Martha Joins the Group Pt. 01


The small church circle group consisting of Emmy Lou, Lois, Sue, Meredith, and one other was looking to perhaps expand its size. Someone had suggested Martha as a prospective members, so Emmy Lou, Sue, and me, John, went to Martha’s home to meet with her.

After several hours of talk it was time to leave. As we were leaving Martha shook my hand and slipped a folded piece of paper into it. When I arrived home later that afternoon I read her message to me.

“Call me in the morning around 9:00 and I’ll tell you what I want.” she had written.

The next morning I called as directed and Martha told me she wanted me to come back to her home that afternoon, She told me to wear my lingerie and two inch heeled pumps. Full fashioned stockings with a Cuban heel were also a necessity.

“How do you know about my lingerie?” I asked.

“Never mind. I just know.” she replied. Call me when you leave your house and I’ll raise the garage door so you can drive right in. Then I’ll close the door. Perhaps you might want to bring a small overnight case too in case you spend the night here.”

I took a shower paying particular attention to washing my uncut cock with the anteater foreskin. Then I selected my finest garter belt, cut out bra, stockings, and pumps. I slowly slipped my garter belt on followed by the stockings. My bra was an open cup of nylon lace and let my small nipples stick out. I slipped on a blouse and short skirt and was ready to go.

I called Martha and told her I was on my way. I picked up my overnight case and headed to the garage and backed out on my way to her home.

When I got there she was standing inside the garage in the doorway leading from the garage to the house. I stopped the car and she immediately lowered the garage door. I got out of the car, grabbed my case and followed into the house. She was wearing a light dressing gown and because she was walking toward the floor length patio door I could see right through the gown.

She was wearing a dark colored garter belt or garter girdle, cinnamon colored full fashioned stockings and a four or five hook bra and mules on her feet..

She stopped in the kitchen and picked up a cup which she told me was wam tea.

“I’ve had a few cups this morning and I’ll be peeing buckets in awhile.” she said. “I hope you don’t mind an older lady needing to pee frequently.”

“No.” I said. “I rather like watching a woman peeing especially if she is standing up or bending over at the waist and letting it fly backwards.”

“Well, I like to spread my legs and just let it gush out and splatter all over. I hardly ever wipe my pussy.” she replied.

“Now. The reason I asked you to come over is because yesterday while the others were here, I noticed you kept looking at my legs and I saw you trying to see if I was wearing a girdle or Directoire Knickers. So I thought I would have you back over and we could explore each other a little bit. You see, I haven’t had a good fucking for about three years now and I need a young man like yourself to let me suck your cock and fuck me with your anteater cock.” Martha said.

“How do you know I have an anteater cock?” I asked.

Martha replied. “Emmy Lou told me about your cock and what a long foreskin you have. She told me you like to be jacked a little before you fuck her. So I want to see this magnificent tool. You know my brother and I grew up on a farm in Kansas and we had horses, cattle, and hogs. When the mares got in heat, he and I used to watch the stallion sniff her, then his cock would fall out of his sheath and he would get hard and stick that foot long cock right in her cunt and fuck her good until he blasted his semen in her cunt.. Then he would get off her back and his cock would drop down but stay out of the sheath. Pretty soon another mare would be brought to him and he’d fuck her too.”

“Bulls were the same way. The heifers would be in the pen and the bulls with their nuts hanging almost to the ground would mount them, then shove their long peters in the heifers cunt. Maybe take fifteen seconds for him to shoot his seed into her cunt.” Martha continued. “If there were other heifers in heat, daddy would bring them out so the bull could fuck them too.”

“The hogs were the funniest to watch because the boar had a cock that looked like a corkscrew and he would mount the sow and just let that long skinny prick go right in her cunt and fill her up with semen. The sow would stand there like she enjoyed having her cunt filled up with his cock and he would amble off and find another sow to be bred by him.”

“So, what did you and your brother do while the animals were being bred?” I asked.

“Well, I always wore dresses, sheer stockings and a garter belt, bot no panties. My brother would wear short pants that let his cock hang down so I could get to it easily. I’d make sure I needed to piss when left the house and when the stallion was fucking the mare, I’d spread my legs apart and just let the piss flow out of my cunt onto the ground. Then I’d reach for my brothers cock and play with it. I’d jack him off and let him spray his semen on the ground. He had an anteater siirt escort cock as did my daddy. So it was fun to watch as I wanked him and he spurted all over the dirt.”

“So why did you want me to come to your home today dressed in my lingerie?” I asked Martha.

“I asked you to come here so you could fuck me and suck my teats. When my brother and I were growing up, the walls in our home were pretty thin and we often heard our parents having sex, and they weren’t quiet about it. We could hear them thrashing around on the bed and my mother telling my daddy what a motherfucker he was and what a long prick he had. Daddy in turn simply told mommy she was a fucking whore.and needed to be fucked. Then, when he’d blasted her cunt with pollen, she’d tell him she wanted to suck his cock clean and he’d move off the bed to her face and she’d take his cock in her mouth and suck him clean.”

“Didn’t your parents know that you and your brother could hear them fucking?” I asked. “I mean, if they were noisy and the walls were thin, they must have known they’d be heard by you two.”

“We thought they didn’t care. If we saw the animals breeding, then we must have known what was going on with them.. That was another reason I hardly ever wore panties or DK’s. If I wanted to jill myself, I could pull up my skirt and play with myself without having to take my panties down. I was pretty hairy by the time I was twelve and mother told me I didn’t have to shave anything if I didn’t want to . She also told me to use a tampon when I had my periods as they were easier to use than a pad. Besides that, I let my brother play with my cunt and teats when he wanted to. I jacked him off and sucked his cock, so he got to play with my cunt and teats.

“One night we had been to the drive in movie and I got out of the car before it eneded , spread my legs apart and stood there and pissed for about a minute. When I got back in the car my brother felt my legs and said “Your pee must have run down your thighs too because your nylons are all wet.”

“I spread my legs wide open so it must have sprayed all over. Don’t worry about it. I’ve got more at home.”

So we went home and it was dark in the house except for our parents bedroom. We quietly let ourselves in the house and as we approached our parents bedroom we could see that mommy was in some kind of a small stanchion kneeling on a padded bench with her teats hanging down and a two suction cup milking machine attached to her nipples. Daddy was behind her fucking the hell out of her as she was being milked. Mommy had the most contented look on her face as daddy was sliding his cock in and out of her pussy. Suddenly mommy saw us and motioned for us to come in the bedroom.

She looked so contented as daddy was fucking her and the milking machine was sucking her nipples. Suddenly daddy arched his back and I knew he had shot a load of semen into mommy’s cunt. She wiggled an squirmed as she had her own climax.

When they finished, daddy shut off the switch to the machine and unhooked the cups on mommy’s teats.

“Did you enjoy seeing us fucking children?” mommy asked. “Daddy likes me as a Hucow and I love being fucked by him when my teats are being milked. His cock always gets so much larger when I’m being milked and he fucks me.”

We simply said goodnight and headed to our own bedrooms. I thought about the milking machine, but also thought about seeing my fathers cock with the anteater foreskin. “That is what brings you here to me today John. I want to become a member of the circle of women who enjoy anteater foreskins on men because I know how to play with them.” Martha said.

“Now, I need to piss.” she said. “So follow me to the bathroom and watch me pee while I play with your cock. Then you’re going to fuck me and spew your pollen all over in my cunt.”

Martha took hold of my cock and we headed toward her bathroom. The bathroom was quite large and featured a large shower area with an overhead shower about a foot in diameter. She took off her dressing gown and I saw an immense forest of salt and pepper pubic hair plus a treasure trail that ran to her navel. In addition, she had lots of hair on her thighs too. As she removed her dressing gown, I caught a glimpse of hair under her pits, so I quickly surmised Martha did not use a razor on her body.

She sat on the toilet with her legs spread wide apart, pulled me to her by my cock, and began pissing. It was gushing into the water and making a lot of noise. As she pissed, she took my flaccid cock and covered it with her warm mouth and began sucking on it.

“You’re going to make my cock hard.” I told her.

“That’s what I want to do. I want it ready to fuck me when I finish peeing.” she replied.

“I want to suck it and play with your long foreskin then put it in my wet pussy and have you fuck me good. I want you to drown my cunt in warm creamy semen so I must put on a pair of briefs or Directoires to keep it from running down my thighs.” she told me.

Suddenly her pee stopped and she let go of my now turgid cock. and headed to her bedroom. She picked up a towel off the towel rack and said sincan escort “I don’t want my sheets all wet from our juices, so I’ll put this down first.” She got on her huge bed, spread her hairy legs apart, and said “Now mount me and fuck me good with that fat cock of yours. I want you all the way to my cervix and want you to fill my cunt good with your seed.. Then I’ll suck you clean when you’re finished.”

I got between her hairy legs and could barely see her labia for all the hair. She reached down, spread her lips open and said “Now shove that motherfucker in my wet cunt and fuck me good.”

I found her slit and slipped it in easily until I was hitting her cervix with the head of my cock.

“Oh you motherfucker, you don’t know how good that fat prick of yours feels inside my cunt. I haven’t had a fucking in over two years and I’m cock hungry. Now thrust it around in there and make me climax a few times so I get even wetter than I am.” she screamed.

I pulled my cock back and pushed it forward and repeated that for about twenty times. Then I just slammed it into her cunt very hard and left it against her cervix. I could feel her juices flowing as I did that and she said.

Oh you big fucker. You’ve made me come about fifteen times. My cunt is soaking wet. Now shoot your baby batter in me anytime you want to. Fill me up with it. Then you can suck my teats too.” she said.

I thrust my prick in and out of her cunt about fifteen more times and blasted a huge load of semen in her cunt. I must have had at least six or seven spurts before it just flowed out my slit. Then I just laid on her, savoring the moment.

“Oh you big cocksman John. You don’t know how good that felt to me. We will do it a few more times today and tonight, but now reach under my pillow and get the pair of briefs I put there earlier today. I need to slip them on or I will have fluids running down my legs for an hour.”

I reached under her pillow and found the pair of navy blue briefs which matched her garter girdle and bra. I eased my cock out of her cunt, told her to raise her legs, and slipped thebriefs over her ankles and pulled them up part way. Martha raised her ass off the bed and pulled them up so the gusset was tight against her cunt. They began getting wet immediately.

“Now nurse my teats while I wipe off your cock with my hand.” she told me. “I love being nursed and wish I had a machine like my parents had so I could be milked and fucked at the same time. My brother and I watched them a couple of more times after we discovered them that one night. They were very open about us watching them. I think my mother enjoyed putting on a show of being milked and fucked at the same time. She always had a very contented look on her face as daddy fucked her from behind while the suction cups did their thing to her teats.”

“M stepmother has a milking machine and uses it from time to time.” I told Martha.” Emmy Lou knows about it, so if they accept you into the church circle group, you may want to ask her about it. Do you ever wear panties or DK’s?” I asked her.

“I have three or four pair of panties and a few pairs of DK’s. I used to wear the DK’s in the winter, but don’t even do that anymore. I just love going commando and letting my cunt air out. Stockings I have tons of. I usually wear ‘seconds’ that someone gets for me at rock bottom prices. He knows my size and gets them from a store in Princeton. I love wearing full fashioned stockings with different heel patterns.” Martha told me.

“That sounds like something my father would do. He knows the sizes of more than a few women and visits her store about once a month. She has nylons in boxes of three pairs, garter belts and garter girdles, cut out and shelf bras, dildos, and other stuff women use for sex.” I replied.

“Why don’t you ask Emmy Lou about the milking machine the next ime you talk to her?” I suggested.

“Why don’t you let me suck your cock right now because talking about this stuff has made me horny again and I might want a drink of your pollen.” Martha said. So she sat on the edge of the bed, took my flaccid cock in her hands, pulled my anteater back, and plopped my red headed cock in her mouth.

Suck on it she did and had me erect in about twenty seconds and blasting a huge load of creamy sperm filled semen in her mouth about a minute later.

“You are a fucking delight Martha and I think you’re a cock whore. I shall certainly recommend that you be admitted to the small group of ladies who love anteater cocks. In fact, I should call Emmy Lou right now and let her know she has my vote of approval.” I said.

Just then the phone rang and Martha answered it. “Oh hi Emmy Lou. I was wondering if you and the others had made your decision yet. You did. Oh wonderful. I can hardly wait until we get together again. I have the names of a couple of young studs with anteater cocks whom you may be interested in talking to. Thanks so much for calling and letting me know I’ve been accepted.”

She put the phone down and proceeded to swallow my semen then sucked my cock some more.

“Oh, I’m so happy. They sinop escort took me into the group. Now I can get fucked on a regular basis by guys like you with anteater foreskins. I’ll have such a good time sucking their cocks as well as fucking them. Now I need to piss again. Would you like to watch and play with my pee hole as I do? I won’t wipe my pussy as it is already soaking wet from leaking your

pollen from my cunt.” she said.

She went to the toilet stool, pulled her wet briefs down, sat and proceeded to spread her legs and begin pissing. It roared out of her pee hole and splashed into the toilet water. I put my hand between her legs and my hand felt her hot piss flowing out her pee hole.

She finished pissing, then took hold of my flaccid cock again and stuffed it in her mouth. She pushed my long foreskin back over the head and started sucking it good and hard.

“Martha. You’re going to get another mouthful of baby batter if you don’t stop sucking me.” I told her.

“I want another load of your cream. It tasted good to me so I’m going to keep sucking your fat prick.” she replied. Twenty seconds later I erupted in her mouth again. She swallowed all of it, wiped her mouth off and said “Now we can go have some warm tea.”

“Do you enjoy sucking men’s cocks?” I asked.

“Only the ones I want to suck.” she replied. “I enjoy anteater cocks better than any others. I like playing with the long foreskins on them.”

“Now let’s have a cup or two of tea and a few muffins. That will make me want to piss again and I can hold on to your peter while I piss. Then I’ll suck on your peter some more.”

So we had a couple of cups of tea and I explained the milking machine to her and how my stepmother seemed to enjoy having he nipples sucked on as daddy pounded her cunt from behind with him ultimately blasting his nuts off in her cunt as she was being milked by the machine with her climaxing fiercely as he unleashed his pollen in her cunt.

Usually before she got the suction cups off her teats she was peeing on the floor and his semen was running down her thighs and onto her stocking tops. Daddy loved it when that happened.

Martha said “That’s sounds like something I need. Why don’t you call your stepmother and ask her if you can borrow the machine for tonight so I can become a “Hucow”?”

“I can do that.” I replied and picked up the phone and dialed her number. She answered on the second ring.

“Mother, I have a lady who would like to use the milking machine tonight. Could I stop by the house and get it from you? Just a minute and I’ll ask her. Velma wants to know if she can bring it over and meet you too? She wants to see what you look like and how big your teats are.” I said.

“That will be fine.” Martha said. “Just give her my address and ask when she plans on bringing it over. When she gets here, just back the van into the drive and up close to the garage. That way you can get it out and bring it in the house.”

Velma told me she would be over in thirty minutes and for Martha not to change into anything different than what she was wearing now. and hung up the phone.

“Mother says for you not to change clothes. Wear what you have on right now. I’m sure she’ll love seeing you in your lingerie.” I said.

“I need another cup of tea right now.” Martha said. “I’m getting excited about becoming a Hucow and having my teats milked by a machine. I wonder what Velma will do when she sees me/”

“She’ll probably want you to eat her pussy because I’m going to fuck you again while you’re being milked.” I said. “I’m getting excited just thinking about seeing your big teats hooked up to the milking cups and being sucked by them. I’ll probably have a huge load of pollen for you by then.”

She drank her tea and then told me she needed to pee pee again. I told Martha to just wait until Velma got here with the milking machine because she might want to help Martha pee.

About that time a horn soundd and we looked out and saw the van with Velma behind the wheel. She backed into the drive and right up to the garage door. Martha pressed the button and the door began to go up. Velma got out of the van and I could see she was wearing a light weight coat, nylons, and two inch pumps.

Martha opened the door and I introduced Velma to Martha. Velma gave her a hug and at the same time let her left hand wander down to Martha’s crotch.

“Your fucking panties are soaked. Did my son create all that moisture in the crotch of them?” she asked. “Did he fuck you earlier today? He loves older women like you and me.”

“”He gave me a load of pollen a few hours ago, but right now I need to pee pee.” Martha replied

“Well let me help you.” Velma said as she removed her coat. “I decided to not put any panties or DK’s on, so you get to see my hairy belly and pussy. I also don’t shave anymore so my pits and legs are also hairy. When my husband is away on business my son also gets to fuck me and we enjoy water sports too. As you can see, I enjoy wearing full fashioned sheer nylons with dark seams and heels that nearly come up to my cunt. Daddy buys them for me and I have plenty of stockings Sometimes when daddy is fucking me, he pulls out of my cunt to soon and then his baby batter splashes all over my stockings causing me to have to change them. So now, let’s go watch you pee pee and maybe a couple of other things too.”

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