Mary’s story Part 13

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Mary’s story Part 13Paul started again. Mary tried to focus on looking at Sue’s tattoo and not to squirm too much. She did not want to be the one to get an extra tattoo. After all, she was already having more work done on her today than the other three put together, and her nipples had already been done last week. She tried to think about what the loser’s tattoo would be, and where would Wendy have it placed. She was sure that it would not be a nice tattoo, judging by what Wendy had said. She had felt very guilty for putting her friend through the ordeal, but she reasoned that Sue must have signed Bob’s consent form, just like her. Much as she liked Sue, and would do anything for her, it would be much better if Sue was the one that had to have the punishment!She felt an almighty pain, and strained against the straps. Looking in the mirror that Sue was holding confirmed what she already knew, that her clitoris was getting tattooed. Mary was glad that she had asked to be strapped down. The pain was excruciating now, and she could see that her inner lips were already covered in fine black lines, and Paul was working on the clitoris hood. Suddenly, without any warning, she felt herself coming again, and felt her juices gushing out of her pussy. Her clit jumped, pulling itself out of Paul’s fingers. She was relieved that he did not say anything, but bursa escort she heard a whimper behind her, and knew that ring number six was safely in place. Poor Betty!Paul was spraying her again, and then he wiped off the loose black ink and sat back. The outline was finished. Wendy came over and undid the straps, and loosened the gag. “You are doing very well,” she said, “I did not think that you would be able to cope.” “I really want to get it finished, now,” said Mary, “I really hope my master approves of me.” Mary stood up and went over to show the finished outline to the video camera. Looking in the mirror, she could see how it all fitted to her pussy, and how the body would be formed by her inner lips, and how the wings would move as she walked. She turned round and bent over to look from the back. She could see that her pussy was totally covered and the wings went right through and out onto her buttocks. She thought that it would look much better than Sue’s did when it was coloured in. The design obviously fitted her pussy perfectly. She asked Paul about how he knew that it would fit. He smiled, and said, “Your pussy was measured next door the first week you came, but you did not realise it under the blindfold.” “Ready?” he said, and Mary walked over and sat down again. Yes, she wanted those colours; she wanted to look perfect for bursa escort bayan her master. She told Wendy that she did not need the straps and gag.The colour work was easier somehow, but still very painful though. She tried to relax, watching Paul work on her pussy. It was almost as if she was watching someone else being tattooed. Steadily, the colour was put in on her mons area. Mary watched as the wings were filled in, and then felt Paul moving downwards between her legs. This was really painful, but she bit her lip and lifted her legs higher as he worked round to her backside. The main colour was red, with bits of yellow and green, really bright. The Japanese woman’s butterfly had a black body she remembered, but she could not see any black on the table next to Paul. Besides, her clit hood and inner labia had been lined, so there must be a different colour. She had noticed that the black lines were used to separate the colours in a tattoo. I’m getting quite an expert, she thought, and smiled to herself.Paul stopped. It had taken another hour, but the main colour was finished. Just the body left to do now. Mary felt very pleased with herself. She hoped her master would be very pleased with her as well.Paul refilled some of the colours, and Mary remembered Wendy’s joke about him having enough ink to finish her tattoo. There seemed escort bursa to be a range of different colours on the table. Paul saw her looking. “Because the skin of your inner lips is a different colour to the outside of your pussy, the colours will have to be mixed in the skin to get the exact shade for the body. This next bit is going to be very painful, and it will be worse than the lining because every bit has to be coloured over several times, as there must be no gaps in the colour. No pink bits are to be left showing either, so I will have to extend the colour line to well inside your pussy. “What about my clit?” said Mary. “That as well, but that will be done last of all. I think you will probably pass out from the pain, but I will work as quickly as I can.” “Please keep going; whatever happens.” said Mary, “I must get finished properly.”Wendy handed her a drink and a piece of cake. Mary ate it straight away. She knew that the pain was sapping her energy, but she wanted to feel it all and not pass out, so she needed to eat. She wanted to win the “competition” so badly. Wendy had not said anything about a prize for the winner she realised, and wondered if there was one.The six rings in Betty’s outer labia told their own story. She had never had so many orgasms one after the other. Realising now that it was the pain that was causing her to come, Mary wanted more. The needles touched her labia, and she came again, anticipating the pain. There was the sound of another ring going in. Linda was very efficient, she thought, I wonder if she will pierce me when the time comes.

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