Mary’s story Part 28


Mary’s story Part 28Mary clicked on the 4.00 p.m. appointment which was for Geraldine. The appointment opened up to reveal that is was for piercing both nipples. She clicked on “Geraldine” to reveal a screen showing the customer’s personal details, name, age, address, contact details, and previous treatments. Nearly all the details for Geraldine were blank. I wonder what Linda has about me, she thought, and searched on her own name. All her details and modifications were there in great detail, but the future appointments and treatments area was blank. Linda had come up behind her without Mary hearing her. “That is very naughty, but you won’t find anything about what is to happen to you there. Your master will let us know when he is ready, and then we will carry out his wishes.” Guiltily, Mary quickly closed her file, and went back to the appointments page.The appointment for Geraldine was not for half an hour, so out of curiosity she looked at the file for Fay. This showed an enormous amount of detail, showing treatments going back several years. The list started with regular, “swimmer’s trim” appointments and then there were some laser treatments. The last 12 months showed monthly appointments for, “GG Special”. Mary could not think what this was. There was also a reference to her husband Chris, which opened a file on him. Again, there were a great number of treatments, canlı bahis most of which were for “Electro”. Interestingly there were two appointments in red.Quickly gaining experience, Mary searched Linda’s database for last night’s red appointments to see who else was tattooed like her. As she clicked away at the links, she realised that every customer had a photo album attached to their file, which showed before and after pictures of their butterfly tattoos. She typed in Hillary’s name and gasped as her before picture showed the size of her “SLUT” tattoo, and how beautiful it looked after the butterfly was added. She remembered Chris had red appointments, but before she could go back to his file the door opened, and Mary quickly closed the laptop. “Hello, I think you have a booking in the name of Geraldine.” Mary looked at the woman in front of her. She was wearing dark glasses, and had a headscarf over her head. As she removed the headscarf and glasses, Mary recognised her; it was Jaqueline, the local vicar. Remembering what the appointment was for, Mary said, “Are you sure that you are in the right place?” Seeing the puzzled look on the other woman’s face, she went on, “We have an appointment booked for nipple piercing. Surely that is a mistake?”“Sadly, it is not, but it is part of my ministry, so I will endure it.” “How do you mean, part of your ministry? bahis siteleri I don’t understand.” “The Bishop believes that his ministers should be relevant and more involved in what is happening in modern society, and he has read about body piercing and tattooing becoming more prevalent, particularly amongst mature members of the flock, so he has instructed me to get myself done.” Mary thought that the Bishop probably didn’t realise just how many mature members of his flock were tattooed. Just a glance at the red database showed that more than half the women in the local congregation were tattooed or would be very soon.“The Bishop sounds quite a modern man, and I have to agree about the increase in body art. Linda is very good, and I will hold your hand if you like. If you want to go ahead, I will go and find Linda.” Geraldine nodded her agreement and Mary went to get Linda. She had not really seen the layout of the shop, as she was rather preoccupied the times that she had been there before. She knew about the corridor, and the back room and the treatment area where she had been lasered, but now she saw that there were too small rooms to the side. She could hear sounds coming from Room 1, so she opened the door. Linda was setting up a massage table with the head end raised until it was almost vertical. On a side table, there was a sealed pack with some autoclave bahis şirketleri tape on it. She knew about autoclaves because Paul had explained how he sterilised his equipment. What really intrigued her was the label, which just had a date and GG in large letters.“Show Fay in here when she arrives, she knows what to do. Just come and let me know. I will be in Room 2 with Geraldine.” “It’s Jaqueline, it’s the Vicar.” said Mary. “I know silly, but you can’t put that on the appointment list.” “I told her that I would come and hold her hand is that alright?” “OK, just put the bell on the desk in case Fay comes in, she will need to be seen straight away. Now go and get her.”When Mary got back, Jaqueline was shaking, and tears were running down her face. Mary looked at her. “Don’t worry, it is very quick, it will soon be over. What’s that?” Jaqueline had a crumpled piece of paper in her hands. “It’s the letter from the Bishop. I need to give it to Linda.” Taking it from her, Mary smoothed it out and read it.“To whom it may concern,The Reverend Jaqueline Thomas is to have both nipples pierced horizontally, using a thickness and diameter of ring suitable to make a statement to her congregation. I would suggest as a minimum 6mm in thickness and 50mm in diameter so that they can clearly be seen through her normal clothing. She is also to be given a tattoo, the size, location and subject matter to be based on what is currently most popular. I would be grateful if you would send photographic evidence that these procedures have been carried out when submitting your invoice to the Diocese.”

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