“What am I doing?”“Whatever it is, I approve,” I replied, licking my lips from where Mary’s kiss lingered. “I can’t.  I don’t want…”  Mary said as she pulled back.  She rolled off my bed and quickly ran out of my apartment.I shrugged, sighing to myself, and turned on the TV  She’d be back.  I’d seduced enough straight girls in my time to know when to let them run.  Most came back.  Multiple times.  “And those that don’t, fuck ‘em,” I said to myself.  Being a philosophy major has its perks when it comes to rationalization.I bahis şirketleri met Mary in the library of the university where we went.  She caught my eye when I heard her cute southern accent.  Looking up, I immediately pegged her for seduction.  After striking up a conversation with her, I steered it towards boyfriends. Mary went on and on about her one true love, Michael.  I plastered on a smile and nodded at the appropriate times.  When it was my turn, I mentioned that my last girlfriend and I had just broken up. Mary bahis firmaları looked shocked at my admitting that I liked girls, but I could also detect something else.  Curiosity.  An hour later found us on my bed; me showing her how much better kissers women are than men.  When I reached under her shirt is when she freaked out and ran.It took two days.  Classes were long and I didn’t really want company.  I’d written Mary off, figuring that she just didn’t want to explore.  After pouring a jack and coke, I sat at my computer, kaçak bahis siteleri ready to write a paper.  That’s when the doorbell rang.To my surprise, Mary was standing there.  She had on a pair of cutoffs and a midriff shirt.  “I, um, just wanted to say I’m sorry for the way I acted,” Mary said after I invited her in.“Hey, no biggie,” I replied, smiling.  “I understand it was new for you.”  Mary was biting her lip cutely, shuffling from one foot to the other.  I honestly don’t think she knew how naturally sexy she was.  “Um, is that all?” I asked her, knowing damn well it wasn’t.“Well, no.  I mean ever since that kiss, it’s been on my mind.” Mary said, looking at the floor.  I placed my finger under her chin, lifted her face, and leaned in.

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