him to face the wall and my hands separated his butt cheeks. In an instant my tongue was drilling into his ass. This was a new experience for my married business man, and he groaned with unadulterated pleasure as he squatted down a little to allow my tongue better access to this new pleasure he was receiving. “Oh, yeah, man. Do it. Lick my ass, man. Stick that tongue in there.” he whispered. I reached in front of him and grasped his dick, jacking it with renewed intensity. He crouched down till his ass was in my face..QI had one hand on his cock, my face in his ass, etlik escort and the other had jacking my own hard dick. He began to bounce up and down on my face, grinding his ass into my waiting tongue. All the while he just kept moaning “so good, so good.” When I felt his knees stiffen I knew it was time. Pulling my face from his hot hole I plunged his dick back into my mouth. My finger connected with his prostate and this sent him over the edge. Making quick jabs down my throat, I felt the first globs of his load hit the back of my throat. I pulled his dick out so that the tip was resting against my lips and began to suck it gently, with my tongue swirling around the shaft, milking it dry. His cum was hot and sweet. He came like a fire hose, too. My mouth soon filled with his hot juice and I tried to swallow it all, but it was overflowing my mouth. I could feel it dribble down the sides of my lips and knew that he must have been storing this load up for a while. He was still humping my face as I removed the finger from his ass and began to twist the rest of his load from his balls. I couldn’t believe how much cum this man possessed. Seven! Eight! Nine spasms, and still more! Valiantly I continued licking his shaft, swallowing as much as I could. Finally, he began to slow down. In a heap of exhaustion, he slumped down, burying his cock deep in my mouth. I suckled the prick gently, and let him regain his breath. I began to feel it soften in my mouth and continued to lick and caress it with my tongue. He didn’t move from his position and he let me continue to make love to his cock. The, I felt a twinge in his hips, as he slowly began to fuck my face again. My God, I thought. He’s getting hard again. Sure enough, soon his dick was at full staff and he was slowly pushing it in and out of my mouth. “My God” he said. “I’m hard again. This hasn’t happened to me since I was sixteen!” I was delighted, and prepared to begin again. And from the screen came the sound of a woman swallowing a load of hot cum. Leaning against the wall, I grabbed his ass and pulled him closer. He braced himself against the wall and started fucking my face. I slipped down my jeans. My hard cock was already slick and I used my fingers to lube up my ass. As he humped my face I stood up. “Hey, stud man, you wanna fuck me?” The guy looked startled. He looked up at me as I bent over one of the theater seats. “Come on, plow that breeder boy cock up my ass. I guarantee it’s tighter than your wife’s pussy!” Grabbing my hips he aimed his cock at my ass. I grabbed it and guided it in. “Aawww, shit!” moaning quietly as he buried his big cock inside my ass. “God, you are so fuckin’ tight.” he whispered as inch after inch slid up my hole. I felt his pubes against my cheeks and I knew that he was all the way in. He would withdraw and then slam back into me. grunting at how good it felt. I grabbed his tie and pulled his face next to mine “This is too fuckin’ hot!” he whispered in my ear. “Shut up and fuck me, straight boy! Ram that thick married cock up my ass! Mmmmm, fuck, yeah! Faster! Harder!” I squeezed the muscles of my ass around his cock, ans the guy shuddered. His cock stiffened. “I’m gonna shoot again,” he screamed. As his thrusts became more urgent. I stood up, disengaging his cock from my ass. Pushing him onto the floor, I dove between his legs and swallowed his throbbing cock. Putting his hands behind my head, he stiffened, lodging his dick deep into my mouth as he filled it with his second load. Not as big as the first, he still blasted a sizable amount down my throat. This time I swallowed it all!

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