Mary , Luke Ch. 05


This story is a spin off of my original story/series (Love Comes Second). It is not in the same genre of stories, but they are related so there may be some places/scenes where the genres overlap. This series will be from the perspectives of the two servants, Luke and Mary.

I recommend that you read my previous chapters before this one.


Chapter V


The next morning I wake the prince up by knocking loudly on his door. I try twice before letting myself in, as I always have in the past. Prince Douglas sits up and smiles at me.

“Good morning, Luke,” he says.

“Good morning, my lord, did you rest well?” I ask as I gather Jade’s and his clothing from last night.

“I did after I had a little fun,” he chuckles and motions to where Jade lies asleep, still naked.

I smile knowingly, “Is there anything else you need from me after I put away these garments?” I ask politely.

“Yes, could you draw me a bath? Also, find Jade’s maid, I believe her name is Mary, and tell her to draw my lovely wife a bath as well. That will be all for now,” he nods, dismissing me to do as I’m told.

I knock on Mary’s door first, telling her to run a bath for Princess Jade. I kiss her and I walk briskly to Prince Douglas’s bathing room and run a bath for him.

When I get back to the door I hear the prince and princess talking, so I knock on the door instead of coming in. I’m sure Princess Jade is exposed.

“We’ll be there in a minute!” the prince yells.

Shortly after, he steps outside and follows me to the bathing room. I’ve already run his bath, so he climbs right into the tub. I scrub his body as he leans back, smiling.

“What’s gotten you so happy today, my lord?” I ask curiously.

He looks up at me and smiles wider, “I had some of the best sex I’ve had, ever,” he chuckles, “She is absolutely gorgeous.”

“That she is, my lord,” I reply.

“I hope I don’t look too tired today; last night has made me incredibly sore. Doing all the work is hard,” he states.

“I understand that; I do all the work as well. At least I do most of the time…” I pause awkwardly before continuing, “You do look a little tired, but everyone will understand why. No one will judge you the day after your wedding night,” I smile down at him.

We both chuckle as I bring out the clothes I’ve already picked out for him to wear. A green shirt and black pants with matching black shoes.

I help him dress as we talk about women and sex. Then, once he’s ready, I follow him downstairs through the long hall.

We wait outside the door of the dining hall for Mary and Princess Jade so the newlyweds can enter as man and wife.



Once I’ve run the bath for Princess Jade, I wait until I hear Luke and Prince Douglas’s footsteps go past the door to fetch the princess.

I step into the room and gasp slightly at the state of my dear friend. I walk quickly to where she’s sitting on the bed.

“My princess, are you alright?” I ask. I stroke her hair and let my fingers trail over the hickey marks on her neck. I tear up at the mere sight of her.

“I’ll bahis firmaları live,” she says, forcing a smile. Her face contorts multiple times to reveal each emotion she must be holding back, and before I have the chance to ask how she’s really feeling, she breaks.

“Mary, it was horrible,” she cries, leaning into me as tears stream down her face.

“My poor princess. Let’s go wash you off, shall we? Then you can talk all about last night if you need to,” I say calmly, wiping tears off her cheek. I rub my hand up and down her back as we walk to the bathing room together.

I scrub Jade thoroughly while she tells me what happened last night.

I talk quietly, “Sady was right… men are sex driven. She advised not to fight it, which may be why it was as painful as it was,” I finish up scrubbing her off. I know she must feel like she wants to get all of the events wiped clean off; I wish I could do that for her. She sniffles and looks up at me. I don’t think I should’ve said that… it’s a little insensitive.

“May I dress you?” I ask. She smiles weakly and nods.

Jade takes a deep breath, then rises from the tub to allow me to help dry her body. She covers herself with her robe then follows me to her new bedroom to help her dress.

I take the emerald-green silk dress Princess Jade’s mother had her seamstress make for her for the day after her wedding. I help her put it on, then sit her down on a velvet seat facing a window to the kingdom.

She admires herself in the mirror for a moment as I fix up her corset. As I brush and braid her hair, her eyes closed. She does this every time; I think it must soothe her.

Putting the last pin in place, I move in front of her and drop slowly to my knees so we’re at eye level, “Jade, I know you can get through this. If Sady was telling the truth it won’t be too long before he treats you how you should be treated: as his queen,” I say softly, smiling and caressing her cheek. I then stand to retrieve one of her pairs of black shoes, slip them onto her feet, then take her hand to help her rise. I escort her to where Prince Douglas and Luke should be waiting for us.

The walk down the long hall to the dining room is a quiet one; instead of talking, Jade looked at the paintings hung on the stone walls as we passed them. Each canvas portrays a king who had once ruled, accompanied by a small plaque with their name, years of living and the cause of death. I find myself staring at the dates of each plaque until I come to the current king’s portrait, where both the princess and I pause. It reads “King Jeffery Lunarsoun 1362 – “.

There’s a cough further down the corridor which turns our attention away from the painting. We look down the hall and I see the prince with his eyes carefully studying Jade, smiling wide. The princess links her arm in his and enters the dining room for breakfast together, Luke and I not too far behind.

Luke and I steal some glances at each other, but I try my hardest to keep my eyes away. I know I should be careful since we’re trying to keep it quiet. It’s just so hard to not stare at his perfect face.



Today the kaçak iddaa newlyweds are to make an appearance in front of the kingdom to announce their marriage. That means riding in a separated carriage with the couple.

After we eat breakfast together, Mary and I sneak off while Prince Douglas and Princess Jade go off to their room to take a quick nap.

We go to her room and I kiss her passionately. I love to feel her lips against mine, so soft and warm. She’s nothing like the other women I’ve been with before.

“Mmm, Luke. We should be careful with how far we take this. We’ll have to help get everything ready soon,” Mary says quietly.

“I guess you’re right. I just love feeling you so much,” I smile at her and run my hands up and down her lovely body. Just then, there’s a quiet tap on the door.

“Mary?” comes a voice from the other side. Mary pushes me into her bathroom and she opens her door to the hall.

“Hi,” she smiles to the stranger.

“Hi. I’m here to tell you that the carriage for the prince and princess will be ready in about an hour. I can’t seem to find Luke, so if you see him, please ask him to tell the couple,” he says politely.

“Of course! Thank you, sir,” she responds. He bows and Mary shuts the door.

“I guess that’s my cue, isn’t it,” I smile at her.

“I’m afraid so. Later, though, we’ll be alone.”

I walk out of the room and to the prince and princess’ room.

“Your highnesses, I’m here to tell you that you must be at the carriage in about one hour,” I say into the door. I walk away and into my room so they can finish getting ready. I see Jade come out of the room, so I walk back to knock on the door again.

“Come on in, Luke.” Prince Douglas says.

I open the door, “Hello, I’ve come to get you ready. I saw the princess leaving your room and I thought you might like some help cleaning up.”

“That would be wonderful, Luke. Perhaps I should take a bath? I’m a little sweaty.” he chuckles.

“Yes, of course. I’ll go start you one right away,” I reply, turning to do as he asks.

Just as I finish getting his bath ready, the prince comes in and startles me slightly with his booming voice. I was expecting to come and fetch him.

“Is the bath ready?” he asks.

“Yes, it is my lord. I was just about to come get you,” I reply. He smiles and climbs into the tub.

“Are you courting anyone?” he asks me.

“Trying to,” I giggle.

“Who’s the lucky girl? The stables woman from a few nights ago?” Douglas looks at me.

“Oh, um… no. Not her,” I feel my face turn red, “But I don’t think this woman would want me to reveal who she is.”

“Well then, how about you tell me when she won’t mind others knowing. I’m assuming this means that it’s complicated, huh?”

“Yes, I guess you could call it that,” I reply. The room is silent for the next few minutes until he decides to get out of the bath.

I help Douglas dry off and head back to his room. I grab Douglas’ clothes from the floor and set them on the chair for him to put on. I fix up his bed where he quite obviously fucked Jade again.

“I’m curious about this girl, kaçak bahis you know,” Douglas says.

“Are you, my lord?”

“Yes, very. I do wish you’d tell me. I can keep a secret, you know this,” he says. I blush, knowing exactly what he’s thinking of.

I used to steal things from the queen when I was a teenager. Not expensive things, but… delicate things. He had caught me walking out of the king and queen’s room. I wouldn’t tell him why I was in there at first until he threatened to tell the king. Needless to say, I quickly told him. He had followed me to my room and made me show him a collection of underpants I had stolen from women in the castle. It’s been years, and as far as I know, he still hasn’t told a soul.

“That is very true… but my lady made it clear she doesn’t want anyone to know yet,” I reply.

“Is it that woman from the stables?”

“No, the woman from the stables isn’t my type. But I guess I’m her type. I just wanted sex, honestly.”

We both laugh from my confession.



Jade knocks on my door, so I answer it quickly. I was just about to go get her.

“Oh, princess! I didn’t think you’d be coming to my room-” I stop mid-sentence when I see the state she’s in. “Jade, oh, honey. Come in,” I usher her inside and sit her down on my bed.

As soon as she’s sitting, she immediately begins to cry, “It’s horrible Mary. I can’t do this anymore. I just want to go home,” she sobs, leaning into me. I pull her into my shoulder and let her cry for a few minutes. She tries to tell me what happened, but nothing she says makes much sense.

“Shh, it’s alright. You’re okay,” I sit up, pulling Jade to stand with me, “Let’s get you cleaned up and then dressed again, yeah?”

Jade nods and lets me guide her to a small chair in my room, “Do you mind if I use my brush on your hair? It’s not quite as nice as yours, but I don’t really want to send you back into your room,” I say.

“I don’t mind,” she says.

I start brushing her hair and I hear the princess choke up a little.

“What’s the matter?” I ask.

“The p-prince… he came inside me and now it’s, well it’s dripping onto your beautiful chair,” a few tears fall onto her cheeks.

“As long as you’re as comfortable as possible, given the circumstances, that doesn’t matter to me. I can ask someone to help me clean it up later. Jade nods and I smile at her softly.

I hum quietly as I brush through her hair, “You have very beautiful hair, princess,” I say, thinking out loud.

Jade smiles up at me. I help her up and we walk into her bathroom. She wets a small rag and clean up her face and legs, then hand it to her so she can clean up the rest.

“Thank you, Mary. You’ve been a real friend to me,” Princess Jade says.

“It’s my pleasure, princess,” I say.

Jade and I walk back to her room and I check to see if anyone is inside. Seeing that the coast is clear, I walk her to where her clothes lay on the floor.

“I hope they haven’t wrinkled,” I mutter under my breath. I help the princess back into her dress and tie it up, “You really do look gorgeous in this Jade,” I remark. I can tell she needs a little bit of a self-esteem booster.

I bring Jade down to the library so we can wait for Prince Douglas. We sit down next to each other and read our books as I caress Jade’s hair.

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